Z. Naturforsch. 68a, 744 – 750 (2013)
Binding Energies and Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of a Donor Impurity in a Three-Dimensional Quantum Pseudodot
Muharrem Kirak1 and Sait Yilmaz2
1 Department of Science Education, Faculty of Education, Bozok University, 66200 Yozgat, Turkey
2 Department of Physics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Bozok University, 66200 Yozgat, Turkey
Received December 5, 2012 / revised July 11, 2013 / published online September 18, 2013
Reprint requests to: M. K.; E-mail: muharrem.kirak@bozok.edu.tr
A theoretical study of the electronic properties of the ground state and excited states and the linear and the third-order nonlinear optical properties (i. e., absorption coefficients and refractive indices) in a spherical GaAs pseudodot system is reported. The variational procedure has been employed in determining sublevel energy eigenvalues and their wave functions within the effective mass approximation. Our results indicate that the chemical potential of the electron gas and the minimum value of the pseudoharmonic potential have a great influence on the electrical and optical properties of hydrogenic impurity states. Also, we have found that the magnitudes of the absorption coefficient and the refractive index change of the spherical quantum dot increase for transitions between higher levels.
Key words: Quantum Pseudodot; Pseudoharmonic Potential; Hydrogenic Impurity; Nonlinear Optics.
PACS numbers: 73.21.La; 71.55.Eq; 42.65.-k
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