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Original Communications
Evaluation of the Anticonvulsant Activity of Terpinen-4-ol
Key words: Anticonvulsant Activity, Terpinen-4-ol, Essential Oils
D. P. de Sousa, F. F. F. Nóbrega, L. C. S. L. de Morais, and R. N. de Almeida
1  Full Text
Anti-Hepatitis B Virus Activity of New Pyrimidine and Adenine Peptide Nucleic Acid Analogues
Key words: Peptide Nucleic Acid Analogues, Adenine and Thymine Nucleobases, Anti-Hepatitis B Virus
W. A. El-Zayat, W. A. El-Sayed, and A. A.-H. Abdel-Rahman
6  Full Text
Antihepatotoxic Activity and Chemical Constituents of Buddleja asiatica Lour.
Key words: Buddleja, Iridoid Glycosides, Antihepatotoxic Activity
M. M. El-Domiaty, M. Wink, M. M. A. Aal, M. M. Abou-Hashem, and R. H. Abd-Alla
11  Full Text
Antibacterial Activity and Essential Oil Composition of Satureja spicigera from Iran
Key words: Antibacterial Activity, Essential Oil Composition, Satureja spicigera
F. Eftekhar, F. Raei, M. Yousefzadi, S. N. Ebrahimi, and J. Hadian
20  Full Text
New Naphthoquinone Derivatives from the Ascomycete IBWF79B-90A
Key words: Naphthoquinone, Herbaridine, Cytotoxic Activity
A. Schüffler, J. C. Liermann, H. Kolshorn, T. Opatz, and H. Anke
25  Full Text
Isolated Flavonoids against Mammary Tumour Cells LM2
Key words: Flavonoids, Antitumour Activity, Cytokine
C. B. de A. Carli, D. C. de Matos, F. C. M. Lopes, D. C. G. Maia, M. B. Dias, M. Sannomiya, C. M. Rodrigues, M. A. Andreo, W. Vilegas, L. L. Colombo, and I. Z. Carlos
32  Full Text
Xylomexicanins A and B, New D14,15-Mexicanolides from Seeds of the Chinese Mangrove Xylocarpus granatum
Key words: Xylocarpus granatum, Limonoids, Antiproliferative Activity
L.-R. Shen, M. Dong, D. Guo, B.-W. Yin, M.-L. Zhang, Q.-W. Shi, C.-H. Huo, H. Kiyota, N. Suzuki, and B. Cong
37  Full Text
Two New 11(15->1)Abeotaxanes with a 2,20-Epoxy Ring from the Needles of Taxus canadensis
Key words: Taxus canadensis, 11(15->1)Abeotaxanes, Structure Elucidation, Cell Growth Inhibition
M.-L. Zhang, J. Zhang, M. Dong, S.-H. Feng, C.-H. Huo, F. Sauriol, Q.-W. Shi, Y.-C. Gu, H. Kiyota, and B. Cong
43  Full Text
Sesquiterpenes of the Geosmin-Producing Cyanobacterium Calothrix PCC 7507 and their Toxicity to Invertebrates
Key words: Sesquiterpenes, Isodihydroagarofuran, Cyanobacterium, Insecticide
C. Höckelmann, P. G. Becher, S. H. v. Reuß, and F. Jüttner
49  Full Text
Anti-Infl ammatory and Antinociceptive Activity of Coumarins from Seseli gummiferum subsp.corymbosum (Apiaceae)
Key words: Apiaceae, Anti-Infl ammatory Activity, Antinociceptive Activity
A. Tosun, E. K. Akkol, and E. Yesilada
56  Full Text
Subadditive Interactions between Antioxidants in the Protection against Lipid Peroxidation
Key words: Lipid Peroxidation, Antioxidants, Liposomes, Glutathione
Ł. Piotrowski and G. Bartosz
63  Full Text
Flavonoid Accumulation in Cell Suspension Cultures of Glycyrrhiza inflata Batal under Optimizing Conditions
Key words: Flavonoid Production, Glycyrrhiza inflata Batal, Optimizing Conditions
Y. Yang, F. He, L. Yu, J. Ji, and Y. Wang
68  Full Text
Accumulation of Lignans by in vitro Cultures of Three Linum Species
Key words: Justicidin B, Lignan, Linum
A. Mohagheghzadeh, S. Dehshahri, and S. Hemmati
73  Full Text
The Role of Abscisic Acid in the Response of Two Different Wheat Varieties to Water Deficit
Key words: Abscisic Acid, Relative Water Content, Drought Stress
H. E. Mohamed and G. S. M. Ismail
77  Full Text
Leaf Dehydration Induces Different Content of Phenolics and Ferulic Acid in Drought-Resistant and -Sensitive Genotypes of Spring Triticale
Key words: Triticale, Drought, Phenolics
T. Hura, K. Hura, and S. Grzesiak
85  Full Text
Evaluation of Different Carbon Sources for Growth and Biosurfactant Production by Pseudomonas fluorescens Isolated from Wastewaters
Key words: Biosurfactants, Carbon Sources, Pseudomonas fluorescens
E. Stoimenova, E. Vasileva-Tonkova, A. Sotirova, D. Galabova, and Z. Lalchev
96  Full Text
Interaction of the [PtCl2(DMSO)2] Complex with L-Cysteine
Key words: Platinum Complexes, L-Cysteine, Na+,K+-ATPase
D. Vasic, J. Savic, Z. Bugarcic, D. Krstic, N. Tomic, M. Colovic, M. Petkovic, and V. Vasic
103  Full Text
Modulation of Anticancer Drug-Induced P-Glycoprotein Expression by Naringin
Key words: P-Glycoprotein, Multidrug Resistance, Naringin
M. M. Ali, F. G. Agha, N. M. El-Sammad, and S. K. Hassan
109  Full Text
Action Spectra of Chlorophyll a Biosynthesis in Cyanobacteria: Dark-Operative Protochlorophyllide Oxidoreductase-Deficient Mutants
Key words: Dark-Operative Pchlide Oxidoreductase (DPOR), Light-Dependent Pchlide Oxidoreductase (LPOR), Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
Y. Gao, W. Xiong, M. J. He, L. Tang, J. Y. Xiang, and Q. Y. Wu
117  Full Text
Efficient Extraction of RNA and Analysis of Gene Expression in a Long-Term Taxus Cell Culture Using Real-Time RT-PCR
Key words: RNA Extraction, Taxus, Real-Time RT-PCR
L.-Q. Li, C.-H. Fu, C.-F. Zhao, J. Xia, W.-J. Wu, and L.-J. Yu
125  Full Text
A Solid-State Bioprocess for Selecting Lipase-Producing Filamentous Fungi
Key words: Filamentous Fungi, Lipase, Wheat Bran
L. M. Colla, K. Rezzadori, S. K. Câmara, J. Debon, M. Tibolla, T. E. Bertolin, and J. A. V. Costa
131  Full Text
Cloning and Heterologous Expression of a New 3'-Hydroxylase Gene from Lycoris radiata
Key words: Galanthamine Biosynthesis, 3'-Hydroxylase, Amaryllidaceae
Y.-z. Li, X.-d. Li, Y.-m. Jiang, R. Wang, and B. Xia
138  Full Text
Nucleosides from the Marine Sponge Haliclona sp.
Key words: Marine Sponge, Haliclona, Nucleoside
B. Wang, J. Dong, X. Zhou, K. J. Lee, R. Huang, S. Zhang, and Y. Liu
143  Full Text
Chaperone-Like Effect of Polyzwitterions on the Interaction of C1q with IgG
Key words: C1q Complement Component, Immunoglobulin G, Polyzwitterion, Zwitterionic Surfactant
I. Ivanov, I. Tsacheva, V. Stoyanova, M. Nikolov, M. I. Tchorbadjieva, S. Petrova, L. Christov, V. Georgieva, and G. Georgiev
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Original Communications
A Study of 3-Substituted Benzylidene-1,3-dihydro-indoline Derivatives as Antimicrobial and Antiviral Agents
Key words: Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity, Inhibition of HBV, Indole-2-thione Derivatives, Indole-2-one Derivatives
S. Ölgen and S. Özkan
155  Full Text
Synthesis and Antiviral Evaluation of 5-(1,2,3-Triazol-1-ylmethyl)uridine Derivatives
Key words: 1,2,3-Triazoles, Uridine Derivatives, Anti-Hepatitis A Virus
A. A.-H. Abdel-Rahman and T. Wada
163  Full Text
Genotoxicity of Different tert-Butylcalix[4]crowns
Key words: Calixcrowns, Chromosome Aberrations, Micronuclei
A. Khalila, A. Maslat, A. Hafiz, S. Mizyed, and M. Ashram
167  Full Text
Hydroxycinnamic Acid Amides with Oxazole-Containing Amino Acid: Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity
Key words: Hydroxycinnamoyl Amides, Oxazole, Radical Scavenging Activity
I. Stankova and M. Spasova
176  Full Text
Cytotoxic Activity of Platinum(II) and Palladium(II) Complexes of N-3-Pyridinylmethanesulfonamide: the Infl uence of Electroporation
Key words: Platinum Complexes, Sulfonamides, Cytostatic Agents, Electroporation
N. I. Dodoff, I. Iordanov, I. Tsoneva, K. Grancharov, R. Detcheva, T. Pajpanova, and M. R. Berger
179  Full Text
Trichopyrone and Other Constituents from the Marine Sponge-Derived Fungus Trichoderma sp.
Key words: Marine Fungi, Pyranone, Trichopyranone
A. Abdel-Lateff, K. Fisch, and A. D. Wright
186  Full Text
Cytotoxic Thiophenes from the Root of Echinops grijisii Hance
Key words: Echinops grijisii Hance, Echinothiophenegenol, Cytotoxic Activity
P. Zhang, D. Liang, W. Jin, H. Qu, Y. Cheng, X. Li, and Z. Ma
193  Full Text
In vitro Antioxidant Capacities of Two Benzonaphthoxanthenones: Ohioensins F and G, Isolated from the Antarctic Moss Polytrichastrum alpinum
Key words: ABTS, DPPH, Polytrichastrum alpinum, Nitric Oxide
H. D. Bhattarai, B. Paudel, H. K. Lee, H. Oh, and J. H. Yim
197  Full Text
Hepatoprotective Triterpenes from Hairy Root Cultures of Ocimum basilicum L.
Key words: Ocimum basilicum, Hairy Root Cultures, Hepatoprotective Triterpenes
A. M. Marzouk
201  Full Text
Antimalarial Compounds from the Stem Bark of Vismia laurentii
Key words: Vismia laurentii, Tetracyclic Triterpene, Antimalarial Activity
D. T. Noungoue, M. Chaabi, S. Ngouela, C. Antheaume, F. F. Boyom, J. Gut, P. J. Rosenthal, A. Lobstein, and E. Tsamo
210  Full Text
Synthesis and Biotransformation of Tetrahydroquinoline by Mortierella isabelina
Key words: Mortierella isabelina, Biotransformation, Tetrahydroquinoline, Imino Diels-Alder Reaction
L. Astudillo, W. De la Guarda, M. Gutiérrez, and A. San-Martín
215  Full Text
Optimized Nutrient Medium for Galanthamine Production in Leucojum aestivum L. in vitro Shoot System
Key words: Galanthamine, Leucojum aestivum Shoot Culture, Medium Optimization
V. Georgiev, S. Berkov, M. Georgiev, M. Burrus, C. Codina, J. Bastida, M. Ilieva, and A. Pavlov
219  Full Text
Brassinosteroids Counteract Abscisic Acid in Germination and Growth of Arabidopsis
Key words: Abscisic Acid, Brassinosteroids, Germination, Stomatal Aperture
L.-W. Xue, J.-B. Du, H. Yang, F. Xu, S. Yuan, and H.-H. Lin
225  Full Text
Lack of Salicylic Acid in Arabidopsis Protects Plants against Moderate Salt Stress
Key words: Ascorbic Acid, Glutathione, Salicylic Acid, Oxidative Damage
Y. Cao, Z.-W. Zhang, L.-W. Xue, J.-B: Du, J. Shang, F. Xu, S. Yuan, and H.-H. Lin
231  Full Text
Production of Isofl avonoids in Callus Cultures of Pueraria candollei var. mirifica
Key words: Pueraria candollei var. mirifica, Isofl avonoids, Callus Cultures
L. Udomsuk, K. Jarukamjorn, H. Tanaka, and W. Putalun
239  Full Text
The Fatty Acid Synthase of the Basidiomycete Omphalotus olearius Is a Single Polypeptide
Key words: Omphalotus olearius, Fatty Acid Synthase, Basidiomycete
L. Antelo, A. Schlipp, C. Hof, K. Eisfeld, H. Berg, T. Hornbogen, R. Zocher, and H. Anke
244  Full Text
Geranyl Acetate Esterase Controls and Regulates the Level of Geraniol in Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus Nees ex Steud.) Mutant cv. GRL-1 Leaves
Key words: Geraniol-Rich Lemongrass (GRL-1), Geraniol, Geranyl Acetate, Geranyl Acetate Esterase
D. Ganjewala, and R. Luthra
251  Full Text
Identifi cation and Phylogenetic Analysis of New Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Isolated from Oilfield Samples
Key words: Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion, Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria, 16S rDNA
W. Chen, F. Xiang, J. Fu, Q. Wang, W. Wang, Q. Zeng, and L. Yu
260  Full Text
Attractant for Vinegar Fly, Drosophila busckii, and Cluster Fly, Pollenia rudis (Diptera: Drosophilidae et Calliphoridae)
Key words: Attractiveness, Field Trapping, Methyl Salicylate
V. Buda, S. Radziute, and E. Lutovinovas
267  Full Text
New Pyridine Alkaloids from Rove Beetles of the Genus Stenus (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)
Key words: Rove Beetles, Stenus, Stenusine, Pyridine Alkaloids
I. Lusebrink, K. Dettner, A. Schierling, T. Müller, C. Daolio, B. Schneider, J. Schmidt, and K. Seifert
271  Full Text
Depth-Related Alkaloid Variation in Mediterranean Aplysina Sponges
Key words: Aplysina Sponges, Bromoisoxazoline Alkaloids, Depth Profile, Chemical Variation
A. Putz, A. Kloeppel, M. Pfannkuchen, F. Brümmer, and P. Proksch
279  Full Text
Cross-Reactivity of Schistosoma mansoni-Fasciola gigantica Influenced by Saponins
Key words: Schistosoma mansoni, Fasciola gigantica, Atriplex nummularia
A. S. Maghraby, K. H. Shaker, and H. M. Gaber
288  Full Text
De-Novo Cloning of FKBP23 cDNA from Pig ER Using Nested PCR
Key words: FKBP23, Nested PCR, Peptidylprolyl cis-trans Isomerase
R. Han, Y. Wang, C. Chen, Z. Zhao, and H. Mi
297  Full Text
Rab5 Affinity Chromatography without Nonhydrolyzable GTP Analogues
Key words: GTPgS, GppNHp, Rab5 Affinity Chromatography
M. Hagiwara, K.-I. Kobayashi, T. Tadokoro, and Y. Yamamoto
303  Full Text
7-Ketocholesterol Induces Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in HT-29 Cells
Key words: 7-Ketocholesterol, Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, Human Colon Cancer HT-29 Cell Line
W.-H. Lee, C. S. Lee, K. Kwon, Y.-S. Kwon, S.-W. Kim, T.-W. Good, and O-Y. Kwon
307  Full Text
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Original Communications
Alkaloids from Sternbergia colchiciflora
Key words: Sternbergia colchiciflora, Amaryllidaceae, Alkaloids, GC-MS
S. Berkov, J. Bastida, R. Tsvetkova, F. Viladomat, and C. Codina
311  Full Text
Cytotoxicity of Vincristine on the 5637 Cell Line Is Enhanced by Combination with Conferone
Key words: Conferone, Vincristine, 5637 Cell Line
Vajiheh Neshati, Maryam M. Matin, Mehrdad Iranshahi, A. R. Bahrami, J. Behravan, S. Mollazadeh, and F. B. Rassouli
317  Full Text
Anti-Hepatitis B Virus Activity of New N4-b-D-Glycoside Pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine Derivatives
Key words: Pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidines, N-Glycosides, Anti-Hepatitis B Virus
W. A. El-Sayed, M. M. M. Ramiz, and A. A.-H. Abdel-Rahman
323  Full Text
Hepatoprotective and Antioxidant Activity of Two Iridoids from Mussaenda 'dona aurora’
Key words: Mussaenda, Iridoids, Sanshiside-D, Antioxidant
K. S. Vidyalakshmi, S. Nagarajan, H. R. Vasanthi, Venkappaya, and V. Rajamanickam
329  Full Text
Cassiaindoline, a New Analgesic and Anti-Infl ammatory Alkaloid from Cassia alata
Key words: Cassia alata L., Analgesic, Anti-Infl ammatory, Cassiaindoline
I. M. Villaseńor and A. C. Sanchez
335  Full Text
Antimicrobial Activity of Gentiana lutea L. Extracts
Key words: Gentiana lutea, Antimicrobial Activity, Gentiopicrin
K. Šavikin, N. Menkovi\'c, G. Zduni\'c, T. Stevi\'c, Dr. Radanovi\'c, and T. Jankovi\'c
339  Full Text
Xanthanolides with Antitumour Activity from Xanthium italicum
Key words: Xanthium italicum, Xanthanolides, Antitumour Activity
A. Kovács, A. Vasas, P. Forgo, B. Réthy, I. Zupkó, and J. Hohmann
343  Full Text
A New Tetrahydrofuran Derivative from the Endophytic Fungus Chaetomium sp. Isolated from Otanthus maritimus
Key words: Endophytes, Chaetomium, Natural Products, Structure Elucidation
A. H. Aly, A. Debbab, R. Edrada-Ebel, V. Wray, W. E. G. Müller, W. Lin, R. Ebel, and P. Proksch
350  Full Text
Co-Production of Bisphenylpropanoid Amides and Meroterpenes by an Endophytic Penicillium brasilianum Found in the Root Bark of Melia azedarach
Key words: Melia azedarach, Penicillium brasilianum, Bisphenylpropanoid, Brasiliamide
T. P. Fill, R. M. Geris dos Santos, A. Barisson, E. Rodrigues-Filho, and A. Q. L. Souza
355  Full Text
Immunomodulatory and Anti-Infl ammatory Activity of Selected Osthole Derivatives
Key words: Peucedanum ostruthium (L.) W. Koch, Osthole Derivatives, Humoral Immune Response, Carrageenan
M. Zimecki, J. Artym, W. Cisowski, I. Ma\.zol, M. W\lodarczyk, and M. Gle\'nsk
361  Full Text
The Interleukin-18 Inhibitory Activities of Echinocystic Acid and its Saponins from Impatiens pritzellii var. hupehensis
Key words: Echinocystic Acid, Impatiens pritzellii var. hupehensis, Interleukin-18
X.-F. Zhou, L. Tang, P. Zhang, X.-Y. Zhao, H.-F. Pi, Y.-H. Zhang, H.-L. Ruan, Y. Liu, and J.-Z. Wu
369  Full Text
Bioactive Chemical Constituents and Comparative Antimicrobial Activity of Callus Culture and Adult Plant Extracts from Alternanthera tenella
Key words: Alternanthera tenella, Amaranthaceae, Callus Culture, Antimicrobial Activity
M. J. Salvador, P. S. Pereira, S. C. França, R. C. Candido, I. Y. Ito, and D. A. Dias
373  Full Text
Selenium Accumulation in Mycelia of Flammulina velutipes during Fermentation Determined by RP-HPLC
Key words: Flammulina velutipes, Mycelia, RP-HPLC, Selenium
Y. Ma, F. Xiang, W. Jin, N. Liao, and L. Yu
382  Full Text
Ethylamine Content and Theanine Biosynthesis in Different Organs of Camellia sinensis Seedlings
Key words: Alanine, Ethylamine, Theanine Biosynthesis, Camellia sinensis
W.-W. Deng, S. Ogita, and Hi. Ashihara
387  Full Text
Cell Viability and Leakage of Electrolytes in Avicennia germinans Exposed to Heavy Metals
Key words: Avicennia germinans, Cadmium, Copper, Cell Viability
D. Gonzalez-Mendoza, A. Quiroz-Moreno, R. E. G. Medrano, O. Grimaldo-Juarez, and O. Zapata-Perez
391  Full Text
Neuroprotective and Neurotrophic Effects of Isorosmanol
Key words: S.-Y. Park
Isorosmanol, Neurotrophic Effect, Beta-amyloid
395  Full Text
Some Physicochemical Peculiarities of Poplar Plastocyanins a and b
Key words: Plastocyanin, Dimorphism, Photosynthesis
P. K. Christova, A. A. Donchev, A. C. Shosheva, V. I. Getov, and M. I. Dimitrov
399  Full Text
Isolation and Characterization of New Metschnikowia pulcherrima Strains as Producers of the Antimicrobial Pigment Pulcherrimin
Key words: Biocontrol, Pulcherrimin, Antagonistic Yeasts
S. Türkel and B. Ener
405  Full Text
Prevention of Copper-Induced Calcium Infl ux and Cell Death by Prion-Derived Peptide in Suspension-Cultured Tobacco Cells
Key words: Aequorin, Copper Phytotoxicity, Prion Protein
T. Kagenishi, K. Yokawa, M. Kuse, M. Isobe, F. Bouteau, and T. Kawano
411  Full Text
Effect of DNA Methylation on 18S rRNA Gene Sequences during Culture of Taxus chinensis Cells
Key words: 18S rRNA Gene, DNA Methylation, Taxus chinensis Cell
F. Xiang, L. Li, R. Yin, W. Jin, and L. Yu
418  Full Text
Micro-Particle Transporting System Using Galvanotactically Stimulated Apo-Symbiotic Cells of Paramecium bursaria
Key words: BioMEMS, Green Paramecia, Particle Transport
S. Furukawa, C. Karaki, and T. Kawano
421  Full Text
Lipophilic Compounds from the Femoral Gland Secretions of Male Hungarian Green Lizards, Lacerta viridis
Key words: Lacerta viridis, Waxy Esters, Steroids, Tocopherol
R. Kopena, P. López, and J. Martín
434  Full Text
Effects of Limonoids from Cipadessa fruticosa on Fall Armyworm
Key words: Limonoids, Cipadessa fruticosa, Spodoptera frugiperda
A. P. Matos, A. C. Leite, L. G. Batista-Pereira, P. C. Vieira, J. B. Fernandes, and M. F. d. G. F. da Silva
441  Full Text
Alkylation of Adenosine Deaminase and Thioredoxin by Acrylamide in Human Cell Cultures
Key words: Acrylamide, Alkylation, Cytotoxicity, Mode of Action
T. Schwend, M. Möller, J. Schabacker, T. Ruppert, and M. Wink
447  Full Text
Inhibitors of ABC Transporters and Biophysical Methods to Study their Activity
Key words: ABC Transporters, Inhibitors, Saccharomyces cerevisiae
D. Bartosiewicz and A. Krasowska
454  Full Text
N u m b e r  7 / 8
Is the Concept of Photosynthetic Units Verified?
Key words: Principles of Photosynthesis, Concept of Photosynthetic Units
Y. Zeinalov
459  Full Text
Original Communications
LC-MS and LC-PDA Analysis of Hypericum empetrifolium and Hypericum sinaicum
Key words: Hypericum, Naphthodianthrones, Phloroglucinols
F. Q. Alali, K. Tawaha, and M. Gharaibeh
476  Full Text
Antiviral and Antischistosomal Evaluation of Newly Synthesized Thioglycosides and their Acyclic Analogues
Key words: Pyrimidine Thione, Thioglycosides, Antischistosomiasis
A. M. Srour, A. E.-H. A. Ismail, S. M. El-Kosy, and I. F. Zeid
483  Full Text
Antiproliferative Activity on Human Cancer Cell Lines after Treatment with Polyphenolic Compounds Isolated from Iris pseudopumila Flowers and Rhizomes
Key words: Iris pseudopumila, Antiproliferative Activity, Phenolic Compounds
F. Conforti, F. Menichini, D. Rigano, and F. Senatore
490  Full Text
Phytoconstituents of Jatropha curcas L. Leaves and their Immunomodulatory Activity on Humoral and Cell-Mediated Immune Response in Chicks
Key words: Jatropha curcas, Bifl avone Di-C-glucoside, Immune Response
H. I. Abd-Alla, F. A. Moharram, A. H. Gaara, and M. M. El-Safty
495  Full Text
Antifeedant Activity of Anticopalic Acid Isolated from Vitex hemsleyi
Key words: Vitex hemsleyi, Antifeedant Activity, Anticopalic Acid, Spodoptera frugiperda
C. V. Gómez, M. Martínez-Vázquez, and B. Esquivel
502  Full Text
Bioactivity of Flavonoids Isolated from Lychnophora markgravii against Leishmania amazonensis Amastigotes
Key words: Lychnophora markgravii, Flavonoids, Biological Activity
M. J. Salvador, F. T. Sartori, A. C. B. C. Sacilotto, E. M. F. Pral, S. C. Alfieri, and W. Vichnewski
509  Full Text
Biological Activity of a Phloroglucinol Glucoside Derivative from Conyza aegyptiaca
Key words: Conyza aegyptiaca, Asteraceae, Phloroglucinol Glucoside, Antioxidant
A. A. Mahmoud, S. S. Al-Shihry, and M.-E. F. Hegazy
513  Full Text
Cytotoxic Activities of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from the Endangered, Chinese Endemic Species Dysosma pleiantha
Key words: Dysosma pleiantha, Endophytic Fungi, Brine Shrimp, Cytotoxicity
Y. Lu, S. Chen, and B. Wang
518  Full Text
New Caloporoside Derivatives and their Inhibition of Fungal Spore Germination
Key words: Caloporoside, Spore Germination Inhibition, Gloeoporus dichrous
A. Schüffler, J. C. Liermann, H. Kolshorn, T. Opatz, and T. Anke
521  Full Text
Glucose Signaling Pathway and Growth Conditions Regulate Gene Expression in Retrotransposon Ty2
Key words: Frameshift, Ty Elements, Glucose Sensing
S. Türkel, Ö. Bayram, and E. Ar\ik
526  Full Text
In vitro Cultures of Cyclopia Plants (Honeybush) as a Source of Bioactive Xanthones and Flavanones
Key words: Honeybush, Plant in vitro Culture, LC-ESI-MS Analysis
A. Kokotkiewicz, M. Wnuk, A. Bucinski, and M. Luczkiewicz
533  Full Text
Effect of Abiotic and Biotic Elicitors on Growth and Alkaloid Accumulation of Lycoris chinensis Seedlings
Key words: Lycoris chinensis, Galanthamine, Alkaloid Accumulation
H.-m. Mu, R. Wang, X.-d. Li, Y.-m. Jiang, C.-y. Wang, J.-p. Quan, F. Peng, and B. Xia
541  Full Text
Structure-Activity Relationship of Taxol Inferring from Docking Taxol Analogues to Microtubule Binding Site
Key words: Molecular Docking, Structure-Activity Relationship, Taxol, Tubulin
F. Xiang, J. Yu, R. Yin, Y. Ma, and L. Yu
551  Full Text
Genetic Stability, Active Constituent, and Pharmacoactivity of Salvia miltiorrhiza Hairy Roots and Wild Plant
Key words: Salvia miltiorrhiza, Hairy Roots, Genetic Stability, Pharmacoactivity
Y. Yuan, Y. Liu, D. Lu, L. Huang, R. Liang, Z. Yang, and S. Chen
557  Full Text
Isolation and Expression Analysis of Two DOPA Dioxygenases in Phytolacca americana
Key words: Betalain, DOPA Dioxygenase, Phytolacca americana
K. Takahashi, E. Takamura, and M. Sakuta
564  Full Text
Construction and Application of a Baculovirus Genomic Library
Key words: Baculovirus, Genomic DNA Library, Helicase Promoter
Y. Chen, X. Lin, Y. Yi, Y. Lu, and Z. Zhang
574  Full Text
Extraction of Trace Amount of Severely Degraded DNA
Key words: DNA Extraction, Highly Processed Material, Severely Degraded DNA
P. Lv, X. Zhou, J. You, B.-C. Ye, and Y. Zhang
581  Full Text
The Sex Pheromone of the Sand Sagebrush Carpenterworm, Holcocerus artemisiae (Lepidoptera, Cossidae)
Key words: Sex Pheromone, (Z)-5-Dodecenyl Acetate, Holcocerus artemisiae
J. Zhang, X. Jing, Y. Luo, Z. Li, S. Zong, and M. Yang
590  Full Text
Induction of Metalloproteinase 9 Secretion from Human Keratinocytes by Pleuran (b-Glucan from Pleurotus ostreatus)
Key words: MMP-9, Glucan, Keratinocytes
J. Majtán, P. Kumar, J. Koller, J. Dragú\vnová, and Ján Gabri\vz
597  Full Text
DNA Damage and Repair of Head and Neck Cancer Cells after Radio- and Chemotherapy
Key words: Head and Neck Cancer, DNA Damage, Comet Assay
P. Rusin, A. Walczak, A. Zwierzchlejska, J. Olszewski, A. Morawiec-Bajda, D. Kaczmarczyk, K. Kusmierczyk, P. Garncarek, D. Pytel, T. Sliwin\'nski, and I. Majsterek
601  Full Text
N u m b e r  9 / 10
Seasonal Variation in the Essential Oil Composition of Origanum majorana L. Cultivated in Egypt
Key words: Origanum majorana, Essential Oil, Seasonal Variation
F. M. Soliman, M. F. Yousif, S. S. Zaghloul, and M. M. Okba
611  Full Text
Pharmacological Study on Some New 3-[(1-Methylpyrrol-2-yl)methyl]-4-Substituted 4,5-Dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-ones
Key words: 1,2,4-Triazol-5-one, Pharmacological Screening
M. Pitucha, A. Chodkowska, R. Duda, and E. Jagiello-Wójtowicz
615  Full Text
Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Indole-2-carboxamides As Potent Lipid-Lowering Agents in Triton-WR-1339-Induced Hyperlipidemic Rats
Key words: BMI2C [N-(4-Benzoylphenyl)-5-methoxy-1H-indole-2-carboxamide], DDMI2C [N-(9,10-Dihydro-9,10-dioxoanthracen-2-yl)-5-methoxy-1H-indole-2-carboxa mide], Antihyperlipidemic Activity
T. Al-Qirim, M. Shahwan, G. Shattat, Y. Al-Hiari, G. Abu Sheikha, and S. Zaidi
619  Full Text
Myricetin May Provide Protection against Oxidative Stress in Type 2 Diabetic Erythrocytes
Key words: Diabetes mellitus, Erythrocyte, Myricetin, Oxidative Stress
K. B. Pandey, N. Mishra, and S. I. Rizvi
626  Full Text
N'-Alkyl Derivatives of L-Glutamine As Inhibitors of Glutamine-Utilizing Enzymes
Key words: L-Glutamine Derivatives, Synthesis, N-Alkylamide Formation
M. Prokop, J. Czarnecka, and M. J. Milewska
631  Full Text
3-O-trans-Caffeoylisomyricadiol: A New Triterpenoid from Tamarix nilotica Growing in Saudi Arabia
Key words: Tamarix nilotica, 3-O-trans-Caffeoylisomyricadiol, Antioxidant Activity
R. S. Orfali, S. S. Ebada, A. M. El-Shafae, A. M. Al-Taweel, W. H. Lin, V. Wray, and P. Proksch
637  Full Text
Cytotoxicity of 3-O-(b-D-Glucopyranosyl) Etioline, a Steroidal Alkaloid from Solanum diphyllum L.
Key words: Solanum diphyllum, Steroidal Alkaloid, Cytotoxicity
M.-E. F. Hegazy, S. J. Hossain, M. G. Sheded, and S. Ohta
644  Full Text
Diterpenes from Xylopia langsdorffiana Inhibit Cell Growth and Induce Differentiation in Human Leukemia Cells
Key words: Xylopia langsdorffiana, Diterpenes, Cytotoxicity
M. V. S. C. Branco, M. C. Anazetti, M. S. Silva, J. F. Tavares, M. F. F. Melo Diniza, L. Frungillo, M. Haun, and P. S. Melo
650  Full Text
Free Phenolic Acids from the Seaweed Halimeda monile with Antioxidant Effect Protecting against Liver Injury
Key words: Halimeda monile, Antioxidant Activity, Hepatoprotective Effect
E. R. S de Andrade-Wartha, A. M. de O e Silva, J. R. Pinto, and D. A. Portari Mancini
657  Full Text
Lichen Metabolites Modulate Hydrogen Peroxide and Nitric Oxide in Mouse Macrophages
Key words: Lichens, Hydrogen Peroxide, Nitric Oxide
D. C. G. Maia, F. P. Benzatti, T. I. B. Lopes, A. S. Gianini, R. L. Brum, W. Vilegas, L. C. dos Santos, and N. K. Honda
664  Full Text
On the Minimum Quantum Requirement of Photosynthesis
Key words: Photosynthetic Light Curves, Quantum Effi ciency or Quantum Yield of Photosynthesis, Quantum Requirement of Photosynthesis
Y. Zeinalov
673  Full Text
The Origin of Spectral Effects in Photosynthesis
Key words: Photosynthetic Light Curves, Action Spectra of Photosynthesis, Red Drop Effect, Enhancement Effect
Y. Zeinalov
680  Full Text
Isoflavonoid Production in a Hairy Roots Culture of Pueraria candollei
Key words: Isoflavonoid, Hairy Roots Culture, Pueraria candollei
L. Udomsuk, K. Jarukamjorn, H. Tanaka, and W. Putalun
687  Full Text
Dicentrine Production from a Hairy Roots Culture of Stephania suberosa
Key words: Dicentrine, Hairy Roots, Stephania suberosa
W. Putalun, G. Yusakul, and D. Patanasethanont
692  Full Text
Identification of Sugar Signals Controlling the Nitrate Uptake by Rice Roots Using a Noninvasive Technique
Key words: Noninvasive Technique, Sugars, OsNrt2.1 Gene
S. Zhou, X. Gao, C. Wang, G. Yang, W. J. Cram, and G. He
697  Full Text
Enhanced Expression of Alternative Oxidase Genes Is Involved in the Tolerance of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Seedlings to Drought Stress
Key words: Rice, Alternative Respiratory Pathway, Drought Stress, Stress Signals
H.-Q. Feng, H.-Y. Li, and K. Sun
704  Full Text
Detection of Huanglongbing (Citrus Greening) Disease by Nucleic Acid Spot Hybridization
Key words: Huanglongbing, PCR Detection, Nucleic Acid Spot Hybridization, Non-Radioactive Probes
K. Gopal, S. Sudarsan, V. Gopi, L. N. Naidu, M. Ramaiah, Y. Sreenivasulu, and E. Wesley
711  Full Text
Heavy Metal Accumulation in Pseudevernia furfuracea (L.) Zopf from the Karabük Iron-Steel Factory in Karabük, Turkey
Key words: Lichen Monitoring, Heavy Metal, Iron-Steel Factory
D. Cansaran-Duman, O. Atakol, I. Atasoy, D. Kahya, S. Aras, and T. Beyaztas
717  Full Text
Purification and Characterization of Tyrosinases from Streptomyces albus
Key words: Tyrosinase, Streptomyces albus, Enzyme Kinetics
A. Dolashki, A. Gushterova, W. Voelter, and B. Tchorbanov
724  Full Text
The Sex Pheromones of Two Pine Sawfly Species, Gilpinia frutetorum and Gilpinia socia: Chemical Identifi cation, Synthesis and Biological Activity
Key words: Sex Pheromone, Gilpinia frutetorum, Gilpinia socia
E. Hedenström, H. Edlund, A.-B. Wassgren, G. Bergström, O. Anderbrant, F. Östrand, A. Sierpinski, M.-A. Auger-Rozenberg, A. Herz, W. Heitland, and M. Varama
733  Full Text
The Infl uence of Hypergravity on the Paramecium bursaria-Chlorella sp. Symbiotic Association
Key words: Endosymbiosis, Hypergravity, Paramecium
T. Bator and R. Pado
743  Full Text
Biochemical Identification of Dynein-ATPase Activity in Human Sperm
Key words: Human Sperm, Dynein-ATPase, Axoneme
C. Y. Vívenes, R. D. Peralta-Arias, M. I. Camejo, K. Guerrero, V. H. Fernández, S. Pińero, T. Proverbio, F. Proverbio, and R. Marín
747  Full Text
Localization of Enolase in the Subfractions of a Breast Cancer Cell Line
Key words: a-Enolase, MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells, Plasminogen
E. Seweryn, J. Pietkiewicz, I. S. Bednarz-Misa, I. Ceremuga, J. Saczko, J. Kulbacka, and A. Gamian
754  Full Text
Antioxidant Activity of an Unusual 3-Hydroxyindole Derivative Isolated from Fruits of Aristotelia chilensis (Molina) Stuntz
Key words: Hydroxyindole, Antioxidant Activity, Aristotelia chilensis
C. L. Céspedes, J. Alarcon, M. Valdez-Morales, and O. Paredes-López
759  Full Text
N u m b e r  11 / 12
Characterization of Calcium Oxalate Biominerals in Pereskia Species (Cactaceae)
Key words: Pereskia, Biominerals, Whewellite, Infrared Spectroscopy
P. V. Monje and E. J. Baran
763  Full Text
Anti-Hepatitis B Virus Activity of New Substituted Pyrimidine Acyclic Nucleoside Analogues
Key words: Pyrimidines, Acyclic Nucleosides, Anti-Hepatitis B Virus
A. A.-H. Abdel-Rahman, I. F. Zeid, H. A. Barakat, and Wael A. El-Sayed
767  Full Text
Anti-HIV Activity of New Substituted 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives and their Acyclic Nucleoside Analogues
Key words: Sugar Hydrazones, 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles, Acyclic Nucleosides, Antiviral Activity
W. A. El-Sayed, F. A. El-Essawy, O. M. Ali, B. S. Nasr, M. M. Abdalla, and A. A.-H. Abdel-Rahman
773  Full Text
Antimycobacterial Activity of Natural and Semi-Synthetic Lignans
Key words: Cubebin, Lignans, Antimycobacterial Activity
M. L. A. Silva, C. H. G. Martins, R. Lucarini, D. N. Sato, F. R. Pavan, N. H. A. Freitas, L. N. Andrade, A. C. Pereira, T. N. C. Bianco, A. H. C. Vinholis, W. R. Cunha, J. K. Bastos, R. Silva, and A. A. da Silva Filho
779  Full Text
Antimicrobial Activity of New 2,4-Disubstituted Thiazolidinone Derivatives
Key words: Thiazolidinones, Diaza-1,3-thiazole, Antimicrobial Activity
W. A. El-Sayed, Y. K. Abdel-Monem, N. M. Yousifa N. Tawfek, M. T. Shaaban, and A. A.-H. Abdel-Rahman
785  Full Text
Activity of Armillarisin B in vitro against Plant Pathogenic Fungi
Key words: Armillariella tabescens, Armillarisin B, Antifungal Activity
J.-W. Shen, B.-J. Ma, W. Li, H.-Y. Yu, T.-T. Wu, and Y. Ruan
790  Full Text
Schistosomicidal Evaluation of Zanthoxylum naranjillo and its Isolated Compounds against Schistosoma mansoni Adult Worms
Key words: Zanthoxylum naranjillo, Rutaceae, Schistosomicidal Activity
C. G. Braguine, E. S. Costa, L. G. Magalhăes, V. Rodrigues, A. A. da Silva Filho, J. K. Bastos, M. L. A. Silva, W. R. Cunha, A. H. Januário, and P. M. Paulettia
793  Full Text
Evaluation of Antinociceptive and Anti-Infl ammatory Activities of a New Triterpene Saponin from Bauhinia variegata Leaves
Key words: Bauhinia variegata, Triterpene Saponin, Anti-Inflammatory Activity
M. A. Mohamed, M. R. Mammoud, and H. Hayen
798  Full Text
Menthalactone, a New Analgesic from Mentha cordifolia Opiz. Leaves
Key words: Mentha cordifolia Opiz., Analgesic, Menthalactone
I. M. Villaseńor and A. C. Sanchez
809  Full Text
Antiviral Activity of Solanum paniculatum Extract and Constituents
Key words: Solanum paniculatum, D25(27)-Tigogenin-3-O-b-D-glucopyranoside, Antiviral Activity
Y. M. Valadares, G. C. Brandăo, E. G. Kroon, J. D. Souza Filho, A. B. Oliveira, and F. C. Braga
813  Full Text
Chemical and Biological Investigation of Araucaria heterophylla Salisb. Resin
Key words: Araucaria heterophylla, Labdane Diterpenes, Antiulcerogenic and Cytotoxic Activities
E. Abdel-Sattar, A. R. Abdel Monem, S. M. Ezzat, A. M. El-Halawany, and S. M. Mouneir
819  Full Text
Bioactive Metabolites Produced by Penicillium sp.1 and sp.2, Two Endophytes Associated with Alibertia macrophylla (Rubiaceae)
Key words: Penicillium, Alibertia macrophylla, Endophytic Fungi, Acetylcholinesterase
C. M. Oliveira, G. H. Silva, L. O. Regasini, L. M. Zanardi, A. H. Evangelista, M. C. M. Young, V. S. Bolzani, and A. R. Araujo
824  Full Text
Inhibition of the Initiation Stage of Carcinogenesis by Salvia disermas Constituents
Key words: Tumour Anti-Initiating, Salvia disermas, Flavonoids
U. W. Hawas, A. M. Gamal-Eldeen, S. A. A. El-Toumy, J. J. M. Meyer, and A. A. Hussein
831  Full Text
Structure-Activity Relationships of Aromadendranes in Uterus-Relaxant Activity
Key words: Aromadendranes, Structure-Activity Relationships, Uterus-Relaxant Activity
N. Pérez-Hernández, H. Ponce-Monter, M. I. Ortiz, R. Carińo-Cortésa, and P. Joseph-Nathan
840  Full Text
Variation in Chemotactic Preferences of Aphanomyces cochlioides Zoospores to Flavonoids
Key words: Chemotaxis, Flavonoids, Peronosporomycete Zoospore
M. T. Islam
847  Full Text
Effects of Oxygen Supply on Growth and Carotenoids Accumulation by Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous
Key words: Volumetric Oxygen Transfer Coeffi cient, Total Carotenoids, Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous
W. Wang and L. Yu
853  Full Text
Growth and Antioxidant Responses in Jatropha curcas Cotyledons under Lead Stress
Key words: Heavy Metal Stress, ROS-Scavenging Enzymes, in vitro Embryo Culture, Defensive Mechanism of Plant
S. Gao, R. Yan, J. Wu, F.-l. Zhang, S.-h. Wang, and F. Chen
859  Full Text
Agrobacterium rhizogenes-Mediated Transformation of Hypericum tomentosum L. and Hypericum tetrapterum Fries.
Key words: Hairy Roots, Hypericum spp., rol Genes
H. Komarovská, A. Giovannini, J. Košuth, and E. \vCellárová
864  Full Text
Induction of Pyridine Alkaloid Formation in Transformed Root Cultures of Nicotiana tabacum
Key words: Nicotiana tabacum, Pyridine Alkaloids, Hairy Root Culture
R. Zayed and M. Wink
869  Full Text
Cloning and Expression of Brassica napus b-Carbonic Anhydrase cDNA
Key words: Brassica napus b-Carbonic Anhydrase, Expression in E. coli
Q.-H. Deng, M.-T. Li, and L.-J. Yu
875  Full Text
Addition of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Markers to the Genetic Linkage Map of Brassica rapa L. (syn. campestris)
Key words: Brassica rapa, RFLP, QTL, Linkage Map
J. Panigrahi, A. Patnaik, P. Kole, and Chitta r. Kole
882  Full Text
Molecular and Phylogenetic Analysis of Pyridoxal Phosphate-Dependent Acyltransferase of Exiguobacterium acetylicum
Key words: Exiguobacterium, Acyltransferase, Phylogenetics
N. Rajendran, C. Smith, and W. Mazhawidza
891  Full Text
Characterization and Localization of the Vacuolar-Type ATPase in the Midgut Cells of Silkworm (Bombyx mori)
Key words: Bombyx mori, Midgut, V-ATPase B Subunit
H. Yang, H. Chen, K. Chen, Q. Yao, G. Zhao, C. Wu, P. Lv, and L. Wang
899  Full Text
Ethylamine Content and Theanine Biosynthesis in Different Organs of Camellia sinensis Seedlings. Z. Naturforsch. 64c, 387-390
W.-W. Deng, S. Ogita, and H. Ashihara
906  Full Text