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Simultaneous Identification and Determination of Major Taxoids from Extracts of Taxus chinensis Cell Cultures
Key words: Taxoid Analysis, Taxus chinensis Cell Cultures, LC/ESI-MS/MS
C. F. Zhao, L. J. Yu, L. Q. Li, and F. Xiang
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Original Communications
Phomopsidone, a Novel Depsidone from an Endophyte of the Medicinal Plant Eupatorium arnottianum
Key words: Eupatorium arnottianum, Endophytic Phomopsis, Phomopsidone
J. Meister, D. Weber, V. Martino, O. Sterner, and T. Anke
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Narcotic Alkaloids of Four Papaver Species from Iran
Key words:
P. Salehi, A. Sonboli, A. F. Zavareh, F. Sefidkon, M. Dayeni, and B. Cheraghi
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Antiviral and Antimicrobial Profiles of Selected Isoquinoline Alkaloids from Fumaria and Corydalis Species
Key words: Isoquinoline Alkaloids, Antiviral Activity, Antimicrobial Activity
I. Orhan, B. Özçelik, T. Karaoglu, and B. Šener
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New Anti-Inflammatory Agents
Key words: Pyrrole, Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine, Fenamates, Anti-Inflammatory Activity
M. S. Mohameda, A. E. Rashad, M. Adbel-Monem, and S. S. Fatahalla
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Polyphenols of Rosa L. Leaves Extracts and their Radical Scavenging Activity
Key words: Rosa L., Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant Activity
R. Nowak and U. Gawlik-Dziki
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Antinociceptive Activity of Structural Analogues of Rotundifolone: Structure-Activity Relationship
Key words:
D. P. d. Sousa, E. V. M. Júnior, F. S. Oliveira, R. N. d. Almeida, X. P. Nunes, and J. M. Barbosa-Filho
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Root Cultures of Linum Species Section Syllinum as Rich Sources of 6-Methoxypodophyllotoxin
Key words: Linum Section Syllinum, 6-Methoxypodophyllotoxin, Root Culture
A. Mohagheghzadeh, A. Gholami, S. Hemmati, M. Reza S. Ardakani, T. J. Schmidt, and A. W. Alfermann
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Induction of Phenolic Compounds in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Tissue Cultures by Streptomycin
Key words: Wheat (Triticum aestivum), Tissue Culture, Phenolic Compounds
A. M. A. Hassan
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The Influence of Plant Hormones on Phospholipid Monolayer Stability
Key words: Phospholipid Monolayer, Auxins, Cytokinins
B. Gzyl-Malcher, M. Filek, G. Brezesinski, and A. Fischer
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Scoparone Inhibits Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced Lipid Peroxidation
Key words: Artemisia scoparia, Ultraviolet Radiation, Lipid Peroxidation
P. Sourivong, Kristina Schronerová, and M. Babincová
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Ultracytochemical Localization of Acid Phosphatase in Humicola lutea Conidia and Mycelia
Key words: Localization, Acid Phosphatase, Fungi
D. Spasova, P. Aleksieva, L. Nacheva, and S. Radoevska
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Effect of Copper on Acid Phosphatase Activity in Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica
Key words: Acid Phosphatase, Copper, Yarrowia lipolytica
H. Ito, M. Inouhe, H. Tohoyama, and M. Joho
70  Full Text
Copper Extrusion after Accumulation during Growth of Copper-Tolerant Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica
Key words: Copper, Extrusion, Yarrowia lipolytica
H. Ito, M. Inouhe, H. Tohoyama, and M. Joho
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Influence of Various Phenolic Compounds on Phenol Hydroxylase Activity of a Trichosporon cutaneum Strain
Key words: Phenol Hydroxylase, Phenols, Trichosporon cutaneum
M. Gerginova, J. Manasiev, N. Shivarova, and Z. Alexieva
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Bacterial Decolorization of Acid Orange 7 in the Presence of Ionic and Non-Ionic Surfactants
Key words: Azo Dyes, Biodegradation, Decolorization
T. Avramova, L. Stefanova, B. Angelova, and S. Mutafov
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Inhibition of Anodic Galvanotaxis of Green Paramecia by T-Type Calcium Channel Inhibitors
Key words: Calcium Signaling, Galvanotaxis, Inhibitor, Paramecium bursaria
M. Aonuma, T. Kadono, and T. Kawano
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Isolation and Identification of Potential Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from the Rhizoplane of Oryza sativa L. cv. BR29 of Bangladesh
Key words: Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria, Oryza sativa L., Root Colonization
Md. T. Islam, A. Deora, Y. Hashidoko, A. Rahman, T. Ito, and S. Tahara
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Excess Boron Reduces Polyphenol Oxidase Activities in Embryo and Endosperm of Maize Seed during Germination
Key words: Boron, Maize Seed Germination, Polyphenol Oxidase Activities
H. Ölçer and I. Kocaçaliskan
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Genetic Variability and Relationships among Thirty Genotypes of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn.) Using RAPD Markers
Key words: Finger Millet, GeneticV ariation, RAPD Markers
S. Das, R. C. Mishra, G. R. Rout, and S. Aparajita
116  Full Text
Nuclear-Localized Plastid DNA Fragments in Protozoa, Metazoa and Fungi
Key words: Nuclear-Localized Plastid-Like DNA (nupDNA), Endosymbiosis, Gene Transfer
S. Yuan, X. Sun, L.-C. Mu, T. Lei, W.-J. Liu, J.-H. Wang, J.-B. Du, and H.-H. Lin
123  Full Text
Binding of FKBP23 to BiP in ER Shown by Gel Filtration Chromatography
Key words: FKBP23, BiP, Gel Filtration Chromatography
C. Chen, H. Ma, Y. Wang, and H. Mi
133  Full Text
Identification of Minor Sex Pheromone Components of the Poplar Clearwing Moth Paranthrene tabaniformis (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae)
Key words: Attraction, Synergist, Octadecadienol
R. Mozuraitis, and V. Karalius
138  Full Text
Anisaldehyde, a Melanogenesis Potentiator
Key words: Anisaldehyde, Tyrosinase, B16-F10 Melanoma Cells
T. Nitoda, M. D. Fan, and I. Kubo
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New Findings about Ellman's Method to Determine Cholinesterase Activity
Key words: Ellman's Method, Acetylthiocholine, Hydrolysis
A. Komersová, K. Komers, and A. Cegan
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N u m b e r  3 / 4
Original Communications
Chemodiversity of Exudate Flavonoids in Seven Tribes of Cichorioideae and Asteroideae (Asteraceae)
Key words: Asteraceae, Exudates, Flavonoids
K. M. Valant-Vetscher and E. Wollenweber
155  Full Text
Antimicrobial Isoflavonoids from Erythrina crista galli Infected with Phomopsis sp.
Key words: Erythrina crista galli, Phomopsis sp., Isoflavonoids
F. Redko, M. L. Clavin, D. Weber, F. Ranea, T. Anke, and V. Martino
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Cytotoxic a-Pyrones from Xylaria hypoxylon
Key words: Xylarone, 8,9-Dehydroxylarone, a-Pyrone, Xylaria hypoxylon
A. Schüffler, O. Sterner, and H. Anke
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Antibacterial Activity of Extract, Fractions and Four Compounds Extracted from Piper solmsianum C. DC. var. solmsianum (Piperaceae)
Key words: Piper solmsianum, Antimicrobial Activity, Conocarpan, Eupomatenoid
M. P. Campos, V. C.l Filho, R. Z. Silva, R. A. Yunes, F. D. Monache, and A. B. Cruz
173  Full Text
Red Mexican Grapefruit: A Novel Source for Bioactive Limonoids and their Antioxidant Activity
Key words: Grapefruit, Limonoids, Antioxidant Activity, Phosphomolybdenum Method
K. K. Mandadi, G. K. Jayaprakasha, N. G. Bhat, and B. S. Patil
179  Full Text
Antiproliferative Activity of Methylated Analogues of E- and Z-Resveratrol
Key words: Resveratrol Analogues, Antiproliferative Activity
V. Cardile, R. Chillemi, L. Lombardo, S. Sciuto, C. Spatafora, and C. Tringali
189  Full Text
Bioactive Phenolic Compounds from Aerial Parts of Plinia glomerata
Key words: Plinia glomerata, Antinociception, Phenolic Compounds
C. Serafin, V. Nart, A. Malheiros, M. M. d. Souza, L. Fischer, G. D. Monache, F. D. Monache, and V. C. Filho
196  Full Text
Antinociceptive Effects of Tetrahydrophthalimides and Related Compounds
Key words:
B. B. C. Costa, R. Corręa, M. M. D. Souza, J. B. Pretto, J. V. Ardenghi, F. D. Campos-Buzzi, and V. C. Filho
201  Full Text
Inhibitory Effects of Monoterpenes on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth
Key words: Allelopathy, Herbicidal Effect, Monoterpenes
S. Kordali, A. Cakir, and S. Sutay
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Protective Effect of Curcumin and Chlorophyllin against DNA Mutation Induced by Cyclophosphamide or Benzo[a]pyrene
Key words: Antioxidants, Mutation, DNA Fragmentation
M. A. Ibrahim, A. M. Elbehairy, M. A. Ghoneim, and H. A. Amer
215  Full Text
Alkaloids of Crinum x powellii "Album" (Amaryllidaceae) and their Topoisomerase Inhibitory Activity
Key words: Amaryllidaceae-Type Alkaloids, Mutant Yeast Assay, Saccharomyces cerevisiae
J. Nińo, G. M. Hincapié, Y. M. Correa, and O. M. Mosquera
223  Full Text
Effects of Salicylic Acid on Mushroom Tyrosinase and B16 Melanoma Cells
Key words: Salicylic Acid, Tyrosinase, B16-F10 Melanoma Cells
S. Tamura, T. Nitoda, and I. Kubo
227  Full Text
Nematicidal Activity of 5-Hydroxymethyl-2-furoic Acid against Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
Key words: 5-Hydroxymethyl-2-furoic Acid, Nematicide, Aspergillus sp.
Y. Kimura, S. Tani, A. Hayashi, K. Ohtani, S. Fujioka, T. Kawano, and A. Shimada
234  Full Text
Effect of Norflurazon on Resorcinolic Lipid Metabolism in Rye Seedlings
Key words: 5-n-Alkylresorcinols, Herbicide, Norflurazon
E. G. Magnucka, Y. Suzuki, S. J. Pietr, A. Kozubek, and R. Zarnowski
239  Full Text
UV-B Effect on Constituents of Azolla caroliniana
Key words: Doubling Time, Relative Growth Rate, UV-Absorbing Compounds
M. M. Ibrahim and E. M. Mostafa
246  Full Text
Effect of Membrane Fluidity on Photosynthetic Oxygen Production Reactions
Key words: Thylakoid Membrane Fluidity, Oxygen Evolution, Stigmasterol
A. V. Popova, M. Velitchkova, and Y. Zanev
253  Full Text
Biosorption of Binary Mixtures of Copper and Cobalt by Penicillium brevicompactum
Key words: Heavy Metals, Competitive Sorption, Penicillium brevicompactum
K. Tsekova, M. Ianis, V. Dencheva, and S. Ganeva
261  Full Text
Multiple Effects of Cadmium on the Photosynthetic Apparatus of Avicennia germinans L. as Probed by OJIP Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurements
Key words: Avicennia germinans, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Heavy Metals, Photosystem II
D. Gonzalez-Mendoza, F. E. y Gil, J. M. Santamaría, and O. Zapata-Perez
265  Full Text
L-Amino Acid Oxidases with Specificity for Basic L-Amino Acids in Cyanobacteria
Key words: Cyanobacteria, L-Amino Acid Oxidase, Synechococcus elongatus PCC 6301 and PCC 7942
A. E. Gau, A. Heindl, A. Nodop, U. Kahmann, and E. K. Pistorius
273  Full Text
Isolation and Characterization of a Novel n-Alkane-Degrading Strain, Acinetobacter haemolyticus AR-46
Key words: n-Alkane, alkM Induction, Direct Adherence
Z. Bihari, A. Pettkó-Szandtner, Gyula Csanádi, M. Balázs, P. Bartos, P. Kesserü, I. Kiss, and I. Mécs
285  Full Text
A New 1-Deoxy-L-xylulose 5-Phosphate Reductoisomerase Gene Encoding the Committed-Step Enzyme in the MEP Pathway from Rauvolfia verticillata
Key words: Cloning, Characterization, DXR Gene, Rauvolfia verticillata
Z. Liao, R. Chen, M. Chen, C. Yang, Q. Wang, and Y. Gong
296  Full Text
In vitro Inhibition of Cholinesterases by Carbamates - A Kinetic Study
Key words: Acetylcholine, Hydrolysis, Kinetics, Cholinesterases
A. Komersová, M. Masopustová, K. Komers, S. Štepánková, and A. Cegan
305  Full Text
Inhibition of Cholinesterase by Dialkylcarbamates
Key words: Cholinesterase Inhibitors, pI50, Kow
S. Štepánková, K. Komers, A. Komersová, M. Masopustová, and A. Cegan
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N u m b e r  5 / 6
Original Communications
Studies on Betaxanthin Profiles of Vegetables and Fruits from the Chenopodiaceae and Cactaceae
Key words: Beta vulgaris, Opuntia ficus-indica, Betaxanthins
F. Kugler, S. Graneis, F. C. Stintzing, and R. Carle
311  Full Text
Cytotoxic Cholestane and Pregnane Glycosides from Tribulus macropterus
Key words: Tribulus macropterus, Cholestane Glycosides, Cytotoxic
E.-S. S. Abdel-Hameed, H. A. El-Nahas, E. A. El-Wakil, and W. S. Ahmed
319  Full Text
Phenolic Compounds with Antioxidant Activity from Anthemis tinctoria L. (Asteraceae)
Key words: Anthemis tinctoria subsp. tinctoria pallida, Asteraceae, Flavonoids, Conduritol F
P. Papaioannou, D. Lazari, A. Karioti, C. Souleles, J. Heilmann, D. Hadjipavlou-Litina, and H. Skaltsa
326  Full Text
Anti-Cancer and Immunostimulatory Activity of Chromones and Other Constituents from Cassia petersiana
Key words: Cassia petersiana, Anti-Cancer, Immunostimulatory
A. M. Gamal-Eldeen, P. C. Djemgou, M. Tchuendem, B. T. Ngadjui, P. Tane, and H. Toshifumi
331  Full Text
Ethanolic Crude Extract and Flavonoids Isolated from Alternanthera maritima: Neutrophil Chemiluminescence Inhibition and Free Radical Scavenging Activity
Key words: Alternanthera maritima, Flavonoids, Neutrophil
J. G. Souza, R. R. Tomei, A. Kanashiro, L. M. Kabeya, A. E. C. S. Azzolini, D. A. Dias, M. J. Salvador, and Y. M. Lucisano-Valim
339  Full Text
Crude Ethanolic Extract, Lignoid Fraction and Yangambin from Ocotea duckei (Lauraceae) Show Antileishmanial Activity
Key words: Leishmania, Ocotea duckei, Antileishmanial Activity
R. L. M. Neto, J. M. Barbosa Filho, L. M. A. Sousa, P. F. Athayde Filho, C. S. Dias, and M. R. Oliveira
348  Full Text
Chromanones with Leishmanicidal Activity from Calea uniflora
Key words: Calea uniflora, Asteraceae, Chromanones, Leishmanicidal Activity
A. Mendes do Nascimento, F. C. Costa, O. H. Thiemann, and D. C. Rodrigues de Oliveira
353  Full Text
Elastase Release by Stimulated Neutrophils Inhibited by Flavonoids: Importance of the Catechol Group
Key words: Neutrophil, Flavonoids, Elastase, Structure-Activity Relationship
A. Kanashiro, J. G. Souza, L. M. Kabeya, A. E. C. S. Azzolini, and Y. M. Lucisano-Valim
357  Full Text
Antifeedant and Phytotoxic Activity of Cacalolides and Eremophilanolides
Key words: Cacalolides, Eremophilanolides, Antifeedant, Phytotoxic
E. Burgueńo-Tapia, A. González-Coloma, D. Martín-Benito, and P. Joseph-Nathan
362  Full Text
Assessment of Phytotoxicity of Parthenin
Key words: Root Growth Inhibition, Mitotic Activity, Weed Suppressing Ability
D. R. Batish, H. Pal Singh, R. K. Kohli, S. Kaur, D. B. Saxena, and S. Yadav
367  Full Text
Identification of Serine Proteases from Leishmania braziliensis
Key words: Leishmania braziliensis, Serine Protease, Aprotinin-Agarose Affinity Chromatography
H. L. M. Guedes, J. M. Rezende Neto, M. A. Fonseca, C. M. C. Salles, B. Rossi-Bergmann, and S. G. De-Simone
373  Full Text
Pectate Hydrolases of Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) Roots
Key words: Exopolygalacturonase, Oligogalacturonate Hydrolase, Cell Suspension
D. Flodrová, M. Dzúrová, D. Lišková, F. Ait Mohand, D. Mislovi\vcová, A. Malovíková, Z. Voburka, J. Omelková, and E. Stratilová
382  Full Text
Establishment of Croton stellatopilosus Suspension Culture for Geranylgeraniol Production and Diterpenoid Biosynthesis
Key words: Croton stellatopilosus, Geranylgeraniol, Suspension Culture
J. Wungsintaweekul, C. Sriyapai, S. Kaewkerd, S. Tewtrakul, D. Kongduang, and W. De-Eknamkul
389  Full Text
Enantioselective Hydrolysis of Bromo- and Methoxy-Substituted 1-Phenylethanol Acetates Using Carrot and Celeriac Enzymatic Systems
Key words: Vegetable, Hydrolysis, Oxidation
W. K. Maczka and A. Mironowicz
397  Full Text
A Chlorophyll-Less Barley Mutant "NYB" Is Insensitive to Water Stress
Key words: Chlorophyll-Less Barley, Photosystem II, Water Stress
S. Yuan, Z.-L. Liu, W.-J. Liu, T. Lei, M.-H. Luo, J.-B. Du, J.-H. Wang, and H.-H. Lin
403  Full Text
Influence of Drought on Oxidative Stress and Flavonoid Production in Cell Suspension Culture of Glycyrrhiza inflata Batal
Key words: Drought, Flavonoid Production, Glycyrrhiza inflata Batal
Y. Yang, F. He, L. Yu, X. Chen, J. Lei, and J. Ji
410  Full Text
Copper and Cadmium Tolerance, Uptake and Effect on Chloroplast Ultrastructure. Studies on Salix purpurea and Phragmites australis
Key words: Heavy Metal Toxicity, Phragmites australis, Salix purpurea
A. Hakmaoui, M. Atera, K. Bóka, and M. Barón
417  Full Text
Tin Compounds Interaction with Membranes of Egg Lecithin Liposomes
Key words: EYL Liposomes, ESR Method, Tin Compounds
D. Man and M. Podolak
427  Full Text
A Surface-Active Agent from Saccharomyces cerevisiae Influences Staphylococcal Adhesion and Biofilm Development
Key words: Mannoprotein, Staphylococci, Biofilm
E. Walencka, M. Wieckowska-Szakiel, S. Rozalska, B. Sadowska, and B. Rozalska
433  Full Text
Batch and Fed-Batch Production of Betalains by Red Beet (Beta vulgaris) Hairy Roots in a Bubble Column Reactor
Key words: Betalains, Beta vulgaris, Bubble Column Bioreactor, Hairy Roots
A. Pavlov, M. Georgiev, and T. Bley
439  Full Text
Free Radical Scavengers from Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf Plants Cultivated in Bioreactors by the Temporary Immersion (TIS) Principle
Key words: Cymbopogon citratus, TIS Culture, Free Radical Scavengers
A. Tapia, J. Cheel, C. Theoduloz, J. Rodríguez, G. Schmeda-Hirschmann A. Gerth, D. Wilken, M. Jordan, E. Jiménez-González, R. Gomez-Kosky, and E. Quiala Mendozae
447  Full Text
Induction of Apoptosis by Alkaloids, Non-Protein Amino Acids, and Cardiac Glycosides in Human Promyelotic HL-60 Cells
Key words: Apoptosis, DNA Intercalation, Protein Biosynthesis Inhibition, Microtubule Inhibitor
V. Rosenkranz and M. Wink
458  Full Text
N u m b e r  7 / 8
Original Communications
Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Profiles of the Senecio cineraria Group (Asteraceae)
Key words: Senecio cineraria Group, Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids, GLC-MS
R. Tundis, M. R. Loizzo, G. A. Statti, N. G. Passalacqua, L. Peruzzi, and F Menichini
467  Full Text
Variabilin, a Chemotaxonomic Marker for the Family Irciniidae
Key words: Irciniidae, Sarcotragus, Variabilin
Y. Liu, S. Zhang, J. H. Jung, and T. Xu
473  Full Text
Preliminary Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Diastereomeric {cis/trans}-3-Aryl(Heteroaryl)-3,4-dihydroisocoumarin-4-carboxylic Acids
Key words: Isocoumarin, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Homophthalic Anhydride
M. G. Bogdanova, M. I. Kandinska, D. B. Dimitrova, B. T. Gocheva, and M. D. Palamareva
477  Full Text
Carbohydrazones of Substituted Salicylaldehydes as Potential Lead Compounds for the Development of Narrow-Spectrum Antimicrobials
Key words: Antibacterial Antifungal Agents, Hydrazones, 2-Hydroxybenzaldehyde Analogues, Substituent Effects
E. Pelttari, E. Karhumäki, J. Langshaw, and H.+ Elo
483  Full Text
Antimicrobial Properties of Substituted Salicylaldehydes and Related Compounds
Key words: Antibacterial Agents, Antifungal Agents, Substituent Effects
E. Pelttari, E. Karhumäki, J. Langshaw, H. Peräkylä, and H. Elo
487  Full Text
Antimicrobial Activity of Two Antitumour Agents and Ribonucleotide Reductase Inhibitors, Pyridine-2-carboxaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone and the Acetate Form of its Copper(II) Chelate
Key words: Antibacterial Agents, Antifungal Agents, Antimicrobial Metal Complex
H. Elo
498  Full Text
Screening of Antibacterial Activities of Twenty-One Oxygenated Monoterpenes
Key words: Antibacterial, Essential Oils, Oxygenated Monoterpenes
R. Kotan, S. Kordali, and A. Cakir
507  Full Text
Antimicrobial Activity of Some Salvia Species Essential Oils from Iran
Key words: Antimicrobial Activity, Essential Oil Compositions, Salvia
M. Yousefzadi, A. Sonboli, F. Karimi, S. N. Ebrahimi, B. Asghari, and A. Zeinali
514  Full Text
In vivo Anti-Inflammatory and Antinociceptive Activity Evaluation of Phenolic Compounds from Sideritis stricta
Key words: Sideritis stricta, Anti-Inflammatory Activity, Antinociceptive Activity
E. Küpeli, F. P. \cSahin, E. Ye\csilada, \.I. Çali\cs, and N. Ezer
519  Full Text
Anticancer and Antioxidant Tannins from Pimenta dioica Leaves
Key words: Pimenta dioica, Galloylglucosides, Antioxidant and Anticancer
M. S. A. Marzouk, F. A. Moharram, M. A. Mohamed, A. M. Gamal-Eldeen, and E. A. Aboutabl
526  Full Text
Nerolidol, an Antiulcer Constituent from the Essential Oil of Baccharis dracunculifolia DC (Asteraceae)
Key words: Baccharis dracunculifolia, Antiulcerogenic, Essential Oil, Nerolidol
F. C. Klopell, M. Lemos, J. P. B. Sousa, E. Comunello, E. L. Maistro, J. K. Bastos, and S. F. de Andrade
537  Full Text
Lichen Secondary Metabolites from the Cultured Lichen Mycobionts of Teloschistes chrysophthalmus and Ramalina celastri and their Antiviral Activities
Key words: Lichen Mycobiont, Parietin, Usnic Acid
A. T. Fazio, M. T. Adler, M. D. Bertoni, C. S. Sepúlveda, E. B. Damonte, and M. S. Maier
543  Full Text
Phytochemical and Antinociceptive Properties of Matayba elaeagnoides Radlk. Barks
Key words: Matayba elaeagnoides, Antinociceptive, Betulin
M. T. de Souza, F. de Campos Buzzi, V. Cechinel Filho, S. Hess, F. Delle Monache, and R. Niero
550  Full Text
Free Radical Scavenging Activity and Secondary Metabolites from in vitro Cultures of Sanicula graveolens
Key words: In vitro Propagation, Secondary Metabolite Content, Sanicula graveolens
J. Cheel, G. Schmeda-Hirschmann, M. Jordan, C. Theoduloz, J. A. Rodríguez, A. Gerth, and D. Wilken
555  Full Text
Sedative Effect of Monoterpene Alcohols in Mice: A Preliminary Screening
Key words: Sedative Effect, p-Menthane, Monoterpenes
D. P. de Sousa, E. Raphael, U. Brocksom, and T. J. Brocksom
563  Full Text
Mollisianitrile, a New Antibiotic from Mollisia sp. A59-96
Key words: Mollisia, Mollisianitrile, Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activities
D. Weber, O. Sterner, and T. Anke
567  Full Text
Physiological Versatility of the Genus Rhodocista
Key words: Rhodocista hanoiensis, Cyst Formation, 16S rDNA
T. T. U. Do, V. N. Tran, and D. Kleiner
571  Full Text
Production of Exopolysaccharides by a Submerged Culture of an Entomopathogenic Fungus, Paecilomyces sp.
Key words: Entomopathogenic Fungi, Exopolysaccharides, Paecilomyces sp.
L. Lillo, J. Alarcón, G. Cabello, S. Águila, and J. B. Alderete
576  Full Text
Periploca sepium Bunge as a Model Plant for Rubber Biosynthesis Study
Key words: Polyisoprene, Rubber, Periploca sepium
T. Bamba, T. Sando, A. Miyabashira, K. Gyokusen, Y. Nakazawa, Y. Su, E. Fukusaki, and A. Kobayashi
579  Full Text
Transgenic Rice Plants Expressing a Novel Antifreeze Glycopeptide Possess Resistance to Cold and Disease
Key words: Antifreeze Glycopeptides, Cold Tolerance, Disease Resistance
S. Zhang, Y. Wei, and H. Pan
583  Full Text
Ischemia-Responsive Protein (irp94) Gene Expression in Neurons
Key words: Ischemia-Responsive Protein (irp94) Gene, Mongolian Gerbil, PC12 Cells
S.-W. Kim, S.-P. Chung, Seung-Ho Kim, Jong-Soon Choi, Kisang Kwon, and O-Yu Kwon
592  Full Text
Iridoid Glucosides with Insecticidal Activity from Galium melanantherum
Key words: Galium melanantherum, Iridoids, Insecticidal Activity
O. Tzakou, P. Mylonas, C. Vagias, and P. V. Petrakis
597  Full Text
A New Oviposition Deterrent to the Leafminer, Liriomyza trifolii: Cucurbitane Glucoside from ß1{Momordica charantia}
Key words: Liriomyza trifolii, Oviposition Deterrent, Momordicine V
T. Kashiwagi, D. B. Mekuria, A. Dekebo, K. Sato, S.-i. Tebayashi, and C.-S. Kim
603  Full Text
Origin of Renal Proximal Tubular Injuries by Fe(III)-nta Chelate
Key words: Ferric-nitrilotriacetate (Fe-nta), Renal Carcinogen, Renal Proximal Tubular Injury, Capillary Electrophoresis
Y. Nishida, Y. Ito, and T. Satoh
608  Full Text
Development of a New Immunosensor for the Detection of Dopamine
Key words: Indirect Format ELISA, Graphite, Dopamine
D. Fouad
613  Full Text
Antimicrobial Activity of Extracts of the Lichen Parmelia sulcata and its Salazinic Acid Constituent
Key words: Parmelia sulcata, Salazinic Acid, Antimicrobial Activity
M. Candan, M. Y\ilmaz, T. Tay, M. Erdem, and A. Ö. Türk
619  Full Text
Assessment of Genetic Diversity in 31 Species of Mangroves and their Associates through RAPD and AFLP Markers, Z. Naturforsch. 61c, 413-420 (2006).
A. K. Mukherjee, L. Acharya, P. C. Panda, T. Mohapatra, and P. Das
622  Full Text
N u m b e r  9 / 10
Original Communications
Structural Studies of Native Paecilomyces sp. Exopolysaccharide
Key words: Exopolysaccharide (EPS), Entomopathogenic Fungi, Paecilomyces sp.
L. Lillo, J. Alarcón, G. Cabello, S. Águila, and J. B. Alderete
623  Full Text
Alkaloid Variability in Leucojum aestivum from Wild Populations
Key words: Leucojum aestivum, in vitro Cultures, GC-MS
L. Georgieva, S. Berkov, V. Kondakova, J. Bastida, F. Viladomat, A. Atanassov, and C. Codina
627  Full Text
Phenolic Compound Profiles and their Corresponding Antioxidant Capacity of Purple Pitaya (Hylocereus sp.) Genotypes
Key words: Antioxidant Capacity,Betalains,Phenolics
P. Esquivel, F. C. Stintzing, and R. Carle
636  Full Text
Effect of Egyptian Propolis on the Susceptibility of LDL to Oxidative Modification and its Antiviral Activity with Special Emphasis on Chemical Composition
Key words: LDL Peroxidation,Antiviral,Polyphenolics
F. K. Abd El-Hady, A. G. Hegazi, and E. Wollenweber
645  Full Text
Evaluation of Cytotoxic Compounds from Calligonum comosum L. Growing in Egypt
Key words: Calligonum, Anticancer, Ehrlich Ascites, Dehydrodicatechin
F. A. Badria, M. Ameen, and M. R. Akl
656  Full Text
Phytochemical and Molluscicidal Investigations of Fagonia arabica
Key words: Fagonia arabica, Flavonoids, Triterpenoidal Glycosides, Molluscicides
E. A. El-Wakil
661  Full Text
Antibacterial Activity of Triterpene Acids and Semi-Synthetic Derivatives against Oral Pathogens
Key words: Miconia, Triterpene Acids, Antibacterial Activity, Oral Pathogens
L. C. S. Cunha, M. L. A. e Silva, N. A. J. C. Furtado, A. H. C. Vinhólis, C. H. Gomes Martins, A. A. da Silva Filho, and W. R. Cunha
668  Full Text
Screening for Free Radical Scavenging and Cell Aggregation Inhibitory Activities by Secondary Metabolites from Turkish Verbascum species
Key words: Verbascum sp., Free Radical Scavenging Activity, Cell Aggregation Inhibitory Activity
I. I. Tatli, S. Takamatsu, I. A. Khan, and Z. S. Akdemir
673  Full Text
A Comparative Study on the Genotoxic Effect of Pyrimethamine in Bone Marrow and Spermatogonial Mice Cells
Key words: Pyrimethamine,Spermatogonial Mitosis,Chromosome Aberrations
S. Çelikler, N. Aydemir, and R. Bilalo\uglu
679  Full Text
In vitro Anticholinesterase Activity of Various Alkaloids
Key words: Alkaloid, Acetylcholinesterase, Butyrylcholinesterase
I. Orhan, Q. Naz, M. Kartal, F. Tosun, B. \cSener, and M. I. Choudhary
684  Full Text
Inhibition of Acetylcholinesterase by Extracts and Constituents from Angelica archangelica and Geranium sylvaticum
Key words: Acetylcholinesterase, Angelica archangelica, Geranium sylvaticum
S. Sigurdsson and S. Gudbjarnason
689  Full Text
A Structure-Activity Relationship Study on a Natural Germination Inhibitor, 2-Methoxy-4-vinylphenol (MVP), in Wheat Seeds to Evaluate its Mode of Action
Key words: 2-Methoxy-4-vinylphenol (MVP),Germination Inhibitor,Structure-Activity Relationship
H. Reza Darabi, S. Mohandessi, Y. Balavar, and K. Aghapoor
694  Full Text
Seasonal and Intraspecific Variation of Flavonoids and Proanthocyanidins in Cecropia glaziovi Sneth. Leaves from Native and Cultivated Specimens
Key words: Cecropia glaziovi Sneth., Flavonoids,Proanthocyanidins,Seasonal and Intraspecific Variation
P. E. Luengas-Caicedo, F. Castro Braga, G. Célio Brandăo, and A. Braga de Oliveira
701  Full Text
Anacardic Acids and Ferric Ion Chelation
Key words: Anacardic Acids,Lipoxygenase,Iron,Deprotonated Molecule
K. Tsujimoto, A. Hayashi, T. J. Ha, and I. Kubo
710  Full Text
Influence of EDTA on Lead Transportation and Accumulation by Sedum alfredii Hance
Key words: EDTA, Lead, Phytoremediation
D. Liu, T.-Q. Li, X.-E Yang, E. Islam, X.-F. Jin, and Q. Mahmood
717  Full Text
Vulgarenol, a Sesquiterpene Isolated from Magnolia grandiflora, Induces Nitric Oxide Synthases II and III Overexpression in Guinea Pig Hearts
Key words: Magnolia grandiflora, Coronary Vasodilator Activity, Nitric Oxide Synthases
L. del Valle-Mondragón, F. A. Tenorio-López, G. Zarco-Olvera, and G. Pastelín-Hernandez
725  Full Text
Biosynthesis of Chlorogenic Acids in Growing and Ripening Fruits of Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora Plants
Key words: Caffeoylquinic Acid, Phenylalanine Metabolism, Gene Expression
Y. Koshiro, M. C. Jackson, R. Katahira, M.-L. Wang, C. Nagai, and H. Ashihara
731  Full Text
Inheritance and Expression of Transgenes through Anther Culture of Transgenic Hot Pepper
Key words: Capsicum annuum, T-DNA, Transgenes
Y. S. Kim, Y. I. Ku, and K.-M. Kim
743  Full Text
Genetic Differentiation among Populations of Cicerbita alpina (L.) Wallroth (Asteraceae)in the Western Alps
Key words: AFLP, Cicerbita, Molecular Phylogeography
T. Michl, S. Huck, P. Haase, and B. Büdel
747  Full Text
Phylogenetic Analysis of Lichen-Forming Fungi Rhizoplaca Zopf from China Based on ITS Data and Morphology
Key words: Rhizoplaca Zopf,Phylogeny, ITS
X.-L. Zheng, H.-M. Sheng, and L.-Z. An
757  Full Text
Heterologous Expression of SARS-CoV ORF10 and X5 Genes in E. coli and Streptomyces lividans TK24
Key words: SARS-CoV, ORF10 and X5, Heterologous Expression
J.-q. Kong, W. Wang, G.-h. Du, P. Zhu, and K.-d. Cheng
765  Full Text
Species Spectrum of Flea Beetles (Phyllotreta spp., Coleoptera,Chrysomelidae) Attracted to Allyl Isothiocyanate-Baited Traps
Key words: Phyllotreta, Allyl Isothiocyanate, Trapping
M. Tóth, É. Csonka, F. Bakcsa, P. Benedek, I. Szarukán, S. Gomboc, T. Toshova, M. Subchev, and I. Ujváry
772  Full Text
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Original Communications
Pigments of Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)
Key words: Amanita muscaria, Fly Agaric, Betalains
F. Stintzing and W. Schliemann
779  Full Text
Cytotoxic Xanthones from Garcinia penangiana Pierre
Key words: Garcinia penangiana, Cytotoxic Activity, Xanthones
Md. L. Jabit, R. Khalid, F. Abas, K. Shaari, L. S. Hui, J. Stanslas, and N. H. Lajis
786  Full Text
Bioactive Compounds of the Volatile Oil of Dracocephalum kotschyi
Key words: Dracocephalum kotschyi, Essential Oil, Oxygenated Monoterpene
S. Saeidnia, A. R. Gohari, A. Hadjiakhoondi, and A. Shafiee
793  Full Text
Chemical Constituents of Lavatera trimestris L. - Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities
Key words: Lavatera trimestris L., Flavonoids, Phenolic Acids
K. Skalicka-Wo\'zniak, E. Melliou, O. Gortzi, K. Glowniak, and I. B. Chinou
797  Full Text
Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities and Characterization of Bioactive Components of Two Brazilian Propolis Samples Using a pKa-Guided Fractionation
Key words: Antibacterial Activity, Antioxidant Activity, Propolis
R. M. Souza, M. C. de Souza, M. L. Patitucci, and J. F. M. Silva
801  Full Text
Biologically Active etabolites from the Basidiomycete Limacella illinita (Fr.) urr.
Key words: Limacella illinita, Illinitones, Limacellone, 11-Desoxyeleganthol
N. Gruhn, S. Schoettler, O. Sterner, and T. Anke
808  Full Text
Antinociceptive and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Saponin and Iridoid Glycosides from Verbascum pterocalycinum var. mutense Hub.-Mor.
Key words: Verbascum pterocalycinum var. mutense, Anti-Inflammatory Activity, Antinociceptive Activity
E. K. Akkol, I. I. Tatli, and Z. S. Akdemir
813  Full Text
Repellent from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Periploca sepium Bunge
Key words: New Method, Repellent and Antinematodal Activities, Periploca sepium
J. Shi, T. Yamashita, A. Todo, T. Nitoda, M. Izumi, N. Baba, and S. Nakajima
821  Full Text
Limonoids as Larvicidal Components against Mosquito Larvae (Aedes aegypti Linn.)
Key words: Aedes aegypti, Limonoids, 2nd Instar Larvae
A. K. Kiprop, P. C. Kiprono, M. S. Rajab, and M. K. Kosgei
826  Full Text
Screening of Various Phenolic Acids and Flavonoid Derivatives for their Anticholinesterase Potential
Key words: Phenolic Acid, Flavonoid, Alzheimer's Disease, Acetyl-/Butyrylcholinesterase
I. Orhan, M. Kartal, F. Tosun, and B. \cSener
829  Full Text
Singlet Oxygen Quenching by Phenylamides and their Parent Compounds
Key words: Antioxidants, Hydroxycinnamic Polyamine Conjugates, Singlet Oxygen
V. B. Velikova, A. M. Edreva, T. D. Tsonev, and H. G. Jones
833  Full Text
In vitro Propagation and Chemical and Biological Studies of the Essential Oil of Salvia przewalskii Maxim.
Key words: Salvia przewalskii, Essential Oil, Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activity
E. Ska\la, D. Kalemba, A. Wajs, M. Ró\.zalski, U. Krajewska, B. Ró\.zalska, M. Wi\ceckowska-Szakiel, and H. Wysoki\'nska
839  Full Text
Nitrogen Metabolism and Flower Symmetry of Petunia Corollas Treated with Glyphosate
Key words: Glyphosate, RNA, Petunia hybrida
A. Shimada, and Y. Kimura
849  Full Text
Phenotypic Diversity of Erwinia amylovora in Bulgaria
Key words: Erwinia amylovora, Phenotypic Diversity, PCR
I. Atanasova, K. Stefanova, P. Kabadjova, S. Tishkov, Z. Dimitrov, N. Bogatzevska, and P. Moncheva
857  Full Text
Analysis of Genetic Diversity among Selected Grasspea (Lathyrus sativus L.) Genotypes Using RAPD Markers
Key words: Genetic Diversity, Grasspea, RAPD
D. P. Barik, L. Acharya, A. K. Mukherjee, and Pradeep K. Chand
869  Full Text
Characterization of CIb1 Gene Promoter from Silkworm, Bombyx mori
Key words: Bombyx mori, CIb1 Gene and Protein, Promoter, Deletion Assay
Q.-L. Zhao, X.-J. Shen, L.-J. Zhu, Y.-Z. Yi, S.-M. Tang, G.-Z. Zhang, and X.-J. Guo
875  Full Text
A Semisynthetic 5-n-Alkylresorcinol Derivative and its Effect upon Biomembrane Properties
Key words: Phenolic Lipids, Hemolytic Activity, Phospholipase A2, Acetylcholinesterase
M. Stasiuk, D. Bartosiewicz, J. Gubernator, K. Cieslik-Boczula, M. Hof, and A. Kozubek
881  Full Text
Effects of Some Boron Compounds on Peripheral Human Blood
Key words: Boron Compounds, Genotoxicity, Oxidative Stress
H. Türkez, F. Geyiko\uglu, A. Tatar, S. Kele\cs, and A. Özkan
889  Full Text
Lactoferrin Stimulates Erythrocyte Na+/K+-Adenosine Triphosphatase: Effect of Some Modulators of Membrane Phosphorylation
Key words: Lactoferrin, Erythrocytes, Na+/K+-ATPase
A. Maneva, P. Angelova-Gateva, B. Taleva, L. Maneva-Radicheva, and V. Manev
897  Full Text
Histone H1 Interacts Preferentially with DNA Fragments Containing a Cisplatin-Induced 1,2-Intrastrand Cross-Link
Key words: Cisplatin, DNA, Histone H1
J. N. Yaneva, E. G. Paneva, S. I. Zacharieva, and J. Zlatanova
905  Full Text
Trametes versatillis, a Fungus Highly Producing Eburicoic Acid
Key words: Trametes versatillis, Eburicoic Acid, Cultured Mycelia
B.-J. Ma and Y. Ruan
909  Full Text