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N u m b e r  1
Original Communications
Reduction of a Bis(chlorophenylphosphanyl)methylide to the Corresponding Diphosphane and Tetraphosphinane (In German)
Key words: Phosphonium Ylides, Negative Hyperconjugation, Phosphorus Carbon Heterocycles, Diphosphirane, Tetraphosphinane
F. Breitsameter, A. Schmidpeter, H. Nöth, J. Knizek
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Pentacoordinated Nitrogen Atoms in the Structure of Hexalithium Bis[methylsilyl-tris(methylimide)] Hexakis(tetrahydrofuran)
Key words: Silylamines, Silylamides, Crystal Structure
G. Huber, A. Jockisch, H. Schmidbaur
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Synthesis and Molecular Structures of 2-Trimethylsilyl-, 2-Trimethylgermyl-, and 2-Trimethylstannyl-pyridines
Key words: Pyridine, 2-Silyl-pyridine, 2-Germyl-pyridine, 2-Stannyl-pyridine, Molecular Structure
F. Riedmiller, A. Jockisch, H. Schmidbaur
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The Stereochemistry of Chloro-bis(N-morpholino)phenylsilane
Key words: Silylamines, Aminosilanes, Symmetry, NMR Data, Crystal Structure
G. Huber, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
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Indium Triiodide Complexes of Bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane (dppe) and its Disulfide (dppeS2)
Key words: Indium Triiodide, Phosphine Complexes, Phosphine Sulfide Complexes, Conformation, Crystal Structure
M. Sigl, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
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(Trimethylphosphine)(triphenylsilyl)gold(I) and Related Compounds
Key words: Gold-Silicon Compounds, Silyl-Gold Compounds, (Phosphine)gold(I) Complexes
M. M. Oroz, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
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Diphenyl(2-hydroxy-phenyl)phosphine and its Trimethylsilyl Ether as Ligands for Gold(I) Complexes
Key words: Gold(I) Complexes, Phosphine Ligands, Diphenyl(2-hydroxy-phenyl)phosphine, Hydrogen Bonding, Trimethylsilyl Ether
C. Hollatz, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
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SrRhIn2, SrPdIn2, SrIrIn2, and SrPtIn2 - New Intermetallic Compounds with a Filled Variant of the CaIn2 Structure
Key words: Intermetallic Compounds, Crystal Structure, Chemical Bonding
R.-D. Hoffmann, U. C. Rodewald, R. Pöttgen
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The Intermetallic Zirconium Compounds ZrNiAl, ZrRhSn, and ZrPtGa - Structural Distortions and Metal-Metal Bonding in Fe2P Related Compounds
Key words: Intermetallic Compounds, Crystal Structure, Superstructure, Chemical Bonding
M. F. Zumdick, R.-D. Hoffmann, R. Pöttgen
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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [OsFPy5][BF4] · H2O · CH2Cl2 (In German)
Key words: Fluoro-pentakis-pyridine-osmium(II) Tetrafluoroborate, Synthesis, Crystal Structure
S. Kolf, W. Preetz
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1,3-Distanna-2-phospha-[3]ferrocenophanes - Synthesis, Reactivity and NMR Spectroscopic Properties
Key words: Ferrocene, Tin, Phosphorus, NMR Data, Coupling Signs
M. Herberhold, U. Steffl, B. Wrackmeyer
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Oligonuclear Tricarbonylchromium- and Tricarbonyltungsten Derivatives of Tris(1-cyclohepta-2,4,6-trienyl)phosphane, P(C7H7)3, and Related Ligands
Key words: Halfsandwich Compounds, Cycloheptatrienyl Complexes, Chromium, Tungsten, X-Ray Data
M. Herberhold, K. Bauer, W. Milius
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Oxidative S-S Coupling of 1,2-Dithiooxalate by Intramolecular Redox Reaction of the Selenium(II) and Tellurium(II) Complexes (In German)
Key words: 1,2-Dithiooxalate, X- Ray Data, Disulfide
U. Drutkowski, P. Strauch
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Donor-Akzeptor-Komplexe von Halogenidionen mit 1,4-Diiodtetrafluorbenzol (In German)
Key words: 1,4-Diiodotetrafluorobenzene, Donor-Acceptor Complexes, Crystal Structure
J. Grebe, G. Geiseler, K. Harms, K. Dehnicke
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Preparation of Pure Enantiomeric 3-Oxa-2,7-diazabicyclo[3.3.0]octanes and their Conversion to Other Bicyclic Ring-Systems (In German)
Key words: 1.3-Dipolar Cycloaddition, Nitrones, Bicyclic Heterocyclic Compounds, Diastereoselectivity, Conformation
H. G. Aurich, M. Soeberdt
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Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CXI [1]. Phosphine Gold(I), Nickel(II) and Platinum(II) Complexes with the Anion of Hydantoin and of 3,4 Pyridine Dicarboxylic Imide (In German)
Key words: Hydantoin, Imide of 3,4-Pyridindicarboxylic Acid, Gold, Platinum
D. Koch, K. Sünkel, W. Beck
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Di- to Pentahydrates of Five Alkylenediamines. A Case Study of One- and Two-Dimensional Water Polymers in Solids (In German)
Key words: Amine Hydrates, Hydrates, Melting Diagram, Water Polymers, Hydrogen Bonding
S. Janeda, D. Mootz
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Excitonic Bands in the Optical Absorption Spectra of (Bu4N)CuBr2, (Et4N)2Cu2Br4, (Pr4N)2Cu4Br6, (Bu4N)2Cu2I4, (Me4N)Cu2I3, (Pr4N)4Ag4I8, (Me4N)Ag2I3, (Et4N)Ag2Br3, and Similar Compounds
Key words: Main Group Metal-Halide Complexes, Electronic Spectra, Excitons
G. C. Papavassiliou, G. A. Mousdis, A. Terzis, C. P. Raptopoulou
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Syntheses and Crystal Structures of Tris(di-n-propylamino)-p-bromobenzyl-phosphonium Bromides: [(C3H7)2N]3PCH2C6H4Br+Br- and [(C3H7)2N]3PCH2C6H4Br+Br3- (In German)
Key words: Tris(di-n-propylamino)-p-bromobenzylphosphonium Bromides, Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Tris(di-n-propylamino)phosphine
J. Nolte, P. Neubauer, H.Vogt, M. Meisel
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Crystal Structures of Octacyanomolybdates(IV) [1]. V. Square Antiprismatic [Mo(CN)8]-Coordination of the Cyano-Bridged Copper and Cadmium Ammine Complexes Cu2(NH3)8[Mo(CN)8] and Cd2(NH3)6[Mo(CN)8]·H2O} (In German)
Key words: Crystal Structure, Octacyanomolybdate(IV), Cyano Bridged Ammine Cations, Copper(II), Cadmium
W. Meske, D. Babel
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The Phase Relations in the System V/Nb/O, IV. Solid Electrolytic Coulometry (SEC) as a Method to investigate ternary Systems: V/Nb/O (In German)
Key words: Solid Electrolytic Coulometry, Vanadium Niobium Oxides, Phase Diagram
L. Kirsten, F. von Woedtke, H. Oppermann
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Synthesis of 2-Acetoxy-3,4,5-trihydro-azepino[2,3-b]indoles and 2-Acetoxy-1-acetylamino-3,4-dihydrocarbazoles
Key words: 1-Hydroxyimino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles, 2-Acetoxy-3,4,5-trihydro-azepino[2,3-b]indoles, 2-Acetoxy-1-acetylamino-3,4-dihydrocarbazoles
K. Shanmugasundaram, K. J. R. Prasad
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Studies on Polyhalides, XXXIX. Structure Refinement of [(H3O)(18-crown-6)]I7 (In German)
Key words: Polyhalides, Heptaiodide, Crown Ether, Oxonium Compound, Crystal Structure
S. A. El Khalik, M. El Essawi, I. Dombrowski, K.-F. Tebbe
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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of PPh4[PhICl3] (In German)
Key words: Phenyl-trichloro-iodate(III), Synthesis, Crystal Structure
J. Grebe, G. Geiseler, K. Harms, K. Dehnicke
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N u m b e r  2
Original Communications
Synthesis, Spectroscopy and Structure of Diorganotin(IV) Schiff Base Complexes
Key words: Diorganotin(IV) Complexes, H2Vanophen, X-Ray Data, Infrared Data, NMR Data
D. K. Dey, M. K. Das, H. Nöth
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NMR-Spectroscopic Investigations on the Hydrolysis of Functional Trialkoxysilanes (In German)
Key words: Organofunctional Silanes, Trialkoxysilanes, Tetraalkoxysilanes, Hydrolysis, Siloxanes
M. Brand, A. Frings, P. Jenkner, R. Lehnert, H. J. Metternich, J. Monkiewicz, J. Schram
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Synthesis, Structural and EPR Investigations on Bis(tetraphenylphosphonium)-bis(1,2-dithiosquarato)oxovanadate(IV), (Ph4P)2[VO(dtsq)2] (In German)
Key words: Sulfur, Oxovanadate(IV), Synthesis, EPR Data, Crystal Structure
B. Wenzel, P. Strauch
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3-Hexyne Complexes of Molybdenum(II) and Tungsten(II). Crystal Structures of [WI2(CO)(PPh3)2(h2-EtC2Et)] and [WI2(CO){Ph2P(CH2)3PPh2}(h2-EtC2Et)]
Key words: 3-Hexyne Complexes, Molybdenum(II), Tungsten(II)
M. Al-Jahdali, P. K. Baker, M. G. B. Drew
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Synthesis and Aggregation of a 5-Hydroxy-2,5-dihydropyrrole. Enantiomerically Pure, One-dimensional Strands via Hydrogen Bonds and Chiroselective Self Organization (In German)
Key words: 2(5H)-Furanones, Hydrogen-Bonding, Chiral Recognition, One-Dimensional Strand, Crystal Structure
R. W. Saalfrank, J. Nachtrab, S. Reck, F. Hampel
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1,2,4-Diazaphospholes and 1,2,4-Diazaarsoles: Ring Structure and Structure of Hydrogen-Bonded Pairs and Helices} (In German)
Key words: Phosphaarenes, Arsaarenes, Hydrogen Bonds, Pyrazoles
K. Polborn, A. Schmidpeter, G. Märkl, A. Willhalm
187  Full Text
Solvation Structure of Solvated Cu(I) Ions in Non-Aqueous Solvents as Studied by EXAFS and {\elvbi ab initio} Molecular Orbital Methods
Key words: Solvation Structure, EXAFS, ab initio Molecular Orbital Method, Copper(I) Ion
Y. Inada, Y. Tsutsui, H. Wasada, S. Funahashi
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New Dicationic Silicon Complexes with N-Methylimidazole (In German)
Key words: Dialkyldibromosilanes, Alkyldibromosilanes, N-Methylimidazol, Lewis-Acid-Base-Adducts, Crystal Structure
K. Hensen, M. Kettner, P. Pickel, M. Bolte
200  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Heteroarenes, X. h1-Coordination of Phosphinine: Synthesis and Structure of cis-Dichloro-bis(2,6-dimethyl-4-phenyl-phosphinine)platinum}
Key words: Phosphinine Complex, Platinum, X-Ray Data, NMR Data, trans-Influence
C. Elschenbroich, S. Voß, K. Harms
209  Full Text
Cyclizations via Enamine Intermediates with Amine Dehydrogenations (In German)
Key words: Carbinolamine, Iminium Salt, Intramolecular Aminomethylation, Push Pull Effect
H. Möhrle, J. Mehrens
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Reactions of Isoquinolinium Salts with Hydroxylamine Derivatives, 1st Communication. N-(Nitrophenyl) Substituted Compounds (In German)
Key words: Hemiaminal, N-Hydroxyaminal, E/Z-Enamine, Ring-Chain Isomerism, Aminoalkylation
H. Möhrle, R. Nießen
225  Full Text
Investigations on the Pseudobinary System Bi2Te3/BiCl3 (In German)
Key words: Bismuth Telluride Chloride, Phase Diagram, Total Pressure Measurements, Calorimetry, Thermodynamic Data
U. Petasch, C. Hennig, H. Oppermann
234  Full Text
Thermochemical Investigations on the Ternary System Bi/Se/O. II. The Binary System Bi2O3-SeO2 (In German)
Key words: Bismuth Selenium Oxides, Coexistence Pressure, Phase Barogram, Differential Thermoanalysis, Phase Diagram
H. Oppermann, H. Göbel, H. Schadow †, P. Schmidt, C. Hennig, V. Vassilev, I. Markova-Deneva
239  Full Text
Investigations on the Ternary System Bi/Te/O, III. Determination of Thermodynamic Data of Ternary Compounds (In German)
Key words: Bismuth-Tellurium-Oxides, Heat of Solution, Enthalpy of Formation
P. Schmidt, C. Hennig, H. Oppermann
252  Full Text
Thermochemical Investigations on the System Bi/Se/O III. The Quasy Binary System Bi2O3-Bi2Se3 and the Ternary Range Bi2O3-Bi2O2Se-Se-SeO2 (In German)
Key words: Ternary System Bi/Se/O, Bi2O2Se, Total Pressure Measurements, Enthalpy of Formation, Standard Entropy
H. Oppermann, H. Göbel, P. Schmidt, H. Schadow †, V. Vassilev, I. Markova-Deneva
261  Full Text
Synthesis of Organosilicon Polymers Containing (-SiH2-)n-Units (In German)
Key words: Poly(silylenemethylene)s, Poly(silyleneethyne)s, Poly(silylenephenylene)s, Silyltriflates
W. Uhlig
270  Full Text
Synthesis and Reactivity of Stannyloligosilanes, I. Stannyloligosilane Chains Containing SiMe2 Moieties (In German)
Key words: Stannyloligosilanes, Preparation, Crystal Structure
F. Uhlig, C. Kayser, R. Klassen, U. Hermann, L. Brecker, M. Schürmann, K. Ruhland-Senge, U. Englich
278  Full Text
The Crystal Structures of Tetraphenylphosphonium Octahalogenodiarsenate(III) and Diantimonate(III) with Acetonitrile, (PPh4)2[E2X8]·CH3CN (E = As, Sb; X = Cl, Br) (In German)
Key words: Octachlorodiarsenate(III), Octachlorodiantimonate(III), Octabromodiarsenate(III), Crystal Structure
W. Czado, S. Rabe, U. Müller
288  Full Text
Z. Naturforsch. 53b, 1188 (1998).
B. Albert, M. Jansen, J. Jakobi, E. Steckhan
N u m b e r  3
Original Communications
Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of 3-Triorganostannyl-N-diphenylmethylene-alanine Esters (In German)
Key words: Stannyl Alanine Ester Derivatives, Intramolecular Pentakoordination, NMR Data, Crystal Structure
K. Dölling, K. Merzweiler, C. Wagner, H. Weichmann
293  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CX [1]. Orthopalladation of N-(Diphenylmethylene) Schiff Bases from Peptide Esters - C,N versus C,N,O Coordination - Crystal Structure of ClPd[C6H4(C6H5)C=N(Gly-L-Pro-L-Ala-OMe)-C,N,O] with cis/trans Peptide Bonds
Key words: N-(Diphenylmethylene) Peptide Esters, Orthopalladation, C,N,O Chelate, cis/trans Peptide Bonds
A. Böhm, K. Polborn, W. Beck
300  Full Text
Tris(ethyldimethylphenylammonium) nonahalogenodibismuthates(III)
Key words: Tris(ethyldimethylphenylammonium) nonachlorodibismuthate, Tris(ethyldimethylphenylammonium) nonabromodibismuthate, Tris(ethyldimethylphenylammonium) nonaiododibismuthate, Enthalpy of Transition
H. Eickmeier, B. Jaschinski, A. Hepp, J. Nuß, H. Reuter, R. Blachnik
305  Full Text
2,4,6-Tri-tert-butylphenylaminofluorosilanes and Lithium-bis(2,4,6-tri-tert-butylphenyldifluorosilyl)amide - in the Crystal a Polymer (In German)
Key words: 2,4,6-Tri-tert-butylphenyl Group, Aminofluorosilane, Lithium-fluorosilylamide, 1,3-Siloxane, Tris(fluorosilyl)amine
R. Herbst-Irmer, U. Klingebiel, M. Noltemeyer
314  Full Text
Complexes of Two 14-Membered N4 Dibenzo Macrocycles. Crystal Structures of a Free Ligand and of Nickel(II), Copper(II) and Zinc(II) Complexes (In German)
Key words: Macrocyclic N4-Donor Ligands, Transition Metal Complexes, Crystal Structure
R. Mattes, U. Voet
321  Full Text
Metal Complexes with 2,2'-Dipyridylamine as Ligand: Crystal Structures of the Complexes with CdX2 (X = Cl, Br, I) and CuCN} (In German)
Key words: 2,2'-Dipyridylamine Complexes, Cadmium Halides, Copper(I) Cyanide, Crystal Structure
J. Pickardt, B. Staub
329  Full Text
Copper Complexes with the Ligand [Cp2MoH2]
Key words: Copper, Molybdenum, X-Ray Data
H. Brunner, M. Muschiol, T. Neuhierl, B. Nuber
337  Full Text
Synthesis and Spectroscopic Properties of 1,2-Diiminetricarbonyl-rhenium(I)chloride Complexes with Aliphatic Diimines (or 1,4-Diaza-1,3-butadienes) as Ligands
Key words: Charge Transfer, Rhenium Complexes, 1,4-Diaza-1,3-butadienes, Solvatochromism
M. Leirer, G. Knör, A. Vogler
341  Full Text
Hexahydro-closo-hexaborate as a Ligand in Coordination Compounds: A Second Polymorph of [Au2(m-bis-h3-B6H6)(PPh3)2]
Key words: m-bis-(h3-Hexahydro-closo-hexaborato)bis(triphenylphosphine)digold, Polymorphism, Crystal Structure
T. Schaper, C. Näther , W. Preetz
345  Full Text
Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Methylnitro-closo-hexaborates and Crystal Structures of cis-(Ph4As)2[B6H4(CH3)(NO2)], fac-(Ph4As)2[B6H3(CH3)(NO2)2] · CH3CN and mer-(Ph4P)2[B6H3(CH3)(NO2)c2] (In German)
Key words: Methylnitrotetrahydro-closo-hexaborate(2-), Methyldinitrotrihydro-closo-hexaborate(2-), Crystal Structure, 11B NMR Spectra, Vibrational Spectra
C. Drewes, W. Preetz
349  Full Text
Crystal Structures, Vibrational Spectra, and Normal Coordinate Analysis of cis- and trans-[ReCl4(NCSe)(SeCN)]2-} (In German)
Key words: cis-Tetrachloroselenocyanato(N)-selenocyanato(Se)-rhenate(IV), trans-Tetrachloroselenocyanato(N)-selenocyanato(Se)-rhenate(IV), Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra, Normal Coordinate Analysis
S. Strueß, W. Preetz
357  Full Text
Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of 2-Amino- and 2-Imino-2,3-dihydro-1H-1,3,2-diazaboroles (In German)
Key words: Boron, Diazaboroles, Amines, Imines
L. Weber, E. Dobbert, A. Rausch, H.-G. Stammler, B. Neumann
363  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Thermal Phase Transition of Tetramethylammonium Cyanide, (CH3)4N+CN- (In German)
Key words: Cyanides, Crystal Structure, Thermal Phase Transition
A. Kornath, O. Blecher
372  Full Text
Crystal Structure of Hydrogenoxonium Hexachloroantimonate-Bisacetonitrile (In German)
Key words: Hydrogenoxonium Hexachloroantimonate Bisacetonitrile, Crystal Structure, Raman Data, Hydrogen Bonds
R. Minkwitz, C. Hirsch
377  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [Au(AuNCO)(AuPPh3)8]Cl (In German)
Key words: Gold Cluster, Synthesis, Crystal Structure
J. Pethe, J. Strähle
381  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CXV. Addition of a-Amino Acid Esters to [CpFe(CO)3]+: Carbamoyl Complexes Cp(OC)2Fe-C(O)NHCHRCO2R' and Crystal Structure of Cp(OC)2Fe-C(O)NHCH2CO2Et (In German)
Key words: Carbamoyl Iron Complexes, a-Amino Acid Esters, Cyclopentadienyl
R. Urban, K. Polborn, W. Beck
385  Full Text
Structure of a Cs(18-crown-6)N(CN)2·H2O Complex: Assembly of the Dimeric 2:2 Anion Paired Encapsulate by Means of m2-Bridging Water Molecules
Key words: 18-Crown-6, Caesium Macrocyclic Complexes, Dicyanamide, Crystal Structure
J. A. Rusanova, P. J. Squattrito, K. V. Domasevitch, V. N. Kokozay
389  Full Text
Direct Oxidative Deprotection of Trimethylsilyl and Tetrahydropyranyl Ethers Using Alumina-Supported Iodobenzene Diacetate under Non-Aqueous Conditions
Key words: Trimethylsilyl Ethers, Tetrahydropyranyl Ethers, Alumina-Supported Iodobenzene Diacetate
M. M. Heravi, M. Tajbakhsh, M. Ghassemzadeh
394  Full Text
Trifluoracetylation of Methylated -Derivatives of Tryptamine and Serotonine byDifferent Reagents: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterizations, and Separations by Capillary-Gas-Chromatography (in German)
Key words: Analytical and Preparative Trifluoroacetylation, Trifluoroacetic Anhydride, N-Methylbistri-fluoroacetamide, Trifluoroacetylimidazole, Methylated Tryptamines
G. Häfelinger, M. Nimtz, V. Horstmann, T. Benz
397  Full Text
Isoperadione: A New Triterpenoid from Salvia bucharica
Key words: Salvia bucharica, Lamiaceae, Triterpenoids, Isoperadione, NMR Data
V. U. Ahmad, M. Zahid, M. S. Ali, Z. Ali, N. Alam, R. B. Tareen, M. Z. Iqbal
415  Full Text
Synthesis of Muscarin Analogue Epoxides from Campholenic and Fencholenic Compounds (in German)
Key words: Muscarin, Cyclopentene Epoxide, Trimethylammonium Iodide, Campholenic and Fencholenic Derivatives
K. Anhalt, K. Schulze, P. Jörchel, M. Gavranic
419  Full Text
2,2',5,5'-Tetra-tert-butyl-3,3'-bis(tri-methylsilyl)-1,1'-diazacobaltocene (in German)
Key words: Heterocycles, Pyrroles, Cobalt, X-Ray Data
N. Kuhn, S. Stubenrauch, D. Bläser, R. Boese
424  Full Text
N u m b e r  4
Original Communications
Synthesis and Properties of 1,3-Diisopropyl-4,5-dimethylimidazolium-2-carboxylate. A Stable Carbene Adduct of Carbon Dioxide (In German)
Key words: Carbenes, Imidazoles, Carboxylic Acids, X-Ray Data
N. Kuhn, M. Steimann, G. Weyers
427  Full Text
1,3-Diisopropyl-4,5-dimethylimidazolium-2-N,N'-diisopropylamidinate, a Novel Betaine [1] (In German)
Key words: Amidines, Carbenes, Carbon Diimides, Imidazoles, X-Ray Data
N. Kuhn, M. Steimann, G. Weyers, G. Henkel
434  Full Text
Complex Chalcogenides of the IVa Metals with Low Dimensional Anionic Partial Structures. Preparation and Crystal Structures of K2ZrTe3 and Rb2ZrTe3 (In German)
Key words: Crystal Structure, Complex Chalcogenides, Tellurides, Zirconium, Pseudo-one-dimensional solids
K. O. Klepp, A. Kolb
441  Full Text
The Crystal Structure of Dimethyl (2Z, 6Z)-2,7-bis-(benzyloxycarbonylamino)octa-2,6-diendioate: A Useful Precursor for Optically Pure 2,7-Diaminosuberic Acid
Key words: Crystal Structure, Dimethyl (2Z, 6Z)-2,7-bis-(benzyloxycarbonylamino)octa-2,6-diendioate
K. O. Klepp, J. Hiebl, H. Kollmann, F. Rovenszky
447  Full Text
Structure of Tl(18-crown-6){Cl3CC(O)NP(O)(OCH3)2}: Coordination of the Ionic Multidentate Weakens the Interaction of the Metal Atom with the Crown Ether
Key words: Thallium(I), Crown Ethers, Carbacylamidophosphates, X-Ray Data
V. A. Trush, K. V. Domasevitch, V. M. Amirkhanov, J. Sieler
451  Full Text
Crystal and Molecular Structure of Two Tetradentate "Oxime-and-Amide" Ligands
Key words: Tetradentate Ligands, X-Ray Data
I. O. Fritsky, A. Karaczyn, H. Koz\/lowski, T. G\/lowiak, E. V. Prisyazhnaya
456  Full Text
Dimers [Al2N6]12- and Chains 1\infty[AlN4/23-] in the Crystal Structures of Ca6[Al2N6] and Ba3[Al2N4]
Key words: Nitridoaluminates, Preparation, Crystal Structure
M. Ludwig, R. Niewa, R. Kniep
461  Full Text
Metallation of Calix[4]arene with Thulium Diiodide, TmI2(DME)3: Molecular Structure of [(5,11,17,23-Tetra-tert-butyl-25,27-dioxo-26,28- dimethoxycalix[4]arene)thulium(III)iodide(diethyl etherate)]
Key words: Thulium Diiodide, Calix Arene
I. L. Fedushkin, M. Weydert, A. A. Fagin, S. E. Nefedov, I. L. Eremenko, M. N. Bochkarev, H. Schumann
466  Full Text
On the Crystal Chemistry of the First Lead Zinc Silicon Tellurium Oxyde PbZn4SiTeO10 (In German)
Key words: Lead, Zinc, Silicon, Tellurium, Crystal Structure
B. Wedel, K. Sugiyama, K. Hiraga, K. Itagaki
469  Full Text
Syntheses, Structures, and Spectroscopic Properties of Alkoxide, Hydroxide, and Siloxide Complexes with (h3-Allyl)Mo Moieties
Key words: Molybdenum Complexes, Allyl, Alkoxides, Hydroxides, NMR Data
C. Borgmann, C. Limberg, L. Zsolnai, K. Heinze
473  Full Text
Dichloro[bis(h5-2,4-cyclopentadien-1-yl)alkylphosphine]zirconium: PR(C5H4)2ZrCl2; R = Me, Et, iPr, tBu (In German)
Key words: Zirconium, Ansa-Metallocene, Cyclopentadienyl, Phosphine, Crystal Structure
M. Häp, T. Gilles, T. Kruck, K.-F. Tebbe
482  Full Text
Investigations on the Pseudobinary System Bi2Te3/BiBr3 (In German)
Key words: Bismuth Telluride Bromide, Phase Diagram, Barogram, Total Pressure Measurements, Thermodynamic Data
U. Petasch, H. Oppermann
487  Full Text
Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 153. Host/Guest-Inclusion Compounds of N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylenediamine Derivatives: The Crystal Structures of N,N'-Di(4-ethyl-benzosulfuryl)-p-phenylenediamine and its Aggregates with Acetone and Cyclopentanone (In German)
Key words: N,N'-Di(4-ethyl-benzosulfuryl)-p-phenylenediamine, Inclusion Compounds, Ketone Guest Molecules, Crystal Growth, Structures
H. Bock, N. Nagel, P. Eller
491  Full Text
Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 154. Host/Guest-Inclusion Compounds of N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylenediamine Derivatives: The Crystal Structures of N,N'-Di(4-nitro-benzosulfuryl)-p-phenylenediamine and its Hydrogen-Bonded Adducts with Cyclopentanone, Cyclohexanone, Tetrahydrofurane, N,N-Dimethylformamide as well as Pyridine (In German)
Key words: N,N'-Di(4-nitro-benzosulfuryl)-p-phenylenediamine, Inclusion Compounds, Hydrogen Acceptor Guest Molecules, Crystal Growth, Structures
H. Bock, N. Nagel, P. Eller
501  Full Text
Low Temperature Crystal Growth and Structure of Ordered Ba7F12C2
Key words: Bariumfluorochloride, Hexagonal Crystal Structure, Crystal Growth, Low Temperature Gel Method
F. Kubel, H. Bill, H. Hagemann
515  Full Text
Preparation of Chiral Heterocyclic Esters of b-Amino Acids (In German)
Key words: b-Amino-acid Esters, Bicyclic Heterocyclic Compounds, Intramolecular 1.3-Dipolar Cycloaddition, Nitrones, Stereocontrol
H. G. Aurich, C. Gentes, U. Sievers
519  Full Text
Reactions of Isoquinolinium Salts with Hydroxylamine Derivatives, 2nd Communication. N-(Alkyl) and N-(Aryl)Substituted Compounds (In German)
Key words: Oxime, Dioxime, E/Z-Enamine, Ring-Chain Isomerism, Amine Oxide
H. Möhrle, R. Nießen
532  Full Text
Montmorillonite K-10 Catalyzed Knoevenagel Condensation under Microwave Irradiation in Solventless System
Key words: Knoevenagel Condensation, Solventless System, Microwave Irradiation
M. M. Heravi, M. Tajbakhsh, B. Mohajerani, M. Ghassemzadeh
541  Full Text
New Monoterpene Glycosides from Paeonia emodi
Key words: Wurdin, Benzoylwurdin, Monoterpene Glycosides, Paeonia emodi, Paeoniaceae
P. Muhammad, S. Ahmad, H. Rubnawaz, N. Ullah, A. Malik
544  Full Text
Synthesis of Novel Pyridine-, Pyrindine- and Isoquinoline-Substituted a-and b-C-Nucleosides of 2-Deoxy-D-ribose (In German)
Key words: a,b-C-Nucleosides, Inverse Type Cycloadditions,1,2,4-Triazine-C-nucleosides, 2-Deoxy-D-ribose, 2'-Deoxy-b-D-ribofuranosyl-pyridine
G. Seitz, J. Lachmann
549  Full Text
Synthesis and Coordination Properties of 6,6'-Dimesityl-2,2'-bipyridine
Key words: Suzuki Coupling, Copper(I)Complex, X-Ray Data
M. Schmittel, A. Ganz, W. A. Schenk, M. Hagel
559  Full Text
A Polyhydroxylated Cyclopentene:A Useful Synthon toward the Synthesis of Carbocyclic D-Fructofuranoid
Key words: D-Arabino- and D-Fructofuranoid, Polyhydroxylated Cyclopentene, Grubb's and Schrock's Catalyst
M. Seepersaud, R. Bucala, Y. Al-Abed
565  Full Text
Alquds, a New Flavone Glycoside from Calamintha incana
Key words: Alquds, Calamintha incana, Lamiaceae
A.-K. Dardass, S. Firdous, Z. Ali, V. U. Ahmad
569  Full Text
N u m b e r  5
Original Communications
Chemical Reactions in Molten Salts, XXI. Titanium Mediated Synthesis of Silanes in Chloroaluminate Melts (In German)
Key words: Fused Salts, Monosilane, Methylsilanes, Hydrosilylation, Chloroaluminate
H. Liesenhoff, W. Sundermeyer
573  Full Text
Formation of Chlorosiloxanes by Hydrolysis (In German)
Key words: Chlorosiloxanes, Hydrolytic Formation, Chlorosilanoles
H. Quellhorst, A. Wilkening, N. Söger, M. Binnewies
577  Full Text
Reaction of Cyclopentadienyl Metal Carbonyles with Thionylhalides - New Synthesis of Halogeno-Bridged Cp*Co Complexes (In German)
Key words: Thionylhalides, Halogeno Bridges, Pentamethylcylopentadienylcobalt Complexes, Chlorination, X-Ray Data
C. Stoll, I.-P. Lorenz, K. Polborn, E. F. Paulus
583  Full Text
The Oxochlorovanadates PPh4[VOCl3OH], PPh4[VOCl4], (PPh4)2[VOCl4]·2CH3CN, and (PPh4)2[VOCl4]·4CH3CN with Remarkable Deviations from the Square-Pyramidal Anion Structure (In German)
Key words: Trichloro-hydroxo-oxo-vanadate(V), Tetrachloro-oxo-vanadate(IV), Tetrachloro-oxo-vanadate(V), Crystal Structure
A. Noll, S. Rabe, U. Müller
591  Full Text
S, X, Q and W Band Powder-EPR Investigations on Tetra-n-butylammonium-bis(1,2-dicyanoethylene-1,2-dithiolato)aurate(II), [(n-C4H9)4N]2[AuII(mnt)2] (In German)
Key words: Gold(II) Complexes, Dithiolenes, Powder-EPR
L. Ihlo, R. Stößer, W. Hofbauer, R. Böttcher, R. Kirmse
597  Full Text
Unexpected Products from the Reaction of Mesitylmagnesium Bromide and Arsenic Tribromide (In German)
Key words: Dimesitylarsenic Bromide, Enneabromotriarsenate(III), Magnesium-tetrakis(acetonitrile)-bis(tetrahydrofuran) Cation, X-Ray Data
H. Nöth, R. Waldhör
603  Full Text
1,3,5-Triazine-2,4,6-trisulfenyltrichloride: Synthesis, Properties and Reactions (In German)
Key words: Sulfenyl Chloride, Sulfenic Acid, Sulfenate Ester, Sulfenamide
R. Tripolt, S. Schmuck, E. Nachbaur
609  Full Text
Evaporation Behaviour of Lanthanum Trihalides (In German)
Key words: Lanthanum Trihalides, Evaporation, Enthalpy, Entropy
H. Oppermann, A. Morgenstern
617  Full Text
Synthesis and Molecular Structure of [a-(Dichloromethylsilyl)ethyl]-dichloroborane-dimethylsulfide (In German)
Key words: Silicon, Silylethyl-boranedimethylsulfide, Crystal Structure
L. Ruwisch, R. Riedel, U. Klingebiel, M. Noltemeyer
624  Full Text
Organogallium Amides: Synthesis and Crystal Structures of [iPr2GaN(H)tBu]2 and [Mes(Cl)GaN(H)tBu]2 (In German)
Key words: Gallium Compounds, Organogallium Amides, Crystal Structure
M. R. Kopp, T. Kräuter, A. Dashti-Mommertz, B. Neumüller
627  Full Text
a-Dicarbonylmonoximes as Nucleophiles and Neighbour Groups (In German)
Key words: Aminal, C-Aminomethylation, Mercury(II)-EDTA Dehydrogenation, Intramolecular Cyclization
H. Möhrle, G. Keller
632  Full Text
Polysulfonylamine CXII. A Novel Solid-State Aspect of 2-Pyridones:Isolation and X-Ray Structures of Bis(2-pyridone)hydrogen(I)and Bis(6-methyl-2-pyridone)hydrogen(I)Dimesylamides (In German)
Key words: 2-Pyridones, 2-Hydroxypyridines, Dimesylamide, Homoconjugate Cations, Crystal Structure
K. Wijaya, O. Moers, A. Blaschette, P. G. Jones
643  Full Text
A Short and Productive Synthesis of Racemic a-Lipoic Acid
Key words: Lipoic Acid, Radical Induced C-C-Bond Formation, Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation, Ether Cleavage, Isothiuronium Salts
F. Balkenhohl, J. Paust
649  Full Text
A Short and Productive Synthesis of (R)-a-Lipoic Acid
Key words: Lipoic Acid, Yeast Reduction, Enantioselective Hydrogenation, Regioselective Reduction
G. Bringmann, D. Herzberg, G. Adam, F. Balkenhohl, J. Paust
655  Full Text
5,10,15,20-Tetrakis(diphenylmethyl)porphyrin Ð A Nonplanar Porphyrin with Intermediate Degree of Ruffling
Key words: Porphyrins, Steric Strain, Cobalt Porphyrins, Crystal Structure, Conformation
S. Runge, M. O. Senge, K. Ruhlandt-Senge
662  Full Text
Synthesis of 3-Amino(alkoxy)-2,4-dioxo-1,3-oxazolidine-5-carboxylates from Tartronic Esters
Key words: Tartronic Esters, 1,1'-Carbonyl-di-(1,2,4-triazole), 3-Amino-2,4-dioxo-1,3-oxazolidine-5-carboxylates, 3-Alkoxy-2,4-dioxo-1,3-oxazolidine-5-carboxylates
T. Kurz, D. Geffken
667  Full Text
Cyanothioacetamide and its Derivatives in Heterocyclic Synthesis: A New Route for the Synthesis of Several Pyridine and Thieno [2,3-b ]pyridine Derivatives and their Biological Evaluation
Key words: Pyridines, Thieno[2,3-b]pyridines, Cyanothioacetamide, Thiocarboxamido-cinnamonitriles, Michael Condensations
S. M. Eldin
674  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of Proline Ring Modified Actinomycins of the X-Type (In German)
Key words: Antibiotics, Actinomycins, Synthesis, Crystal Structure, NMR Data
A. Lifferth, I. Bahner, H. Lackner, M. Schäfer
681  Full Text
Neighbouring Group articipation of C-6 Substituents of Glucose Derivatives on the Stereoselectivity of the N -Glycosidic Linkage of Glycopeptides
Key words: Oligosaccharide Synthesis, Glycopeptides, Neighbouring Group Participation
H. Zhang, Y. Wang, R. Thürmer, K. Parvez, I. Choudhary, Atta-ur-Rahman, W. Voelter
692  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of 3,6-Di-tert -butylpyridazine (In German)
Key words: Heterocycles, Pyridazines, X-Ray Data
N. Kuhn, H. Kotowski, M. Steimann
699  Full Text
p-Tolyl(trimethylsilylethynyl)sulfone as Synthon for the Synthesis of Cp(OC)2M-CºCSiMe3 (M = Fe, Ru). Molecular Structure of Cp(OC)2Fe-CºCSiMe3
Key words: Alkynyl Complexes, X-Ray Data, p-Tolyl(trimethylsilylethynyl)sulfone
B. Aechter, K. Polborn, V. Weinrich, W. Beck
701  Full Text
N u m b e r  6
Original Communications
Decomposition of Ethoxyethynyl(trimethyl)tin - Studied by 119Sn and 13C NMR Spectroscopy
Key words: Alkynes, Ketenes, Tin, NMR Data
B. Wrackmeyer and S. V. Ponomarev
705  Full Text
New Stannides CaTSn2 (T = Rh, Pd, Ir) and Ca2Pt3Sn5 - Synthesis, Structure and Chemical Bonding
Key words: Intermetallic Calcium Compounds, Crystal Structure, Mössbauer Spectroscopy, Chemical Bonding
R.-D. Hoffmann, D. Kußmann, U. C. Rodewald, R. Pöttgen, C. Rosenhahn, and B. D. Mosel
709  Full Text
Synthesis and Structural Study of the Thermochromic Compounds Bis(2-amino-4-oxo-6-methylpyrimidinium) Tetrachlorocuprate(II) and Bis(2-amino-4-chloro-6-methylpyrimidinium) Hexachlorodicuprate(II)
Key words: Thermochromic Compounds, Copper, Chloride
I. Díaz, V. Fernández, V. K. Belsky, and J. L. Martínez
718  Full Text
Cascade Reaction of Camphor-Derived Diynes with Transition Metal Compounds
Key words: Camphor Diyne, Ring Enlargement, Transition Metals, Catalysis, Alkyne
M. F. N. N. Carvalho, A. J. L. Pombeiro, G. Wagner, B. Pedersen, and R. Herrmann
725  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CXIX. A Tetrahedral Zinc Complex (L-tert-Leucine)2ZnCl2 of Carboxylate Coordinated L-tert-Leucine in the Zwitterionic Form (In German)
Key words: Zinc, L-tert-Leucine
W. Hoffmüller, K. Polborn, and W. Beck
734  Full Text
Investigations on the Chemical Transport of Intermetallic Phases, I: GeTe, SnTe, PbTe (In German)
Key words: Chemical Transport Reactions, Total Pressure Measurement, Calculation of CTR, Thermodynamic Data
O. Bosholm and H. Oppermann
737  Full Text
Crystal Structure of the "Supramolecular" Complex [K(benzo-18-crown-6)][Zn(CN)3]·H2O with a Polymeric Tricyano Zincate Anion with Chain Structure (In German)
Key words: Zinc Cyanide Complex, Crown Ether Complex, Crystal Structure
J. Pickardt and P. Wischlinski
747  Full Text
1,2-Branched Carbosiloxane-Dendrimers with Main-Group Element and Transition-Metal Modified Surfaces (In German)
Key words: Carbosiloxane, Dendrimer, Propargyloxy Unit, Hexacarbonyldicobalt, Coordination Ability
K. Brüning, B. Lühmann, and H. Lang
751  Full Text
Preparation and Crystal Structure of Triammonium-trisulfimid (NH4)3(NSO2)3 (In German)
Key words: Sulfimide, Ammonium, Preparation, Single-Crystal Structure Determination
C. Leben and M. Jansen
757  Full Text
Synthesis and X-Ray Structure Analysis of the First tert-Butylcalix[4]arene Salts with a Phosphonium Cation (In German)
Key words: tert-Butylcalix[4]arene Anions, tert-Butylcalix[4]arenes (Phosphorus-Substituted), Phosphonium Salts (Tetramethylguanidine-Substituted), X-Ray Data
T. Siedentop, I. Neda, H. Thönnessen, P. G. Jones, and R. Schmutzler
761  Full Text
Crystal Structures and Normal Coordinate Analyses of trans-(n-Bu4N)2[ReCl4IX], X = NCS, NCSe} (In German)
Key words: trans-Tetrachloromonoiodothiocyanato(N)-rhenate(IV), trans-Tetrachloromonoiodoselenocyanato(N)-rhenate(IV), Crystal Structure, Normal Coordinate Analysis
L. Homolya, S. Strueß, and W. Preetz
767  Full Text
Synthesis, 11B NMR and Vibrational Spectra of cis-Monoethylmononitrotetrahydro-closo-hexaborate(2-) and Crystal Structure of cis-(Ph4As)2[B6H4(C2H5)(NO2)] (In German)
Key words: cis-Monoethylmononitrotetrahydro-closo-hexaborate(2-), Crystal Structure, 11B NMR Data, Vibrational Spectra
C. Drewes and W. Preetz
772  Full Text
Complexes of Group 12 Metals with 2-Acetylpyridine 4N-Dimethylthiosemicarbazone and with 2-Acetylpyridine-N-oxide 4N-Dimethylthiosemicarbazone: Synthesis, Structure and Antifungal Activity
Key words: 2-Acetylpyridine 4N-Dimethylthiosemicarbazone, 2-Acetylpyridine-N-oxide 4N-Dimethylthiosemicarbazone, Group 12 Metal(II) Complexes, 113Cd NMR Data
E. Bermejo, R. Carballo, A. Castiñeiras, R. Domínguez, A. E. Liberta, C. Maichle-Mössmer, and D. X. West
777  Full Text
Synthesis of Pyrimidine, Thiazolopyrimidine, Pyrimidotriazine and Triazolopyrimidine Derivatives and their Biological Evaluation
Key words: Thiazolopyrimidines, Pyrimidotriazines, 2-Pyrazolopyrimidines, Triazolopyrimidines, Ethyl Benzoylacetate, Pyrimidin-4-one-2-thione
F. A. Attab and S. M. Eldin
788  Full Text
SbCl3, BiCl3 and Na+ Complexes of Maleonitrile-Dithiacrown Ethers: Synthesis, Crystal Structures and DEP-MS Experiments
Key words: Maleonitrile-Dithiacrown Ether Complexes, Antimony and Bismuth Trichlorides, Sodium, Crystal Structure, DEP-MS
H.-J. Drexler, I. Starke, M. Grotjahn, H. Reinke, E. Kleinpeter, and H.-J. Holdt
799  Full Text
Zatatriol: A New Aromatic Constituent from Zataria multiflora
Key words: Lamiaceae, Zataria multiflora, Isopropyl Benzene Constituents, Structure Elucidation, NMR Data
M. S. Ali, M. Saleem, and V. U. Ahmad
807  Full Text
A Facile Synthesis of Naphthyl-Quinolyl Ethanes and Chromenyl-Quinolyl Ethanes
Key words: 2,4-Dihydroxyquinoline, 1-Tetralone, Chromanone, 2,4-Dichloro-3-[1'-(1-chloro-naphth-2-yl)ethyl]quinoline, 2,4-Dichloro-3-[1'-(4-chloro-2-methyl-chromen-3-y1)ethyl]quinoline
M. Sekar and K. J. Rajendra Prasad
811  Full Text
Microwave-Assisted Oxidation of Alcohols Using We Alumina Supported Ammonium Chlorochromate in Solventless System
Key words: Oxidation, Alcohols, Carbonyl Compounds, Wet Alumina, Solventless System, Ammonium Chlorochromate
M. M. Heravi and M. M. Aghayan
815  Full Text
The Crystal Structure of [(THF)LiCl]n (In German)
Key words: Lithiumchloride THF Solvate, Crystal Structure
M. R. Kopp and B. Neumüller
818  Full Text
Fixation of Neutral Molecules in the Binding Cavity of Nonplanar Porphyrins - A Third Dodecaphenylporphyrin Modification with NH-Solvent Hydrogen Bonding
Key words: Porphyrins, Steric Strain, Conformational Flexibility, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bonding
M. O. Senge
821  Full Text
N u m b e r  7
Original Communications
The Structural Chemistry of Gold(I) Quinoline-2-thiolate and Iodide Complexes of Polytertiary Phosphines
Key words: Gold(I) Complexes, Thiolate Complexes, Aurophilicity, Hydrogen Bonding, Polytertiary Phosphine Complexes
B.-C. Tzeng, J. Zank, A. Schier, and H. Schmidbaur
825  Full Text
A Single Crystal EPR Investigation on (n-Bu4N)2[Cu(dmit)2] in the Antiferromagnetically Coupled Host Lattice (n-Bu4N)2[(dmit)Cu(tto)Cu(dmit)]: A Contribution to the Nature of the So-called "Paramagnetic Impurities" (In German)
Key words: Copper(II) Complexes, Single-Crystal EPR, DFT-MO Calculations
G. Teschmit, P. Strauch, A. Barthel, J. Reinhold, and R. Kirmse
832  Full Text
Reactions of [(h5-C5R5)2WH2] with Boranes (In German)
Key words: Tungsten, Bis(h5-cyclopentadienyl)dihydrido, Bis(h5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)dihydrido
H. Braunschweig and C. Kollann
839  Full Text
[Ni(NH3)6]SO4: Crystal Structure and Infrared Spectra (In German)
Key words: Hexammine Nickel Sulfate, Ammoniates, Crystal Structure, IR Data, Hydrogen Bonding
C. Mockenhaupt, R. Eßmann, and H. D. Lutz
843  Full Text
On the Reaction of Ethyl 2,4-Dioxo-4-ferrocenyl-butanoate with Primary Aromatic Amines (In German)
Key words: Ferrocene, b-Diketones, Enaminoketones, NMR Data, Crystal Structure
P. Prokop, R. Richter, and L. Beyer
849  Full Text
Complexes of N-Aryltriphenylphosphinimines with Mercury(II) Halides
Key words: Phosphinimines, Mercury Halide Complexes, Crystal Structure, NMR Data, X-Ray Data
T. P. Braun, P. A. Gutsch, and H. Zimmer
858  Full Text
Condensed [Ru4Sn6] Units in the Stannides LnRu4Sn6 (Ln = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd) - Synthesis, Structure, and Chemical Bonding
Key words: Stannides, Crystal Structure, Chemical Bonding
M. F. Zumdick and R. Pöttgen
863  Full Text
Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction Studies on Powders and Single Crystals of Compounds Structurally Related to Prussian Blue: CsMnIICrIII(CN)6 · D2O, NMe4MnII(Cr0,06Mn0,94)III(CN)6 · 8 H2O, NMe4MnIICoIII(CN)6 · 8 H2O, Mn3II[MnIII(CN)6]2 · 15 H2O and Cd3[FeIII(CN)6]2 · 15 H2O (In German)
Key words: Crystal Structure, Neutron Diffraction, Prussian Blue, Hexacyanometallate(III)
B. Ziegler, M. Witzel, M. Schwarten, and D. Babel
870  Full Text
On an Octastannanediide R*6Sn8[Na(THF)2]2 and the Possible Existence of an Octastannane R*6Sn8 (In German)
Key words: Silicon, Tin, Sodium, Tincluster, X-Ray Data
N. Wiberg, H.-W. Lerner, S. Wagner, H. Nöth, and T. Seifert
877  Full Text
Ligand Exchange Reactions of NiCl2(PPh3)2 with O(S)^N^S Ligands (In German)
Key words: Nickel Chelates, Ligand Exchange Reactions, Benzothiazine, Benzothiazole, Pyrazolone
S. Sawusch and U. Schilde
881  Full Text
Bis(n-pentanethiolato)mercury(II), Hg(SC5H11)2 - Preparation, Characterization, Crystal and Molecular Structure; Reactivity towards Organic Thiols
Key words: Crystal structure, IR Data, Raman Data, Mass Spectrum, Bis(n-pentanethiolato)mercury(II)
G. G. Hoffmann, I. Steinfatt, W. Brockner, and V. Kaiser
887  Full Text
K[B6PO10(OH)4]: A Borophosphate Containing Rods of Tetrahedral Vierer-Rings with Additional Open-Loop Branchings via Planar B2O3(OH)2 Groups (In German)
Key words: Boron, Phosphorus, Tetrahedral Rods, Planar Borate Groups
I. Boy and Rüdiger Kniep
895  Full Text
Mixed-Sandwich h5/h7 Vanadium Complexes. The Molecular Structure of (h5-2-Methyl-indenyl)-(h7-cycloheptatrienyl)-vanadium
Key words: Sandwich Compounds, Cycloheptatrienyl Complexes, Vanadium, Crystal Structure
M. Herberhold, S. Köppl, and W. Milius
899  Full Text
Antimony as a Donor Atom in Silver Coordination Chemistry: Synthesis, IR Spectra and Structure of the Silver(I) Cyanoximate Complexes with Triphenylstibine and Triphenylphosphine Model Compounds
Key words: Silver, Triphenylphosphine, Triphenylstibine, Cyanoximes, X-Ray Data
K. V. Domasevitch, E. G. Petkova, A. Yu. Nazarenko, V. V. Ponomareva, J. Sieler, N. K. Dalley, and E. B. Rusanov
904  Full Text
Reactions of Isoquinolinium Salts with Hydroxylamine Derivatives, 3rd Communication.Mechanism of Amine Oxide Generation
Key words: Amidine, Nitrone, N-Hydroxyaminal, E/Z-Enamine, o-(Enamino)-benzaldehyde-oxime
H. Möhrle and R. Nießen
913  Full Text
Alkyl Heteroaromatics as Building Blocks in Organic Synthesis: The Reactivity of Alkyl Azoles toward Electrophilic Reagents
Key words: Oxazolone, Imidazolone, Oxazolopyridines, Pyridobenzoxazine, Thiazolone
I. S. Abdel Hafiz, A. A. Hassanien, and A. M. Hussein
923  Full Text
Electronic Structure of 2,6-Bis{N-(2-hydroxyphenyl)iminomethyl}-4-methylphenol
Key words: Schiff Base, Electronic Structure, Polarization Spectrum, X-Ray Data, MO Calculation
M. Hasegawa, Y. Yamada, K. Kumagai, and T. Hoshi
929  Full Text
Two New Aromatic Constituents from Stocksia brahuica
Key words: Diphenylacetic Acid, Brahene, Sapindaceae, Stocksia brahuica, Structure Elucidation
V. U. Ahmad, Z. Ali, M. S. Ali, F. Iqbal, M. Zahid, and R. B. Tareen
940  Full Text
Structure and Conformation of Tetra-meso-, Octa-b, and Dodecasubstituted 22,24-Dihydroporphyrins (Porphyrin Dications)
Key words: Porphyrins, Steric Strain, Porphyrin Dications, Crystal Structure, 22,24-Dihydroporphyrins
M. O. Senge and W. W. Kalisch
943  Full Text
Organoactinide Chemistry: Polysilylated Actinidocenes of Thorium, Uranium, and Neptunium
Key words: Actinidocenes, 1,3,5-Tris(trimethylsilyl)cyclooctatetraenyl Ligand, Thorium, Uranium, Neptunium
C. Apostolidis, F. T. Edelmann, B. Kanellakopulos, U. Reißmann
960  Full Text
N u m b e r  8
Original Communications
Preparation and Properties of Tetra(n-butyl)ammonium cis-Diacidooxophthalocyaninato(2-)niobates(V) and -tantalates(V); Crystal Structure of (nBu4N)cis[Nb(F)2Opc2-] (In German)
Key words: Phthalocyaninates, Niobium and Tantalum Compounds, Optical Spectra, Vibrational Spectra, Crystal Structure
K. Schweiger, H. Hückstädt, and H. Homborg
963  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CXXI. Orthopalladated Enolates from N-(Diphenylmethylene) Schiff Bases of a-Amino Acid Esters as Ambivalent 1,3-Dipoles in [2+3] Cycloadditions. Structures of a Series of Cycloadducts (In German)
Key words: N-(Diphenylmethylene)glycinate, Enolates, 1,3-Dipoles, [2+3] Cycloaddition, X-Ray Data
B. Schreiner, R. Urban, A. Zografidis, K. Sünkel, K. Polborn, and W. Beck
970  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CXX. Half Sandwich Complexes of Ruthenium(II) and Iridium(III) with R-3-(3-Pyridyl)-D-alaninate (In German)
Key words: Ruthenium, Iridium Complexes, 3-(3-Pyridyl)alanine
K. Haas, H. Nöth, and W. Beck
989  Full Text
Metal Tetrahydridoborates and Tetrahydridoborato Metalates, 25. 25Mg Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies on Magnesium Tetrahydridoborates (In German)
Key words: 25Mg NMR Data, Organylmagnesium Tetrahydridoborates, Cyclopentadienyl Magnesisum Tetrahydridoborate, Organyloxo Magnesium Tetrahydridoborates, Schlenk-Equilibria
H. Nöth and G. E. W. J. Wagner
993  Full Text
Crystal Structure, Infrared and Raman Spectra and Thermal Decomposition of Magnesium Tetrahydrogen Dimesoperiodate, MgH4I2O10 · 6H2O (In German)
Key words: Magnesium Periodate Hydrate, Zinc Periodate Hydrate, Dimesoperiodate Ions, Crystal Structure, Raman Data
R. Nagel, M. Botova, G. Pracht, E. Suchanek, M. Maneva (†), and H. D. Lutz
999  Full Text
Crystal Structures, Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analyses of cis-(n-Bu4N)2[ReBr4(NCS)(SCN)], trans-(n-Bu4N)2[ReBr4(NCS)(SCN)] and trans-(n-Bu4N)2[ReBr4(NCSe)(SeCN)] (In German)
Key words: cis/trans-Tetrabromothiocyanato(N)-thiocyanato(S)-rhenat(IV), trans-Tetrabromoselenocyanato(N)-selenocyanato(Se)-rhenat(IV), Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra, Normal Coordinate Analysis
L. Homolya and W. Preetz
1009  Full Text
Serendipitous Formation of the Cyclic Sulfite DIMTH(SO3) by Reaction of DIMTH(OH)2 with SOCl2
Key words: Cyclic Sulfite, X-Ray Data, Tartaric Acid
C. Handrosch, F. W. Heinemann, and H. Kisch
1015  Full Text
Novel Tetraaminophosphonium Salts by Anion Exchange in Liquid Ammonia (In German)
Key words: Phosphorus, Ion Exchange, Liquid Ammonia, Crystal Structure
K. Landskron, S. Horstmann, and W. Schnick
1019  Full Text
The Crystal Structure of N,N'-Bis-(1,3-dihydroxy-2-methylprop-2-yl)-pyrazine-2,3-dicarboxamide Semihydrate
Key words: Crystal Structure, N,N'-Bis-(1,3-dihydroxy-2-methylprop-2-yl)-pyrazine-2,3-dicarboxamide Semihydrate, Hematoregulatory Active Compounds
K. O. Klepp, A. S. Cuthbertson, P. M. Fischer, J. Sandosham, M. Hartmann, J. Hiebl, H. Kollmann, P. Kremminger, and F. Rovenszky
1027  Full Text
b-Diketonates and their Analogs: Stabilization of the Dimeric M2{L}4(D)2 (M = Co, Ni) Core in the Complexes with Dimethyl-N-trichloroacetylamidophosphate {Cl3C(O)NP(O)(OCH3)2}-
Key words: Carbacylamidophosphates, b-Diketonates, Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), X-Ray Data
E. A. Bundya, V. M. Amirkhanov, V. A. Ovchynnikov, V. A. Trush, K. V. Domasevitch, J. Sieler, and V. V. Skopenko
1033  Full Text
Synthesis and Electronic Spectra of Tricarbonylrhenium(I) Chloride Complexes with 9,10-Phenanthrenequinone and 9,10-Phenanthrenequinone Diimine as Acceptor Ligands
Key words: Charge Separation, Rhenium Complexes, Quinones, Diimines
M. Leirer, G. Knör, and A. Vogler
1039  Full Text
Synthesis of Benzisochalcogenol and -azole Derivatives via ortho Metalation of Isophthalamides
Key words: Isophthalamides, Metalation, Chalcogen, Insertion, Oxidation
B. Kersting and M. DeLion
1042  Full Text
Synthesis, Reactions and Spectroscopy of 3-Benzoyl-6-phenylpyridazines of Expected Biological Activity
Key words: Pyridazine Derivatives, Biological Activity
Y. A. Issac
1048  Full Text
Imidazole Nucleosides, V. Synthesis of 3'-Fluoro-3'-deoxy-ribofuranosides of 4(5)-Amino-imidazole-5(4)carboxamide
Key words: Fluorinated Imidazole Nucleosides, Structure, UV Data, NMR-Data, Biological Evaluation
H. Guglielmi, M. Dachtler, and K. Albert
1055  Full Text
Synthetic Potential Inherent in D-Isoascorbic Acid as a Precursor for Pyridazine and Furo [3,2-c]pyridazine RingSystems with Two Asymmetric Centers
Key words: D-Isoascorbic Acid, 6-Bromo-6-deoxy-D-isoascorbic Acid, Pyridazine, Furo [3,2-c]pyridazine,Hepatitis B Virus
E. S. H. El Ashry, L. F. Awad, H. Abdel Hamid, and Y. El Kilany
1061  Full Text
Chiral Pool Synthesis of 4a-Substituted Carbocyclic Cyclopentanoid Nucleoside Precursors, I
Key words: Nucleosides, Carbohydrates, X -Ray Data
R. Csuk, P. Dörr, M. Kühn, C. Krieger, and M. Y. Antipin
1068  Full Text
Chiral Pool Synthesis of 4a-Substituted Carbocyclic Cyclopentanoid Nucleoside Precursors, II
Key words: Nucleosides, Carbohydrates, X-Ray Data
R. Csuk, P. Dörr, M. Kühn, C. Krieger, H. Irngartinger, T. Oeser, M. Yu. Antipin
1079  Full Text
Crystal Structure of Bis(bromotriphenyl)arsenic(V)-hexabromotellurate(IV), [Ph3AsBr]2[TeBr6]
Key words: Arsenic, Tellurium, Bromo Complex, Crystal Stucture
S. Chitsaz, B. Neumüller, K. Dehnicke
1092  Full Text
Preparation and Crystal Structure of Hexacaesium-hexatellurido-digermanate(III) (Cs6Ge2Te6)
Key words: Hypotelluride, Telluridodigermanate, Caesium, X-Ray Data
B. Friede and M. Jansen
1095  Full Text
N u m b e r  9
Original Communications
Crystal Structure of [PhMe3N]4[Pb3Br10] (In German)
Key words: Crystal Structure, Phenyltrimethylammonium-dekabromotriplumbate
T. Wiest, R. Blachnik, and H. Reuter
1099  Full Text
Hexaborate Cluster Radical Anions [B6HalnHal'6-n]•- and [B6Hal5R]•- (Hal, Hal' = Cl, Br, I; R = H, alkyl). Chemical or Electrochemical Generation, Vibrational, UV-Vis and EPR Spectroscopy
Key words: EPR Data, Halogenohexaborates, Radical Anions, Vibrational Spectra
M. Wanner, W. Kaim, V. Lorenzen, and W. Preetz
1103  Full Text
Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analysis of the Dioxoosmates(VI) trans-[OsO2(CN)4]2-, trans-[OsO2(CN)2(OH)]22- and trans-[OsO2(CN)2(OCH3)]22-, and Crystal Structure of trans-(Ph3PNPPh3)2[OsO2(CN)2(OCH3)]2} (In German)
Key words: trans-Dioxotetracyanoosmate(VI), trans-Dioxodicyano-m-dihydroxodiosmate(VI), trans-Dioxodicyano-m-dimethoxydiosmate(VI), Vibrational Spectra, Normal Coordinate Analysis, Crystal Structure
A. Strueß and W. Preetz
1109  Full Text
Synthesis, Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analysis of the Dioxoosmates(VI) trans-[OsO2(CN)2(ox)]2-, trans-[OsO2(CN)2(mal)]2- and trans-[OsO2(CN)2(N2H2C2O2)]2- (In German)
Key words: trans-Dioxodicyanooxalatoosmate(VI), trans-Dioxodicyanomalonatoosmate(VI), trans-Dioxodicyanooxamidoosmate(VI), Synthesis, Vibrational Spectra
A. Strueß and W. Preetz
1116  Full Text
Structure of [m-S2{Ru(PCy3)('S4')}2] · 2.5 THF · 0.5 Et2O Containing Homochiral Metal Complex Fragments ['S4'2- = 1,2-Bis(mercaptophenylthio)-ethane (2-)]
Key words: Crystal Structure, Ruthenium-Sulfur Complexes
D. Sellmann, F. W. Heinemann, and T. Gottschalk-Gaudig
1122  Full Text
The Crystal Structure of WC Type ZrTe. Advantages in Chemical Bonding as Contrasted to NiAs Type ZrTe
Key words: Zirconium, Telluride, Crystal Structure, Electronic Structure, WC Type Structure
G. Örlygsson and B. Harbrecht
1125  Full Text
Wrap-around Encapsulated Cs(dibenzo-24-crown-8)+ Cations form Linear Coordination Polymers with Dicyanoargentate Anions Ag(CN)2-
Key words: Dibenzo-24-crown-8, Caesium Macrocyclic Complexes, Dicyanoargentate, X-Ray Data, One-dimensional Polymer
J. A. Rusanova, P. J. Squattrito, V. V. Ponomareva, K. V. Domasevitch, and V. N. Kokozay
1129  Full Text
On the Reaction Behavior of b-Oxo Carbonic Acid Derivatives of the Anthracene Series in Pyrazole Synthesis (In German)
Key words: Enaminones, b-Oxo-anthracenepropionate, Pyrazoles
A. Knieß, M. Gruner, and Roland Mayer
1133  Full Text
Electrochemical Electron Transfer Reactions of M(ttcn)23+/2+ (M = Co, Pd, Pt, Au; ttcn = 1,4,7-trithiacyclononane): the Relation of Reaction Volumes and Electron Transfer Rate Constants
Key words: Electron Transfer, Kinetics, Reaction Volumes
M. Matsumoto, S. Funahashi, and H. D. Takagi
1138  Full Text
Tuning the Energy of the NIR Absorption of Dinuclear Triphos-Cobalt-Complexes
Key words: Dinuclear Complexes, NIR Dyes, Cobalt, Tripodal Ligands, Bridging Ligands
K. Heinze, G. Huttner, and L. Zsolnai
1147  Full Text
Structure and Properties of the Stannide Eu2Au2Sn5, and its Relationship with the Family of BaAl4-Related Structures
Key words: Europium Gold Stannide, Crystal Structure, Mössbauer Spectroscopy, Group-Subgroup Relations
D. Kußmann, R. Pöttgen, U. C. Rodewald, C. Rosenhahn, B. D. Mosel, G. Kotzyba, and B. Künnen
1155  Full Text
2-[N,N-Bis(trimethylstannyl)amino]pyridine and Bis[N-(N-trimethylsilyl-2-aminopyridyl)]dimethyltin - Intramolecular N-Sn Co-ordination
Key words: Tin, Amines, Pyridine, Co-ordination, NMR Data
B. Wrackmeyer, S. Ali, W. Storch, and M. Vosteen
1165  Full Text
Preparation and X-Ray Structure of 4-N,N'-Bis(trimethylsilyl)amino-3,5-diisopropylphenylselenium Trichloride
Key words: Crystal Structure, 2,6-Diisopropylaniline, Aryl Selenium Trichloride, Bridging Chloride, NMR Data
A. Maaninen, R. T. Boeré, T. Chivers, and M. Parvez
1170  Full Text
One- and Two- Dimensional Copper(I) Halide Based Coordination Polymers with Bridging Pyridazine or Pyrimidine Ligands
Key words: Copper(I) Halides, Pyridazine, Pyrimidine, Coordination Polymers
T. Kromp and W. S. Sheldrick
1175  Full Text
Methoxyalkyl Functionalized 2,3-Dihydroimidazol-2-ylidenes (In German)
Key words: Carbenes, Imidazoles, Dithiocarboxylates, X-Ray Data
N. Kuhn, E. Niquet, M. Steimann, and I. Walker
1181  Full Text
Synthesis and Reactivity of Novel Bis(stannyl)silanes
Key words: Stannylsilanes, Rearrangement, Reactions with Alkynes, X-Ray Data
P. Bleckmann, U. Englich, U. Hermann, I. Prass, K. Ruhlandt-Senge, M. Schürmann, C. Schwittek, and F. Uhlig
1188  Full Text
Cinnamoylacetonitrile in Heterocyclic Synthesis, Part 7. Simple Synthesis of Benzothiazepines, Pyrones and Oxazolopyridine
Key words: Cinnamoylacetonitrile, 2,4-Diarylbenzothiazepines, Dehydrogenation,Tetra-chloro-o-benzoquinone, Acylation
R. H. Swellem, Y. A. Allam, and G. A. M. Nawwar
1197  Full Text
Synthesis of 3-Phenylisoxazolo[3,4-a]carbazoles
Key words: 1-Hydoxyimino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles, Claisen Aroylation, Aerial Oxidation
K. Shanmugasundaram and K. J. Rajendra Prasad
1202  Full Text
New Simple and One-Plot synthetic Routes to Polyfunctionally Substituted Pyridines; 1,4.Dihydropyridazines and 4H-1,2-Oxazine
Key words: Arylidenemalononitriles, 2-Cyano-1,1-diaminoethene, Arylhydrazones, syn-2-Pyridinealdoxime, Pyridines
M. M. Mashaly and M. Hammouda
1205  Full Text
Synthesis of Selected Quaternary Phenacylbromopyridinium Compounds and their Biological Evaluation
Key words: 5-Bromonicotinic Acid, cytotoxicity, Antimicrobial Activity, Blood Pressure Activity
K. M. Khan, Z. S. Saify, Zeeshan, A. Khan, M. Ahmed, M. Saeed, R. J. Abdel-Jalil, G. Grüber, and W. Voelter
1210  Full Text
N u m b e r  10
Original Communications
Synthesis, Spectra and Crystal Structure of cis-Monobenzylmononitrotetrahydro-closo-hexaborate(2-) (In German)
Key words: cis-Monobenzylmononitrotetrahydro-closo-hexaborate(2-), Crystal Structure, 11B NMR Data, Vibrational Spectra
C. Drewes and W. Preetz
1219  Full Text
Synthesis, Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analysis of Linkage Isomeric Halogenoselenocyanatorhenates(IV) and Crystal Structures of mer-(Ph4P)2[ReCl3(NCSe)2cis(SeCN)] and mer-(n-Bu4N)2[ReCl3I(NCSe)2cis] (In German)
Key words: fac-Trichlorotriselenocyanato(N)-rhenate(IV), mer-Trichloro-cis-diselenocyanato(N)-selenocyanato(Se)-rhenate(IV), mer-Trichloromonoiodo-cis-diselenocyanato(N)-rhenate(IV), Crystal Structure, Normal Coordinate Analysis
S. Strueß and W. Preetz
1222  Full Text
Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analysis of the Tetrahalogeno-closo-1,2-diphosphahexaboranes P2B4X4, X = Cl, Br (In German)
Key words: Tetrahalogeno-closo-1,2-diphosphahexaboranes, Vibrational Spectra, Normal Coordinate Analyses, Force Constants
V. Lorenzen, W. Preetz, W. Keller, and W. Haubold
1229  Full Text
Formation of h1-P-(2-Phosphinophenol)Ni(0)(PMe3)3 and Oxidation to cis/trans-Bis(2-phosphinophenolato)nickel(II) Complexes
Key words: Phosphinophenolate, Nickel, Complexes, Structure Elucidation, Solid State Structures
J. Heinicke, A. Dal, H.-F. Klein, O. Hetche, U. Flörke, H.-J. Haupt
1235  Full Text
Bis-phosphonio-isophosphindolide Copper Complexes
Key words: Phosphorus Heterocycles, Copper Complexes, Crystal Structure, 31P NMR Data
D. Gudat, A. W. Holderberg, N. Korber, M. Nieger, and M. Schrott
1244  Full Text
Octachalcogen Cations Te82+, Se82+, and Mixed (Te8-xSex)82+ Stabilized by Chlorometallates of Bi, Zr, and Hf: Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Se8[Bi4Cl14] and E8[MCl6] (E = Se, Te; M = Zr, Hf)
Key words: Octaselenium(2+), Octatellurium(2+), Chalcogen Polycations, Halogenobismutates(III), Crystal Structure
A. Baumann, J. Beck, and T. Hilbert
1253  Full Text
Bis[1,3-bis(diphenylmethylsilylamido)propane]zirconium: A Spirocyclic Complex Containing a Sterically Demanding Chelating Amido Ligand}
Key words: Silylamides, Zirconium Amide, Chelate Ligands, Crystal Structure
S. Garcia-Yuste, K. W. Hellmann, L. H. Gade, I. J. Scowen, and M. McPartlin
1260  Full Text
Synthesis and Oxidation of Ruthenium Allyl Thioether Complexes Bearing Phosphite and Phosphonite Coligands
Key words: Ruthenium Complexes, Thioether, Sulfoxide, Epoxide, Dimethyldioxirane
B. Steinmetz, M. Hagel, and W. A. Schenk
1265  Full Text
Interaction between the Peroxide Adduct of Binuclear Iron(III) Complex with (HPTP) Anion and the Sugar Moiety of Nucleosides
Key words: DNA Cleavage, Peroxide Adduct of Binuclear Iron(III), Interaction with Sugar moiety
S. Nishino, M. Kunita, T. Kobayashi, H. Matsushima, T. Tokii, and Y. Nishida
1272  Full Text
The Intermetallic Compounds GdRe2Al10 and TbRe2Al10, Crystallizing with a Stacking Variant of the YbFe2Al10 Type Structure
Key words: Intermetallic Compounds, Crystal Structure, Close Packed Layers
B. Fehrmann and W. Jeitschko
1277  Full Text
Thermal Decomposition and Solution Calorimetry of Ammonium Neodymium Bromides (In German)
Key words: Ammonium Neodymium Bromides, Neodymium Bromide, Thermal Decomposition, Standard Enthalpy of Formation, Standard Entropy
C. Hennig and H. Oppermann
1283  Full Text
Novel Dinucleating Ligand Systems Containing Two Adjacent Coordination Compartments of the Potential Triamidoamine-Type - Nickel(II) and Cobalt(II) Coordination Chemistry
Key words: Dinuclear Complexes, N-Ligands, Nickel, Cobalt, Solid-State Structures
S. Buchler, F. Meyer, A. Jacobi, P. Kircher, and L. Zsolnai
1295  Full Text
Thioanalogs of Sparteine Lactams [6]. Part II. (+)-2-Thionosparteinium Perchlorate
Key words: Sparteine Thiolactams, (+)-2-Thionosparteinium Cation, X-Ray Data, IR Data, NMR Data
T. Borowiak, G. Dutkiewicz, W. Wysocka, and R. Kolano\'s
1307  Full Text
Crystal and Molecular Structure of the Copper(I)-thiolate-selenide Complex [Ph4P][Cu(SeS2CNC4H8)(S2CN2C4H8)] with an Unusual Se-S Bond
Key words: Crystal Structure, Copper Complex, Selenium Complex, Thiolate Ligand
Q. Zhang, J. Chen, M. Hong, X. Xin, and H.-K. Fun
1313  Full Text
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of [Me4N]2[W2O2(m-S)(h2-S2)4] · MeCN, a Novel Oxo-thiotungstate(VI)
Key words: Crystal Structure, IR Data, Chalcogenides, Complex Sulfides, Tungsten Compounds
A. B. M. Shamsur Rahman, H. Boller, and K. O. Klepp
1318  Full Text
X-Ray Structure Analysis of iso -Sildenafil (iso -Viagra)
Key words: X-Ray Data, iso-Viagra, Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate, Viagra, Phosphodiesterase
M. M. El-Abadelah, S. S. Sabri, M. A. Khanfar, W. Voelter, and C. Maichle-Mössmer
1323  Full Text
Syntheses and Evaluation of the Analgesic Activity of Some 4-Acetyl-4-phenylpiperidine and 4-Hydroxy-4-phenylpiperidine Derivatives
Key words: 4-Acetyl-4-phenylpiperidine, 4-Hydroxy-4-phenylpiperidine, Analgesic Activity
Z. S. Saify, K. M. Khan, S. M. Haider, Zeeshan, S. T. A. Shah, M. Saeed, M. S. Shekhani, and W. Voelter
1327  Full Text
An Approach to the Synthesis of New 1-Phenylacridones and Naphthacridones
Key words: Quinoline, 1-Phenylacridone, Naphthacridone, Photocyclization
S. Thamaraiselvi and P. S. Mohan
1337  Full Text
Role of the Hydroxymethyl Group for the Inhibitory Activity of Penienone
Key words: Penicillium sp., Penienone, Growth Inhibitor, Lettuce
Y. Kimura, T. Mizuno, T. Kawano, and A. Shimada
1342  Full Text
N u m b e r  11
Original Communications
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Lithiumozonide-Ammonia (1/5) LiO3 · 5 NH3 (In German)
Key words: Lithium Ozonide Ammonia, Ionic Ozonides, Lithium Tetramine Complex, Crystal Structure
W. Klein and M. Jansen
1345  Full Text
Carbene Adducts of Dimethylcadmium
Key words: Carbene, Cadmium, Ylide, Carbene Complex, Imidazol-2-ylidene
A. J. Arduengo, III, J. R. Goerlich, F. Davidson, and W. J. Marshall
1350  Full Text
Carbacylamidophosphates: Structure and Properties of Bis(N,N'-morpholido)-[(N"-morpholido)-carboxamido] phosphate
Key words: Carbacylamidophosphates, X-Ray Data, NMR Data
K. E. Gubina, V. A. Ovchynnikov, V. M. Amirkhanov, T. Yu. Sliva, V. V. Skopenko, T. Glowiak, and H. Kozlowski
1357  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CXXIV. NMR-Spectroscopic Determination of the Enantiomeric Ratio of a-Amino Acids by Use of a Chiral Orthometallated Palladium Complex (In German)
Key words: Metal Complexes, 1H NMR Data
A. Böhm, Thomas Hauck, and W. Beck
1360  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Novel 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexaamino-1l5,3l5-diphosphazenium Salts (In German)
Key words: Phosphazenes, Ion Exchange, Crystal Structure
K. Landskron and W. Schnick
1363  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of 2,2'-Bis(2,2,5-trimethyl-pyrrolidinyl)methane
Key words: 2,2'-Bis(1-hydroxy-2,2,5-trimethyl-pyrrolidinyl)methane, 2,2'-Bis(2,2,5-trimethyl-pyrroldinyl)methane, X-Ray Data
H. Hommer, H. Nöth, W. Ponikwar, and S. Rojas-Lima
1371  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterization of Rubidium Hydrogen Cyanamide (In German)
Key words: Rubidium Hydrogen Cyanamide, Synthesis, Crystal Structure, IR Data
M. Becker and M. Jansen
1375  Full Text
Attempted Synthesis of Divalent Neodymium Derivatives. Crystal Structure of the Nd(III) Complex [{NdCl2(2,4,6-t-Bu3C6H2O)(m-Cl)(THF)}Li(THF)2]2
Key words: Neodymium, Divalent Oxidation State, Synthesis, Structure, Phenoxide
E. N. Kirillov, A. A. Trifonov, S. E. Nefedov, I. L. Eremenko, F. T. Edelmann, and M. N. Bochkarev
1379  Full Text
The Structure of Synthetic Tinsleyite K[Al2(PO4)2(OH)(H2O)]·H2O (In German)
Key words: Crystal Structure, Phosphate Mineral, Tinsleyite, Leucophosphite
S. Dick
1385  Full Text
Bis(N-trimethylsilylamino)titanium Dichlorides Bearing Two Identical or Two Different Amino Groups
Key words: Silylamines, Titanium, Plumbylenes, NMR Data
B. Wrackmeyer and J. Weidinger
1391  Full Text
N,N'-Bis(trimethylsilyl)benzamidinato Complexes of Vanadium(V), Niobium(V) and Tantalum(V) (In German)
Key words: N,N'-Bis(trimethylsilyl)benzamidinato, Silylated tert-Butylamido Complexes of Vanadium(V), Niobium(V), Tantalum(V), NMR Data
F. Preuss, M. Scherer, C. Klingshirn, G. Hornung, M. Vogel, W. Frank, and G. Reiß
1396  Full Text
Preparation and Characterization of [C6H5CH2NH3]2PbI4, [C6H5CH2CH2SC(NH2)2]3PbI5 and [C10H7CH2NH3]PbI3 Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Compounds
Key words: Organic-Inorganic Hybrides, Perovskites, Low-Dimensional Compounds, Excitonic Spectra
G. C. Papavassiliou, G. A. Mousdis, C. P. Raptopoulou, and A. Terzis
1405  Full Text
Thermical Behaviour of Solid LaAlCl6 and Chemical Transport of LaCl3 with AlCl3 (In German)
Key words: Aluminium Lanthanum Chloride, Thermal Decomposition, Chemical Transport, Enthalpy, Entropy
H. Oppermann, D. Q. Huong, and A. Morgenstern
1410  Full Text
Bis[(2-diphenylphosphino)phenyl]phenylphosphine as an Inflexible Tridentate Ligand for Indium Trichloride
Key words: Indium Trichloride, Tridentate Phosphine, Ligand Inflexibility, Crystal Structure
M. Sigl, A. Schier, and H. Schmidbaur
1417  Full Text
Polysulfonylamines CXVII. Hydrogen Bonding in Crystalline Onium Dimesylamides: Six Systematically Varied sec.-Ammonium Dimesylamides Exhibiting Six Different Zero-, One-, or Two-Dimensional Hydrogen Bonding Patterns
Key words: Di(methanesulfonyl)amide Secondary Ammonium Cation, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bonding, Crystal Engineering
O. Moers, K. Wijaya, D. Henschel, A. Blaschette, and P. G. Jones
1420  Full Text
Polysulfonylamines CXVIII. Hydrogen Bonding in Crystalline Onium Dimesylamides: Three prim.-Ammonium Dimesylamides Exhibiting Two- or Three-Dimensional Hydrogen Bond Patterns
Key words: Di(methanesulfonyl)amide, Primary Ammonium Cation, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bonding, Ionic Self-Clathrate
D. Henschel, O. Moers, K. Wijaya, A. Blaschette, and P. G. Jones
1431  Full Text
Polysulfonylamines CXIX. Hydrogen Bonding in Crystalline Onium Dimesylamides:An Antidromic Eight-Membered Ring Pattern as a Robust Supramolecular Synthon - Three Prototypical Structures
Key words: Di(methanesulfonyl)amide, Onium Cation, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bonding, Molecular Recognition, Supramolecular Synthon
K. Wijaya, O. Moers, A. Blaschette, and P. G. Jones
1441  Full Text
Reactivity and Structure of Diferrocenylamine and N,N-Diferrocenylcarbamoylchloride
Key words: Ferrocene, Diferrocenylamine, Carbamoylchloride, X-Ray Data
B. Bildstein, M. Malaun, H. Kopacka, and K. Wurst
1450  Full Text
Contributions to the Chemistry of Phosphorus, 242. Tri-tert-butylcyclotriphosphane Monoxide, (PBut)3O-Formation and Structure Determination by 31P NMR Spectroscopy
Key words: Tri-tert-butylcyclotriphosphane Monoxide, 1,2,3-Tri-tert-butyl-1-oxocyclotriphosphane, Tetra-tert-butylcyclotetraphosphane Monoxide, Tetra-tert-butylclotetraphosphane Dioxide, 1,2,3,4-Tetra-tert-butyl-1,2-dioxocyclotetraphosphane
M. Baudler and C. Breitkopf
1457  Full Text
Synthesis and HPLC-Analysis of N-(2-Phenyl-cyclopropyl)-Substituted Chain Elongated Nucleoside Analogues
Key words: Nucleoside Analogues, HPLC
R. Csuk, A. Kern, and K. Mohr
1463  Full Text
Synthesis and Properties of Biagra. A 5-(2,3-Dihydro-7-benzofuryl)Analog of ViagraR
Key words: Dihydrobezofuryl-pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one, ViagraR Analog, Erectogenic Activity
W. Voelter, M. M. El-Abadelah, S. S. Sabri, and M. A. Khanfar
1469  Full Text
Polysulfonylamines, CXXII. Non-Conventional Hydrogen Bonds in Bis [diphenylphosphino(diphenylphosphinselenide)methane]gold(I) Di(methanesulfonyl)amide
Key words: Gold(I), Hydrogen Bonds, X-Ray Data
B. Ahrens and P. G. Jones
1474  Full Text
6-Pyridyl-1-aza-2l5,4l5-diphosphinin - 2,2'-Bipyridine Analogue
Key words: l5-Diphosphete,1-Aza-2l5,4l5-diphosphinine, NMR Data, Crystal Structure
G. Heckmann, S. Plank, E. Fluck, A. Dashti-Mommertz, and B. Neumüller
1478  Full Text
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Original Communications
Preparation and Crystal Structure of the Calcium Rhenate(VI, VII) Ca5Re3O15-x
Key words: Crystal Structure, Mixed Valence, Rhenates, Perrhenates
W. Jeitschko, H. A. Mons, and U. Ch. Rodewald
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The Silver(I) Mercury(II) Oxide Nitrate with the Empirical Formula AgHg2NO5
Key words: Crystal Structure, Silver Mercury(II) Oxide Nitrate
T. J. Mormann and W. Jeitschko
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A Simple and Convenient Route to Arylxenon(II) Tetrafluoroborates
Key words: Xenon Difluoride, Fluorinated Aryldifluoroboranes, Fluorinated Arylxenon(II) Salts, Fluorine-Aryl Substitution, Thermal Decomposition
H.-J. Frohn, H. Franke, and V. V. Bardin
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New Chalcogenogermanates with Adamantane Type Complex Anions: Preparation and Crystal Structures of K4Ge4S10; Rb4Ge4S10, Rb4Ge4Se10, and Cs4Ge4Se10
Key words: Crystal Structure, Complex Chalcogenides, Alkali Thiogermanate(IV), Alkali Selenogermanate(IV)
K. O. Klepp and F. Fabian
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New Chalcogenometallates with Binuclear Anions, I: Preparation and Crystal Structure of Rb6Sn2S7 (In German)
Key words: Crystal Structure, Chalcogenides, Thiostannates, Rubidium, Tin, Sulfur
K. O. Klepp and F. Fabian
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Three-dimensional Copper(I) Halide Based Coordination Networks with Asymmetrically Substituted Bridging N-Donor Ligands
Key words: Copper (I) Halides, Coordination Polymers, Crystal Engineering, Pyrazine, Pyrimidine
B. Roßenbeck and W. S. Sheldrick
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Equilibrium and Structural Study of Chloro Complexes of Iron(III) Ion in Acidic Aqueous Solution by Means of X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Key words: EXAFS, Complexation, Formation Constant, Iron(III) Ion, Chloride Ion
Y. Inada and S. Funahashi
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(CH3NH3)2Sb2S4, a New Thioantimonate(III) with Building Groups Stabilized by Hydrogen Bonds
Key words: Thioantimonates, Solvothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bonding, Polymeric Anions
M. Schur, A. Gruhl, C. Näther, I. Jeß, and W. Bensch
1524  Full Text
The Molecular and Electronic Structure of Tris(dimethylarsino)amine (Me2As)3N
Key words: Tris(arsino)amine, Nitrogen Configuration, Planar Nitrogen Configuration, X-Ray Data, Density Functional Calculations
A. Jockisch and H. Schmidbaur
1529  Full Text
Water Soluble Phosphanes, XIV. Hydrophilic Derivatives of Triphenylphosphane with NH2, COOH and P(O)(OR)2 Functionalized Side Chains (In German)
Key words: Aminomethyl, Carboxymethyl, Phosphanomethyl Derivatives, a-Amino- and a-Hydroxymethyl Phosphonic Acid and Phosphane Oxide Derivatives, 2-Diphenylphosphano Cinnamic Acid
C. Liek, P. Machnitzki, T. Nickel, S. Schenk, M. Tepper, and O. Stelzer
1532  Full Text
Aminocyclophosphazene Derivatives of Tungsten Carbonyl
Key words: Aminocyclophosphazene Derivatives, Tungsten Carbonyl
A. K. Shrimal
1543  Full Text
Synthesis of Phosphorylated Glucosides through Reaction at the Glucose Framework and at the Aglycon (In German)
Key words: Glucopyranoside, Phosphorylation
C. Melnicky, I. Neda, and R. Schmutzler
1547  Full Text
Schiff Bases of Methanesulfonylhydrazine. Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization, Conformational Analysis, and Biological Activity
Key words: Schiff Bases, Methanesulfonylhydrazine, 1H NMR Data, Molecular Mechanics, Cytotoxic Activity
N. I. Dodoff, Ü. Özdemir, N. Karacan, M. C. Georgieva, S. M. Konstantinov, and M. E. Stefanova
1553  Full Text
Zirconium Reagents for Organometallic Synthesis. Crystal Structures of ZrCl4·2Et2O and (Et2N)ZrCl3·Et2O
Key words: Zirconium, Adducts, Amides, Organometallic Reagents, X-Ray Data
E. V. Avtomonov and K. A. Rufanov
1563  Full Text
Nitriles in Heterocyclic Organic Synthesis: Synthesis of Pyrano [2,3-h]coumarines, Pyrano [3,2-c]coumarines, and their Derivatives
Key words: Nitriles,Pyrano [2,3-h]coumarines, Heterocyclic Organic Synthesis
I. S. A. Hafiz, A. M. Hussein, and V. F. F. Mahmoud
1568  Full Text
Redox Properties of 1,2-Dihydro[60]fullerene Derivatives with Electron-Withdrawing Substituents
Key words: Fullerene, Cyclic Voltammetry
H. Irngartinger and A. Weber
1573  Full Text
Quinazoline Derivatives by Cyclodehydrogenation of N-(2-Substituted Aryl)-Piperidines
Key words: Amide, Oxime, Nitrone, Neighboring Group Participation, Mercury(II)-EDTA Dehydrogenation
H. Möhrle und M. Jeandrée
1577  Full Text
Reactions of Cyanothioacetamide Derivatives with 2-Hydrazinothiazol-4(5H)-one: Synthesis, Cyclization and Biological Evaluation of Several New Annelated Pyran,Thiazole, 1,2,4-Triazole and 1,2,4-Triazine Derivatives
Key words: Thiocaboxamidocinnamonitriles, Pyrans, Thiazoles, 1,2,4-Triazoles, 1,2,4-Triazines
S. M. Eldin
1589  Full Text
Structure of the 2-Pyrrolidinone Monohydrate
Key words: 2-Pyrrolidinone, Water, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bond, Binary Mixture
P. Pirilä, I. Mutikainen, and J. Pursiainen
1598  Full Text
X-Ray Structure Analysis of Substituted 5-(2,3-Dihydro-7-benzofuryl)-1-methylpyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one (Biagra)
Key words: Dihydrobezofuryl-pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one, X-Ray Data
W. Voelter, C. Maichle-Mössmer, M. A. Khanfar, M. M. El-Abadelah, and S. S. Sabri
1602  Full Text
Coordination of the Hetero(N,S)-bidentate Ligand 1-Methyl-2-(methylthiomethyl)-1H-benzimidazole to [(Ph3P)Au)]+ Exclusively through the Imine Nitrogen Donor
Key words: Gold(I)Complex,Benzimidazole Ligand, Thioether
M. Albrecht, K. Hübler, and W. Kaim
1606  Full Text
Crystal Structure of [YbCl2(THF)5]+[WOCl4(THF)]-
Key words: Ytterbium, Chloro-THF-Complex, Tungsten, Crystal Structure
M. Karl, G. Seybert, W. Massa, and K. Dehnicke
1609  Full Text
Crystal Structures of Ph3AsCl2 and b-Ph3AsBr2
Key words: Arsenic, Triphenylarsenic Dichloride, Triphenylarsenic Dibromide, Crystal Structure
B. Neumüller, S. Chitsaz, and K. Dehnicke
1611  Full Text
Novel Investigation on the Crystal Structure of a-ICl
Key words: Iodine Monochloride, Redetermination, Crystal Structure
R. Minkwitz and M. Berkei
1615  Full Text
A Facile Synthesis of Quino [2,3-a]carbazoles
Key words: 1-Oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazole, o-Amino-acetophenone Condensation, Cyclisation, Aerial Oxidation
R. Balamurali and K. J. Rajendra Prasad
1618  Full Text
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