Z. Naturforsch. 68a, 165 – 171 (2013)
Influence of the Dynamic Quantum Shielding on the Transition Bremsstrahlung Spectrum and the Gaunt Factor in Strongly Coupled Semiclassical Plasmas
Young-Dae Jung1 and Woo-Pyo Hong2
1 Department of Applied Physics, Hanyang University, Ansan, Kyunggi-Do 426-791, South Korea and Department of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 110 Eighth Street, Troy, New York 12180-3590, USA
2 Department of Electronics Engineering, Catholic University of Daegu, Hayang, 712-702, South Korea
Received September 25, 2012 / published online February 15, 2013
Reprint requests to: Y.-D. J.; E-mail: ydjung@hanyang.ac.kr
The influence of the dynamic quantum shielding on the transition bremsstrahlung spectrum is investigated in strongly coupled semiclassical plasmas. The effective pseudopotential and the impact parameter analysis are employed to obtain the bremsstrahlung radiation cross section as a function of the de Broglie wavelength, Debye length, impact parameter, radiation photon energy, projectile energy, and thermal energy. The result shows that the dynamic screening effect enhances the transition bremsstrahlung radiation cross section. It is found that the maximum position of the transition bremsstrahlung process approaches to the center of the shielding cloud with increasing thermal energy. It is also found that the dynamic screening effect on the bremsstrahlung radiation cross section decreases with an increase of the quantum character of the semiclassical plasma. In addition, it is found that the peak radiation energy increases with an increase of the thermal energy. It is also found that the dynamic quantum screening effect enhances the bremsstrahlung Gaunt factor, especially for the soft-photon case.
Key words: Dynamic Quantum Screening; Transition Bremsstrahlung; Semiclassical Plasma.
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