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N u m b e r  1
Original Communications
On CuDy2[B8O16] and CuHo2[B8O16]: Two New "Metaborates" with a 1¥[B8O16]8- Anion (In German)
Key words: Copper, Lanthanoids, Borate, Synthesis, Crystal Structure
A. Wiesch, H. Timm, K. Bluhm
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CuHo2[B2O5]2: An Unexpected Structure Type in the Series of Copper Lanthanoid Borates (In German)
Key words: Copper, Holmium, Borate, Synthesis, Crystal Structure
A. Wiesch, K. Bluhm
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The Reaction of Bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)amino]germylene with Bromocyanogen and the Crystal Structure of Bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)amino]bromocyanogermane
Key words: Germanium, Germylene, Germyl Cyanide, X-Ray Data
S. N. Nikolaeva, E. V. Antomonov, J. Lorberth, V. S. Petrosyan
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Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analysis of Hexathiocyanatoplatinate(IV), Crystal Structure of [Py2CH2][Pt(SCN)6] (In German)
Key words: Hexathiocyanatoplatinate(IV), IR Spectra, Raman Spectra, Normal Coordinate Analysis, Crystal Structure
J. Seemann, W. Preetz
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Crystal Structures of Diphenylphosphinic Acid Amide, Ph2P(O)NH2, and of its Cesium Salt [Cs{Ph2P(O)NH}] (In German)
Key words: Phosphinic Acid Amide, Cesium, Crystal Structure
S. Schlecht, S. Chitsaz, B. Neumüller, K. Dehnicke
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Synthesis and Structure of Li4GeS4
Key words: Lithium, Germanium, X-Ray Data, Crystal Structure, Raman Spectra
Y. Matsushita, M. G. Kanatzidis
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The Crystal Structure of the Potential Ferroelectric Calcium Rhenate(VI, VII) Ca11Re4O24 and its Relation to the Structure of Sr11Os4O24
Key words: Crystal Structure, Ferroelectrics, Mixed Valence, Rhenates, Perrhenates
W. Jeitschko, H. A. Mons, U. C. Rodewald, M. H. Möller
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The Reactivity of Nitrophenyl Substituted Cyclic Amines with Dehydrogenations (In German)
Key words: Lactam, Iminium Salt, Aminoketone, N,O-Acetal, Neighbour Group
H. Möhrle, J. Mehrens
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On the Crystal Chemistry of Tellurates Containing Mn2+ in the Cationic and Anionic Part of the Crystal Structure: (Mn2.4Cu0,6)TeO6, Ba2MnTeO6 and Pb(Mn0.5Te0.5)O3 (In German)
Key words: Manganese, Copper, Lead, Barium, Tellurates
L. Wulff, B. Wedel, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
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On the Crystal Chemistry of the Copper(II) Zinc Tellurates Cu5Zn4Te3O18 and Cu1.5Zn1.5TeO6 with a Note on Cu1.5Co1.5TeO6 (In German)
Key words: Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Tellurate, Crystal Structure
L. Wulff, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
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Magnetic Properties of [Cu{OCH2CH2N(C4H9)2}NCO]4 in the Temperature Range from 10 to 240 K (In German)
Key words: Copper Complexes, Magnetic Properties, Theoretical Calculations
W. Münch, L. Walz, M. König
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Unusual Bonding in Ternary Nitrides: Preparation, Structure and Properties of Ce2MnN3 
Key words: Ternary Nitride, Crystal Structure, Magnetic Susceptibility, Electrical Resistivity, Extended Hückel Method
R. Niewa, G. V. Vajenine, F. J. DiSalvo, H. Luo, W. B. Yelon
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RbAsF6, CsAsF6 and RbSbF6: Crystal Structures, Thermal Phase Transitions, and Vibrational Spectra (In German)
Key words: Alkaline Hexafluoropnictates, Crystal Structure, Thermal Phase Transitions, Vibrational Spectra
S. Loss, C. Röhr
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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Novel Neutral Polymeric Lead(II)-thiosemicarbazonato Complex
Key words: Polymeric Lead(II) Complex, 2-Acetylpyridine-4N-methylthiosemicarbazone, X-Ray Data
A. Castiñeiras, R. Domínguez, L. Bresolin, A. J. Bortoluzzi, R. A. Burrow, M. Hörner
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Studies of Polyhalides, 33. Polyiodides of the Nickel Hexammine Complex: Nickelhexammine Bistriiodide [Ni(NH3)6](I3)2 and Nickelhexammine Bispentaiodide [Ni(NH3)6](I5)2 (In German)
Key words: Polyiodide, Triiodide, Pentaiodide, Nickel Hexammine Complex, Crystal Structure
K.-F. Tebbe, T. Gilles, B. Radke
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Crystal Structure, 195Pt NMR Chemical Shifts, Vibrational Spectra, and Normal Coordinate Analyses of trans-Dihalogeno-bis(oxalato)platinates(IV), trans-[PtX2(ox)2]2-, X = Cl, Br, I (In German)
Key words: trans-Dichloro-bis(oxalato)platinate(IV), trans-Dibromo-bis(oxalato)platinate(IV), trans-Diiodo-bis(oxalato)platinate(IV), Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra
W. Preetz, J.-G. Uttecht
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Transition Metal Complexes of Nitroxide Radicals. Palladium, Platinum, Pentamethylcyclopentadienyl Rhodium and Iridium Complexes, and a-Aminocarboxylate Complexes with Derivatives of 2,5-Dihydroimidazole-1-oxyls (In German)
Key words: Nitroxide Radicals, 2,5-Dihydroimidazole-1-oxyls, Transition Metal Complexes
F. Hintermaier, S. Helding, L. B. Volodarsky, K. Sünkel, K. Polborn, W. Beck
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On the System Sr/Mo/O: Phase Diagram, Synthesis and Characterization of Ternary Compounds (In German)
Key words: Strontium Molybdate, Phase Diagram, Synthesis, Thermochemical Data, Electric Properties
U. Steiner, W. Reichelt
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Synthesis of Alkaline Earth Metallocenes from Alkaline Earth Metal Bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)amide] and 6-Methyl-6-phenylfulvene (In German)
Key words: Calcocene, Strontocene, Barocene, Bis(trimethylsilyl)amide, Alkaline Earth Metallocene
M. Westerhausen, M. Hartmann, N. Makropoulos, B. Wieneke, M. Wieneke, W. Schwarz, D. Stalke
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Enantioselective Catalysis, 122. Synthesis of New Optically Active 3,5-Dinitrosalicycloxazolines
Key words: 3,5-Dinitrosalicycloxazolines, Enantioselectivity, Catalysis, Cyclopropanations
H. Brunner, B. Haßler
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V. U. Ahmad, M. S. Ali, K. Usmanghani, Z. Naturforsch. 52b, 410-412 (1997)
N u m b e r  2
Original Communications
Crystal Structure of MgSO3·H2O (In German)
Key words: X-Ray, Sulfites, Hydrates, Magnesium, Pseudosymmetry
W. Buchmeier, B. Engelen, H. Müller
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Synthesis of Novel Lithium Salts with Doubly Charged Anions for Secondary Batteries (In German)
Key words: a,w-Perfluoro Alkanebis(sulfonylfluorides), 19F NMR Data, Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)methane, Lithium Salts, Conductivity
R. Jüschke, M. Köckerling, P. Sartori
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Synthesis of Spirocyclic Aminosilanes with Electron Withdrawing Substituents at Nitrogen
Key words: Spirocyclic Sulfonamidosilanes, 1,2-Phenylene Diamides, Capped Tetrahedron, X-Ray Data, Chelation
M. Wollenweber, R. Keese, H. Stoeckli-Evans
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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of the Lanthanum Titanate Tellurate LaTi(Ti0.25Te0.75)O6 and its Relationship to PbSb2O6 and Sr(MnTe)O6 (In German)
Key words: Lanthanum, Titanate, Tellurate, Crystal Structure
L. Wulff, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
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Oxochlorination of Transition Metal Complexes with Thionyl Chloride (In German)
Key words: Thionyl Chloride, Oxochlorination, Metaloxodichloride, X-Ray Data C. Stoll, I.-P. Lorenz, H. Nöth, T. Seifert
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Ag2Cs[B15O24]: An Anhydrous Quaternary Silver(I)-Borate with a New Helical Borate Anion (In German)
Key words: Silver, Caesium, Borate, Synthesis, Crystal Structure
A. Wiesch, K. Bluhm
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Synthesis and Characterisation of the Fullerene Co-Crystal C60*SiH(C6H5)3 (In German)
Key words: Fullerene C60, Synthesis, Crystal Structure
G. Waidmann, M. Jansen
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Oligomeric Tetrahedral Anions in Borophosphates: Synthesis and Crystal Structures of NaFe[BP2O7(OH)3] and K2Fe2[B2P4O16(OH)2] (In German)
Key words: Boron, Tetrahedral Anions, Phosphorus
I. Boy, G. Cordier, B. Eisenmann, R. Kniep
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(Triphenylarsine)gold(I) Complexes: Synthesis of an Oxonium Salt and Redistribution of the Arsine Ligands}
Key words: Gold(I) Complexes, Arsine Complexes, Oxonium Salts, Gold Clusters
U. M. Tripathi, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
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Thermal Decomposition and Solution Calorimetry of Ammonium Neodymium Chlorides (In German)
Key words: Ammonium Neodymium Chlorides, Neodymium Chloride, Thermodynamical Data, Solution Calorimetry, Heat of Solution
C. Hennig, H. Oppermann
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On the Chemical Transport of Rhenium and Rhenium Oxides (In German)
Key words: Chemical Transport Reaction, Rhenium Oxides, Thermodynamic Calculation, Mass Spectra
J. Feller, H. Oppermann, M. Binnewies, E. Milke
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Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, XCVIII. Cyclopalladated Schiff Bases of a-Amino Acid and Peptide Esters (In German)
Key words: N-Diphenylmethylene a-Amino Acid Esters, Peptide Esters, Ortho Palladation
A. Böhm, B. Schreiner, N. Steiner, R. Urban, K. Sünkel, K. Polborn, W. Beck
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Crystal Structures of the Iodized closo-Hexaborates trans-(Ph4P)2[B6H4I2], mer-(Ph4P)2[B6H3I3] · 2 CH2Cl2, trans-(Ph4P)2[B6H2I4] · 2 CH3CN and (CH2Py2)[B6HI5] (In German)
Key words: Iodized closo-Hexaborates(2-), Crystal Structure
D. Sonnak, W. Preetz
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Enantioselective Catalysis, XVIII. The Influence of Non-Coordinated Stereocenters on the Enantioselective Hydrogenation (In German) Enantioselective Hydrogenation, Chiral Phosphane Oxides, Z-a-Acetamidocinnamic Acid, Ketones, Rhodium Catalyst
Ulrich Nagel, Christoph Roller
211  Full Text
Photoreactivity of Titanocene Pentasulfide
Key words: Charge Transfer, Titanium Complexes, Sulfide Complexes, Photochemistry
H. Kunkely, A. Vogler
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Synthesis and Vibrational Spectra of cis- and trans-[OsXY(acac)2], X \not= Y = Cl, Br, I, and Normal Coordinate Analysis of trans-[OsClBr(acac)2] (In German)
Key words: Dihalogeno-bis(acetylacetonato)osmium(IV), IR Data, Raman Data, Normal Coordinate Analysis, trans Influence
K. Dallmann, W. Preetz
227  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra, and Normal Coordinate Analysis of [Os(acac)3] (In German) Tris(acetylacetonato)osmium(III), Crystal Structure, IR Data, Raman Data, Normal Coordinate Analysis
K. Dallmann, W. Preetz
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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [H2NMe2]+[(Me2NH)2TiCl4]-} (In German)
Key words: N-Silyl Amides, Crystal Structure, Titanium
R. Bettenhausen, W. Milius, W. Schnick
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18-Crown-6 and Small Carboxylic Acids. Formation and Structure of Binary Adducts with Formic and Acetic Acid, as well as Ternary Ones with Acetic Acid and Water (In German)
Key words: Acetic Acid, Crown Ether, Formic Acid, Hydrate, Melting Diagram
A. Albert, D. Mootz
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The Promotive Properties of Alkali Metals Nitrate Melts for the Partial Oxidation of Methane to Methanol Partial Oxidation, Conversion, Selectivity, Molten Salt, Reduced Oxygen Species
B.-J. Lee, S. Kitsukawa, S. Asakura, K. Fukuda
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Interaction of the Vanadyl(IV) Cation with L-Ascorbic Acid and Related Systems
Key words: Vanadyl(IV), Ascorbid Acid, Oxidation Products, Solution Interactions, Solid Complexes
E. G. Ferrer, P. A. M. Williams, E. J. Baran
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Studies on Polyhalides, XXXIV. Cesium(18-crown-6)dichloroiodate, [Cs(C12H24O6]ICl2 (In German)
Key words: Polyhalogenide, Dichloroiodate, Crown Complex, Cesium Compound, Crystal Structure
M. El Essawi, K.-F. Tebbe
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N u m b e r  3
Original Communications
Enantioselective Catalysis, XVII. Enantioselective Catalytic Hydrogenation of Unfunctionalized Ketones
Key words: Enantioselective Hydrogenation, Unfunctionalized Ketones, Rhodium, Salt Effect, Solvent Effect
Ulrich Nagel, Christoph Roller
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Isoselenocyanatoborates - Crystal Structures of (n-Bu4N)[BH(NCSe)3] and (Ph4P)[B3H7(NCSe)] (In German)
Key words: Triisoselenocyanatohydroborate(1-), Isoselenocyanato-heptahydrotriborate(1-), Crystal Structure
B. Steuer, W. Preetz
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Redox Reactions of Molybdenum Compounds with Bis(2-salicylidene-aminophenyl)disulfide. Crystal Structure of Salicylaldehyde-2-mercaptoanilato(2-)-triphenylphosphaneoxide-dioxomolybdenum(VI) (In German)
Key words: Molybdenum Chelates, Ligand Exchange Reactions, Bis(2-salicylideneaminophenyl)-disulfide, Salicylaldehyde-2-mercaptoanilato(2-)-triphenylphosphaneoxide-dioxomolybdenum(VI), Crystal Structure
W. Banße, J. Fliegner, S. Sawusch, U. Schilde, E. Uhlemann
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Ag+ as Substituent of an Alkaline Metal in Ag2SrMnV2O8 (In German)
Key words: Silver, Strontium, Manganese, Vanadium Oxide
R. Rettich, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
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Kagomé Layers Connected by Isolated Trigonal SrO6 Prisms in the Strontium Manganate(IV) Tellurate(VI): SrMnTeO6 (In German)
Key words: Strontium, Manganese, Tellurate, Crystal Structure
L. Wulff, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
283  Full Text
Isolated 1¥[TeO5] Chains of Octahedra in the Lead Tellurate Pb2TeO5 (In German)
Key words: Lead, Tellurate, Crystal Structure
B. Wedel, L. Wulff, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
287  Full Text
On the Crystal Chemistry of the Silver Manganese Oxovanadates Ag2BaMnV2O8 and (AgCa2)Mn2(VO4)3 (In German)
Key words: Barium, Calcium, Manganese, Vanadium Oxide, Crystal Structure
R. Rettich, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
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Synthesis of Fluoroorganic O-(Trimethylsilyl)cyanhydrines (In German)
Key words: O-Silylcyanohydrines, O-Trimethylsilylcyanhydrines, Cyanotrimethylsilane
M. Sander, W. Sundermeyer
296  Full Text
Synthesis and Reactions with CO and C2H4 of Cobalt(I) Complexes Containing Trimethylphosphine and Chelating o-Diphenylphosphanylphenolate Ligands
Key words: Cobalt, o-Phosphanylphenolate Complexes, Synthesis, Structure, Fluxionality
H.-F. Klein, A. Brand, G. Cordier
307  Full Text
Spectrometric pK Determination of Daphnetin, Chlorogenic Acid and Quercetin
Key words: Daphnetin, Chlorogenic Acid, Quercetin
N. Sauerwald, M. Schwenk, J. Polster, E. Bengsch
315  Full Text
Bonding in an Unusual Nickel Carbide
Key words: Carbides, Molecular Orbitals, Electronic Structure, Metal Carbides, Square-Planar Carbon
E. F. Merschrod S., Huang Tang, R. Hoffmann}
322  Full Text
Supersilylated Compounds of the Thirteenth Group, IV. Supersilylelement Halides tBu3SiEX2 and (tBu3Si)2EX with E = Al, Ga, In: Syntheses, Properties, Structures (In German)
Key words: Supersilylaluminum Halides, Supersilylgallium Halides, Supersilylindium Halides, Acid-base Reactions, Redox-Reactions, X-Ray Data
N. Wiberg, K. Amelunxen, H.-W. Lerner, H. Nöth, J. Knizek, I. Krossing
333  Full Text
Solventothermal Synthesis of the Lamellar Selenidostannates(IV) A2Sn4Se9·H2O (A = Rb, Cs) and Cs2Sn2Se6
Key words: Tin, Selenium, Selenidostannates(IV), Lamellar Structures, Solventothermal Synthesis
Anja Loose, William S. Sheldrick
349  Full Text
Cyclodisilazanes in cis Conformation - a Facile Synthesis (In German)
Key words: Silicon, Lithium, Silylamide, Silaamidide, Cyclodisilazane
U. Klingebiel, B. Tecklenburg, M. Noltemeyer, D. Schmidt-Bäse, R. Herbst-Irmer
355  Full Text
Investigations on the Chemical Transport Reaction of YX3 with AlX3 and on the Existence of Gaseous and Solid Complexes YAl3 X12 (X = Br, I) (In German)
Key words: Chemical Transport Reaction, Yttrium Aluminium Halides, Enthalpy of Formation, Standard Entropy, Total Pressure Measurements
H. Oppermann, S. Herrera, Dao Quoc Huong
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Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Polymethylene-a,w-bis [2-thio-5-(4',4"n-alcoxybenzoyloxy)phenyl]-1,3,4-oxadiazole
Key words: Liquid Crystal, Twin Mesogens, Oxadiazole, Mesomorphic Properties
C. Aguilera, M. Parra, G. Fuentes
367  Full Text
Syntheses and Structures of Cyclopentadienyl Arsenic (III) Compounds Part III:Tetraisopropylcyclopentadienyl Arsenic (III) Dibromide and Tetraisopropylcyclopentadienyl Arsenic (III) Diiodide (TipCpAsBr)2, (TipCpAsI)2)
Key words: Arsenic, Arsenic Halides, Cyclopentadienyl Arsenic Compounds, Crystal Structure
K. Megges, E. V. Avtomonov, R. Becker, J. Lorberth
371  Full Text
Crystal Structure of [Mo(CO)3(NCMe)(StBu)]2 (In German)
Key words: Molybdenum Carbonyl Complex, Thiolato Complex, Crystal Structure
M. R. Kopp, B. Neumüller
378  Full Text
The Molecular Structures and Conformational Preferences of Bis(dimethylstibyl)-Sulfane and -Tellurane, E(SbMe2)2, E = S or Te, Me = CH3, by Density Functional Theory Calculations and Gas Electron Diffraction
Key words: Distibylsulfane, Distibyltellurane, Density Functional Theory Calculations, Gas Electron Diffraction
A. Haaland, D. J. Shorokhov, H. V. Volden, H. J. Breunig, M. Denker, R. Rösler
381  Full Text
Experimental and Computational Studies on Aminoguanidine Free Base, Monocation and Dication. Part III Proton Affinities of Guanidine, Aminoguanidine and Glyoxal Bis(amidinohydrazone)
Key words: Proton Affinity, gas Phase Basicity, Acid Dissociation Constant
J. T. Koskinen
386  Full Text
Reaction of 9-Borabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane with N-Trimethylsilylamines - Cleavage of the N-Si or N-H Bond
Key words: Aminoborane, Aminosilane, Boron, Pyridine, NMR Data
B. Wrackmeyer, G. Kehr, S. Ali
393 Full Text
N u m b e r  4
Original Communications
Phase Relations and Chemical Transport of the Compounds in the Ternary System Re/Mo/O (In German)
Key words: Rhenium Molybdenum Mixed Oxides, Chemical Transport Reaction, Phase Diagram
J. Feller, H. Oppermann, R. Kucharkowski, S. Däbritz
397  Full Text
Dimeric and Polymeric Pnictidostannate(IV) Anions - Preparation and Crystal Structures of Na2K3[SnP3], Na2Cs3[SnP3] and Na2K3[SnBi3] (In German)
Key words: Disodium Tripotassium Triphosphidostannate(IV), Disodium Tricesium Triphosphidostannate(IV), Disodium Tripotassium Tribismutidostannate(IV), Dimeric Tetrahedral Anions, Zweier Single Chains
M. Asbrand, B. Eisenmann, H. Engelhardt, U. Rößler
405  Full Text
Some Applications of Ultrahigh Resolution 15N NMR Spectroscopy
Key words: NMR Data, Ultrahigh Resolution
B. Wrackmeyer, \-E. Kup\vce
411  Full Text
Coordination Ambidence of the Thiocyanate Anion in Alkali Trithiocyanatomanganate(II) Hydrates (In German)
Key words: Alkali Thiocyanatomanganate(II) Hydrates, Crystal Structure, Coordination Ambidence
M. Biedermann, H. Hartung, H. Böhland, R. Matthäus
416  Full Text
Charge Transfer Interaction in (Riboflavin)tricarbonylrhenium(I) Chloride
Key words: Charge Transfer, Rhenium Complexes, Riboflavin
H. Kunkely, A. Vogler
423  Full Text
The Low Temperature Crystal Structure of Trimethylsilanol (In German)
Key words: Trimethylsilanol, Preparation, Crystal Structure
R. Minkwitz, S. Schneider
426  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of Benzyltriethylammonium Trichlorogermanate(II)
Key words: Germanium Dichloride, Trichlorogermanate(II)
G. L. Wegner, A. Jockisch, H. Schmidbaur
430  Full Text
An Aluminium-Oxide-Isopropoxide Cluster with Peripheral Ammonia Ligands
Key words: Aluminium Isopropoxide, Aluminium Oxide Isopropoxide, Ammonia Complex, Cluster
U. M. Tripathi, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
434 Full Text
Studies on Sodium Trifluoromethanesulfonate. Crystal Structure of Sodium Trifluoromethanesulfonate-Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid (1/3) (In German)
Key words: Sodium Trifluoromethanesulfonate, Sodium Triflate, Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid, Synthesis, Crystal Structure
G. Korus, M. Jansen
438  Full Text
A Further 2l5,4l5-Diphosphapyridine: 2,2,4,4-Tetrakis-(dimethylamino)-6-amino-1-aza-2l5,4l5-diphosphinine (In German)
Key words: l5-Diphosphete, 1-Aza-2l5,4l5-diphosphinine, NMR Spectra, X-Ray Data
G. Heckmann, E. Jonas, E. Fluck, B. Neumüller
443  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CIV. ortho-Palladated Complexes of N,N-Dimethyl-C-phenylglycine-methylester. Synthesis of a-Amino Acid Derivatives by Insertion of Isocyanides, CO, Alkenes, and Alkynes into the Pd-C Bond (In German)
Key words: Palladium(II) Complexes, ortho-Palladation, N,N-Dimethyl-C-phenylglycine, Insertion Reactions
A. Böhm, K. Polborn, K. Sünkel, W. Beck
448  Full Text
New Syntheses with Magnesium Hydride. Part 3: Preparation of Nanocrystalline or Amorphous Metals by Hydride Reduction (In German)
Key words: Nanocrystalline Metals, Amorphous Metals, Hydride Reduction, Magnesium Hydride
W. Knott, G. Frommeyer, A. Klapdor, D. Windbiel
459  Full Text
Structure of the Short-Lived Intermediate Formed during the Metal Substitution Reaction of the Mercury(II) Porphyrin Complex with Cobalt(II) Ion in Aqueous Solution Determined by the Stopped-Flow EXAFS Method
Key words: Structure of Short-Lived Intermediate, Stopped-Flow EXAFS, Metal Substitution Reaction, Cobalt(II) Porphyrin Complexes, Cobalt(III) Porphyrin Complex
K. Ozutsumi, S. Ohnishi, H. Ohtaki, M. Tabata
469  Full Text
Enantioselective Catalysis, 120. New Optically Active Pyrrole-oxazolines
Key words: Pyrrole-oxazolines, Enantioselectivity, Catalysis, Cyclopropanations
H. Brunner, B. Haßler
476  Full Text
Carbacylamidophosphates: Synthesis, Properties, and Structure of Dimorfolido-N-trichloroacetylphosphorylamide
Key words: Carbacylamidophosphates, IR Data, X-Ray Data
V. A. Ovchynnikov, V. M. Amirkhanov, T. P. Timoshenko, T. Glowiak, H. Kozlowski
481  Full Text
Absolute Configuration of Chiral 1,3,4,5-Tetrahydro-2H-1,5-benzodiazepin-2-ones
Key words: Chiral 1,5-Benzodiazepin-2-ones, Crystal Structure, Absolute Configuration
M. Hasan, T. A. Nizami, A. Malik, C. Ohlendorf, W. Hiller, W. Voelter
485  Full Text
Utility of Cyano Acid Hydrazide in Heterocyclic Chemistry: A New Route for the Synthesis of New 1,2,4-Triazolo[1,5-a]pyridines and 1,2,4-Triazolo[1,5-a]isoquinolines
Key words: 1,2,4-Triazolo[1,5-a]pyridines, 1,2,4-Triazolo[1,5-a]isoquinolines
A. H. M. Hussein
488  Full Text
CT Complexes Derived from Verdazyl Radicals
Key words: Verdazyl Radical, Stable Radical, CT Complex, Magnetic Property, X-Ray Data
S. Nakatsuji, A. Kitamura, A. Takai, K. Nishikawa, Y. Morimoto, N. Yasuoka, H. Kawamura, H. Anzai
495  Full Text
The Crystal Structures of MesSn(Cl)Me2 and MesSnCl2 (In German)
Key words: Mesitylin Compounds, Chloro Compounds, Crystal Structure
T. Kräuter, B. Neumüller
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N u m b e r  5/6
Original Communications
Preparation and Structure of NaCa3Mn(V2O7)(V3O10) (In German)
Key words: Sodium, Calcium, Manganese, Vanadium Oxide, Crystal Structure
R. Rettich, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
507  Full Text
Ba4Mn2Ag2O(AsO4)4, a Barium Manganese Oxide-Arsenate Showing Nonlinear O-Ag-O Dumbbells (In German)
Key words: Barium, Manganese, Silver, Oxide-Arsenate, Crystal Structure
M. Staack, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
512  Full Text
Partial Tetrahedral Oxygen Coordination of Indium in BaIn2Zn3O7. A Consideration of the Ba2Ln2Zn8O13/BaLnAlZn3O7 Type (In German)
Key words: Barium, Indium, Zinc, Oxide, Crystal Structure
O. Sfreddo, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
517  Full Text
On an Vanadyl Oxocuprate Phosphate CaCu(VO)(PO4)2 Containing Cu2+ at Positions of VO2+ Ions and a Copper Rich Phase CaCu1.13(VO)0.87(PO4)2 (In German)
Key words: Calcium, Copper, Vanadyl-Phosphate, Crystal Structure
S. Meyer, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
521  Full Text
Connection of (TeO6)6 and (TeO6)3(NiO6)3 Hexagons by TeNiO9 Octahedra Double in Pb3Ni4,5Te2,5O15} (In German)
Key words: Lead, Nickel, Tellurium Oxide, Crystal Structure
B. Wedel, K. Sugiyama, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
527  Full Text
Preparation and X-Ray Structure of 3,5-Dimethyl-1,4-dichloro-1,2,6-thiadiazine-1-oxide
Key words: Crystal Structure, 1,2,6-Thiadiazines, Sulfanuric Chloride
T. Chivers, Xiaorong Li, M. Parvez
532  Full Text
Pentafluoro[(4-methyl-1,4-bisazoniacyclohex-1-yl)methyl]germanate Hydrate: Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Zwitterionic l6Ge-Germanate with a GeF5C Framework
Key words: Hexacoordinate Germanium, Zwitterion, Preparation, Crystal Structure
R. Tacke, J. Heermann, M. Pülm
535  Full Text
Mesitylene Osmium(II) Complexes Containing the Functional Phosphane tBuP(CH2CO2Me)2 and Anionic Species Derived Thereof as Bi- and Tridentate Ligands
Key words: Osmium, Halfsandwich Complexes, Chelate Complexes, Phosphanediyldiester
G. Henig, H. Werner
540  Full Text
Benzylgallium Compounds. The Crystal Structures of [Mg3Br2,4Cl1,6(OEt2)6][Ga(CH2Ph)4]2 · 0.5 Toluene and [(3,5-Me2C6H3CH2)2GaBr]2 (In German)
Key words: Gallium Compounds, Magnesium Compound, Crystal Structures}
M. R. Kopp, B. Neumüller
545  Full Text
Crystal Structure of [Me3PN(H)PMe3]4I28, a Polyiodide with I3-, I82-, and I144- Ions (In German)
Key words: Polyiodide, Synthesis, Crystal Structure
T. Gröb, F., K. Dehnicke
552  Full Text
In situ Neutron Diffraction on DxNb2O5
Key words: Neutron Diffraction, Electrochemical Cell, Niobium-(V)-oxide, Niobium Hydrogen Bronze, Hydrogen Distribution
T. Unruh, G. Schwitzgebel, C. Ritter
557  Full Text
The First Hydrogen Containing (Polyfluorocycloalken-1-yl)xenon(II) Salts
Key words: Xenon Difluoride, Fluorinated Alkenylxenon(II) Salts, Fluorinated Arylxenon(II) Salts, Oxidative Fluorination
H.-J. Frohn, V. V. Bardin
562  Full Text
Crystal Structure of 1,1'-Dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridinium-octachlorodiantimonate(III) (In German)
Key words: Crystal Structure, 1,1'-Dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridinium-octachlorodiantimonate(III)
B. Jaschinski, R. Blachnik, H. Reuter
565  Full Text
Crystal Structure of the Double Complex Salt trans-(py2CH2)[Pt(OH)2(ox)2] · trans-(py2CH2)[Pt(OH)(ox)2(H2O)]2·4H2O (In German)
Key words: trans-Dihydroxobis(oxalato)platinate(IV), trans-Hydroxobis(oxalato)aquaplatinate(IV), Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bonding
J.-G. Uttecht, W. Preetz
569  Full Text
Tetrakis(sulfurdiimido)silane, -germane and -stannane
Key words: Silicon, Germanium, Tin, Sulfur Diimides, Heterocycles, NMR Data
M. Herberhold, S. Gerstmann, B. Wrackmeyer
573  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterization of Amino Acid Complexes of Platinum(IV) Stabilized by Crown Ethers (In German)
Key words: Platinum(IV) Complexes, Crown Ethers, Amino Acids, Crystal Structure
D. Steinborn, O. Gravenhorst, H. Junicke, F. W. Heinemann
581  Full Text
Hydrido(acylphenolato)cobalt(III) Compounds Containing Trimethylphosphane Ligands (In German)
Key words: Acylcobalt(III) Complexes, Reactions, Structure, Hard-Soft Chelating Ligands
H.-F. Klein, S. Haller, H. Sun, X. Li, T. Jung, C. Röhr, U. Flörke, H.-J. Haupt
587  Full Text
Onio-Assisted SN2-Reactions: General Access to Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Geminally Bisonio Substituted Methane Derivatives (In German)
Key words: Geminal Bisonium Salts, SN-Reactions, Electrostatic Effects, Synthesis, X-Ray Data
R. Weiss, M. Handke, S. Reichel, F. Hampel
599  Full Text
Anodic Methoxylation of Isatin
Key words: Indole, Isatin, Electrochemistry, Anodic Methoxylation
A. Nied\'zwiecka-Korna\'s, E. Bojarska, J. Kami\'nski, Z. Kazimierczuk
620  Full Text
Novel Synthesis and Molecular Structure of Benzyl Potassium (thf)[KCH2C6H5]2 (In German)
Key words: Potassium, Bezyl Potassium, X-Ray Data
M. Westerhausen, W. Schwarz
625 Full Text
Further Compounds of the Ba6Nd2Al4O15 Type: Ba4Nd4Zn3PtO15 and Ba4Eu4Zn3PtO15 (In German)
Key words: Barium, Rare Earth Metals, Zinc, Oxide, Crystal Structure
O. Sfreddo, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
628 Full Text
Fe[B2P2O7(OH)5: A New Borophosphate Containing Non-Branched Tetrahedral Vierer-Einfach Chains (In German)
Key words: Boron, Iron, Phosphorus, Tetrahedral Chains, Borophosphates
I. Boy, C. Hauf, R. Kiep
631 Full Text
Polysulfonylamines, CIII. A Hydroxylymine with a Remarkably Short O-N Bond: Crystal and Molecular Structure of MeO-N(SO2Me)2 (In German)
Key words: O-Methyl-N,N-di(methanesulfonyl)hydroxylamine, Crystal Structure
M. Näveke, A. Blachette, P. G. Jones
634 Full Text
3,10,17,24-Tetra(1-methylethyl)-[29H,31H-tetrapyrido[2,3-b:2',3'-g:2''-3''- I:2''',3'''-q]porphyrazinato-(2-)N29,N30,N31,N32]-nickel-Eu(fod)3]4 - A Souble Pyridoporphyrazine (In German)
Key words: Pridoporphyrazines, Coordination Compound, High Solubility A::K. Eichinger, C. Brunmair, M. Bucher
637 Full Text
N u m b e r  7
Original Communications
Studies on Polyhalides, XXXVI. On the Octaiodide Ion I82-: Preparation and Crystal Structure of [(Crypt-2.2.2)H2]I8, of [Ni(phen)3]I8·2CHCl3 and of the (N-alkylurotropinium)octaiodides (UrR)2I8 with R = methyl and ethyl (In German)
Key words: Cryptate, N-Alkyl-Urotropinium Cation, Tris(1,10-phenanthroline)nickel(II), Octaiodide, Crystal Structure
Arista Gräfe-Kavoosian, Shida Nafepour, Klaus Nagel, Karl-Friedrich Tebbe
641  Full Text
Gold(I) Complexes with Amine Ligands, II. Methylpyridine Complexes of Gold(I) (In German)
Key words: Gold(I), Pyridine, Amine Complexes, X-Ray Data
P. G. Jones, B. Ahrens
653  Full Text
Reactions of Lithium Hydridosilylamides with Carbonyl Compounds and Mixtures of Carbonyl Compounds and Chlorotrimethylsilane (In German)
Key words: Hydridosilylamides, Reaction Behaviour, Imines, Hydrosilylation
Jan Schneider, Eckhard Popowski, Hans Fuhrmann
663  Full Text
Ternary Intermetallic Compounds LnMn2Al10 (Ln = Y, La-Nd, Sm, Gd-Dy) and LnRe2Al10 (Ln = Ce, Pr, Sm) with CaCr2Al10-Type Structure
Key words: Intermetallic Compounds, Crystal Structure, X-Ray Data
V. M. T. Thiede, W. Jeitschko
673  Full Text
The Partial Oxidation of Methane to Methanol with Nitrite and Nitrate Melts
Key words: Superoxide Ion, Nitrite, Nitrate, Partial Oxidation, Methanol
B.-J. Lee, S. Kitsukawa, H. Nakagawa, S. Asakura, K. Fukuda
679  Full Text
Crystal Engineering towards Design of Macrocyclic Coordination Compounds: Crystal Structure of Rubidium Tetrachloro- and Tetracyanoaurate(III) Complexes with 18-Crown-6
Key words: 18-Crown-6, Rubidium Macrocyclic Complexes, Gold(III), Crystal Structure
J. A. Manskaya, K. V. Domasevitch, V. V. Ponomareva, J. Sieler, V. N. Kokozay
683  Full Text
Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Complexes with Tridentate Diacidic Ligands (In German)
Key words: Ligand Exchange Reactions, Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Complexes, Tridentate Diacidic Ligands, Crystal Structure
W. Banße, J. Fliegner, S. Sawusch, U. Schilde, E. Uhlemann
689  Full Text
Structure Analysis of Dihalogeno(diphosphine)nickel Complexes in Solution with Differential Puls Polarography (In German)
Key words: Dihalogeno(diphosphine)nickel Complexes, NMR Data
M. Mutz, H. P. Latscha
694  Full Text
Synthesis, Spectroscopic Studies, and Crystal Structure of Diethylchlorotin Dimethylphosphinate Et2ClSnO2PMe2
Key words: Crystal Structure, IR Data, Mass Spectroscopic Data, Diethylchlorotin Dimethylphosphinate
A.-F. Shihada, F. Weller
699  Full Text
Studies on Tetramethylammonium Selenate(VI) and Chromate(VI)
Key words: Tetramethylammonium Selenate(VI), Tetramethylammonium Chromate(VI), Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra, Thermal Analysis
M. Malchus, M. Jansen
704  Full Text
Francoanellite K3Al5(HPO4)6(PO4)2 · 12 H2O: Structure and Synthesis by Topochemical Dehydration of Taranakite (In German)
Key words: Crystal Structure, Neutron Scattering, Francoanellite, Taranakite, Topochemical Reaction
S. Dick, T. Zeiske
711  Full Text
Stable Carbene Adducts of Chlorine (In German)
Key words: Carbene, Chlorine, X-Ray Data
N. Kuhn, J. Fahl, R. Fawzi, C. Maichle-Mößmer, M. Steimann
720  Full Text
Complexation of Beryllium(II) by Maleic and Succinic Acid
Key words: Beryllium(II), Maleic Acid, Succinic Acid, X-Ray Data
M. Schmidt, A. Bauer, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
727  Full Text
Polysulfonylamines, CV. The First N,NDisulfonylated Sulfinic Amides: Synthesis and Crysal Structures of RS(O)-N(SO2Me)2 (R = Me, CCl3) (In German)
Key words: N,N-Bis(organosulfonyl)sulfinamides, Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Long S(O)-N Bonds
M. Näveke, A. Blaschette, P. G. Jones
734  Full Text
1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroquinolines as Substrates for Mannich Compounds (In German)
Key words: Aminals, Iminium Salts, C- and N-Aminomethylations, Naphthols
H. Möhrle, E. Tot, S. Rüdiger
742  Full Text
Solid Phase Synthesis of Muramyl Dipetides on Isomeric Trialkoxybenzylamine Resins (In German)
Key words: Muramyl Peptides, Solid Phase Glycopeptide Synthesis, Peptide Amide Synthesis, Glycopeptides
H.-J. Kohlbau, J. Tschakert, R. A. Al-Qawasmeh, T. A. Nizami, A. Malik, W. Voelter
753  Full Text
Oxidation-Induced Acyl Group Transfer from Hydroquinone Esters to Nucleophiles
Key words: Acyl Group Transfer, Hydroquinone Esters, Oxidation, Dipeptides, Active Esters
G. Reischl, M. El-Mobayed, R. Beiáwenger, K. Regier, C. Maichle-Mössmer, A. Rieker
765  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [Cu2(OAc)4(NCMe)2] · 2MeCN
Key words: Copper Compound, Acetato Complex, Crystal Structure
M. Ghassemzadeh, K. Aghapoor, B. Neumüller
774 Full Text
On the Preparation and Spectroscopic Characterization of (Me3SiO)3PH+I- (In German)
Key words: Tris(trimethylsiloxy)phosphonium Iodide, Vibration Spectra, NMR Data
R. Minkwitz, S. Schneider
777 Full Text
N u m b e r  8
Original Communications
Variations in the Chain Structure of Cationic (Phosphine)gold(I) Dialkyldithiophosphate Complexes
Key words: Gold Complexes, Phosphinates, Thiophosphinates, Dithiophosphinates
M. Preisenberger, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
781  Full Text
The Solution and Solid State Structure of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
Key words: Carnitine, Tartrate, Hydrogen Bonds
H. Schmidbaur, A. Schier, A. Bayler
788  Full Text
Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 143. ortho-Benzene Derivatives with Meshed Cogwheel Chloromethyl and Methylamino Substituents: Structures and Rotation Enthalpy Hypersurfaces (In German)
Key words: ortho-Benzene Derivatives, Meshed Cogwheel Substituents, Crystal Structure, Rotation Enthalpy Hypersurfaces
H. Bock, N. Nagel
792  Full Text
Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 144. ortho-Benzene Derivatives with Meshed Cogwheel Trimethylsilyl Substituents: Structural Comparison with Benzene-1,2-disulfonate Salts and Rotation Enthalpy Hypersurfaces (In German)
Key words: ortho-Benzene Derivatives, Meshed Cogwheel Substituents, Crystal Structure, Rotation Enthalpy Hypersurfaces
H. Bock, N. Nagel
805  Full Text
Crystal Structure of Cs2[B6H5(SCN)] (In German)
Key words: Thiocyanato-pentahydro-closo-hexaborate(2-), Crystal Structure
W. Preetz, S. Zander, C. Bruhn
816  Full Text
Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and Crystal Structure of Dicyclopentadienylcobalt-hexahydro-closo-hexaborate [(C5H5)Co(C5H4)B6H5Hfac]} (In German)
Key words: Dicyclopentadienylcobalt-hexahydro-closo-hexaborate, Crystal Structure, 11B NMR
T. Schaper, W. Preetz
819  Full Text
Crystal Structures, Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analyses of trans-[OsO2(ox)2]2- and trans-[OsO2(mal)2]2- (In German)
Key words: trans-Dioxo-bisoxalatoosmate(VI), trans-Dioxo-bismalonatoosmate(VI), Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra, Normal Coordinate Analysis
A. Strueß, W. Preetz
823  Full Text
Synthesis, 11B and 19F NMR Spectra of the Monofluoropentaiodo-closo-hexaborate Anion and the Crystal Structure of (CH2Py2)[B6FI5] (In German)
Key words: Monofluoropentaiodo-closo-hexaborate(2-), Crystal Structure, 11B and 19F NMR Spectra
H. Thomsen, W. Preetz
829  Full Text
Synthesis and X-Ray Structure of 1,3,5-Tri(phenylethynyl)benzene
Key words: Ethynylbenzene, X-Ray Data
M. N. Bochkarev, M. A. Katkova, E. A. Fedorova, N. P. Makarenko, H. Schumann, F. Girgsdies
833  Full Text
Synthesis, IR and X-Ray Studies of Tetra(N,N'-tetraethyl-N"-benzoylphosphorictriamide)-tetra(m-3-methoxo)-tetra(methanol) tetra-Nickel(II)
Key words: Nickel (II), Carbacylamidophosphates, X-Ray Data
V. A. Ovchynnikov, V. M. Amirkhanov, A. A. Kapshuk, T. Y. Sliva, T. Glowiak, H. Kozlowski
836  Full Text
A New Synthesis of Tetrakis(C-methyl)octakis(hydroxyethyl)calix[4]resorcinarene via an Ethoxy-Tethered Trimethylsiloxy Precursor
Key words: Calix[4]resorcinarenes, Conformational Isomers, Spacer Groups, X-Ray Data
I. Neda, T. Siedentop, A. Vollbrecht, H. Thönnessen, P. G. Jones, R. Schmutzler
841  Full Text
The Bis(trimethylsilyl)ester of Carbonic Acid: Spectroscopic Characterization and Improved Preparation (In German)
Key words: Bis(trimethylsilyl)ester of Carbonic Acid, Vibrational Spectra, NMR Data
R. Minkwitz, S. Schneider
849  Full Text
Photooxidation of Dicyanoaurate(I) Induced by Metal-to-Ligand Charge Transfer Excitation
Key words: Photochemistry, Charge Transfer, Gold Complexes, Cyanide Complexes
H. Kunkely, A. Vogler
853  Full Text
Halogeno(acylphenolato)cobalt(III) Compounds Containing Trimethylphosphane Ligands (In German)
Key words: Acylcobalt(III) Complexes, Reactions, Structure, Hard-Soft Chelating Ligands
H.-F. Klein, S. Haller, H. Sun, X. Li, T. Jung, C. Röhr, U. Flörke, H.-J. Haupt
856  Full Text
Reaction of [Co(But2PH)2I2] with [Ru3(CO)12]: Synthesis and X-Ray Crystal Structure of [Ru3(CO)6(m-H)(m-I)2(m-PBut2)(But2PH)] (In German)
Key words: Cobalt, Ruthenium, Cluster, Phosphido-Bridged, Crystal Structure
M. Graf, K. Merzweiler, C. Bruhn, H.-C. Böttcher
865  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Behaviour of a Binuclear Copper(II) Complex of Mefenamic Acid and Dimethylsulfoxide
Key words: Copper(II), Mefenamic Acid, Crystal Structure, Spectral Data
G. Facchin, M. H. Torre, E. Kremer, O. E. Piro, E. J. Baran
871  Full Text
Electrochemical Study of Tricarbonyl(h6-cyclooctatetraene)metal(0) Complexes of the Group 6 Elements
Key words: Carbonyl, Chromium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Cyclic Voltammetry
G. A. Yilmaz, A. M. Önal, S. Özkar
875  Full Text
On the Reaction of 2,3-Dihydroimidazol-2-ylidenes with Pentafluoropyridine: Carbenes as Reactants in Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution (In German)
Key words: Carbenes, Imidazoles, Pyridines, Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution, Hydrogen Bonds
N. Kuhn, J. Fahl, R. Boese, G. Henkel
881  Full Text
On the Reaction of Bis(t-butylamino)dimethylsilane with Titanium Tetrachloride. Crystal Structures of the Imido Complex [TiCl2(N-CMe3)(H2N-CMe3)(CH3CN)]2 and of the Ketimido Complex [TiCl3{NC(Me)N(H)CMe3}(CH3CN)2] (In German)
Key words: Titanium, Imido Complex, Ketimido Complex, Crystal Structure
A. Mommertz, R. Leo, W. Massa, K. Dehnicke
887  Full Text
Tuning the Steric and Electronic Properties of Chiral Rhenium Thiolate Complexes
Key words: Rhenium Complexes, Thiolate Ligands, Structure
N. Burzlaff, M. Hagel, W. A. Schenk
893  Full Text
On the Crystal Structure of Ho2Se3 (In German)
Key words: Holmium Sesquiselenide, Chemical Transport, Crystal Structure
W. Urland, H. Person
900  Full Text
Metal Ion-Binding Properties in Aqueous Solution of the Nucleoside Analogue, 5,6-Dichloro-1-(b-D-ribofuranosyl)benzimidazole (DRB)
Key words: Acidity Constants, Benzimidazole Type Ligands, Imidazole Type Ligands, Metal Ion Complexes, Steric Inhibition
L. E. Kapinos, B. Song, H. Sigel
903  Full Text
Synthesis of Some Chromanone Derivatives and the Use of DNA in Evaluation of their Biological Activity
Key words: Chromanone, Visnagin, Dibenzopyranone, Benzimidazole, Furochromone
E-S I. El-Desoka, E. M. El-Telbani, M. A. Hammad, F. A. Badria, A-R. H. Abded-Rahman
909  Full Text
[R2S-CH2-OTf]+OTf- as a Reagent with an Optionally Mono- or Biselectrophilic Csp3 Center
Key words: Geminal Bisonium Salts, SN-Reaction, Synthesis, Regioselectivity, X-Ray Data
R. Weiss, M. Handke, F. Hampel
916  Full Text
Preparation, Structures and Optical Properties of [H3N(CH2)6NH3]BiX5 (X = I, Cl) and [H3N(CH2)6NH3]SbX5 (X = I, Br)
Key words: Alkylammonium Halogenobismuthates and Antimonates, Excitonic Spectra, Dielectric Properties
G. A. Mousdis, G. C. Papavassiliou, A. Terzis, C. P. Raptopoulou
927 Full Text
N u m b e r  9
Original Communications
Thermochromic Chloro- and Bromocuprates: [C(NH2)3]2CuBr4, (H3CC2N2SNH3)2[Cu2Br6], (C7N3H14)2[CuCl4], (C7N3H14)2[CuBr4], [(Cl, Br)C3N2H6][CuCl3OH2] and (BrC3N2H6)2[CuBr4] (In German)
Key words: Chloro Cuprates, Bromo Cuprates, Crystal Structures, Thermochromism
I. Díaz, V. Fernández, J. L. Martínez, L. Beyer, A. Pilz, U. Müller
933  Full Text
The Trichlorogermanite(II) Anion and its Gold(I) Complexes
Key words: Germanium(II), Trichlorogermanite(II), Gold-Germanium Compounds, Arsine Complexes, Germylene Insertion
U. M. Tripathi, G. L. Wegner, A. Schier, A. Jockisch, H. Schmidbaur
939  Full Text
Pyridine-Derived Tetrapodal Ligands with NO4 and NN4 Donor Sets
Key words: Template Reaction, Tetrapodal Pentadentate Ligand, Pentaamine, Hydrobromide
S. Schmidt, L. Omnès, F. W. Heinemann, J. Kuhnigk, C. Krüger, A. Grohmann
946  Full Text
Controlled Crystallization of the Gadolinium(III) Complex of Diethylenetriamine-Pentaacetate: Monomeric and Dimeric Structure (In German)
Key words: Gadolinium(III) Chelates, Diethylenetriamine-Pentaacetate Complexes, Coordinated Water, Solid State Structures, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
R. Ruloff, T. Gelbrich, E. Hoyer, J. Sieler, L. Beyer
955  Full Text
2-Bromo-5-iodo-hydroquinone and its Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Dialkylethers
Key words: Hydroquinones, Building Blocks for Nanostructures, Halogenation, Ipso Substitution
S. Höger, Klaus Bonrad, G. Schäfer, V. Enkelmann
960  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands CVI. Metal Complexes of Donor Substituted Oxazolones and of Bis(oxazolones) (In German)
Key words: Oxazolones, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Copper, Ruthenium
M. Prem, W. Bauer, K. Polborn, W. Beck
965  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Novel Germatrane: 1-Bis(trimethylsilyl)aminogermatrane
Key words: Hydroxy Germatrane, Bis(amino)stannylene, Amino Germatrane, X-Ray Data
S. N. Nikolaeva, K. Megges, J. Lorberth, V. S. Petrosyan
973  Full Text
Crystal Structures of Me2Si[N(SiMe3)2]2 and [Me2Si(NPh)(NHPh)Li · OEt2]2 (In German)
Key words: Silylamine, Lithium Amide, Crystal Structure
A. Mommertz, G. Geiseler, K. Harms, K. Dehnicke
977  Full Text
N-Benzoylthiocarbamoyl Amino Acid Ethyl Esters as Chelate Ligands for Transition Metal Ions
Key words: Thioureas, Amino Acid Ethyl Esters, Chelates, NMR Data, Crystal Structure
F. Leßmann, L. Beyer, R. Richter, R. Meusinger
981  Full Text
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on the Protonation of Substituted closo-Hexaborates - [B6H5HfacF]- and [B6H5HfacCH3]-} (In German)
Key words: Fluoro-hexahydro-closo-hexaborate(1-), Methyl-hexahydro-closo-hexaborate(1-), Protonation, NMR Data, Vibrational Spectra
B. Steuer, G. Peters, W. Preetz
991  Full Text
1,2-Bis(1',3'-dimethylimidazolin-2'-iminato)ethane - a Novel Chelating Ligand (In German)
Key words: Imines, Palladium, Chelates, Ligand Effects, X-Ray Data
N. Kuhn, M. Grathwohl, M. Steimann, G. Henkel
997  Full Text
Supersilyl Compounds of Phosphorus, V. Preparation, Structure and Reactivity of the Pentaphosphide (tBu3Si)3P5Na2 and the Pentaphosphane (tBu3Si)3P5 (In German)
Key words: Silicon, Phosphorus, Supersilyl, Oligophosphides and -phosphanes, NMR Data, X-Ray Data
N. Wiberg, A. Wörner, H.-W. Lerner, K. Karaghiosoff, H. Nöth
1004  Full Text
Benzo[b]fluorenes Formed in the Thermal Cyclization of 3-Ene-1,6-diynes
Key words: Enediyne, Cyclization, X-Ray Data, Biradical
M. Schmittel, M. Strittmatter, W. A. Schenk, M. Hagel
1015  Full Text
Electron Donor-Acceptor Compounds. Synthesis and Structure of 5-(1,4-Benzoquinone-2-yl)-10,15,20-trialkylporphyrins
Key words: Porphyrins, Quinones, Electron Transfer Compounds, Crystal Structure, Conformation
S. Runge, M. O. Senge
1021  Full Text
Liquid Crystals in the Series of 2,3,6,7-Tetraalkoxytriphenylenes (In German)
Key words: Triphenylenes, Photoconductivity, Discotic Mesogens, Push-Pull Substitution
B. Rose, H. Meier
1031  Full Text
Axial Chirality in Squre-Planar Metal Complexes
Key words: Axial Chirality, Nomenclature, Square-Planar Complexes, Carbene Complexes, Nucleophilic Carbenes
D. Enders, H. Gielen, K. Breuer
1035  Full Text
Cobalt(II) Derivatives of Cyclic Phosphazenes: Synthesis, Characterization and Fungicidal Behaviour
Key words: Cobalt(II) Derivatives, Cyclic Phosphazenes, IR Spectra
B. P. Baranwal ; S. S. Das, P. Singh
1039  Full Text
Octacidomycins, IV: A New Total Synthesis of rac-Octacidomycin and Structurally Related Oligocarboxylic Acids (In German)
Key words: Antibiotics, Octacidomycins, Oligocarboxylic Acids, Synthesis, NMR Data
A. Krause, H. Lackner
1043  Full Text
Optimized Automated Solid Phase Synthesis of Oligonucleotides and Derivatives
Key words: Oligonucleotides, Thio-Oligonucleotides, 5'- and 3'-Derivatisation of Oligonucleotides, Automatic Oligonucleotide Synthesis, Gene Assembly
G. Alvarado Urbina, G. Grübler, A. Weiler, H. Echner, S. Stoeva, J. Schernthaner, W. Gross, W. Voelter
1051  Full Text
Generation of Nonaphene and Dithianonaphene Derivatives - Model Compounds for Bent Molecular Ribbons (In German)
Key words: Cycloaddition, Dienes, Bisdienophiles, Heterocycles, Molecular Ribbons
H. Meier, B. Rose
1069  Full Text
Crystal Structure of ClPb[N(SiMe3)2]3 (In German)
Key words: Lead(IV), Amido Complex, Crystal Structure
D. M. Smith, B. Neumüller, K. Dehnicke
1074 Full Text
N u m b e r  10
Original Communications
Transition Metal Substituted Phosphanes, Arsanes and Stibanes, LIX. An Adduct of the Me3P-Substituted Ferrio-diphenylphosphane Cp(OC)(Me3P)Fe-PPh2 and Methylisothiocyanate: Synthesis, Protonation, and Methylation (In German)
Key words: Ferrio-phosphanes, Organoisothiocyanates, Adduct Formation, Cationic Phosphane Iron Complexes
Wolfgang Malisch, André Spörl, Katharina Thirase, Oliver Fey
1077  Full Text
Transition Metal Substituted Phosphanes, Arsanes and Stibanes, LX. Ferrio-(thiocarbamoyl)phosphanes Cp(OC)2Fe-P(Mes)[C(=S)-N(R)H] (R= Me, Et, t-Bu): Build-up from the Ferrio-mesitylphosphane Cp(OC)2Fe-P(Mes)H and Organoisothiocyanates, Quaternization with Alkyl Halides and Oxidation with Sulfur (In German)
Key words: Metallo-Phosphanes, Insertion, Quaternization, Oxidation
W. Malisch, K. Thirase, J. Reising
1084  Full Text
Phosphenium Complexes, 43. Ring-Opening Reactions of the Three-Membered Phosphametallacycles Cp(OC)2\cyc{W-P(R)2-Se} {PR2 = P(o-Tol)2, P(Ph)(o-Tol), P(Mes)[C(S)N(H)Et], P(t-Bu)[C(O)N(H)Et} (In German)
Key words: Phosphametallacycles, Ring Opening, Metallo-phosphanes, Metallo-selenophosphoranes, Functionalized Phosphane Complexes
W. Malisch, C. Abd El Baky, K. Grün
1092  Full Text
Magnesium Bis[D(-)-Mandelate] Dihydrate and Other Alkaline Earth, Alkali, and Zinc Salts of Mandelic Acid
Key words: Mandelic Acid, Magnesium Mandelate, Alkaline Earth Mandelates, Alkali Mandelates, Zinc Mandelate
M. Schmidt, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
1098  Full Text
The Basicity of Silylamines and Alkylamines: An Equilibrium Study of the Competitive Borane Adduct Formation
Key words: Silylamines, Alkylamines, Borane Adducts, Amineboranes, Basicity Studies
G. Huber, H. Schmidbaur
1103  Full Text
Crystal Chemical Relations of Co6O2[TeO4(CoAsO5)2] to the Rocksalt Structure of CoO and a Contribution on Magnetic Measurements of Co6O2[TeO4(CoAsO5)2] (In German)
Key words: Cobalt, Tellur, Oxide-Arsenate, Magnetism, Structure Relations
M. Staack, Hk. Müller-Buschbaum
1109  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Properties of Triguanidinium Tri-m-imidocyclotriphosphate Monohydrate and Tetraguanidinium Tetra-m-imidocyclotetraphosphate Tetrahydrate, [C(NH2)3]3(PO2NH)3 · H2O and [C(NH2)3]4(PO2NH)4 · 4 H2O (In German)
Key words: Trimetaphosphimate, Tetrametaphosphimate, Crystal Structure, Thermal Properties, IR Data
N. Stock, B. Jürgens, W. Schnick
1115  Full Text
Studies of Polyhalides, XXXVII. Heptaiodides(3-) of Ammine Complexes of Chromium and Cobalt: Hexamminechromium(III) heptaiodide [Cr(NH3)6](I3)(I4) and the Tri-m-hydroxo-bis[metal(III)-triammine] heptaiodides [(NH3)3M(OH)3M(NH3)3](I3)2I with M = Co, Cr (In German)
Key words: Triiodide(1-), Tetraiodide(2-), Heptaiodide(3-), Hexammine and Tri-m-hydroxo-bis[metal-triammine] Complexes of Chromium and Cobalt, Crystal Structure
K.-F. Tebbe, T. Gilles
1127  Full Text
Functionalized 1,1-Ethene Dithiolates as Ligands, V. Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Complexes with Dithioylidene Barbituric Acid Ligands. Molecular Structure of a 2,6-Diaminopyridine-Platinum(II) Barbiturate Complex
Key words: Intermolecular Hydrogen-Bonding, Supramolecular Self-Assembly, Dithioylidene Barbituric Acid, Palladium Complex, Platinum complexes
W. Weigand, V. Plener, H. Nöth, I. Krossing, J. Knizek, M. Schmidt
1135  Full Text
Solvothermal Synthesis and Crystal Structure Determination of Tris(ethyleneamine-ammonium) Tetraselenoantimonat: Non-Centrosymmetry Mediated by an Extended Unusual N-H···N Hydrogen Bonded Network?
Key words: Selenoantimonates, Solvothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bonding
F. Wendland, C. Näther, M. Schur, W. Bensch
1144  Full Text
Investigations on Systems of the Type PCl3/MCl3/Arene (M = Al, Ga), I. Reactions with Monohalobenzenes; Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopic Characterization of Aryldichlorohydrogenphosphonium Salts; Crystal Structure of para-Fluorophenyldichlorophosphonium Tetrachloroaluminate (In German)
Key words: Arylhalophosphonium Ions, Tetrachloroaluminates, Tetrachlorogallates, Crystal Structure, ab initio Calculations
W. Frank, B. Gelhausen, G. J. Reiß, R. Salzer
1149  Full Text
Thermal Decomposition and Solution Calorimetry of Ammonium Europium Chlorides (In German)
Key words: Ammonium Europium Chlorides, Europium Chloride, Thermal Decomposition, Standard Enthalpy of Formation, Standard Entropy
C. Hennig, H. Oppermann, A. Blonska
1169  Full Text
Photochemical Reductive Elimination of Nitrogen from Triazidogallium(III). Generation of Luminescent Gallium(I)
Key words: Photochemistry, Charge Transfer, Gallium Complexes, Azide Complexes
Horst Kunkely, Arnd Vogler
1180  Full Text
EPR Evidence of [ReNCl4-nFn]- (n = 1 - 3) Nitridorhenate(VI) Mixed-Ligand Complexes (In German)
Key words: Rhenium Complexes, Nitrido Complexes, Mixed-Ligand Complexes, EPR Data
A. Voigt, U. Abram, R. Kirmse
1183  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of N-[(1S,4R)-2-Oxo-pinanyl]-b-alanine Methylester
Key words: N-[(1S,4R)-2-Oxo-pinanyl]-b-alanine Methylester, Chiral b-Alanine Equivalent, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bond, Electrochemical Modification
B. Albert, M. Jansen, J. Jakobi, E. Steckhan
1188  Full Text
Synthesis and Conformation of Nucleoside 5'-S-Thiosulfates
Key words: Nucleoside 5'-S-Thiosulfates, Bunte Salts, 1H NMR Data
A. Orzeszko, A. Nied\'zwiecka-Korna\'s, R. Stolarski, Z. Kazimierczuk
1191  Full Text
Lower Hydrates of Aliphatic Primary Amines. New Studies of Formation and Structure (In German)
Key words: Amine Hydrates, Hydrates, Melting Diagram, Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bonding
S. Janeda, D. Mootz
1197  Full Text
Synthesis and Dimroth Rearrangement of 6-Cyano-1,2,3-tiazolo-[4,3-a]pyrimidin-5- and 7-ones. A Novel Alkylation with Orthoesters and a New Participation of the Cyano Group in the Rearrangement
Key words: Dimroth Rearrangement, Alkylation with Orthoesters, Cyano Group, Pyrimidine, Triazolopyrimidine
E. S. H. El Ashry, Y. El Kilany, N. Rashed, A. Mousaad, H. Assafir
1203  Full Text
Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Twin Compounds, Alkanediacids 4-(4'-Cyano)-biphenyl Diesters
Key words: Alkanediacids 4-(4'-Cyano)-biphenyl Diesters, Twin Mesogens
Bia\/lecka-Flrja\'nczyk. E. Wolarz, D. Bauman
1213  Full Text
Synthesis of Pyrrolo-, Thienopyrrolo-, Benothienopyrroloquinolines as well as Triazoloindole Derivates
Key words: Pyrroloquinoline, Triazoloindole, NMR Data, IR Data, MS Data
S. I. El-Desoky, E. M. Kandeel, A. H. Abd el-Rahman, R. R. Shmidt
1216  Full Text
Ab initio MO Optimizations of Osmiumtetracarbonyldihydride and Metallacyclophanes with two Osmium Atoms and their Molecular Complexes with Different Guests
Key words: Geometry Optimizations, Osmiumtetracarbonyldihydride, Bis-Osmium-Metallacyclophanes, Host-Guest Complexes, Tetrafluoroethene
I. Warttmann, G. Häfelinger
1223  Full Text
Preparation and Crystal Structure of Cs4Nb2S11
Key words: Chalcogenide, Thioniobate, Polysulfide, Niobium, Cesium
K. O. Klepp, G. Gabl
1236 Full Text
On the Metalation of 2,6-Dimethyl-4-tert-butyl-thiophenol
Key words: Metalation, 2,6-Dimethyl-4-tert-butyl-thiophenol, Lithium, Sulfur
B. Kersting, G. Steinfeld
1239 Full Text
Crystal Structure of the Oxo-Acetate Complex [Co7(m4-O)2(O2CCH3)10(OPEt3)2] (In German)
Key words: Cobalt, Oxo-Acetate Complex, Crystal Structure
H. Ackermann, R. Leo, W. Massa, K. Dehnicke
1241 Full Text
Phenol Catalyzed Claisen otho Ester Rearrangement of Allylic Alcohols with Trimethyl-b-(methoxy) ortho Propionate
Key words: E-Alkylidene Cycloalkanes, Claisen otho Ester Rearrangement, Trimethyl-b-(methoxy) ortho Propionate
F. Iqbal, H. S. Ateeq, A. Malik, Ze. Ali, Zu. Ali
1244 Full Text
N u m b e r  11
Original Communications
9-Silyl(-Germyl,-Stannyl) Substituted Derivatives of 1-(9-Fluorenyl)germatranes. Synthesis, Characterisation, and Crystal Structures
Key words: Germanium, Germatrane, Organotin Reagents, X-Ray Data, NMR Data
G. S. Zaitseva, S. S. Karlov, B. A. Siggelkow, E. V. Avtomonov, A. V. Churakov, J. A. K. Howard, J. Lorberth
1247  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterization of 1-Allyl-3,7,10-trimethylgermatrane and 1-Allylazagermatranes
Key words: Germanium, Germatrane, Azagermatranes
G. S. Zaitseva, B. A. Siggelkow, S. S. Karlov, G. V. Pen'kovoy, J. Lorberth
1255  Full Text
Solventothermal Synthesis and Structure of the Polymeric Thioarsenates(III) (Et4N)2As6S10 and (Et4N)2As8S13
Key words: Arsenic, Sulphur, Thioarsenates(III), Solventothermal Synthesis, Chain Structures
V. Vater, W. S. Sheldrick
1259  Full Text
Cleavage and Formation of P-C Bonds During an Unusual Kinnear-Perren Reaction
Key words: Kinnear-Perren Reaction, Triphenylmethyl
V. Plack, J. R. Goerlich, R. Schmutzler
1265  Full Text
Mechanistic Studies towards the Reversible Equilibrium between Metal Organic Triple Decker and Sandwich Complexes [Bis{(h5-CpR)Co}-m-{h4:h4-arene}] and [(h5-CpR)Co(h6-arene)] (In German)
Key words: Organometallic Chemistry, Tripledecker Complexes, Sandwich Complexes, Arene Exchange
J. J. Schneider, D. Wolf
1267  Full Text
Synthesis and Molecular Structure of a Superbulky Tertiary Phosphine: Bis[2-phenyl-1,2-dicarba-closo-dodecaboran-1-yl(12)]phenylphosphine
Key words: Synthesis, Molecular Structure, X-Ray Data, NMR Data, Phosphine
V. P. Balema, S. Blaurock, E. Hey-Hawkins
1273  Full Text
Synthesis of Glycosyl Cyanides by the Reaction of 1-S-Phosphorothioates of Carbohydrates with Trimethylsilyl Cyanide
Key words: S-Glycosylphosphorothioates, Glycosyl Cyanides, Synthesis
W. Kudelska
1277  Full Text
Structure and Magnetic Properties of an Oxalic Acid Bridged Dinuclear Copper(II) Complex
Key words: Oxalic Acid Bridge, Dimeric Complex, X-Ray Data, Antiferromagnetic Coupling
M. K. Saha, S. Sen, P. Kundu, T. Gupta, V. Gramlich, S. Mitra
1281  Full Text
Skeletal Rearrangements of an Ylidediylphosphane Tetramer (In German)
Key words: Phosphonium Ylides, Halophosphanes, Chloride Abstraction, Skeletal Rearrangement, Tetraphospha-bicyclooctanes
H.-P. Schrödel, A. Schmidpeter, H. Nöth
1285  Full Text
Ligand Redistribution Equilibria in Aqueous Fluoroberyllate Solutions
Key words: Fluoroberyllates, Beryllium Fluoride, Ligand Redistribution, NMR Data
M. Schmidt, H. Schmidbaur
1294  Full Text
Lewis Acid Catalyzed Z to E Isomerization of 1,2-Bis(diphenylphosphino)ethene
Key words: Z/E Isomerization, Phosphino-Ethenes, Lewis Acid Catalysis, Gallium Halides, Aluminium Halides, Indium Halides
M. Sigl, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
1301  Full Text
2-Diphenylphosphino-phenol as a Ligand for Mono- and Poly-Nuclear Complexes of Manganese, Cobalt, Nickel, Zinc, and Cadmium
Key words: Phosphino-phenolate Ligands, Phenolate Ligands, Zinc Complex, Manganese Complex, Nickel Complex
D. Weiß, Annette Schier, H. Schmidbaur
1307  Full Text
Isolation and Structural Characterisation of Monoprotonated 1,2-Bis(diphenylphosphino)benzene in its Tetrabromogallate(III) Salt
Key words: 1,2-Bis(diphenylphosphino)benzene, Tertiary Phosphonium Cation, Crystal Structure, Tetrabromogallate(III)
M. Sigl, A. Schier, H. Schmidbaur
1313  Full Text
Organometalloidal Compounds with o-Phenylene Substituents, Part XXXI. Charge-transfer Complexes of 2,3,7,8-Tetrakis(methylthio)chalkogenanthrenes with 7,7,8,8-Tetracyanoquinodimethane and Tetracyanoethene (In German)
Key words: 2,3,7,8-Tetrakis(methylthio)thianthrene and -selenanthrene / 7,7,8,8-Tetracyanoquinodimethane, 2:1 Charge-Transfer Complexes, Donor/Acceptor/Donor Units; 2,3,7,8-Tetrakis(methylthio)thianthrene / Tetracyanoethene, 2:1 Charge-Transfer Complex, Columnar Structure; MNDO Calculations
M. Dötze, H. Czepat, J. Kudnig, G. Klar
1316  Full Text
Crystal Structure of Pyridinium Periodate
Key words: Pyridinium Periodate, Crystal Structure
G. Dutkiewicz, Z. Paj\cak
1323  Full Text
254: Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Bis(triphenylphosphine)-decahydro-hypho-hexaborane [(PPh3)2B6H10]·CH2Cl2 (In German)
Key words: Bis(triphenylphosphine)-decahydro-hypho-hexaborane, Crystal Structure
T. Schaper, W. Preetz
1326  Full Text
Crystal Structures, Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analysis of cis-[ReCl4X2]2-, X = NCS, NCSe (In German)
Key words: cis-Tetrachlorodi[thiocyanato(N)]-rhenate(IV), cis-Tetrachlorodi[selenocyanato(N)]-rhenate(IV), Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra, Normal Coordinate Analysis
L. Homolya, S. Strueß, W. Preetz
1329  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of mer-[Os(NCS)3Py3] (In German)
Key words: mer-Triisothiocyanato-tris(pyridine)osmium(III), Crystal Structure
S. Kolf, W. Preetz
1335  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra, and Normal Coordinate Analysis of trans-[OsO2(N2H2C2O2)2]2- (In German)
Key words: trans-Dioxo-bis(oxamido)osmate(VI), Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra, Normal Coordinate Analysis
A. Strueß, W. Preetz
1338  Full Text
Thermochemical and Calorical Behaviour of NdAl3Cl12 (In German)
Key words: Aluminium Neodymium Chloride, Decomposition, Thermochemical Data, Enthalpy, Entropy
H. Oppermann, M. Zhang, C. Hennig
1343  Full Text
Investigation of the Thermochemical Behaviour of Osmium Oxides (In German)
Key words: Osmium Oxides, Chemical Transport Reactions, Total Pressure Measurements, Enthalpy of Formation, Standard Entropy
H. Oppermann, B. Marklein
1352  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CVII. Formation of Tris(pentamethylcyclopentadienyl-m-L-prolinato-iridium) Tris(trifluoromethanesulfonate) with Chiral Self Recognition
Key words: Pentamethylcyclopentadienyl, Iridium, Prolinate
K. Sünkel, W. Hoffmüller, W. Beck
1365  Full Text
Neighbourgroup Participation with the Dehydrogenation of Cyclic Amines of the o-Substituted Aniline Type (In German)
Key words: Lactam, Hemiaminal, Aminoaldehyde, Ring-Chain Isomerism, Aminoalkylation
H. Möhrle, J. Mehrens
1369  Full Text
Nickel Complexes of N-Alkylated Derivatives of 2,6-Bis(aminomethyl)-4-tert-butyl-thiophenol
Key words: Mononuclear Complexes, Nickel, Amine-Thiolate Ligands, Solid-State Structures, Solution-State Structures
B. Kersting
1379  Full Text
The Molecular Structure of Tris(dimethylstibino)amine
Key words: Tris(stibino)amine, Aminostibine, Nitrogen Configuration, Planarity of Nitrogen
A. Jockisch, H. Schmidbaur
1386 Full Text
N u m b e r  12
Original Communications
Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 146. The Crystal Structure of N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylenediamine, Density Functional Theory Calculations of Conformations and Hydrogen Bond Motifs in Sulfonamides (In German)
Key words: Sulfonamides, Crystal Structure, N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylendiamine, Density Functional Theory Calculations
H. Bock, N. Nagel, C. Näther
1389  Full Text
Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 147. Isostructural Host/Guest-Inclusion Compounds of N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylenediamine with Acetone, Cyclopentanone, Cyclopent-2-ene-1-one, 1,3-Dioxolane, Tetrahydrofurane, and 2,5-Dihydrofurane (In German)
Key words: N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylenediamine, Inclusion Compounds, Crystal Growth, Structures, Host/Guest-Relations
H. Bock, N. Nagel, C. Näther
1401  Full Text
Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 148. Host/Guest-Inclusion Compounds of N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylenediamine with Furane, Benzene and Dioxane (In German)
Key words: N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylenediamine, Inclusion Compounds, Crystal Growth, Structures, Host/Guest-Relations
H. Bock, N. Nagel, C. Näther
1413  Full Text
Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 149. Host/Guest-Inclusion Compounds of N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylenediamine: The Hydrogen Bonded Adducts with Morpholine, Pyridine, N,N-Dimethylformamide, and Dimethylsulfoxide (In German)
Key words: N,N'-Ditosyl-p-phenylenediamine, Inclusion Compounds, Hydrogen Acceptor and Donor Guest Molecules, Crystal Growth, Structures
H. Bock, N. Nagel, C. Näther
1425  Full Text
Oligomeric Tetrahedral Anions in Borophosphates: Six-Membered Rings with Open and Cyclic Phosphate Branchings in the Crystal Structure of K6Cu2[B4P8O28(OH)6] (In German)
Key words: Boron, Phosphorus, Tetrahedral Anions
I. Boy, G. Cordier, R. Kniep
1440  Full Text
Four Novel N3O4 Donor Macrocycles and their Lanthanide(III) Complexes
Key words: Template Synthesis, Lanthanide(III) Complexes, Oxaazamacrocycle, Schiff-Base, Ion Selectivity
E. Bértolo, R. Bastida, A. de Blas, D. E. Fenton, A. Macías, A. Rodríguez, T. Rodríguez-Blas, A. Villar
1445  Full Text
Reactions of Donor-Free (CF3)2Cd with Phosphorus(V) Halides: Insertion of Difluorocarbene and Direct Synthesis of (CF3)3PF2 (In German)
Key words: Phosphoranes, Trifluoromethyl Compounds, Difluorocarbene, Cadmium, NMR Data
R. Eujen, R. Haiges
1455  Full Text
Transition Metal Complexes with Sulfur Ligands, CXXXIII. Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of New FeII Complexes with [FeN2S2] Cores (In German)
Key words: Iron Sulfur Complexes, Amine Ligands, Phosphane Ligands, X-Ray Data, Cyclic Voltammetry
D. Sellmann, S. Emig, F. W. Heinemann, F. Knoch
1461  Full Text
Arsenic(III), Antimony(III) and Bismuth(III) Thiobenzoates: Crystal and Molecular Structures of M(SOCR)3 and PhSb(SOCPh)2
Key words: Tris-thiobenzoates, Arsenic, Antimony, Bismuth
P. Singh, S. Singh, V. D. Gupta, H. Nöth
1475  Full Text
BaCu6Ge2S8 - A Thiogermanate as a Variant of the Li3Bi Structure (In German)
Key words: Chalcogenides, Germanium, Copper, Preparation, Crystal Structure
M. Tampier, D. Johrendt
1483  Full Text
Tetratin(II) and Barium Tritin(II) Tetrakis[m3-tri-tert-butylsilylphosphandiide] Compounds with a Tetrametallatetraphosphacubane Core (In German)
Key words: Arene Complexes, Barium, Heterocubanes, Phosphorus, Tin
M. Westerhausen, M. Krofta, N. Wiberg, J. Knizek, H. Nöth, A. Pfitzner
1489  Full Text
Determination of Coupling Signs 1J(119Sn, 15N) and 2J(119Sn, 117Sn) in Trimethylstannylamines
Key words: Tin, Amines, NMR Data, Ultrahigh Resolution, Coupling Sign Determination
B. Wrackmeyer, J. Weidinger, H. Nöth, W. Storch, T. Seifert, M. Vosteen
1494  Full Text
Metal Complexes with Biologically Important Ligands, CIX. Organometallic Compounds of Platinum(II), Ruthenium(II), Rhodium(III), and Iridium(III) with Oxocarbonyl-N-protected a-Amino Acids and L-Methionylglycinate (In German)
Key words: Platinum, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium Complexes, L-Methionylglycine
M. Prem, K. Polborn, W. Beck
1501  Full Text
Phosphenium Complexes, XXIX. [4+2]-Cycloaddition of Phosphenium Complexes of the Type Cp(OC)2W=PR2 (R = Alkyl, Aryl) with 2,3-Dimethylbutadiene (In German)
Key words: Phosphenium Complexes, 1,3-Dienes, [4+2]-Cycloaddition, Phosphametallacyclohexenes
W. Malisch, K. Grün, A. Fried, W. Reich, M. Schmeußer, U. Weis, C. Abd El Baky, C. Krüger
1506  Full Text
Molecular Recognition Analyzed by Observing Intramolecular Interconversion with EPR Spectroscopy
Key words: Rock-Key-Equilibria, Spin Labeling, Molecular Dynamics
M. Jäger, P. Schuler, H. B. Stegmann, A. Rockenbauer
1511  Full Text
Synthesis of the Stereoisomers of b-Hydroxyhistidine and their Analytical Identification in Hydrolysates of Bacterial Peptides
Key words: b-Hydroxyhistidine, Stereospecific Synthesis
K. Taraz, M. Weber, H. Budzikiewicz
1520  Full Text
The Stucture of Lithiumiodide 3-Tetrahydrofuran
Key words: Lithiumiodide, THF Solvate, X-Ray Data
H. Nöth, R. Waldhör
1525 Full Text
Benzo-18-crown-6-Acetonitrile(1/2): Crystallization and Low-Temperature X-Ray Analysis (In German)
Key words: Benzo-18-crown-6-Acetonitrile(1/2), Crystal Stucture
K. Wijaya, O. Moers, A. Blaschette, P. G. Jones
1528 Full Text
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