Z. Naturforsch. 68a, 483 – 488 (2013)
Karpman–Washimi Ponderomotive Magnetization and Radiated Power: Streaming and Resonant Effects
Dae-Han Ki1 and Young-Dae Jung1,2
1 Department of Applied Physics, Hanyang University, Ansan, Kyunggi-Do 426-791, South Korea
2 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, MC 0407, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, California 92093-0407, USA
Received November 20, 2012 / revised February 26, 2013 / published online May 1, 2013
Reprint requests to: Y.-D. J.; E-mail: ydjung@hanyang.ac.kr
The electron streaming and resonance effects on the non-stationary Karpman–Washimi nonlinear ponderomotive magnetization and radiated power are investigated in a quantum plasma. The ponderomotive Karpman–Washimi magnetization and radiation power due to the ponderomotive force are obtained as functions of the electron streaming velocity, Fermi velocity, wave frequency, and wave number. In small wave numbers, it is found that the electron streaming effect enhances the Karpman–Washimi ponderomotive magnetization. It is found that the electron streaming effect shifts the resonant wave number to the smaller wave number domain. It is also found that the quantum effect reduces the electron streaming velocity for the ponderomotive magnetization near the resonant wave number. In addition, the wave frequency for the resonant Karpman–Washimi radiated power is found to be increased with increasing wave number.
Key words: Streaming and Resonant Interaction; Karpman–Washimi Nonlinear Magnetization; Ponderomotive Force; Induced Radiated Power; Quantum Plasma.
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