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N u m b e r  1/2
Original Communications
High Resolution FTIR Spectroscopy of 1,3,5-Triaziner: The Parallel Bands n11 and n12 of 12C314N3H3, 13C314N3H3, 12C315N3H3, 13C315N3H3 and 12C314N3D3
W. Bodenmüller, M. Pfeffer, R. Ruber, B. Macht, and A. Ruoff
1  Full Text
A Theoretical Approach to Control Chebyshev Polynomials Chaos
A. Posiewnik
10  Full Text
Direct Estimation of the Chemical Potential of Molten NaCl by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
R. Takagi and M. Sakurai
13  Full Text
Electrohydrodynamic Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability of Two Rotating Dielectric Fluids
M. F. El-Sayed
17  Full Text
Mössbauer Studies of Fe2+ in Iron Langbeinites and other Crystals with Langbeinite Structure
M. Windhaus, B. D. Mosel, and W. Müller-Warmuth
27  Full Text
New Aspects in the Calculation of Electronic Momentum Properties; an All-Quantum Study
M. C. Böhm, R. Ramírez, and J. Schulte
38  Full Text
Internal Cation Mobilities in Molten (K, Dy1/3) Cl
H. Matsuura, I. Okada, T. Takagi, and Y. Iwadate
45  Full Text
A Deterministic Entropy Based on the Instantaneous Phase Space Volume
H. H. Diebner and O. E. Rössler
51  Full Text
The Stucture of N-Acetylprolinamide in the Solid State and in the Gasphase. A Remarkable Lattice Effect as the Result of the Competition Between Inter- and Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonds of Different Strengths
G. Raabe, A. Sudeikat, and R. W. Woody
61  Full Text
The Molecular Zeeman Effect of Norbornadiene, ist g-Value, Magnetizability Anisotropies, and Molecular Electric Quadrupole Moment; A High-Resolution Microwave Fourier-Transform Study Combined with Quantum Chemical Calculations
K. Voges, D. H. Sutter, K. Ruud, and T. Helgaker
67  Full Text
Interaction of Alkaline Eart Metal Ions with Carboxylic Acids in Aqueous Solutions studied by 13C NMR Spectoscopy
A. Kondoh and T. Oi
77  Full Text
A. J. Buchmann 92
N u m b e r  3/4
Original Communications
An X-ray Diffraction Study of the Structure of Vitreous P2O5
U. Hoppe, G. Walter, R. Kranold, and D. Stachel
93  Full Text
Dielectric Study of the Ferroelectric Phase Transition in DMAGaS Crystal
R. Tchukvinskyi, R. Cach, and Z. Czapla
105  Full Text
A New Tool for Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Heart Rate Variability
A. Posiewnik and J. D\cabkowski
112  Full Text
Spatio-temporal Analysis of Electroconvection in Nematics
H. Amm, M. Grigutsch, and R. Stannarius
117  Full Text
Study of the Atomic Structure and Phase Separation in Amorphous Si-C-N Ceramics by X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction
S. Schempp, J. Dürr, P. Lamparter, J. Bill, and F. Aldinger
127  Full Text
Dielectric Studies of a Substance with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
S. Urban, B. Gestblom, R. D\cabrowski, and H. Kresse
134  Full Text
Nematic Potential and Order Parameter Determined from Dielectric Measurements
A. Würflinger
141  Full Text
Dielectric Spectroscopy of Some Multihydroxy Compound Solutions in Water/Tetrahydrofuran Mixtures
F. F. Hanna, A. L. G. Saad, A. H. Shafik, R. Biedenkap, and M. Stockhausen
145  Full Text
Structural and Magnetic Characterization of Mixed Oxides: A Study of Li-Ni-O and Li-Mn-O Systems
V. Massarotti, D. Capsoni, M. Bini, C. B. Azzoni, M. C. Mozzati, and A. Paleari
150  Full Text
The Glass Transition Within the Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes
H. Baur
157  Full Text
Zero Eigenvalue Analysis for the Determination of Multiple Steady States in Reaction Networks
Hsing-Ya Li
171  Full Text
The Trouton-Hildebrand-Everett Rule
S. R. Logan
178  Full Text
N u m b e r  5
Original Communications
Thermodynamic Formalism and Phase Transitions of Generalized Mean-Field Quantum Lattice Models
T. Gerisch, A. Rieckers, and H.-J. Volkert
179  Full Text
Three-body Effects in Calcium(II)-ammonia Solutions: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
W. Sidhisoradej, S. Hannongbua, and D. Ruffolo
208  Full Text
Nonlinear Electrohydrodynamic Stability of Two Superposed Bounded Fluids in the Presence of Interfacial Surface Charges
M. F. El-Sayed and D. K. Callebaut
217  Full Text
PVT Measurements on 4'-n-Hexyl-Biphenyl-4-Carbonitrile (6CB) and 4'-n-Heptyl-Biphenyl-4-Carbonitrile (7CB) up to 300 MPa
M. Sandmann and A. Würflinger
233  Full Text
An X-ray Diffraction and Mössbauer Spectroscopy Study of the Reaction between Hematide and Aluminium Activated by Ball Milling
G. Concas, A. Corrias, E. Manca, G. Morongiu, G. Paschina, and G. Spano
239  Full Text
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and DTA Investigation on Cr3+ in Tris(guanidinium) Hexafluoroaluminate Single Crystals
T. L. Kasturi and V. G. Krishnan
245  Full Text
Extended Painlevé Expansion, Nonstandard Truncation and Special Reductions of Nonlinear Evolution Equations
S.-y. Lou
251  Full Text
Atomic Structure of Rare Earth Si-Al-O-N Glasses
H. Uhlig, M.-J. Hoffmann, P. Lamparter, and S. Steeb
259  Full Text
A New Type of Chaotic Attractor
N. Kleiner, S. Fischer, and D. Fröhlich
265  Full Text
N u m b e r  6/7
XIVth International Symposium on Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions
R. Ambrosetti, C. Forte, and C. A. Veracini
268 Full Text
(A) Techniques in NQR and NMR
Development of a Field Cycling NMR System for PQR Detection in Biopolymers
D. Ivanov and A. Redfield
269  Full Text
NMR and NQR Studies of Borate Glasses
P. J. Bray and G. L. Petersen
273  Full Text
2D Off-Resonance Nutation NQR Spectroscopy of Spin 3/2 Nuclei
M. Ma\'ckowiak and P. K\catowski
285  Full Text
Electric Quadrupole Interactions of the Short-Lived b-Emitter 12N in Insulator Crystals (12N Inplanted in Single Crystals TiO2)
T. Minamisono, K. Sato, H. Akai, S. Takeda, Y. Maruvama, K. Matsuta, M. Fukuda, T. Miyake, A. Morishita, T. Izumikawa, and Y. Nojiri
293  Full Text
Double Resonance Detection Using Zero Field Level Crossing
D. Stephenson and J. A. S. Smith
301  Full Text
NMR Detection of Oxygen Isotopes in TiO2 Single Crystal
M. Tanigaki, S. Takeda, K. Matsuta, Y. Matsumoto, T. Miamisono, H. Akai, K. Sato, T. Miyake, Y. Maruyama, A. Morishita, M. Fukuda, and Y. Nojiri
305  Full Text
Field-Swept NMR Spectra of 11B in Pyrex Glass and 93Nb in NbN Pertubed by Quadrupole interaction
H. Yoshida, H. Nishihara, S. Yokota, M. Ohyanagi, and T. Nakaoki
309  Full Text
Powder Zeeman NQR Study on the Absorption Forms for Nuclear Spin 5/2
O. Ege, S. Nishijima, E. Kimura, H. Akiyama, S. Hamai, and H. Negita
314  Full Text
(B) Perturbed Angular Correlation
Ionic Size Induced Defects in Lead Titanate-Zirconate Perovskite Studied by TDPAC Method
J. M. Filho, A. W. Carbonari, E. F. Motta, M. Moralles, R. N. Saxena, M. Olzon-Dionysio, and S. D. de Souza
318  Full Text
Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction at 187W(b-){187}Re in Tungsten Compounds
P. Schmidt, T. Soldner, W. Tröger, X. Ni, T. Butz, and P. Blaha
323  Full Text
Applications of Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions in Materials Research
Zhu Shengyun
340  Full Text
Electric Field Gradients at the In Site in Au-In Compounds
P. Wodniecki, A. Kuli\'nska, B. Wodniecka, and A. Z. Hrynkiewicz
349  Full Text
Electric Quadrupole Interaction at {181}Ta in Isostructural Orthorhombic Cu8Hf3 and Cu8Zr3 Compounds
P. Wodniecki, B. Wodniecka, A. Kuli\'nska, and A. Z. Hrynikiewicz
355  Full Text
(C) Theory of Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions
Evaluation of the 57mFe Quadrupole Moment from Hartree-Fock Calculations
F. Hagelberg and T. P. Das
358  Full Text
Ab initio Study of Nitrogen-14 Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling and NMR Signal Linewidths in Some Azoles
M. Jaszu\'nski and A. Rizzo
362  Full Text
Halogen Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constants in Non-axially Symmetric Molecules; Ab initio Calculations, which Include Correlation, Compared with Experiment
M. H. Palmer and J. A. Blair-Fish
370  Full Text
Halogen Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constants: Comparison of ab inition Calculations which include Correlation, with Experiment
M. H. Palmer, J. A. Blair-Fish, P. Sherwood, and M. F. Guest
383  Full Text
Ab initio Calculations of Electric Fied Gradients for Transition Metal Impurities in TiO2
K. Sato, H. Akai, and T. Minamisono
396  Full Text
Measurement and Calculation of Electric Field Gradients in Hg-Mercaptides
T. Soldner, W. Tröger, T. Butz. P. Blasha, K. Schwart, and the ISOLDE Collaboration
404  Full Text
Calculation of ElectricField Gradients in Isolated Molecules Using the FPLAPW-Code WIEN95
T. Soldner, W. Tröger, T. Butz, P. Blaha, and K. Schwarz
411  Full Text
(D) Phase Transitions and Dynamics
NMR · NQR and DTA · DSC Studies of Phase Transitions in Pyridinium Tetrachloropalladata(II) and Pyridinium Tetrachloroplatinate(II)
T. Asaji, K. Horiuchi, T. Chiba, T. Shimizu, and R. Ikeda
419  Full Text
Dynamics of Liquid Crystals by Means of 2H-NMR: a Comparison between 4,4'-bis(heyloxy)azoxybenzene and the Derivative Pd(II) Complex AZPAC
L. Calucci, C. Forte, M. Geppi, and C. A. Veracini
427  Full Text
Phase Transition and Crystal Dynamics of 4-Bromobenzyl Alcohol
M. Hashimoto, Y. Monobe, H. Terao, H. Niki, and K. Mano
436  Full Text
23Na Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Dehydrated Zeolite NaY
M. Igarashi, N. Okubo, and R. Yoshizaki
442  Full Text
2H and 195Pt NMR Studies of Molecular and Electron Spin Dynamics in Paramagnetic [Cu(H2O)6][PtCl6]
T. Iijima, K. Orii, M. Mizuno, and M. Suhara
447  Full Text
Studies of Successive Phase Transitions and Molecular Motions in [Mg(H2O)6][SiF6] by 1,2H and 19F NMR
J. Kimura, T. Fukase, M. Mizuno, and M. Suhara
453  Full Text
Dynamic Properties and Phase Transitions in A2ZnBr4 (A = (CH3)4N and (CH3)4P) as Studied by 79BrNQR and Multinuclear NMR
H. Tada, H. Nakayama, and N. Nakamura
459  Full Text
Structure and Dynamics of Li3InBr6 and NaInBr4 by Means of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Y. Tomita, K. Yamada, H. Ohki, and T. Okuda
466  Full Text
Temperature Dependence of 2H Quadrupole Coupling Constants in 2H2O and Ionic Motions in Crystalline [M(2H2O)6][SnCl6] (M:Mg, Ca), Studied by 2H NMR and Neutron Powder Diffraction
N. Yoshida, N. Onoda-Yamamuro, S. Ishimaru, K. Horiuchi, and R. Ikeda
473  Full Text
NQR Relaxation Studies on Halogenomethyl Groups in Halogenoacetates
M. Zdanowska-Fr\caczek
480  Full Text
35Cl NQR and 1H NMR Studies of Molecular Motions in Guanidinium Salt of Chloroacetic Acid
M. Zdanowska-Fr\caczek, M. Grottel, and R. Jakubas
484  Full Text
(E) Solid State Properties
Spin Gap, Electronic Crossover, and Charge Density Waves in Y-Ba-Cu-O Superconductors
488  Full Text
Hyperfine Interactions of 57Fe Nuclei in the Study of Interdiffusion Phenomena and Phase Formation
M. Carbucicchio, G. Palombarini, and M. Rateo
492  Full Text
Presure Dependence of the EFG in the Semimetallic Arsenic and Antimony
G. J. Hill, J. M. Keartland, and M. J. R. Hoch
501  Full Text
209Bi NQR and Magnetic Properties of Bismuth Oxide-Based Compounds
E. A. Kravchenko, V. G. Orlov, S. Hai Fam, and Yu. F. Kargin
504  Full Text
Chlorine-35 NQR Study of a Structural Phase Transition in (ND4)2PdCl6
Y. Kume and T. Asaji
514  Full Text
Oxygen Content dependence of 63Cu(1) NQR and Proton NMR in Hydrgen-Doped Antiferromagnetic YBa2Cu3O6+xHy
H. Niki, K. Kano, M. Takase, K. Majikina, K. Yagasaki, T. Shinohara, M. Omori, S. Tomiyoshi, and E. Akiba
518  Full Text
NMR of 51V in VRuP: Possible Onset of Charge-Density-Waves
H. Nishihara, T. Kaomata, K. Sato, N. Suzuki, and T. Harada
524  Full Text
Investigation of Some New Nonlinear Optical Crystals by Means of NQR, IR and X-Ray Diffraction Methods
A. M. Petrosyan, S. S. Terzyan, V. M. Burbelo, and R. P. Sukiasyan
528  Full Text
NQR View of Solid Phases in NOCl
J. Pirnat, Z. Trontelj, and H. Borrmann
537  Full Text
NQR Studies of Halogen Treated 1-2-3 System
Ya. A. Ossipyan, N. S. Sidorov, V. I. Kulakov, V. L. Matukhin, A. I. Pogoreltsev, V. N. Anashkin, I. A. Safin, and L. E. Matukhina
542  Full Text
Phase Transformation and Structure of N-chlorocarbonylisocyanide Dichloride
E. A. Romanenko
546  Full Text
FT-NMR Detection of 45Sc, 49Ti and 93Nb in TiO2 Single Crystal
K. Sato, S. Takeda, S. Fukuda, T. Minamisono, M. Tanigaki, T. Miyake, Y. Maruyama, K. Matsuta, M. Fukuda, and Y. Nojiri
549  Full Text
Comparison of 35Cl NQR Spectra between the Mixed Crystals K2Sn1-xRexCl6 and the Al3+ Doped Crystals K2SnCl6:Al3+
Y. M. Seo, J. Pelzl, and C. Dimitropoulus
552  Full Text
Phase Transitions and Crystal Structure of Dimethylammonium Tribromomercurate(II), (CH3)2NH2HgBr3, as Studied by 81Br NQR and Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction
H. Terao, M. Hashimoto, T. Okuda, and Al. Weiss
559  Full Text
Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions of 27Al in Alexandrite Single Crystal
T. H. Yeom, S. H. Vhoh, K. S. Hong, H. Y. Yeom, Y. H. Park, and Y. M. Yu
568  Full Text
121,123Sb and209Bi Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Study of Complex Compounds of Antimony(III) and Bismuth(III) in the Temperature Range 77 - 400 K
L. A. Zemnukhova and R. L. Davidovich
573  Full Text
(F) Stucture and Bonding
NQR 127I Spectroscopy of Layered Inorganic Compounds Intercalated with Aromatic Amines
T. A. Babushkina and I. V. Seryukova
585  Full Text
A 35Cl NQR Study on Cs2[AuICl2][AuIIICl4]
A. Ishikawa, M. Kursawa, S. Kitahara, A. Sasane, N. Kojima, and R. Ikeda
590  Full Text
23Na NMR and 14N NMR in Mixed Crystals Na1-xAgxNO2
J. K. Jung, Y. M. Seo, and S. H. Chou
595  Full Text
63Cu NQR Studies of Three-coordinated Complexes of Cu(I) with an Isocyanide Ligand
F Khajenouri, S. Motallibi, E. A. C. Lucken
599  Full Text
35Cl NQR, 1H NMR, and X-Ray Diffraction Studies in a Hydrogen Bonded Complex Na2PtCl6 · 6 H2O
H. Miyoshi, K. Horiuchi, N. Sakagami, K. Okamoto, and R. Ikeda
603  Full Text
The Features of Mössbauer Spectra of Hemoglobin in Relation to the Quadrupole Splitting and Heme Iron Stereochemistry
M. I. Oshtrakh
608  Full Text
Experimental Gas-phase Halogen Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constants; A Review
M. H. Palmer
615  Full Text
14N NQR Study of Mixed Complexes (NaNO2)1-x(ANO3)x: (A = K, Na)
Y. M. Park, S. K. Song, Y. M. Seo, J. K. Jung, and S. H. Choh
620  Full Text
63Cu NQR and Structural Studies of Complexes Formed Between Cu(I) Halides and tris(o-methoxyphenyl)- or tris(p-tolyl)phosphine Ligands
S. Ramaprabhu, N. Amstutz, E. A. C. Lucken, and G. Bernardinelli
625  Full Text
Stability of 111In-ligand Complexes Studied by TDPAC
L. G. Shpikova, V. N. Kulakov, A. A. Sorokin, G. K. Ryasny, B. A. Komissarova, and S. M. Nikitin
630  Full Text
N u m b e r  8
Original Communications
Missing Link Between Probability Theory and Quantum Mechanics: the Riesz-Fejér Theorem
F. H. Fröhner
637  Full Text
Estimation of the Chemical Potential and the Activity of NaCl in Molten DyCl3-NaCl by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
M. Sakurai, R. Takagi, A. K. Adya, and M. Gaune-Escard
655  Full Text
Conjectured Breking of the Superluminal Quantum Correlations By Turbulent Fluctuations of the Zero Point Vacuum Field
F. Winterberg
659  Full Text
Reflection of Cluster Beams on the Metal Surfaces: Momentum and Heat Transfer
H. Mayer
663  Full Text
FT-IR Study of the Perpendicular Bands of 1,3,5-Triazine: The n7 and n9 Bands of 12C314N3H3, 13C314N3H3, 12C315N3H3 and the Difference Band n9 - n14 of 12C314N3H3
M. Pfeffer, W. Bodenmüller, and A. Ruoff
670  Full Text
Novel Morphology of Voids in Single-Quasicrystalline Icosahedral Al70.5Pd21.0Mn8.5
Y. Waseda, S. Suzuki, and K. Urban
679  Full Text
Experimental Determination of Dipole Moments of Some Benzamide Derivatives
J. Heldt, J. R. Heldt, and M. Raciniewska
684  Full Text
Higher Dimensional Integrable Models with Painlevé Property Obtained from (1+1)-Dimensional Schwarz KdV Equation
L.-l. Chen and S.-y. Lou
689  Full Text
Magnetic Order in Li-Mn Spinels
C. B. Azzoni, M. C. Mozzati, A. Paleari, V. Massarotti, D. Capsoni, and M. Bini
693  Full Text
Topological Properties of Circumcoronenes
I. Gutman, S.J. Cyvin, and V. Ivanov-Petrovi\'c
699  Full Text
Determination of the Absolute Configuration of Bis(tetrahydropyran2-yl)methane by Comparison of Measured and Calculated CD-spectra
J. Fleischhauer, C. Jansen, A. Koslowski, G. Raabe, J. Schiffer, and A. Wollmer
704  Full Text
Fluorescence Anisotropy Decays of 4-Cyano-N,N-dimethylaniline in Propylene Glycol Studied by Frequency-Domai Fluorometry
A. Kawski, G. Piszczek, I. Gryczy\'nski, and Z. Gryczy\'nski
711  Full Text
Isolated versus Condensed Anion Structure IV: An NQR Study and X-ray Structure Analysis of [H3N(CH2)3NH3]CdI4 · 2H2O [H3CNH2(CH2)3NH3]CdBr4, and[(CH3)3S]2CdBr4
H. Ishihara, K. Horiuchi, S.-q. Dou, T. M. Gesing, J.-C. Buhl, H. Paulus, and H. Fuess
717  Full Text
High resolution spectroscopy of Ar-CH4 and Kr-CH4 in the 7 m region (j = 1 <-- 0 transition)
I. Pak, D. A. Roth, M. Hepp, G. Winnewisser, D. Scouteris, B. J. Howard, and K. M. T. Yamada
725  Full Text
N u m b e r  9
Original Communications
Laboratory Rotational Spectrum of PH (N = 2 <-- 1) in the 1 THz Region}
E. Klisch, H. Klein, G. Winnewisser, and E. Herbst
733  Full Text
On the Ambiguity of Complex Structures Derived from one Set of Rotational Constants
H. Dreizler and S. Kassi
743  Full Text
Analysis of Dispersion and Damping of Ion Waves in Plasma
A.-A. Turky
747  Full Text
Resolution of Ehrenfest Paradox in the Dynamic Interpretation of Lorentz Invariance
F. Winterberg
751  Full Text
MO-Theoretical Studies on a Model Complex for Deoxymyoglobin
Ch. Kollmar, S. F. Fischer, and M. C. Böhm
755  Full Text
Direct Measurement of the Hydrogen-Hydrogen Correlations in Hydrogenated Amorphous Ni56Dy44 by Neutron Diffraction
P. Lamparter, Ma. Nuding, S. Steeb, and R. Bellissent
766  Full Text
Evidence of a Cationic Substitution Domain in Lithium-Manganese Spinels
C. B. Azzoni, M. C. Mozzati, A. Paleari, V. Massarotti, M. Bini, and D. Capsoni
771  Full Text
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Cu2+ Doped Na2HAsO4·7H2O Single Crystals
F. Köksal, \.I. Kartal, and A. Gençten
779  Full Text
Dielectric Relaxation Study of ZnCl2 and ZnBr2 Solutions in Water/DMSO Mixtures
A. Galstian and M. Stockhausen
783  Full Text
PVT Measurements on 4'-n-Octyl-biphenyl-4-Carbonitrile (8CB) up to 300 MPa
M. Sandmann and A. Würflinger
787  Full Text
Coion-Interactions in Molten Salt Systems (M1,M2)X3
A. Klemm and L. Schäfer
793  Full Text
1H and 19F NMR Studies on Molecular Motions in Two Solid Phases of t-Butylammonium Tetrafluoroborate
H. Ishida
796  Full Text
An ab initio Hartree-Fock Investigation of Endohedral Sc@C82 Calculations
A. Gruß, M. C. Böhm, J. Schulte, and K.-P. Dinse
801  Full Text
Particular Solutions for a (3+1)-dimensional generalized Shallow Water Wave Equation
Y.-T. Gao, B. Tian, and W. Hong
806 Full Text
New Exact Solutions for the Generalized Breaking Soliton Equation
Y.-T. Gao, B. Tian, and W. Hong
807 Full Text
N u m b e r  10/11
Original Communications
Dielectric Behaviour of Some Pure Normal Alcohols and their Binary Mixtures
M. A. Eid, I. K. Hakuim, K. N. Abd-El-Nour, A. L. G. Saad, and M. Stockhausen
809  Full Text
Study of Azo Dye-nTPEB Mixtures in the Nematic and Smectic B Phases by Means of Polarized Light Absorption
D. Bauman, E. Chrzumnicka, R. D\cabrowski, and J. Jad\.zyn
813  Full Text
Partially Fractal Impedance Networks
D. Thompson
819  Full Text
NMR Study of Molecular Dynamics in a Dho Columnar Mesophase
C. Cruz, P. J. Sebastião, J. Figueirinhas, A. C. Ribeiro, H. T. Nguyen, C. Destrade, and F. Noack
823  Full Text
Log-Compound-Poisoon Distribution Model of Intermittency in Turbulence
F. Quing-Zeng
828  Full Text
Trial Functions for the Two-Particle Density Functional Variational Method
M. Gilles, H. Neumann, and A. M. Popova
833  Full Text
An Investigation of the Structure of Amorphous Co-P Alloys. 1: X-ray and Neutron Diffraction
Mi. Nuding, P. Lamparter, and S. Steeb
841  Full Text
An Investigation of the Structure of Amorphous Co-P Alloys. 2: EXAFS at the Phosphorous K-edge, a Feasibility Study
Mi. Nuding, P. Lamparter, S. Steeb, F. Neißendorfer, and F. Schäfers
848  Full Text
Theoretical Evaluation of Neutron-nucleus Scattering Parameters from Experimental Data in the 6 £ A < 60 Mass Region
A. Aleksejevs, S. Barkanova, J. Tambergs, T. Krasta, W. Waschkowski, and K. Knopf
855  Full Text
Universality of NMR Results in LISICON Systems and Other Solid Lithium Conductors
R. Bertermann and W. Müller-Warmuth
863  Full Text
Structural Changes in Two Different Types of Oxide Glass Melts: Borate and Metaphospates
G. Herms, J. Sakowski, W.Gerike, and D. Stachel
874  Full Text
Relations between Nematic Potential and Order Parameters <P2> and <P4>
A. Würflinger and S. Urban
883  Full Text
On the Measurement of Rotational Spectra of Monodeuterated Asymmetric Top Molecules in Natural Abundance Demonstrated for Monofluorobenzene
H. Dreizler, U. Andresen, J.-U. Grabow, and D. H. Sutter
887  Full Text
CD-Spectroscopic Confirmation of the Absolute Configuration of a Conformationally Flexible Aldehyde Ester Containing a Quarternary Stereogenic Center
J. Fleischhauer, A. Koslowski, J. Schiffer, A. Wollmer, D. Enders, A. Zamponi, and G. Raabe
891  Full Text
Determination of the Absolute Configuration of 1,5-Diaza-cis-decalin by Comparison of Measured and Calculated CD-Spectra
J. Fleischhauer, G. Raabe, A. G. Santos, J. Schiffer, and A. Wollmer
896  Full Text
Dynamics of Interlayer Cations in Tetramethylammonium-Saponite Studied by 1H, 2H NMR, and Electrical Conductivity Measurements
Shin'ichi Ishimaru, Miho Yamauchi, and Ryuichi Ikeda
903  Full Text
From Small Polyradical Molecules to Infinitely Large p-Electronic Networks - Strongly Subspectral molecular Systems
J. R. Dias
909  Full Text
Structural Investigation of Amorphous Europium Metaphosphate by X-ray Diffraction
M. Cannas, E. Manca, G. Pinna, M. Bettinelli, and A. Speghini
919  Full Text
Avalanche Dynamics in Piles of Two Types of Sand
A. S. Elgazzar and E. Ahmed
928  Full Text
Mean Amplitude of Vibration of the Novel IF52- Anion
E. J. Baran
931 Full Text
N u m b e r  12
Original Communications
Propagating Thermonuclear Burn by Laser Ignition of a Dense Z-Pinch
F. Winterberg
933  Full Text
Effect of Finite Larmor Radius on the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of Two Component Magnetized Rotating Plasma
P. K. Sharma and R. K. Chhajlani
937  Full Text
EPR Study of the Dynamic Jahn-Teller Effect of Cu2+ in CdBa(HCOO)4 · 2 H2O Single Crystals
H. Kalkan, S. Atalay, and I. Senel
945  Full Text
EPR of O2- Radicals in the Zeolites NH4NaY and NH4CaA
F. Köksal and F. Ucan
951  Full Text
Excitation of the 210 nm Zn II Line in a Hollow Cathode He-Ne-Zn Discharge
M. Jánossy and P. Mezei
955  Full Text
Ionic Conduction and Molecular Structure of Molten FeCl3
Z. Akdeniz and M. P. Tosi
960  Full Text
Elastic Constants of Binary Liquid Crystalline Mixtures
A. Kapanowski and K. Sokalski
963  Full Text
On the Experimental Proofs of Relativistic Length Contraction and Time Dilation
O. D. Jefimenko
977  Full Text
13C CP/MAS NMR Study of Motion and Local Structure of Phenethylammonium Ion in [C6H5CH2CH2NH3]2PbX4 (X = Cl, Br, I)
T. Ueda, K. Shimizu, H. Ohki, and T. Okuda
983  Full Text
Dielectric Relaxation Study of Zn(NO3)2, Cu(NO3)2, and Mg(NO3)2 Solutions in Water/DMSO Mixtures
A. Galstian and M. Stockhausen
989  Full Text
The Absolute Configuration of Isoancistrocladine and 'Isohamatine' by Quantumchemical CD-Calculations
J. Fleischhauer, A. Koslowski, Ch. Repges, K.-P. Gulden, G. Bringmann
993  Full Text
Solid State Reaction Study of the System Li2CO3/Fe2O3
V. Berbenni, A. Marini, and D. Capsoni
997  Full Text
63Cu Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Viscosity Studies in Mixed Solvents Containing Acetonitrile
D. S. Gill, L. Byrne, and T. I. Quickenden
1004  Full Text
Statistical Invariances in Artificial, Natural, and Urban Images
Ch. Ziegaus and E. W. Lang
1009  Full Text
Transmission of Binary Information with a Chaos Coded Communication System using QDPSK-Modulation
A. Magauer and S. Banerjee
1022  Full Text
Control of a Chaotic Relay System Using the OGY Method
Th. Holzhüter and Th. Klinker
1029  Full Text
Unravelling the Internal Complexities of Molten Salts
A. K. Adya, R. Takagi, and M. Gaune-Escard
1037  Full Text
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