Z. Naturforsch. 68a, 759 – 765 (2013)
Spinless Particles Subject to Unequal Scalar-Vector Nuclear Woods–Saxon Potentials in Arbitrary Dimensions
Majid Hamzavi1, Sameer M. Ikhdair2, and Ali Akbar Rajabi3
1 Department of Physics, University of Zanjan, P.O. Box 45196-313, Zanjan, Iran
2 Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, An-Najah National University, P.O. Box 7, Nablus, West Bank, Palestine
3 Department of Physics, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran
Received December 12, 2012 / revised July 22, 2013 / published online November 21, 2013
Reprint requests to: M. H.; E-mail: majid.hamzavi@gmail.com
We present analytical bound state solutions of the spin-zero particles in the Klein–Gordon (KG) equation in presence of an unequal mixture of scalar and vector Woods–Saxon potentials within the framework of the approximation scheme to the centrifugal potential term for any arbitrary l-state. The approximate energy eigenvalues and unnormalized wave functions are obtained in closed forms using a parametric Nikiforov–Uvarov (NU) method. Our numerical energy eigenvalues demonstrate the existence of inter-dimensional degeneracy amongst energy states of the KG-Woods–Saxon problem. The dependence of the energy levels on the dimension D is numerically discussed for spatial dimensions D = 2–6.
Key words: Klein–Gordon Equation; Woods–Saxon Potential; D-Dimensional Space; Parametric Nikiforov–Uvarov Method.
PACS numbers: 03.65.Fd; 03.65.pm; 03.65.ca; 03.65.Ge
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