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Original Communications
Ground-State Energy of a Weakly Interacting Bose Gas: Calculation Without Regularization
Key words: Bose-Einstein Condensates; Bogoliubov Approximation.
C. Weiss, M. Block, D. Boers, A. Eckardt, and M. Holthaus
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The Structures and the Interactions of Soliton in two (2+1)-dimensional KdV-type Equations
Key words: Interactions between two Solitons; Sawada-Kotera Equation; Boussinesq Equation.
H.-y. Ruan
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Elliptic Function Solutions of (2+1)-dimensional Long Wave - Short Wave Resonance Interaction Equation via a sinh-Gordon Expansion Method
Key words: Nonlinear Wave Equation; sinh-Gordon Equation; Jacobi Elliptic Function; Soliton Solution.
Z. Yan
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Study on New Doubly-periodic Solutions of two Coupled Nonlinear Wave Equations in Complex and Real Fields
Key words: Nonlinear Wave Equations; Weierstrass Elliptic Function; Doubly-periodic Solution; Solitary Wave Solution; Symbolic Computation.
Z. Yan
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Magnetic and Electric Studies of a New Cu(II) Perovskite-like Material
Key words: Magnetic Susceptibility; AC Conductivity; Permittivity; Structure Transitions.
M. F. Mostafa and A. A. A. Youssef
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Defect Structure of the Tetragonal Cu2+ Center in PbTiO3: Cu2+ Crystal
Key words: Defect Structure; Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Crystal-field Theory; Cu2+; PbTiO3.
X.-X. Wu, W.-C. Zheng, and S. Tang
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A NMR Spin-Echo Study of Diffusion in Molten Salts
Key words: Molten Salts, Self-diffusion, NMR Spin Echo.
G. Palmer, J. Richter, and M. D. Zeidler
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An NMR Spin-Echo Study of Diffusion in a Room-Temperature Molten Salt
Key words: Room-temperature Molten Salts; Self-diffusion; NMR Spin Echo.
G. Palmer, J. Richter, and M. D. Zeidler
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Synthetic, Infrared, 1H and 13C NMR Spectral Studies on Potassium Salts of N-Chloroarylsulphonamides
Key words: Synthetic, Infrared, 1H and 13C NMR Spectra; N-Chloroarylsulphonamides.
K. Jyothi and B. T. Gowda
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Infrared, 1H and 13C NMR Spectral Studies on Di- and Tri-substituted N-Aryl Amides, 2,6-X2C6H3NHCOCH3-iXi and 2,4,6-X3C6H2NHCOCH3-iXi (X = Cl or CH3 and i = 0, 1, 2 or 3
Key words: Substituted Aryl Acetamides; Infrared; 1H and {13}C NMR Spectra.
B. T. Gowda, K. M. Usha, and K. Jyothi
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Electrical Conductivity of Molten Binary NdBr3 - Alkali Bromide Mixtures
Key words: Electrical Conductivity; Neodymium Bromide; NdBr3; Alkali Bromide.
S. Gadzuric, E. Ingier-Stocka, L. Rycerz, and M. Gaune-Escard
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Phase Diagram of the TbBr3-KBr Binary System
Key words: Terbium(III) Bromide; Potassium Bromide; Enthalpy; Phase Diagram; Differential Scanning Calorimetry; Eutectic; Compound; Formation; Decomposition.
L. Rycerz and M. Gaune-Escard
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Steady State and Dynamic Photophysical Properties of 2-Benzoimidazoleacetonitrile-a-Phenylmethylenes and 1-Aryl-2,2-Dicyanoethenes
Key words: 2-Benzoimidazoleacetonitrile-a-Phenylmethylenes; 1-Aryl-2,2-Dicyanoethenes; Fluorescence; Frozen Matrix.
I. Petkova, P. Nikolov, and S. Metzov
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Studies on Room Temperature Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal, 12CN5(R*)
Key words: Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal; Spontaneous Polarization; Smectic C* Phase.
A. K. George, V. G. K. M. Pisipati, C. Carboni, S. H. Al Harthi, and J. Naciri
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Defect Model of a Tetragonal Sm3+ Center Found from EPR Measurements in CaF2 and SrF2 Crystals
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Local Lattice Distortion; Superposition Model; Fe3+; CuMS2 (M = Al, Ga, In); AgGaS2.
W.-C. Zheng, H.-N. Dong, S.-Y. Wu, and S. Tang
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The Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum of g-Irradiated Dimethyl Malonic Acid
Key words: Spectroscopic Splitting Factor; g; Isotropic Hyperfine Coupling Constant a; Spin Density r.
B. A\csik and M. Birey
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Original Communications
Evidences of Conformational Fluctuations of 2-methylaminofluorenone and 2-dimethylaminofluorenone in Polar Solvents
Key words: 2-methylaminofluorenone; 2-dimethylaminofluorenone; Inhomogeneous Broadening; Reorganization Energy.
M. Józefowicz, J. R. Heldt, and J. Heldt
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Theoretical Studies of the Optical Spectra and EPR Parameters of CaWO4: Sm3+ Crystal
Key words: EPR; Crystal Field Theory; Sm3+; CaWO4.
H.-N. Dong, H. Tang, X.-B. Luo, and S.-Y. Wu
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Relationship between the 2-body Energy of the Biswas-Hamann and the Murrell-Mottram Potential Functions
Key words: 2-body Energy; Empirical Potential Functions; Parametric Conversion.
T.-C. Lim
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The Viscous Properties of Diols. IV. 1,2- and 1,4-Butanediol in Butanols Solutions
Key words: Shear Viscosity; Butanediols; Butanols; Solutions; Viscosity Excess; Activation Energy.
G. Czechowski, P. Jarosiewicz, A. Rabiega, and J. Jad\.zyn
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(E)-4-Methyl-1-tributylstannyl-oct-1-en-6-yn-3-ol: Circular Dichroism Measurement and Determination of the Absolute Configuration by Quantum-chemical CD Calculations
Key words: Conformational Analysis; Circular Dichroism; TDDFT Calculations.
E. N. Voloshina, G. Raabe, J. Fleischhauer, G. J. Kramp, and H.-J. Gais
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Vibrational Properties of Hydrogen Astatide, HAt
Key words: HAt; Force Constant; Mean Amplitudes of Vibration; Thermodynamic Functions.
E. J. Baran
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The Determination of Multiple Steady States in Two Families of Biological Systems
Key words: Multiple Steady States; Glycolysis; Active Membrane Transport; Bistability; Hysteresis; Bifurcation
G.-S. Chuang, P.-Y. Ho, and H.-Y. Li
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Non-Linear Stability of an Electrified Plane Interface in Porous Media
Key words: Non-linear Stability; Porous Media; Electrified Plane Interface; Multiple Scale Technic.
Y. O. El-Dib and G. M. Moatimid
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Non-polynomial Third Order Equations which Pass the Painlevé Test
Key words: Painlevé Equations, Painlevé Test.
U. Mu\ugan and F. Jrad
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On Laplacian Eigenvalues of a Graph
Key words: Laplacian Eigenvalue; Line Graph; Bipartite Graph.
B. Zhou
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Original Communications
Simultaneous Formation of Electric and Magnetic Photon States by Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
Key words: Electric and Magnetic Photons; Magnetic Monopoles; Relativistic Two-Body Equations; Parastatistics.
H. Stumpf
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New Soliton-like Solutions of Variable Coefficient Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
Key words: Variable Coefficient Schrödinger Equation; Soliton-like Solutions; Symbolic Computation.
H.-N. Xuan, C. Wang, and D. Zhang
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Investigation of the Spin Hamiltonian Parameters and the Local Structure of Two Ni3+ Centers in KTaO3
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Defect Structures; Crystal- and Ligand-field Theory; Ni3; KTaO3.
S.-Y. Wu
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Coherent Response Signals of Dipolar-coupled Spin Systems
Key words: Spin System; NMR; Coherent Response; Dipolar Coupling.
B. M. Fung, V. L. Ermakov, and A. K. Khitrin
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Relaxation of Spin 1/2 in the Scalar Coupled Spin System AMX with Quadrupolar Nuclei in the Presence of Cross-correlation Effects
Key words: Magnetic Relaxation; Cross-correlation; Dynamic Frequency Shift; Quadrupolar Nuclei.
G. S. Kupriyanova
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Nutation Spectra of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance in Off-Resonance Conditions
Key words: 2D Spectroscopy; NQR; Nutation; Exchange:Off-resonance Irradiation.
N. Sinyavsky and M. Mackowiak
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Theoretical Studies of the EPR Parameters of Nd3+ in LiYF4
Key words: EPR; Crystal-fields and Spin Hamiltonian; Nd3+; LiYF4.
S.-Y. Wu
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Synthetic, Infrared, 1H and 13C NMR Spectral Studies on N-(p-Substituted Phenyl)-p-Substituted Benzenesulphonamides, p-X'C6H4SO2NH(p-XC6H4), where X' or X = H, CH3, C2H5, F, Cl or Br
Key words: IR; 1H and 13C NMR; N-(p-substitutedphenyl)-p-substitutedbenzenesulphonamides.
B. T. Gowda, K. L. Jayalakshmi, and M. Shetty
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Compacton and Foldon Excitations in the Generalized (2+1)-dimensional Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov Equation
Key words: The GNNV Equation, Compacton, Foldon, The Variable Separation Approach.
W.-H. Huang, J.-F. Zhang, and W.-G. Qiu
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Dynamics of Combined Solitary-waves in the General Shallow Water Wave Models
Key words: Fifth-order Shallow Water Wave Model; Analytic Solitary-wave Solution; Numerical Simulation; Stability; Interaction.
W.-P. Hong
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Unsteady Heating of Rayleigh-Benard Convection
Key words: Modulation; Stability; Rayleigh Number; Even Solution; Thermal Convection.
B. S. Bhadauria
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New Families of Solitary Pattern Solutions of the Nonlinear Dispersive K(n, m, k) Equations
Key words: Solitary Pattern; Solitary Wave Solution; Nonlinear Dispersion.
M. Inc
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Synthesis and Characterization of Y2O3/SiO2 Composites
Key words: Deposition; Infiltration; Nanocomposite.
C. Cannas, M. Casu, M. Mainas, A. Musinu, and G. Piccaluga
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Thermodynamic Properties of Eutectic Silumins Doped by Transition Metals
Key words: Silumins; Al-Si-(Cu, Fe, Ni, Ti); Liquid Alloys; Electromotive Force Method; Thermodynamic Activity; Gibbs Energy.
D. S. Kanibolotsky, V. A. Stukalo, and V. V. Lisnyak
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Study of Aqueous Solution of Sodiumdodecylsulfate and Polyethyleneoxide 10000 by NMR NOESY
Key words: Polyethyleneoxide; SDS; NOESY.
E. S. d. Alvarenga, C. F. Lima, and \^A. M. L. Denadai
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On the p-Electron Content of Bonds and Rings in Benzenoid Hydrocarbons
Key words: Pauling Bond Order; Benzenoid Hydrocarbons; p-Electron Content (of a Carbon-Carbon Bond); p-Electron Content (of a Ring).
I. Gutman, T. Morikawa, and S. Narita
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MINDO-Forces Study on the Substituent Effect in the Keto-Enol Tautomerism of Acetyl Derivatives
Key words: Acetaldehyde; Vinyl Alcohol; Keto-Enol Tautomerism; Acetyl Derivative.
W. F. Al-Halasah, A. Mahasnah, and S. M. Khalil
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Original Communications
General Similarity Solution of the Fragmentation Kinetics Equation
Key words: Similarity Solution; Similarity Reduction; Fragmentation Equation; Fox Function.
A. Elhanbaly and A. Elgarayhi
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Dielectric Studies of Smectogenic Members of the 4'-alkyl-4-cyanobiphenyl (nCB) Homologous Series
Key words: Liquid Crystal; Smectic; Dielectric Relaxation; Cyanobiphenyls.
J. Czub, U. Gubernat, B. Gestblom, R. D\cabrowski, and S. Urban
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Mini Fission-Fusion-Fission Explosions (Mini-Nukes). A Third Way Towards the Controlled Release of Nuclear Energy by Fission and Fusion
Key words: Fusion-Fission; Impact Fusion; Fast Ignition.
F. Winterberg
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A General ANNV Family with a Common Special Kac-Moody-Virasoro Symmetry Algebra
Key words: Kac-Moody-Virasoro Symmetry Algebra; Group Invariant; Symmetry Reduction.
H.-C. Hu and S. Y. Lou
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Investigations of the EPR g Factors for Er3+ in CaMoO4
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR); Crystal- and Spin Hamiltonians; Er3+; CaMoO4.
S.-Y. Wu, H.-N. Dong, and W.-H. Wei
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Theoretical Investigation of the EPR g-factors for Yb3+ in YBa2Cu3O7-d
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; High-Tc Superconductor; Yb3+; YBa2Cu3O7-d.
H.-N. Dong, S.-Y. Wu, and X.-B. Luo
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Lie Series Technique, Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Integration
Key words: Differential Equations; Lie Series Technique; First Integrals.
W.-H. Steeb
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Speed and Shape of Solitary Waves in Two-electron Plasmas with Relativistic Warm Ions
Key words: Solitary Wave; Pseudopotential; Warm Ions.
P. Chatterjee
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A Study for Obtaining more Compacton Solutions of the Modified Form of Fifth-order Korteweg-De Vries-like Equations
Key words: Modified Form of Fifth-Order KdV-like Equations; Compacton; Periodic Wave Solution.
M. Inc
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Molecular Orientation of Some Fluorescent Dichroic Dyes in Nematic Liquid Crystal
Key words: Fluorescent Dyes; Liquid Crystal; Order Parameters; Polarized Absorption and Fluorescence.
I. Grabchev, E. Mykowska, I. Moneva, and D. Bauman
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Least-action Principle Applied to the Kepler Problem
Key words: Eccentricity of the Kepler Orbits; Least-action Principle.
S. Olszewski
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Theoretical Study of the Effect of Different a-Substituents on the Acetaldimine-Vinylamine Tautomeric System
Key words: Imine-enamine; Tautomerization; Acetaldimine; Vinylamine; MNDO.
H. S. M. Al-Omari
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Original Communications
Travelling and Periodic Wave Solutions of Some Nonlinear Wave Equations
Key words: Nonlinear Wave Equation; Special Types of Nonlinear Equations; Periodic Wave Solutions; Travelling Wave Solutions.
A. H. Khater and M. M. Hassan
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The Effect of a Magnetic Field Dependent Viscosity on the Thermal Convection in a Ferromagnetic Fluid in a Porous Medium
Key words: Ferromagnetic Fluid; Magnetic Field Dependent Viscosity; Thermal Convection; Porous Medium; Vertical Magnetic Field.
Sunil, P. K. Bharti, D. Sharma, and R. C. Sharma
397  Full Text
Effect of Rotation on Thermal Instability in Couple-Stress Elastico-Viscous Fluid
Key words: Termal Instability; Couple-stress Elastico-viscous Fluid; Uniform Rotation.
P. Kumar, R. Lal, and P. Sharma
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A Novel Class of Localized Excitations for the (2+1)-Dimensional Higher-Order Broer-Kaup System
Key words: Extended Homogeneous Balance Method; Variable Separation Solution; (2+1)-Dimensional HBK System; Localized Excitations.
C.-L. Bai and H. Zhao
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Quantum Entanglement, Interaction, and the Classical Limit
Key words: Quantum Entanglement.
T. Durt
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Modulation Instability of Optical Waves in the Cubic-Quintic Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation with Fourth-Order Dispersion and Gain Terms
Key words: Quintic Complex Swift-Hohenberg Equation; Modulation Instability; Optical Gain; Optical Solitary-wave; Numeric Simulation.
W.-P. Hong and S.-H. Park
437  Full Text
Nonlinear Differential Equations with Exact Solutions Expressed via the Weierstrass Function
Key words: Nonlinear Differential Equation; Exact Solution; Weierstrass Function; Nonlinear Evolution Equation.
N. A. Kudryashov
443  Full Text
Hydrogenic System in Half Space
Key words: Hydrogenic System; Half Space.
S. H. Patil
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Studies of the g Factor for Cr4+ Ion in Bi4Ge3O12 Crystal from Crystal-field and Charge-transfer Mechanisms
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Crystal- and Ligand- field Theory; Charge-Transfer Mechanism; Cr4+, Bi4Ge3O12.
X.-X. Wu, W.-C. Zheng, and S. Tang
467  Full Text
Theoretical Investigations of the Spin Hamiltonian Parameters of ZrSiO4:Np4+}
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR); Crystal-fields and Spin Hamiltonian; Np4+; ZrSiO4.
S.-Y. Wu and H.-N. Dong
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The Temporal Dipole Moment of Solute Molecules Undergoing Charge Transfer
Key words: DMABN; Dipole Moment; Luminescence; Local-excited and Charge Transfer States; Intermolecular Relaxation.
V. I. Tomin and A. Krzysztofowicz
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Kinetics of the Radicals Induced in Gamma Irradiated Sulfafurazole: An EPR Study
Key words: Radiosterilization; Sulfafurazole; Radical Kinetics; EPR; IR.
\cS. Çolak and M. Korkmaz
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Electron Spin Resonance of VO2+ in LiKSO4 Single Crystals
Key words: ESR; VO2+; LiKSO4.
M. Jain
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Synthetic, Infrared and NMR (1H and 13C) Spectral Studies of N-(Substituted Phenyl)-Methanesulphonamides
Key words: Infrared; 1H and 13C NMR; N-(substituted phenyl)-methanesulphonamides.
K. L. Jayalakshmi and B. T. Gowda
491  Full Text
Non-Markovian Dynamic and NMR Spectra in Solids
Key words: Natrolite; Non-Markov Molecular Motions; NMR Spectra.
M. Olszewski, N. A. Sergeev, and A. V. Sapiga
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1H NMR Study of Molecular Motions in Thiourea Pyridinium Nitrate Inclusion Compound
Key words: NMR; Molecular Motion; Inclusion Compounds.
M. Grottel, A. Kozak, A. Pajzderska, W. Szczepa\'nski, and J. W\casicki
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Studies of Orientational Order of Some Nematogens by means of Raman Scattering Spectroscopy
Key words: Liquid Crystal; Raman Scattering; Order Parameter; Distribution Function.
E. Chrzumnicka, M. Szybowicz, and D. Bauman
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Hot-atom Chemiluminescence: A Beam Study of the O(3P) + H2, CH4 Systems
Key words: Chemiluminescence; Energy Transfer; Chemical Reactions; Hot Atoms; Oxygen.
A. Kowalski and B. Pranszke
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FT-IR Spectroscopic Study of Co(1-Propanethiol)2Ni(CN)4·Benzene Clathrate
Key words: IR; N-Propyl Mercaptan; Tetraciyanonickelate; Hofmann-type Clathrate.
D. Türköz, Z. Kartal, and S. Bahçeli
523  Full Text
Mean Amplitudes of Vibration of the trans-IO2F52- Anion
Key words: IO2F52-; Mean Amplitudes of Vibration; Bond Properties.
E. J. Baran
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Original Communications
Jacobi Elliptic Function Rational Expansion Method with Symbolic Computation to Construct New Doubly-periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Equations
Key words: (2+1)-dimensional Dispersive Long Wave Equation; Jacobi Elliptic Functions; Travelling Wave Solution; Soliton Solution; Periodic Solution.
Y. Chen, Q. Wang, and B. Li
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Phase Transitions by Dilatometry, Part I: Synthesis, Characterisation and Isotropic to Smectic-A and Smectic-A to Smectic-B Transitions in Two Liquid Crystalline Higher Homologues of N-(p-n-nonyloxybenzylidene) p-n-alkylanilines
Key words: Phase-transitions in Liquid Crystals; Experimental Determination of Smectic Phases; Mass and Density; Pressure Effects.
C. R. C. Prabhu, S. Lakshminarayana, and V. G. K. M. Pisipati
537  Full Text
Electronic Structure of Liquid Mercury Using Compton Scattering Technique
Key words: Electronic Structure; Compton Scattering; Electron Momentum Density; Mercury Metal.
B. L. Ahuja, M. Sharma, and S. Mathur
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1H NMR Cryoporometry Study of the Melting Behavior of Water in White Cement
Key words: Cement; Sika Rapid 2; NMR; Melting; Porosity.
J. Boguszy\'nska and J. Tritt-Goc
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The Viscous Properties of Diols. V. 1,2-Hexanediol in Water and Butanol Solutions
Key words: Shear Viscosity; Hexanediol; Water; Butanols; Solutions; Viscosity Excess; Activation Energy.
P. Jarosiewicz, G. Czechowski, and J. Jad\.zyn
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Theoretical Investigations of the Spin Hamiltonian Parameters and the Local Structure of a Trigonal Co2+ Center in Bi4Ge3O12
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR); Crystal-field Theory and Spin Hamiltonians; Defect Structure; Co2+; Bi4Ge3O12 (BGO).
S.-Y. Wu and H.-N. Dong
563  Full Text
On the Restricted and Combined Use of Rüdenberg's Approximations in Crystal Orbital Theories of Hartree-Fock Type
Key words: Unrestricted (and Restricted) Hartree-Fock Crystal Orbitals; Integral Approximations According to Rüudenberg; Extended H\"uckel Theory (EHT).
W. Koch, B. Frey, J. F. S. Ruiz, and T. Scior
568  Full Text
Harmonic Interpolation, Bézier Curves and Trigonometric Interpolation
Key words: Harmonic Interpolation; Permutation Matrix; Bézier Curves.
A. Hardy and W.-H. Steeb
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Controlled and Secure Direct Communication Using GHZ State and Teleportation
Key words: Secure Direct Communication; GHZ State; Controlled Quantum Teleportation.
T. Gao
597  Full Text
Electronic Spectra and Stability of Cobalt Halide Complexes in Molten Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate
Key words: Cobalt(II) Halide Complexes; Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate; Stability Constants.
I. J. Zsigrai, S. B. Gadzuric, R. Nikolic, and L. Nagy
602  Full Text
The Use of Quantum-Chemical Semiempirical Methods to Calculate the Lattice Energies of Organic Molecular Crystals. Part III: The Lattice Energy of Borazine (B3N3H6) and its Packing in the Solid State
Key words: Borazine; Lattice Energy; Calculations; Semiempirical Methods.
G. Raabe
609  Full Text
Study of the Comparative Solvation Behaviour of Na+ and Cu+ Cations in Acetonitrile + N,N-Dimethylformamide Mixtures at 298.15 K
Key words: Viscosity B-coefficients; Solvation; Solvated radii; Na+; Cu+; Acetonitrile and N,N-Dimethylformamide.
D. S. Gill, H. Anand, A. Kumari, and J. K. Puri
615  Full Text
Determination of the Force Constants of Non-linear XY2 Molecules in the Gas-Phase by the GF Matrix Method
Key words: GF Matrix Method; Force Constants; XY2 Molecules.
F. Ucun and V. Güçlü
621  Full Text
N u m b e r  10
Original Communications
Combinability of Travelling Wave Solutions to Nonlinear Evolution Equation
Key words: Basic Travelling Wave Solution; Sister Travelling Wave Solution; Combined Travelling Wave Solution.
S. K. Liu, Z. T. Fu, S. D. Liu, and Z. G. Wang
623  Full Text
Variable Separation Approach for the Sine-Gordon System
Key words: Solitons; Sine-Gordon System; Variable Separation Approach; Interaction.
X.-j. Lai and J.-f. Zhang
629  Full Text
New Exact Travelling Wave Solutions of the Discrete Sine-Gordon Equation
Key words: Discrete Sine-Gordon Equation; Exact Travelling Wave Solution; Hyperbolic Function Approach.
C.-q. Dai, Q. Yang, and J.-F. Zhang
635  Full Text
Evidence for the Nonintegrability of a Water Wave Equation in 2+1 Dimensions
Key words: Nonintegrability; Similarity Reductions.
P. R. Gordoa, A. Pickering, and M. Senthilvelan
640  Full Text
Variable Separation Approach for a Differential-difference Asymmetric Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov Equation
Key words: Multi-linear Variable Separation Approach; Differential-difference ANNV Equation; Semi-discrete Localized Coherent Structures.
X.-m. Qian, S.-y. Lou, and X.-b. Hu
645  Full Text
Mesomorphism in a Binary Mixture of Non-mesogens: A Dielectric Spectroscopy Investigation
Key words: Smectic Liquid Crystals; Dielectric Permittivity; Dielectric Relaxation.
A. K. George, D. M. Potukuchi, S. H. Al-Harthi, and C. Carboni
659  Full Text
EPR of Gamma Irradiated Na-Monochloroacetyl-a-Aminoisobutyric Acid
Key words: Gamma Irradiation; Free Radicals; a-Aminoisobutyric Acid Derivatives.
M. H. Ba\cskan and \cS. Osmano\uglu
665  Full Text
EPR Spectra of VO2+ Doped in Na2C4H4O6 Single Crystals
Key words: EPR; Vanadil Ion; Di-sodium Tartrate.
B. Karabulut, R. Tapramaz, and F. Köksal
669  Full Text
Comparison of Dielectric Properties of Three Alkyl and Alkoxy Azoxybenzenes (nAOBs and nOAOBs, n = 5, 6, 7) in the Isotropic and Liquid Crystalline Phases
Key words: Liquid Crystals; Dielectric Properties; Alkyl- and Alkoxy-Azoxybenzenes.
S. Urban, J. Czub, and B. Gestblom
674  Full Text
Determination of Diffusion Coefficients of Fluorescently Labelled Molecules in Lipid Membranes Using Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy
Key words: Phospholipid; Lateral Diffusion; CSLM.
N. Öncan, M. A. Player, and A. G. Macdonald
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Studies of the Spin Hamiltonian Parameters for Cubic V2+, Cr3+, and Mn4+ Centers in MgO and CaO, based on Two Mechanism Models
Key words: Crystal-fields and Spin Hamiltonians; Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR); V2+; Cr3+; Mn4+.}
S.-Y. Wu and H.-N. Dong
689  Full Text
On Structure Descriptors Related with Intramolecular Energy of Alkanes
Key words: Wiener Index; Variable Wiener Index; Zenkevich Index; Intramolecular Energy; Alkanes.
I. Gutman, B. Furtula, and B. Arsi\'c
694  Full Text
Relation between Pauling and Coulson Bond Orders in Benzenoid Hydrocarbons
Key words: Pauling Bond Order; Coulson Bond Order; Benzenoid Hydrocarbons; Electron Content of Ring; Energy Content of Ring.
I. Gutman, B. Furtula, and S. Radenkovi\'c
699  Full Text
Spectrophotometric Study of Nd2+ Ions in LiCl-KCl Eutectic Melt
Key words: Disproportionation; Neodymium Dichloride; Neodymium Trichloride; Molten Salts; Spectrophotometry.
H. Hayashi, M. Akabori, T. Ogawa, and K. Minato
705  Full Text
Electrochemical Studies on Lanthanum Ions in Molten LiCl-KCl-eutectic Mixture
Key words: Diffusion Coefficient; Electrochemical Behavior; Lanthanum; Molten Salts.
M. Matsumiya and S. Matsumoto
711  Full Text
On "Belated Decision in the Hilbert-Einstein Priority Dispute", published by L. Corry, J. Renn, and J. Stachel
Key words: History of Physics; General Theory of Relativity.
F. Winterberg
715  Full Text
Announcement: One of the next issues will contain comments on Winterberg's report by Corry, Renn, and Stachel.
N u m b e r  11
Original Communications
New Solitary-Wave Solutions for the Generalized Reaction Duffing Model and their Dynamics
Key words: Generalized Reaction Duffing Model; Analytic Solitary-Wave Solutions; Numerical Simulation; Stability; Interaction.
J.-J. Kim and W.-P. Hong
721  Full Text
Interactions among Peakons, Dromions, and Compactons in (2+1)-Dimensional System
Key words: Interaction; Peakon; Dromion; Compacton; (2+1)-dimensional System.
C.-l. Bai, H.-q. Hu, W.-j. Wang, and H. Zhao
729  Full Text
Unified Treatment for Two-Center One-Electron Molecular Integrals Over Slater Type Orbitals with Integer and Noninteger Principal Quantum Numbers
Key words: Slater Type Orbitals; Noninteger Principal Quantum Numbers; Overlap Integrals; Nuclear Attraction Integrals.
T. Özdo\ugan
743  Full Text
Why Quarks are Different from Leptons - An Explanation by a Fermionic Substructure of Leptons and Quarks
Key words: Substructure of Quarks and Leptons; Effective Dynamics; Difference of Leptons and Quarks.
H. Stumpf
750  Full Text
Theoretical Interpretation of the EPR Parameters for Dy3+ Ion in LuPO4 Crystal
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; The Superposition Model; LuPO4; Dy3+.
H.-N. Dong, H.-P. Du, S.-Y. Wu, and Peng Li
765  Full Text
Calculation of the EPR Parameters and the Local Structure for Fe+ on the Zn2+ Site of ZnSiP2}
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR); Defect Structure; Crystal- and Ligand-field Theory; Fe+; ZnSiP2.
S.-Y. Wu, W.-H. Wei, and H.-N. Dong
769  Full Text
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of Defects in g-irradiated Marine Mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) and Scallop (Pecten jacobaeus) Shells
Key words: EPR; Free Radicals; g-irradiation; Mussel; Scallop.
R. Köseo\uglu, F. Köksal, and M. Birey
773  Full Text
Theoretical Explanations of the Optical and EPR Spectra for Tetragonal Yb3+ Center in KMgF3 Crystal
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Crystal-field Theory; Yb3+; KMgF3.
H.-N. Dong and S.-Y. Wu
780  Full Text
EPR Parameters and Local Atom-position Parameters for Co2+ Ions in CdS and CdSe Semiconductors
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Local Atom-Position Parameter; Crystal- and Ligand- Field Theory; Co2+; CdS; CdSe.
W.-C. Zheng, X.-X. Wu, Y. Mei, and J. Zi
783  Full Text
An NMR solid-echo Study of Guanidinium Cation Reorientation in [C(NH2)3]3Sb2Cl9
Key words: Organic Crystals; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
P. Bilski, M. Olszewski, N. A. Sergeev, and J. W\casicki
787  Full Text
Experimental Stark Widths and Shifts in the 3p 3D - 3d 3Fo O III Transition
Key words: Plasma Spectroscopy; Line Profiles; Atomic Data.
S. Bukvi\'c, A. Sre\'ckovi\'c, and S. Djeni\vze
791  Full Text
Schottky Barrier Height Dependence on the Metal Work Function for p-type Si Schottky Diodes
Key words: Schottky Diodes; Barrier Height; Series Resistance; Work Function; Miedema Electronegativity.
G. Çankaya and N. Uçar
795  Full Text
Crystal Field Analysis and Electron-phonon Coupling in Sc2O3:Cr3+
Key words: Crystal Field Theory; 3d-ions; Electron-phonon Coupling.
M. G. Brik and N. M. Avram
799  Full Text
Solvent Effects on OH Stretching Frequencies for 3-Arylallyl Alcohols
Key words: Solvent Effects; Allyl Alcohols; IR-Spectroscopy.
S. Y. Hanna, M. Y. Shandala, and S. M. Khalil
804  Full Text
Influence of DPPC Liposome Concentration on the Fluorescence Properties of PRODAN and LAURDAN
Key words: PRODAN, LAURDAN; Locally Excited and Charge Transfer States; Fluorescence Decay Time.
K. A. Kozyra, J. R. Heldt, G. Gondek, P. Kwiek, and J. Heldt
809  Full Text
Local Structure of Molten CdCl2 Systems
Key words: Molten Salt; XAFS; X-ray Diffraction; Structure; Pyrochemistry.
Y. Okamoto, H. Shiwakub, T. Yaita, S. Suzuki, K. Minato, and H. Tanida
819  Full Text
Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Properties of LaBr3 at 300 - 1100 K
Key words: Heat Capacity; Lanthanum Bromide; Enthalpy of Fusion; Thermodynamic Functions.
L. Rycerz, E. Ingier-Stocka, B. Ziolek, S. Gadzuric, and M. Gaune-Escard
825  Full Text
On the Impulsive Motion of Flat Plate in a Generalized Second Grade Fluid
Key words: Generalized Second Grade Fluid; Integral Transforms; Fractional Calculus; Wright Function; Fox's H-function.
M. El-Shahed
829  Full Text
A Theoretical Study of Substituted Cyclobutanones and Their Enols
Key words: Perfluorocyclobutanones; Substituted Cyclobutanones; Keto-enol Equilibria.
M. I. Sway, I. D. Al-Shawabkeh, and S. M. Khalil
838  Full Text
Structural Studies on N-(2,4,5-trichlorophenyl)-2-Chloro- and 2,2,2-trichloroacetamides and N-Chloro-N-(2,4,5-trichlorophenyl)-2-Chloroacetamide
Key words: Crystal Structures; N-(2,4,5-trichlorophenyl)-chloroacetamides; N-chloro-N-(2,4,5-trichlorophenyl)-2-chloroacetamide.
B. T. Gowda, I. Svoboda, and H. Fuess
845  Full Text
Semi Empirical Study of a System Containing a Six-membered Ring
Key words: Six-membered Rings; Conformational Analysis; AM1 Calculations; Quantum Chemical Study.
H. Kara, Y. Yahsi, Y. Elerman, and A. Elmali
853  Full Text
Dielectric Spectroscopy of (bis)Thiourea Pyridinium Bromide
Key words: Dielectric Spectroscopy; Inclusion Compounds; Thiourea; DSC Calorimetry; Pyridinium Salts.
A. Marczak, P. Czarnecki, and S. Mielcarek
857  Full Text
High Resolution Spectroscopy of HCN Isotopomers: H13CN, HC15N, and H13C15N in the Ground and First Excited Bending Vibrational State
Key words: Molecular Spectroscopy; Sub-Doppler Spectroscopy; High Resolution Spectroscopy; HCN; Microwave Spectroscopy; THz Spectroscopy; Hyperfine Structure; Direct l-type Transition.
U. Fuchs, S. Brünken, G. W. Fuchs, S. Thorwirth, V. Ahrens, F. Lewen, Š. Urban, T. Giesen, and G. Winnewisser
861  Full Text
pKas in Dicarboxylic Acids by Constant-pH Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Key words: pKa; Constant-pH Molecular Dynamics; Dicarboxylic Acid.
M. D\lugosz and J. M. Antosiewicz
873  Full Text
Exact Solutions of the N-dimensional Radial Schrödinger Equation with the Coulomb Potential via the Laplace Tranform
Key words: Bound State; Coulomb Potential; Laplace Transforms.
G. Chen
875  Full Text
Mean Amplitudes of Vibration of the trans-IO2F4- Anion
Key words: IO2F4-; Mean Amplitudes of Vibration; Bond Properties.
E. J. Baran
877  Full Text
N u m b e r  12
Original Communications
Structural Role of Water in a Sodium Phosphate Glass by Neutron Diffraction
Key words: Isotopic Substitution; Neutron Scattering; Hydrogen Bridges; Phosphate Glasses.
U. Hoppe, R. Kranold, D. Stachel, A. Barz, and C. J. Benmore
879  Full Text
The Photon Attenuation Coefficients and Thermal Conductivity of Volcanic Rocks
Key words: Thermal Conductivity; Attenuation Coefficients; Radiation Shielding.
I. Akkurt, H. T. Ozkahraman, B. Mavi, and A. Akkurt
888  Full Text
Hydromagnetic Instability Criteria for Stratified Viscoelastic Dusty Finitely Conducting Plasmas
Key words: Hydrodynamic Stability; Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows; Magnetohydrodynamics.
M. F. El-Sayed
893  Full Text
New Variable Separation Excitations of a (2+1)-dimensional Broer-Kaup-Kupershmidt System Obtained by an Extended Mapping Approach
Key words: Extended Mapping Approach; (2+1)-Dimensional BKK System; Localized Excitation.
C.-L. Zheng, J.-P. Fang, and L.-Q. Chen
912  Full Text
Exact Soliton Solutions to an Averaged Dispersion-managed Fiber System Equation
Key words: Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation; Dispersion-managed Solitons; Soliton Propagation; Solitons Interaction; Symbolic Computation.
B. Li
919  Full Text
Electron Momentum Distribution of Terbium by Compton Scattering Technique
Key words: Compton Profile; Electron Momentum Density; Electron-electron Correlation Effects; Cohesive Energy; Rare-earth Metals.
B. L. Ahuja, H. Malhotra, and M. Sharma
927  Full Text
Exact Solutions to Double and Triple Sinh-Gordon Equations
Key words: Transformation; Sinh-Gordon.
Z. Fu, S. Liu, and S. Liu
933  Full Text
On the EPR Parameters of Divalent Cobalt in ZnX (X = S, Se, Te) and CdTe
Key words: Crystal-fields and Spin Hamiltonians; EPR; Co2+; ZnX (X = S, Se, Te); CdTe.
S.-Y. Wu and H.-N. Dong
938  Full Text
Investigation of the Spin Hamiltonian Parameters of Yb3+ in CaWO4 Crystal
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Crystal-field Theory; Superposition Model; Yb3+; CaWO4.
H.-N. Dong and S.-Y. Wu
943  Full Text
Theoretical Studies on the Gyromagnetic Factors for Nd3+ in Scheelites-Type ABO4 Compounds
Key words: EPR; Crystal-fields and Spin Hamiltonian; Nd3+; Scheelite-type ABO4 Compounds (A= Cd, Ca, Pb, Ba; B=Mo, W).
S.-Y. Wu and H.-N. Dong
947  Full Text
Structural and Physical Properties of t-(EDO-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)2(AuBr2)1+y and t-(P-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)2(AuBr2)1+y
Key words: Organic Conductors; Crystal Structure; Electronic Structure; Optical Properties; Conductivity; Magnetotransport.
G. C. Papavassiliou, G. A. Mousdis, G. C. Anyfantis, K. Murata, L. Li, H. Yoshino, H. Tajima, T. Konoike, J. S. Brooks, D. Graf, and E. S. Choi
952  Full Text
A Structural Model for Mixed-Nitrate Ionic Glasses
Key words: Ionic Glasses; Molten Salts.
Z. Akdeniz and M. P. Tosi
957  Full Text
Studies of the Zero-field Splitting for Mn2+ in 6H-RbMgF3 Crystal
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Crystal-Field Theory; Superposition Model; Mn2+; 6H-RbMgF3.
W.-C. Zheng, Y. Mei, X.-X. Wu, and Q. Zhou
961  Full Text
Local Heating and Dissociation of Organic Molecules by IR Fields
Key words: IR Field; Organic Molecules; Vibration Excitation; Dissociation.
H. Jungclas, L. Schmidt, V. V. Komarov, A. M. Popova, and I. O. Stureiko
964  Full Text
MINDO - Forces Calculation of Some Substituted Phenylallyl Cations
Key words: Phenylallyl Cations; Substituted Allyl System; MINDO-Forces.
S. Y. Hanna, S. M. Khalil, and M. Y. Shandala
971  Full Text
Semiempirical Calculations on the Dipole Moment Enhancement in the Solid State
Key words: Dipole Moment Enhancement; Glycine; Calculations; Semiempirical Methods.
G. Raabe
977  Full Text
MINDO-Forces Study on the Keto-Enol Tautomerism of a-Substituted Acetaldehydes XCH2CH=O (X = H, F, OH, CN, NH2, NO2, CH3, CF3, OCH3): Comparison with Acetyl Derivatives
Key words: a-Substituted Acetaldehyde; Keto - Enol Tautomerism; Acetyl Derivative.
W. F. Al-Halasah and S. M. Khalil
980  Full Text
Semiempirical Method MNDO for the Evaluation of the Effect of Different Substituents at the Imine-Carbon Position on the Acetaldemine-Vinylamine Tauotomerization and Comparison to the Substitution at a-Position
Key words: Acetaldemine; Vinylamine; Tautomerism; Imine/enamine; Resonance; MNDO.
H. S. M. Al-Omari
987  Full Text
Computerized Symbolic Computation on a Sixth-order Model for Liquid Waves in the Presence of Surface Tension or a Floating Ice
Key words: Symbolic Computations; Liquid Waves in the Presence of Surface Tension or a Floating Ice; Similarity Reductions; Exact Analytic Solutions
B. Tian and Y.-T. Gao
997  Full Text
Retraction Notice 1004  Full Text
Calorimetric Investigation of Liquid Gallium-based Alloys, Z. Naturforsch. 58a, 473 - 474 (2003).
D. S. Kanibolotsky, N. V. Golovata, O. A. Bieloborodova, and V. V. Lisnyak
1004  Full Text