Z. Naturforsch. 68a, 715 – 724 (2013)
Klein–Gordon Solutions for a Yukawa-like Potential
Sameer M. Ikhdair1,2 and Majid Hamzavi3
1 Department of Physics, Near East University, 922022 Nicosia, Northern Cyprus, Mersin 10, Turkey
2 Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, an-Najah National University, Nablus, West Bank, Palestine
3 Department of Science and Engineering, Abhar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Abhar, Iran
Received March 15, 2013 / revised June 24, 2013 / published online October 30, 2013
Reprint requests to: S. M. I.; E-mail: sikhdair@neu.edu.tr and sikhdair@gmail.com
The Klein–Gordon equation for a recently proposed Yukawa-type potential is solved with any orbital quantum number l. In the equally mixed scalar-vector potential fields S(r) =± V(r), the approximate energy eigenvalues and their wave functions for a particle and anti-particle are obtained by means of the parametric Nikiforov–Uvarov method. The non-relativistic solutions are also investigated. It is found that the present analytical results are in exact agreement with the previous ones.
Key words: Klein–Gordon Equation; Yukawa Potential; Parametric Nikiforov–Uvarov Method; Approximation Schemes.
PACS numbers: 03.65.Ge; 03.65.Fd; 03.65.Pm; 02.30.Gp
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