Graphical Abstracts Vol. 69b (2014)
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Materials Chemistry and Light
M. Bredol, U. Kynast and T. Jüstel
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Fluorescence-active Waveguides by the Sol-Gel Method. Theory and Application
Renata Reisfeld
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Original Communications

Optical Spectroscopy and Crystal Field Studies of the Mn4+ Ion (3d3) in the Double Perovskite NaLaMgTeO6
Alok M. Srivastava, Mikhail G. Brik, Samuel J. Camardello, Holly A. Comanzo, and Florencio Garcia-Santamaria
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Na2Y3Cl3[TeO3]4: Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Properties of the Bulk Material and its Luminescent Eu3+-doped Samples
Sabine Zitzer, Frank Schleifenbaum and Thomas Schleid
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Preparation and Characterization of Transparent, Photoluminescent MgAl2O4:Eu2+ Ceramics
Katja Waetzig and Isabel Kinski
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Energy Recovery from Lu2O3:Tb,Hf Ceramic Storage Phosphors
Eugeniusz Zych and Dagmara Kulesza
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Understanding Persistent Luminescence: Rare-Earth- and Eu2+-doped Sr2MgSi2O7
Mika Lastusaari, Högne Jungner, Aleksei Kotlov, Taneli Laamanen, Lucas C. V. Rodrigues, Hermi F. Brito, and Jorma Hölsä
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Synthesis and Optical Properties of Li3Ba2La3(MoO4)8:Sm3+ Powders for pcLEDs
Florian Baur, Arturas Katelnikovas, Simas Sakirzanovas, Ralf Petry, and Thomas Jüstel
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Development of Nd3+-doped Monoclinic Dimolybdates La2Mo2O9 as Optical Materials
Małgorzata Guzik, Magdalena Bieza, Elbieta Tomaszewicz, Yannick Guyot, and Georges Boulon
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Synchrotron Radiation Study of Interconfigurational 5d-4f Luminescence of Pr3+ in KLuP2O7
Mattia Trevisani, Konstantin Ivanovskikh, Fabio Piccinelli, and Marco Bettinelli
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Efficient Red Emission from Europium Chelate-Silicone Host-Guest Hybrids
Thanh H. Tran, Michael Bentlage, Marina M. Lezhnina, and Ulrich Kynast
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Transparent CuInS2/PMMA Nanocomposites Luminescent in the Visible and NIR Region
Krzysztof Guguła and Michael Bredol
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Functionalization of Sol-Gel Zirconia Composites with Europium Complexes
Nina Danchova and Stoyan Gutzov
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Red (Eu3+), Green (Tb3+) and Ultraviolet (Gd3+) Emitting Nitrilotriacetate Complexes Prepared by One-step Synthesis
Ivan G. N. Silva, Hermi F. Brito, Ernesto R. Souza, Danilo Mustafa, Maria C. F. C. Felinto, Luis D. Carlos, and Oscar L. Malta
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Photoluminescent Tetrazolate-based Eu(III) Complexes: An Outstanding Impact of Aromatic Phosphine Oxide Co-ligands on the Photoluminescence Quantum Yields
Marek Pietraszkiewicz, Suraj Mal, Oksana Pietraszkiewicz, Krzysztof Górski, and Nitin Chelwani
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Tb2(bpdc)3 and Eu2(bpdc)3 Nanoparticles (bpdc: 2,2′-Bipyridine-4,4′-dicarboxylate) and Their Luminescence
Ana Kuzmanoski and Claus Feldmann
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1,3-Thiazole as Suitable Antenna Ligand for Lanthanide Photoluminescence in [LnCl3(thz)4]·0.5thz, Ln = Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy
Nicole Dannenbauer, Ana Kuzmanoski, Claus Feldmann, and Klaus Müller-Buschbaum
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Bidirectional Photoinduced Energy Transfer in Nanoassemblies of Quantum Dots and Luminescent Metal Complexes
Srinidhi Ramachandra, Cristian Alejandro Strassert, David N. Reinhoudt, Daniel Vanmaekelbergh, and Luisa De Cola
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Erratum to: Reaction of Copper(I) Nitrotetrazolate (DBX-1) with Sodium m-Periodate, Z. Naturforsch. 2014, 69b, 125–127.
Thomas M. Klapötke
275 Open Access