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N u m b e r  1/2
Original Communications
A New Pyoverdin from Pseudomonas aureofaciens
Key words: Pseudomonas aureofaciens, Pyoverdin, Siderophore
H. Beiderbeck, D. Risse, H. Budzikiewicz and K. Taraz
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The First Biflavone Found in Liverworts and Other Phenolics and Terpenoids from Chandonanthus hirtellus ssp. giganteus and Plagiochila asplenioides
Key words: Chandonanthus hirtellus ssp. giganteus, Plagiochila asplenioides, Liverworts, Biflavone, Gymnomitrenol
L. Kraut and R. Mues
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Rosmarinic Acid and Other Phenolic Acids in Hairy Roots of Hyssopus officinalis
Key words: Hyssopus officinalis, Agrobacterium rhizogenes, Transformed Roots, Phenolic Acids, Rosmarinic Acid
E. Kochan, H. Wysokinska, A. Chmiel B. Grabias
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Epicuticular Wax Compositions of Predominant Conifers of Western North America
Key words: Gymnosperms, Epicuticular Wax Composition, n-Alkanes, n-Alkanoic Acids, n-Alkanols
D. R. Oros, L. J. Standley , X. Chen and Bernd R. T. Simoneit
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Rosa Taxonomy and Hierarchy of Markers Defined by ACT STATIS
Key words: ACT-STATIS Method, Markers Hierarchy, Multivariate Analysis, Rosa Taxonomy
C. Grossi, O. Raymond, C. Sanlaville-Boisson and M. Jay
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Heat-Induced Changes in the Photochemical Centres and the Protein Secondary Structures of Photosystem II Studied by Variable Fluorescence and Difference FT-IR Spectroscopy
Key words: FT-IR Spectroscopy, Heat Inactivation, Photosystem II, Thermal Transitions, Variable Fluorescence
M. Joshi and M. Fragata
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Alkylresorcinol Homologs in Pisum sativum L. Varieties
Key words: Alkylresorcinols, Cardol Homologs, Pea, Pisum, Leguminaceae
R. Zarnowski and A. Kozubek
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The Effect of the Herbicide Glufosinate (BASTA) on Astaxanthin Accumulation in the Green Alga Haematococcus pluvialis
Key words: Haematococcus pluvialis, Astaxanthin, Glufosinate, BASTA, Methionine-S-sulfoximine (MSX), Glutamine Synthetase (GS)
C. Aflalo, W. Bing, A. Zarka and S. Boussiba
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Structure Activity Relationships of Antiproliferative Rocaglamide Derivatives from Aglaia Species (Meliaceae)
Key words: Aglaia spp., Meliaceae, Rocaglamide, Cyclopentatetrahydrobenzofurans, Antiproliferative Activity, Cancer Cells, MONO-MAC-6
F. I. Bohnenstengel, K. G. Steube, C. Meyer, B. W. Nugroho, P. D. Hung , Le C. Kiet and P. Proksch
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Anticandidial Effect of Phenylbutene Derivatives and Their Interaction with Ergosterol
Key words: Phenylbut-3-en-2-one Derivatives, Anticandidial, Ergosterol, UV Spectroscopy
S. Tabakova, I. Manolov, T. Kantardjiev, G. Mateev , K. Stoichkov, A. Braykova , V. Vakhan and E. Golovinsky
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Transformation of Aminosteroids into Pharmacologically Active Amides of Phenolic Acids
Key words: 5a-cholestan-3b-yl-amine, 5a-cholestan-3a-yl-amine, 3a- and 3b-amino-(2'-aminoethyl)-cholest-5-en, Amides of Cinnamic Acid Derivatives, Antibacterial Activity
D. Todorova, M. Tupova, V. Zapreva, T. Milkova and A. Kujumdjiev
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Inhibition of Mushroom Tyrosinase by Kojic Acid Octanoates
Key words: Kojic Acid, Enzyme Inhibitors, Mushroom Tyrosinase, Caprylic Acid, w-Aminofatty Acids
H. Kaatz, K. Streffer, U. Wollenberger and M. G. Peter
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Synthesis and Anti-Virus Activity of Some Nucleosides Analogues Golovinsky
Key words: 5-Bromo-2'-Deoxyuridine, Thymidine, Amino Acids, Peptides, Antiherpes Activity
I. G. Stankova, M F. Simeonov, V. Maximova, A. S. Galabov and E. V.
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Guanosine 3':5'-Cyclic Monophosphate -Dependent Particulate Protein Kinase Activity from Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
Key words: Protein Kinase, cGMP, Yeast
H. Eckstein and B. Flügge
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Structural Variety of Copper(II)-Peroxide Adducts and Its Relevance to DNA Cleavage
Key words: Copper(II)-peroxide Adduct, DNA Cleavage, Effect of Peripheral Group
S. Nishino, T. Kobayashi, M. Kunita, S. Ito and Y. Nishida
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Ouabain-Insensitive Na+-ATPase Activity in Trypanosoma cruzi Epimastigotes
Key words: Na+-ATPase, T. cruzi, ATPase, Epimastigote, Furosemide
C. Caruso-Neves , M. Einicker-Lamas, C. Chagas, M. M. Oliveira, A. Vieyra and A. G. Lopes
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Identification and Cloning of a Gene Locus Encoding Peptide Synthetase of Pseudomonas fluorescens by Two Sets of PCR Primers
Key words: Oligonucleotide Primers, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Peptide Synthetase, Identification
N. Rajendran
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On the Release of the Three Locust (Locusta migratoria) Adipokinetic Hormones: Effect of Crustacean Cardioactive Peptide and Inhibition by Sugars
Key words: Adipokinetic hormone, Crustacean cardioactive peptide, Corpora cardiaca, Locust
J. E. Flanigan and G. Gäde
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Expression of Functionally P-Glycoprotein in MA104 Kidney Cells
Key words: Kidney Cells, Western Blotting, mRNA, Rhodamine 123, Flow Cytometry, Multidrug Resistance
M. A. M. Capella, M. Orind, M. M. Morales, V. M. Rumjanek and A. G. Lopes
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An Incremental Hebbian Learning Model of the Primary Visual Cortex with Lateral Plasticity and Real Input Patterns
Key words: Neural Network, Hebbian Learning, Visual Cortex, Lateral Plasticity, Self-Organization
Th. Burger and E. W. Lang
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Self-Assembly in Plant Barrier Biopolymers
Key words: Cuticle, Cutin, Hypodermis, Lipid Layer, Suberin
E. Domínguez and A. Heredia
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Triterpenoid and Phenolic Compounds from Two Chilean Celastraceae
Key words: Maytenus chubutensis (Speg.) Lourt., O'Don. et Sleum, Maytenus disticha (Hook. f.) Urban, Celastraceae, Isolation, Structure Elucidation
O. Muńoz, A. González, A. Ravelo and A. Estevez
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N u m b e r  3/4
Original Communications
Prenylated Bibenzyls from the Liverwort Radula laxiramea
Key words: Radula, Liverwort, Bryophytes, Prenyl Bibenzyls, Chromene, Cannabinoid
F. Cullmann and H. Becker
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Sesquiterpenoids from the Liverwort Porella canariensis
Key words: Porella, Liverwort, Pinguisane, Drimane, Germacrane, Aromadendrane
F. Cullmann and H. Becker
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A Pyoverdin from the Antarctica Strain 51W of Pseudomonas fluorescens
Key words: Antarctica Bacterium, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Pyoverdin, Siderophores
J. Voss, K. Taraz and H. Budzikiewicz
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Noroudemansin A, a New Antifungal Antibiotic from Pterula Species 82168
Key words: Basidiomycetes, Antibiotics, Antifungal, Noroudemansin A and Three Semisynthetic Derivatives
M. Engler-Lohr, T. Anke, V. Hellwig and W. Steglich
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Antibacterial Activity of Simple Coumarins: Structural Requirements for Biological Activity
Key words: Coumarins, Antibacterial Activity, Structure-Activity Relationships
O. Kayser and H. Kolodziej
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Structure Elucidation of a Purple Peptide Found During the Purification of a Recombinant Protein from Escherichia coli
Key words: E. coli, Purple Peptide, 3-Carboxy-3,4-dihydro-2H-naphtho[2,3-b][1,4]thiazine-5,10-dione
A. W. Guzzetta, P. Clark, R. Tappe, H. Budzikiewicz
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Purification and Characterization of a b-Glucosidase Specific for 2,4-Dihydroxy-7-methoxy-1,4-benzoxazin-3-one (DIMBOA) Glucoside in Maize
Key words: Benzoxazinones, Zea mays, Gramineae, â-Glucosidase
A. Oikawa, K. Ebisui, M. Sue, A. Ishihara and H. Iwamura
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Effects of Trehalose and Ethanol on Yeast Cytosolic Pyrophosphatase
Key words: Trehalose, Ethanol, Protection, Pyrophosphatase
D. H. J. Lopes, J. R. Meyer-Fernandes and M. Sola-Penna
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Physiological Significance of Overproduced Carotenoids in Transformants of the Cyanobacterium Synechococcus PCC7942
Key words: Carotenoid, Chlorophyll, Cyanobacterium, Fluorescence, Oxygen Evolution
N. V. Karapetyan, U. Windhövel, A. R. Holzwarth and Peter Böger
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Comparative Immunological and Chemical Analysis of Lipids and Carotenoids of the D1-Peptide and of the Light-Harvesting-Complex of Photosystem II of Nicotiana tabacum
Key words: Light-Harvesting complex, D1-Peptide, PS II-Complex, Lipid-Peptide-Binding, Antibodies
A. Gasser, S. Raddatz, A. Radunz and G. H. Schmid
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Oxygen Uptake during Photosynthesis of Isolated Pea Chloroplasts
Key words: Pisum sativum, Chlororespiration, 18 Oxygen Consumption, Photophosphorylation, Intact Isolated Chloroplasts
N. Grotjohann, D. Messdaghi and W. Kowallik
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Grapevine Protoplasts as a Transient Expression System for Comparison of Stilbene Synthase Genes Containing cGMP-Responsive Promoter Elements
Key words: cGMP, Grapevine Protoplasts, Pine, Promoter, Elicitor-Responsive, Stilbene Synthase Gene, Vitis
I. Brehm, R. Preisig-Müller and H. Kindl
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Heterologous Overexpression of Membrane-Anchored Subunit II of Spinach Chloroplast ATP Synthase and Its Detergent-Free Purification as a Soluble Protein
Key words: Escherichia coli, T7 RNA Polymerase/Promoter System, Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC), Membrane Protein
H.-J. Tiburzy, M. Zimmermann, R. Oworah-Nkruma and R. J. Berzborn
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Theoretical Description of the Coding Potential of Diamino-5-formamidopyrimidines
Key words: Fapy-adenine, Fapy-guanine, Pairing, Miscoding, Solvent Effect
P. Cysewski and R. Oli\'nski
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Bromoisoxazoline Alkaloids from the Caribbean Sponge Aplysina insularis
T. Fendert, V. Wray, R. W. M. v. Soest and P. Proksch
Key words: Sponges, Aplysina insularis, Bromoisoxazoline Alkaloids, Chemotaxonomy, Structure Elucidation
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New Sex Attractants for Five Chamaesphecia Species (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae) from the Ukraine and Turkmenistan
Key words: Octadecadienols, Octadecadienyl Acetates, Attraction Periods
R. Moz\-uraitis, V. B\-uda and J. Metleuski
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Isolation and Identification of Peptidic a-Glucosidase Inhibitors Derived from Sardine Muscle Hydrolyzate
Key words: a-Glucosidase Inhibition, Diabetes, Sardine Muscle Hydrolyzate, Peptide
T. Matsui, T. Oki and Y. Osajima
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Solvent Accessibility to Aspartyl and Succinimidyl Residues at Positions 7 and 23 in the Amyloid b 1-28 Peptide
Key words: Solvent Accessibility, Aspartyl Racemization, Succinimidyl Residues, Amyloid b Peptide, Alzheimer's Disease
R. D. Lins, T. A. Soares, R. Ferreira and R. L. Longo
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The Anticancer Drug Adriamycin Interacts with the Human Erythrocyte Membrane
Key words: Adriamycin, Anticancer Drug, Erythrocyte Membrane, Phospholipid Bilayer
M. Suwalsky, P. Hernández, F. Villena, F. Aguilar and C. P. Sotomayor
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Fluorescence Studies on Association of Human Translation Initiation Factor eIF4E with mRNA cap-Analogues
Key words: Translation Factors, eIF4E, mRNA-cap Analogues, Fluorescence
Z. Wieczorek, A. Nied\'zwiecka-Korna\'s, L. Chlebicka, M. Jankowska, K. Kiraga, J. St\cepi\'nski, M. Dadlez, R. Drabent, E. Dar\.zynkiewicz, R. Stolarski
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Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase and Cell Cycle Progression During Mouse Egg Activation Induced by Various Stimuli
Key words: Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase and Cell Cycle Progression During Mouse Egg Activation Induced by Various Stimuli
Q. Y. Sun, Y. Lax, S. Rubinstei, D. Y. Chen and H. Breitbart
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N u m b e r  5/6
Original Communications
Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids from Echium rauwolfii and Echium horridum (Boraginaceae)
Key words: Echium rauwolfii, Echium horridum, Boraginaceae, Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids, Capillary GLC
A. El-Shazly, M. Abdel-All, A. Tei, and M. Wink
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The Structure of the Pyo erdin from Pseudomonas fluorescens 1.3. Structural and Biological Relationships of Pyoverdins from Different Strains
Key words: Pseudomonas fluorescens, Pyoverdin, Iron Transport
H. Georgias, K. Taraz, H. Budzikiewicz, V. Geoffroy, and J.-M. Meyer
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The Lipid and Resin Composition of Laretia compacta Phil. from the Andes of Chile
Key words: Laretia, Resin, Sesquiterpenoids, Kaurene and Phyllocladene Diterpenoids, Phytosterols
B. R. T. Simoneit and Borys M. Didyk
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Molecular Characterization and Taxonomic Affinities of Species of the White Rot Fungus Ganoderma
Key words: Polypore Fungi, White Rot, Molecular Systematics, ITS1 Region, Ganoderma
S. Sokol, M. Kaldorf, H. Bothe
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Anthocyanin Extracts with Antioxidant and Radical Scavenging Effect
Key words: Antioxidant, Anthocyanin, Liposome, TBA-Reactive Product
J. Gabrielska, J. Oszmian\'nski, M. Komorowska, and M. Langner
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Phytotoxic and Photosynthetic Activities of Maduramicin and Maduramicin Methyl Ester
Key words: Maduramicin, Photophosphorylation, Uncoupler, Phytotoxicity, Polyether Antibiotic
M. T. Gutiérrez-Lugo, B. Lotina-Hennsen, A. Farrés, Sergio Sánchez, and R. Mata
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Influence of the Herbicides Amitrole and Norflurazon on Greening of Illuminated Potato Microtubers
Key words: Solanum tuberosum L. cv.Istra, Microtuber, Plastid, Amitrole, Norflurazon
J. Muraja-Ljubi\vci\'c, M. Wrischer, and N. Ljubeši\'c
333  Full Text
Salt and Drought Stress Differentially Affect the Accumulation of Extracellular Proteins in Barley
Key words: Apoplast, Barley,D rought, Hydrolytic Enzymes, Polypeptide, Salinity
S. Ramanjulu, W. Kaiser, and K.-J. Dietz
337  Full Text
Influence of Molecular Oxygen on the Chlorophyll Fluorescence Decay of Green Algae
Key words: Chlorella vulgaris, Chlorophyll Fluorescence Quenching, Green Algae, Molecular Oxygen
S. Oellerich, D. Berg, K. Maier, F. Terjung
348  Full Text
Molecular Cloning and Spatial Expression of an ApL1 cDNA for the Large Subunit of ADP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase from Arabidopsis thaliana
Key words: Carbon Partitioning, 3'-RACE, Starch Synthesis, Transit Peptide
L. A. Kleczkowski, L. N. Sokolov, C. Luo, and P. Villand
353  Full Text
Biocontrol Strain Pseudomonas sp W34: Specific Detection and Quantification in the Rhizosphere of Cucumis sativus with a DNA Probe and Genotypic Characterization by DNA Fingerprinting
Key words: Pseudomonas sp W34, Biocontrol, Cucumis sativus, DNA Fingerprinting, DNA Probe
D. Redecker, I. S. Feder, P. Vinuesa, T. Batinic, U. Schulz, K. Kosch, and D. Werner
359  Full Text
In Vivo and in Vitro Studies on the Regulatory Link between 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase and Cholesterol 7a-Hydroxylase in Rat Liver
Key words: HMGCoA Reductase, Cholesterol 7a-Hydroxylase, Enzyme Regulation, Cholesterol, Rat Liver
M. Boll, L. W. D. Weber, J. Plana, and Andreas Stampfl
371  Full Text
Protease and Virulence of the Extracellular Products Produced by Vibrio carchariae after Growth on Various Media
Key words: Serine Protease, Vibrio carchariae, Media, Grouper, Virulence
K.-K. Lee, K.-C. Yii, T.-I.Yang, H.-I.Hong, and P.-C. Liu
383  Full Text
Sex Attractant of the Rosy Russian Gypsy Moth (Lymantria mathura Moore)
Key words: Pheromone Lymantriid,Epoxide Triene Gypsy Moth
J. E. Oliver, J. C. Dickens, M. Zlotina, V. C. Mastro, and G. I. Yurchenko
387  Full Text
Study of Propolis by High Temperature High Resolution Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Key words: Propolis, High Temperature Gas Chromatography/MS, Flavonoids, High Molecular Weight Compounds
A. dos Santos Pereira, M. Freiman de Souza Ramos, E. S. C. Poças, P. C. M. Dias, E. Pereira dos Santos, J. F. Mendes da Silva, J. N. Cardoso, and F. Radler de Aquino Neto
395  Full Text
Phytochemical Evidence for the Plant Origin of Brazilian Propolis from Săo Paulo State
Key words: Propolis, Araucaria angustifolia, Baccharis dracunculifolia, Eucalyptus citriodora, Botanical Origin
V. Bankova, G. Boudourova-Krasteva, J. M. Sforcin, X. Frete, A. Kujumgiev, R. Maimoni-Rodella, and Simeon Popov
401  Full Text
Phytochemical, Morphological, and Biological Investigations of Propolis from Central Chile
Key words: Propolis, Central Chile, Microscopical Analysis, Isolation, Phenylpropanes, Dihydrobenzofurans, Benzopyrans, Antimicrobial Activity
S. Valcic, G. Montenegro, A.-M. Mujica, G. Avila, S. Franzblau, M. P. Singh, W. M. Maiese, and B. N. Timmermann
406  Full Text
Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Natural and Synthesized Hydroquinones from Sponge Ircinia spinosula
Key words: Ircinia spinosula, Polyprenylated Hydroquinone, Synthetic Derivative, Antitumoral Activity, Antibacterial Activity
N. Mihopoulos, C. Vagias, I. Chinou, C. Roussakis, M. Scoullos, C. Harvala, and V. Roussis
417  Full Text
Protective Effect of Quaternary Piperidinium Salts on Lipid Oxidation in the Erythrocyte Membrane
Key words: Antioxidants, Lipid Oxidation, Erythrocyte Membrane, Quaternary Piperidinium Salts, Flavonoids
H. Kleszczy\'nska, M. O\'swi\cecimska, J. Sarapuk, S. Witek, and S. Przestalski
424  Full Text
A Joint Effect of Cationic and Anionic Amphiphilic Compounds on the Desorption of Calcium Ions from Lecithin Liposome Membranes
Key words: Ca2+ Desorption, Liposomes, Amphiphiles, Organometallic Compounds, Regulatory Effect
J. Kuczera, T. E. Kral, M. Podolak, S. Przestalski
429  Full Text
Pro-and Antioxidativ Properties of Cortical Tissue Preparations from Human Brain Exhibiting NMDA-Receptor Characteristics
Key words: Cortical Tissue Preparations, Human Brain, Oxidative Properties
M. Elstner, A. Denke, W. Gsell, E. F. Elstner, P. Riederer, and M. Gerlach
438  Full Text
Effects of Calcium and Cyclopiazonic Acid on the Photoresponse in the Limulus Ventral Photoreceptor
Key words: Phototransduction, Current Components, Light Adaptation, Bumps, CPA
M. Dorlöchter, W. Yuan, and H. Stieve
446  Full Text
Coumarin Glycosides from the Mosses Dendroligotrichum dendroides and Dawsonia superba
Key words: Mosses,Polytrichales, Dendroligotrichum dendroides, Dawsonia superba, 5,7,8-Trihydroxy-coumarin-5-glucoside derivatives
J. Raubuch, H. Geiger, and H. D. Zinsmeister
456  Full Text
Kinetics of Thyroid Hormone Induced Changes in Liver and Skeletal Muscle Encymes of Clarias batrachus
Key words: Triiodothyronine, MDH, LDH, Liver, Skeletal Muscle
G. Tripathi
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N u m b e r  7/8
Original Communications
Strobilurin N and wo Metabolites Related to Chorismic Acid from the Fruit Bodies of Mycena crocata (Agaricales)
Key words: Mycena crocata, Toadstool, Strobilurins Chorismic Acid Derivatives, Fungicide
M. S. Buchanan, W. Steglich, and T. Anke
463  Full Text
6,9-Dihydroxy-3(15)-caryophyllen-4,8-dione - a New Antibiotic froma Marasmius Species
Key words: Marasmius, Basidiomycete, Caryophyllane, Sesquiterpenoid, Antibiotic
K. Fabian, T. Anke, and O. Sterner
469  Full Text
Hypoxysordarin, a New Sordarin Derivative from Hypoxylon croceum
Key words: Hypoxylon from Marine Habitat, Antifungal Antibiotic, Hypoxysordarin, Hypoxylactone, Sordarin
M. Daferner, S. Mensch, Timm Anke, and O. Sterner
474  Full Text
Di-and Triterpenoids from the Liverwort Blepharidophyllum densifolium
Key words: Blepharidophyllum, Jungermanniales, Scapaniaceae, ent-kauranes, ent-pimaranes, Dammaranes
M. Flegel and H. Becker
481  Full Text
Iridoid Glucosides from Galium humifusum Bieb.
Key words: Galium humifusum, Rubiaceae, Iridoid Glycosides
M. Mitova, N. Handjieva, M. Anchev, and S. Popov
488  Full Text
Structural Elements of Sporopollenin from the Pollen of Torreya californica Torr. (Gymnospermae): Using the 1H-NMR Technique
Key words: Torreya californica Torr., Pollen, 2-Aminoethanol, Sporopollenin, 1H-NMR, 1,2,3,4-tetrasubstituted-, 1,2,3-trisubstituted Benzene System
F. Ahlers, J. Lambert, and R. Wiermann
492  Full Text
The Peroxidase of Dioscorea esculenta: Partial Purification and Characterisation
Key words: Dioscorea esculenta, Peroxidase, Ion Exchange Chromatography, Gel Filtration
J. Okpuzor and O. Omidiji
496  Full Text
Purification and Characterization of an S-adenosyl-L-methionine:flavonoid 3'-O-methyltransferase from Leaves of Trillium apetalon Makino
Key words: Trillium apetalon, S-adenosyl-L-methionine:flavonoid 3'-O-methyltransferase, Quercetin, Isorhamnetin, Flavonoids
Y. Nakamura, S. Teramoto, and K. Yoshitama
501  Full Text
Photosynthesis and Heat Response of the Green Alga Micrasterias denticulata (Desmidiaceae)
Key words: Heat Shock, Micrasterias, Photosynthesis, Pigments, Temperature
D. Weiss, C. Lütz, and U. Lütz-Meindl
508  Full Text
Organisation of Xanthophyll-Lipid Membranes Studied by Means of Specific Pigment Antisera, Spectrophotometry and Monomolecular Layer Technique Lutein versus Zeaxanthin
Key words: Xanthophylls, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Biomembranes, Antiserum
W. I. Gruszecki, A. Sujak, K. Strzalka, A. Radunz, and G. H. Schmid
517  Full Text
Influence of Climatic Factors on Annual Rings of Conifers
Key words: Conifers, Dust Pollution, Alkalised Environment, Radial Increment, Climate Parameters
K. Ots and J. Rauk
526  Full Text
High Activity of Binuclear Cobalt(II)Complex for Ethylene Evolution from 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic Acid in the Presence of Hydrogen Peroxide
Key words: Ethylene Evolution, Binuclear Metal Complex, ACC, Hydrogen Peroxide
T. Kobayashi, Y. Sasaki, T. Akamatsu, T. Ishii, Y. Oda, H. Masuda, H. Einaga, and Y. Nishida
534  Full Text
Non-Enzymatic RNA Hydrolysis Promoted by the Combined Catalytic Activity of Buffers and Magnesium Ions
Key words: RNA, RNA Degradation, RNA Hydrolysis, Acid-Base Catalysis, Magnesium Catalysis
M. G. AbouHaidar, and I. G. Ivanov
542  Full Text
Synergism Between Ethanolic Extract of Propolis (EEP) and Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs on Growth of Mycobacteria
Key words: Propolis, Antibacterial, Anti-tuberculosis, Virulence, Mycobacteria
S. Scheller, S. Dworniczak, K. Waldemar-Klimmek, M. Rajca, A. Tomczyk, and Jashovam Shani
549  Full Text
Oxygenation of Nucleosides by Peroxide Adduct of Binuclear Iron(III) Complex with a m-Oxo Bridge
Key words: Iron(III)-peroxide Adduct, 8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine, Oxygenation, Nucleosides
S. Ito, Y. Sasaki, Y. Takahashi, S. Ohba, and Y. Nishida
554  Full Text
Detection of the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species by Neutrophils in Whole Blood: Modulation by Adamantanes and Triggering by Fe3+-ions
Key words: Aminoadamantanes, Neutrophil Activation in Whole Blood, Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils, Reactive Oxygen Species, Respiratory Burst
H. Schempp, E. Albrecht-Goepfert, and E. F. Elstner
562  Full Text
Dielectric Properties of Ribosomal Core Particles Lacking a Select Population of Proteins
Key words: Ribosomal Cores, Dielectric Relaxation, Ribonucleoprotein Particle, Structure
A. Bonincontro, A. De Francesco, and G. Risuleo
569  Full Text
The Endoplasmic Reticulum Chaperone GRP94 Is Induced in the Thyrocytes by Cadmium
Key words: Cadmium, GRP94, Thyrocytes (FRTL5 Cells)
O-Y. Kwon, Y.-J. Kim, Y. Choi, H. Kim, C. Song, and M. Shong
573  Full Text
Identification of Genes in a Thyroid Cell Line Regulated by Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
Key words: Differential Display (DD) PCR, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Rat Thyrocytes (FRTL5 cells)
M. Shong, Y.-J. Kim, Y. Choi, and O-Y. Kwon
578  Full Text
Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns and Beta-Lactamase Production of Animal and Human Isolates of Campylobacter in Lagos, Nigeria
Key words: Beta-Lactamase, Campylobacter, Animal, Human, Antimicrobial Sensitivity
S. I. Smith, T. I. Sansa, and A. O. Coker
583  Full Text
The Comparative Molecular Study between Bombycidae and Saturniidae Based on mtDNA RFLP and Cytochrome Oxidase I Gene Sequences:Implication for Molecular Evolution
Key words: Bombycidae, Saturniidae, mtDNA RFLP, Cytochrome Oxidase I Gene
J.-S. Hwang, J.-S. Lee, T.-W. Goo, H.-A. Kang, H.-R. Sohn, H.-R. Kim, and O-Y. Kwon
587  Full Text
Sex Pheromone of the Brazilian Apple Leafroller, Bonagota cranaodes Meyrick (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)
Key words: Sex Pheromone, (3E,5Z)-3,5-dodecadienyl Acetate, Bonagota cranaodes, Brazilian Leaf Roller, Tortricidae
A. E. Eiras, A. Kovaleski, E. F. Vilela, J. P. Chambon, C. R. Unelius, A.-K. Borg-Karlson, I. Liblikas, R. Mozuraitis, M. Bengtsson, and P. Witzgall
595  Full Text
16a, 19-Diacetoxy-ent-kaurane, a New Natural Diterpene from the Exudate of Ozothamnus scutellifolius (Asteraceae)
Key words: Ozothamnus scutellifolius, Asteraceae, Leaf and Stem Exudate, Diterpenoids, Novel Kaurane Derivative
Fco. J. Arriaga-Giner, A. Rumbero, and E. Wollenweber
602  Full Text
Some Lichen Products Have Antimicrobial Activity
Key words: Lichens, Antimicrobial Activity, Lichen Products
J. G. Rowe, M. D. G. Gimenez, and M. T. S. Rodriguez
605  Full Text
New Chalcones from Hop Humulus lupulus L.
Key words: Hop, Humulus lupulus, Chalcones
N. Etteldorf, N. Etteldorf, and H. Becker
610  Full Text
Factors Affecting Growth of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Isolated from Tropical Soil
Key words: Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria, Lactate, pH, Temperature, Sodium Chloride
M. O. Ilori, A. M. Okonkwo, and M. Bamidele
613  Full Text
Noroudemansin A, a New Antifungal Antibiotic from Pterula Species 82168, Z. Naturforsch. 54c, 163-168
M. Engler-Lohr, T. Anke, V. Hellwig and W. Steglich
N u m b e r  9/10 (Procedings)
Preface to the Proceedings of the International Workshop "Stress Synergisms in Plants" at Tata, Hungary, August 23-26, 1998
G. Horváth and Z. Szigeti
Original Communications
Response of Chloroplast Structure o Photodynamic Herbicides and High Oxygen
Key words: Chloroplast Ultrastructure, Environmental Factors, Oxidative Stress, Photodynamic Herbicides, Senescence
A. Mostowska
621  Full Text
The Thermoluminescence 'Afterglow' Band as a Sensitive Indicator of Abiotic Stresses in Plants
Key words: Afterglow, Drought, Freezing, Heat Stress, Thermoluminescence
T. Janda, G. Szalai, C. Giauffret, E. Páldi, and J.-M. Ducruet
629  Full Text
Effect of Tobamovirus Infection on Thermoluminescence Characteristics of Chloroplasts from Infected Plants
Key words: Biotic Stress, Photosynthetic Electron Transport, Photosystem II, Thermoluminescence, Virus Infection
J. Rahoutei, M. Barón, I. García-Luque, M. Droppa, A. Neményi, and G. Horváth
634  Full Text
Sodium Chloride Salt Stress Induced Changes in Thylakoid Pigment-Protein Complexes,Photosystem II Activity and Thermoluminescence Glow Peaks
Key words: Salt stress, Thylakoid membrane, Pigment-protein complex, PS II, Thermoluminescence, Mung bean (Vigna radiata L.), Indian mustard (Brassica juncea Coss.)
A. N. Misra, S. M. Sahu, M. Misra, N. K. Ramaswamy, and T. S. Desai
640  Full Text
Inhibition of Photosystems I and II in Chilling-Sensitive and Chilling-Tolerant Plants under Light and Low-Temperature Stress
Key words: Active Oxygen Species, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, P700 Absorbance Change, Photoinhibition, Xanthophyll Cycle
C. Barth and G. H. Krause
645  Full Text
Diurnal Cycle and Photoinhibition of Photosynthesis in Palm Trachycarpus fortunei H. Wendl. under Winter and Summer Conditions
Key words: Arecaceae, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Cold Stress, Light Stress, Photosynthetic Gas Exchange
A. Neményi, J. H. Georgakopoulos, J. Kissimon, A. Badacsonyi, G. Horváth
658  Full Text
Short-Term Responses of Photosystem II to Heat Stress in Cold-Acclimated Atrazine-Resistant and Susceptible Biotypes of Erigeron canadensis (L.)
Key words: Erigeron canadensis, Heat Stress, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Photosystem II, Photosynthesis
S. Dulai, I. Molnár, E. Péli, and E. Lehoczki
665  Full Text
Light and Heat Stress Adaptation of the Symbionts of Temperate and Coral Reef Foraminifers Probed in Hospite by the Chlorophyll a Fluorescence Kinetics
Key words: Coral-Reef Bleaching, Electron Transport Activity, JIP-test, Photosystem II, Thermoprotection
M. Tsimilli-Michael, M. Pęcheux, and R. J. Strasser
671  Full Text
Effect of Extreme Temperature on Quantum Yield of Fluorescence and Membrane Leakage of the Canarian Endemic Pine (Pinus canariensis)
Key words: Pinus canariensis, Low Temperature, High Temperature, Altitudinal Gradient, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Electrolyte Leakage
J. Peters, M. S. Jiménez, and D. Morales
681  Full Text
Comparative Study on Gas Exchange,Water Relations and Leaf Anatomy of Two Olive Cultivars Grown under Well-Irrigated and Drought Conditions
Key words: Leaf Anatomy, Olea europea, Osmotic Adjustment, Photosynthesis, Drought Stress
K. Chartzoulakis, A. Patakas, and A. Bosabalidis
688  Full Text
Gas Exchange of Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Pinus canariensis Seedlings Growing Outdoors in La Laguna, Canary Islands, Spain
Key words: Pinus canariensis, Mild Water Stress, Gas Exchange, Water Potential, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Seedlings
D. Morales, J. Peters, M. S. Jiménez, M. Tausz, A. Wonisch, and D. Grill
693  Full Text
a-Tocopherol Protection against Drought-Induced Damage in Rosmarinus officinalis L.and Melissa officinalis L.
Key words: a-Tocopherol, Photosynthesis, Drought, Rosmarinus officinalis, Melissa officinalis
S. Munné-Bosch, K. Schwarz, and L. Alegre
698  Full Text
Effect of Dehydration on the Photosynthetic Apparatus of Sun and Shade Leaves of Laurel Forest Trees
Key words: Relative Water Content, Chlorophyll Fuorescence, Laurel Forest Trees, Dehydration, Sun and Shade Leaves
M. S. Jiménez, A. González-Rodríguez, and D. Morales
704  Full Text
Effect of Combined Stress on the O2 Scavenging Enzyme Activities in Bean and Poplar Leaves
Key words: Wounding, Drought, Elicitation, Catalase, Peroxidase
J. Jakab, I. Király, E. Páldi, and F. Láng
711  Full Text
Proline Accumulation Pattern in Species of an Inland Saline Habitat
Key words: Proline, Sodium Accumulation, Cold Stress, Salinity Stress
É. P. Murakeözy, Z. Nagy, and Z. Tuba
718  Full Text
Cadmium against Higher Plant Photosynthesis - a Variety of Effects and Where Do They Possibly Come From?
Key words: Cadmium, Higher Plants, Photosynthesis
Z. Krupa
723  Full Text
Physiological Responses to Heavy Metals in Higher Plants;
Key words: Heavy Metals, Photosynthesis, Enzyme Induction, Oxidative Stress, Defence against Oxidative Stress, Plant Defence Mechanisms
H. Clijsters, A. Cuypers and, J. Vangronsveld
730  Full Text
Effects of Heavy Metals on the Fast Chlorophyll Fluorescence Induction Kinetics of Photosystem II: a Comparative Study
Key words: Cadmium, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Copper, Heavy Metals, Zinc
M. Ciscato, J. Vangronsveld, and R. Valcke
735  Full Text
The Effect of Cd on Chlorophyll and Light-Harvesting Complex II Biosynthesis in Greening Plants
Key words: Cadmium, Chlorophyll, Light-Harvesting Complex II, Thylakoid-Bound Protease, Transcription
L. Tziveleka, A. Kaldis, A. Hegedüs, J. Kissimon, A. Prombona, G. Horváth, and Joan Argyroudi-Akoyunoglou
740  Full Text
Relationship between Changes in Ion Content of Leaves and Chlorophyll-Protein Composition in Cucumber under Cd and Pb Stress
Key words: Cadmium, Chlorophyll-protein complexes, Fluorescence emission, Heavy metal stress, Lead
É. Sárvári, F. Fodor, E. Cseh, A. Varga, G. Záray b, and L. Zolla
746  Full Text
The Effect of EDTA on Maize Seedlings Response to Cd-Induced Stress
Key words: Maize, Cd Toxicity, Accumulation and Translocation, EDTA
M. Wójcik and A. Tukendorf
754  Full Text
A Relationship between Carbonic Anhydrase and Rubisco in Response to Moderate Cadmium Stress during Light Activation of Photosynthesis
Key words: Maintenance of Rubisco Activity, Phaseolus vulgaris, Regulation of Photosynthesis, Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate Carboxylase-oxygenase
A. Siedlecka, P. Gardeström, G. Samuelsson, L. A. Kleczkowski, and Z. Krupa
759  Full Text
Differential Gene Expression in Plants Stressed by the Peroxidizing Herbicide Oxyfluorfen
Key words: Antioxidative Enzymes, Lipid Peroxidation, Oxidative Stress, Oxyfluorfen, Protoporphyrin IX
B. Lederer, O. C. Knörzer, and P. Böger
764  Full Text
Oxidative Stress in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Seedlings Treated with Acifluorfen
Key words: Chlorophyll a Fluorescence, Diphenyl ether Herbicide, Electron Transport, Photodynamic Reaction, Photosynthesis
I. Gupta and B. C. Tripathy
771  Full Text
Ontogenesis-and Biotic Stress-Dependent Variability of Carbohydrate Content in Snap Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Key words: Carbohydrates, Ontogenesis, Phaseolus vulgaris L., Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. phaseolicola (syn. Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola), Resistance
É. Sárdi, I. Velich, M. Hevesi, and Z. Klement
782  Full Text
Desiccation-Tolerant Plants under Elevated Air CO2: A Review
Key words: Acclimation, Climate Change, Desiccation, Photosynthesis, Rehydration
Z. Tuba, M. C. F. Proctor, and Z. Takács
788  Full Text
Responses of the Lichen Cladonia convoluta to High CO2 Level and Heavy Metal Treatment
Key words: Cadmium, Lead, Fluorescence, Respiration, Photosystem II
Z. Takács, Z. Csintalan, and Z. Tuba
797  Full Text
Does Elevated CO2 Protect Grain Yield of Wheat from the Effects of Ozone Stress?
Key words: Elevated Atmospheric CO2, Elevated O3, Wheat, Grain Yield
A. Donnelly, M. B. Jones, J. I. Burke, and B. Schnieders
802  Full Text
Interaction of Elevated CO2 and Ozone Concentrations and Irrigation Regimeson Leaf Anatomy and Carbohydrate Status of Young Oak (Quercus petraea) Trees
Key words: Biomass, Carbohydrate, Drought Stress, Elevated CO2, Leaf Anatomy
V. Schmitt, A. Kußmaul, and A. Wild
812  Full Text
Mechanisms of Impairment of the Photosynthetic Apparatus in Intact Leaves by Ozone
Key words: Light Saturated Net Photosynthesis (Asat), Current Photochemical Capacity (Fv/Fm), Ozone, Oxygen Radicals
T. G. Reichenauer and H. R. Bolhŕr-Nordenkampf
824  Full Text
Change of Ascorbic Acid Level after Grafting of Tomato Seedlings
Key words: Ascorbate Peroxidase, Ascorbic Acid, Glutathione, Grafting, Water Stress
A. Wadano, M. Azeta, S. Itotani, A. Kanda, T. Iwaki, T. Taira, Y. Fujii, Y. Nishiura, H. Murase, and N. Honami
830  Full Text
Stress Alterations in Growth Parameters, Pigment Content and Photosynthetic Functions of in vitro Cultured Plants
Key words: Anthocyanin, Fluorescence, Huckberry, Peach, Triacontanol
J. Kissimon, Á. Tantos, A. Mészáros, E. Jámbor-Bencz\'ur, G. Horváth
Nitrogen Shortage in a Tomato Crop; Scaling up from Effects on Electron-Transport Rate to Plant Productivity
Key words: Stress, Nitrogen Optimization, Photosynthesis, Tomato, Modelling
A. H. C. M. Schapendonk, M. V. Oijen, S. C. Pot, R. Van den Boogaard, and J. Harbinson
840  Full Text
Contribution of Chlorophyll Fluorescence to the Reflectance of Leaves in Stressed Plants as Determined with the VIRAF-Spectrometer
Key words: Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Red Edge of Reflectance, Remote Sensing, Spectroscopic Techniques, Stress Detection
C. Buschmann and H. K. Lichtenthaler
849  Full Text
N u m b e r  11
Original Communications
The Structure of Two Fengycins from Bacillus subtilis S499
Key words: Bacillus subtilis, Fengycin, Lipopeptides
J. Schneider, K. Taraz, H. Budzikiewicz, M. Deleu, P. Thonart, and P. Jacques
859  Full Text
Staphyloferrin B, a Citrate Siderophore of Ralstonia eutropha
Key words: Ralstonia eutropha, Iron Transport, Siderophore, Staphyloferrin B
M. Münzinger, K. Taraz, and H. Budzikiewicz
867  Full Text
Polyphenols in Stachys and Betonica Species (Lamiaceae)
Key words: Lamiaceae, Stachys, Betonica, Phenylethanoids, Flavonoids, Chemotaxonomy
V. Bankova, J. Koeva-Todorovska, T. Stambolijska, M.-D. Ignatova-Groceva, D. Todorova, and S. Popov
876  Full Text
Flavonoids as Chemotaxonomic Markers for Erythroxylum ulei
Key words: Erythroxylum ulei (E. ulei), Baptigenin, Genistein, Orobol, Isoflavone
E. L. Johnson and W. F. Schmidt
881  Full Text
Aroma Evolution during Flower Opening in Rosa damascena Mill.
Key words: Rosa damascena, Flower Opening, Scent Evolution, Aroma Precursors, Hydrolytic Enzyme Activity
N. Oka, H. Ohishi, T. Hatano, M. Hornberger, K. Sakata, and N. Watanabe
889  Full Text
Molecular Dynamics Modellization and Simulation of Water Diffusion through Plant Cutin
Key words: Cuticle, Cutin, Water Diffusion, Molecular Modellization, Molecular Dynamics
A. Matas and A. Heredia
896  Full Text
Effects of Antifungal Compounds on Conidial Germination and on the Induction of Appressorium Formation of Magnaporthe grisea
Key words: Magnaporthe grisea, Pyricularia oryzae, Appressorium Formation, Antifungal Compounds, Alternative Oxidase, Respiratory Inhibitors
F. Eilbert, E. Thines, and H. Anke
903  Full Text
A New psbA Mutation Yielding an Amino-Acid Exchange at the Lumen-Exposed Site of the D1 Protein
Key words: Herbicide Resistance, psbA Gene, D1 Protein; Photosystem II, Inverse PCR (IPCR)
C. Schwenger-Erger, N. Böhnisch, and W. Barz
909  Full Text
Changes in Photosynthetic Apparatus in the Juvenile Rice Canopy and a Possible Function of Photosystem I in the Bottom Leaves
Key words: Antenna Size, PS II/PS I-ratio, Light Absorption and Electron Transport Balance, Translocation of Nutrient
J. Yamazaki, Y. Kamimura, and Y. Sugimura
915  Full Text
Further Studies on Cytostatic Activity of Alkoxymethyl Purine and Pyrimidine Acyclonucleosides
Key words: Acyclonucleosides, Deoxynucleotide Kinases, Melanoma
H. Modrzejewska, M. Drami\'nski, A. Zgit-Wróblewska, and J. Greger
923  Full Text
9-(3,4-Dimethyl-5-pentyl-furan-2-yl)nonanoic Acid and 9-(3,4-Dimethyl-5-propyl-furan-2-yl)nonanoic Acid: New Naturally OccurringPeroxidase Inhibitors
Key words: Horseradish Peroxidase, 9-(3,4-dimethyl-5-pentyl-furan-2-yl)nonanoic Acid [diMeF(9,5)], 9-(3,4-dimethyl-5-propyl-furan-2-yl)nonanoic Acid [diMeF(9,3)], Competitive Inhibitor, Indole-3-acetic Acid
C. T. Fuchs and G. Spiteller
932  Full Text
Study of the Topical Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Achillea ageratum on Chronic and Acute Inflammation Models
Key words: Achillea ageratum, Sterols, Topical Anti-Inflammatory, Chronic Inflammation and Acute Inflammation
M. A. Gómez, M. T. Sáenz, M. D. García, and M. A. Fernández
937  Full Text
Effects of Watersoluble Boron and Aluminium Compounds on the Synthesis of Flavanols in Grape Vine Callus
Key words: Aluminium, Boron, Flavanols, Callus, Grape Vine
W. Feucht, D. Treutter, E. Bengsch, and J. Polster
942  Full Text
Flagellin Gene Polymorphism Analysis of Campylobacter Compared with Antigen Serotyping
Key words: Flagellin, Campylobacter Species, PCR
S. I. Smith, D. K. Olukoya, A. J. Fox, and A. O. Coker
946  Full Text
Influence of Counterions on the Interaction of Pyridinium Salts with Model Membranes
Key words: Model Membranes, Hemolysis, Stability, Cationic Surfactants, Counterions
J. Sarapuk, H. Kleszczy\'nska, J. Pernak, J. Kalewska, B. Ró\.zycka-Roszak
952  Full Text
Enhancement by Glucose of Low Density Lipoprotein-Oxidation by Peroxynitrite
Key words: Reactive Oxygen Species, Peroxynitrite, LDL-Oxidation, SIN-1, Diabetes
D. Schneider and E. F. Elstner
956  Full Text
A Protein from the Salivary Glands of the Giant Amazon Leech with High Sequence Homology to Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunit
Key words: Haementeria ghilianii, RACE-PCR, Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor
S. Salgueiro, S. Potts, E. A. McIlgorm, K. H. Ansell, J. Hemberger, and D. Güssow
963  Full Text
Sterol Composition of the Black Sea Sponges Hymeniacidon sanguinea (Grant) and Halichondria panicea (Pallas)
Key words: Chemotaxonomy, Halichondria panicea, Hymeniacidon sanguinea, Sponges, Sterols
I. Elenkov, S. Popov, and S. Andreev
972  Full Text
Ecto-Phosphatase Activities on the Cell Surface of the Amastigote Forms of Trypanosoma cruzi
Key words: Trypanosoma cruzi Amastigote, Ecto-Phosphatase, Phosphoseryl Phosphatase, Phosphotyrosyl Phosphatase, Vanadate Inhibition
J. R. Meyer-Fernandes, M. A. da Silva-Neto, M. dos Santos
977  Full Text
Light Scattering in the Eye Lens Near the Spinodal
Key words: Light Scattering, Eye Lens, Phase Separation, Aggregates
B. Grzegorzewski and V. Rudeichuk
985  Full Text
Activation of Hematoporphyrin in Alternating Magnetic Field: Possible Implications for Cancer Treatment
Key words: Hematoporphyrin, Alternating Magnetic Field, Glioblastoma Cell, Cancer Treatment
M. Babincovaá, P. Sourivong, D. Leszczynska, and P. Babinec
993  Full Text
N u m b e r  12
Original Communications
Terpenoids from the in vitro Cultured Liverwort Riella helicophylla
Key words: Riella, Liverwort, Menthane, Monoterpene Peroxide, Kaurane, Labdane, Phytane
H. Becker and U. Martini
997  Full Text
Arcapitins A - C, First Dammarane-Type Triterpenes from the Convolvulaceae
Key words: Argyreia capitata, Convolvulaceae, Triterpenes, Dammarane Derivatives, Arcapitin A, B and C
B. Tofern, K. Jenett-Siems, K. Siems, J. Jakupovic, and E. Eich
Key words: Achillea clusiana, Asteraceae, Terpenoids, Chrysanthemol Derivatives, Sesquiterpene Lactones
1005  Full Text
Terpenoids from Achillea clusiana
M. N. Todorova, E. T. Tsankova, R. Ml.Taskova, and D. R. Peev
1011  Full Text
Sterols and Polysaccharides in Freshwater Algae Spirogyra and Mougeotia
Key words: Freshwater Algae, Mougeotia, Monosaccharides, Polysaccharides, Spirogyra, Sterols
M. Iv. Mitova, A. I. Usov, M. I. Bilan, K. L. Stefanov, Stefka, D. Dimitrova-Konaklieva, D. P. Tonov, S. S. Popov
1016  Full Text
Pyoverdins with a Lys e-Amino Link in the Peptide Chain?
Key words: Pseudomonas putida, Pyoverdin, Siderophore
H. Budzikiewicz, D. U. Fernández, R. Fuchs, R. Michalke, K. Taraz, and C. Rungiviriachai
1021  Full Text
Chemo-Enzymatic Syntheses of Both Enantiomers of Neodictyoprolenol and Neodictyoprolene; Possible Biosynthetic Intermediates of Sex Pheromones in Brown Algae
Key words: Algae, Enantioselective Synthesis, Neodictyoprolene, Pheromones
Y. Yamamoto, Y. Akakabe, K. Matsui, H. Shimidzu, and T. Kajiwara
1027  Full Text
Visualization of Glutathione Conjugation and Inducibility of Glutathione S-Transferases in Onion (Allium cepa L.) Epidermal Tissue
Key words: Glutathione S-transferase, Xenobiotic Detoxification, Onion, Monochlorobimane, Glutathione Conjugate
P. Schröder and A. Stampfl
1033  Full Text
New Auxin Analogs.Possible Probes for Auxin Receptors
Key words: Auxin, Auxin Receptors, Molecular Modeling and 2,4-D Analogs
E. Reynoso-Herrera, C. Rius-Alonso, and M. Albores-Velasco
1042  Full Text
Effect of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration on Superoxide Dismutase Production by Humicola lutea Cells
Key words: Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase, Production, Filamentous Fungi, Dissolved Oxygen
S. B. Pashova, L. S. Slokoska, P. A. Dolashka-Angelova, S. V. Vassilev, P. D. Sheremetska, and M. B. Angelova
1049  Full Text
Synthesis of 6-Aryloxy-and 6-Arylalkoxy-2-chloropurines and Their Interactions with Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase from Escherichia coli
Key words: 2-Chloropurines, Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase, Inhibition, Escherichia coli, Phase Transfer Reactions
A. Bzowska, L. Magnowska, and Z. Kazimierczuk
1055  Full Text
Bleomycin - Induced DNA Damage and DNA Repair in Chicken Embryo Cells as Compared to X-Irradiation
Key words: Bleomycin, Chicken Embryo, DNA-Damage, DNA-Repair, Nucleoids, X-Irradiation
K. Tempel, H. Kortenbeutel, and C. von Zallinger
1068  Full Text
1H-Cyclopenta[b]benzofuran Lignans from Aglaia Species Inhibit Cell Proliferation and Alter Cell Cycle Distribution in Human Monocytic Leukemia Cell Lines
Key words: 1H-Cyclopenta [b]benzofuran Lignans,Aglaia, Cell Cycle, Cytostatic Activity, Human Leukemia Cells
F. I. Bohnenstengel, K. G. Steube, C. Meyer, H. Quentmeier, B. W. Nugroho, and P. Proksch
1075  Full Text
Carboxymethylated Glucan Inhibits Lipid Peroxidation in Liposomes
Key words: Liposomes (1 -> 3)-b-D-glucan, Microwave Radiation, Lipid Peroxidation, Membrane Destabilization
M. Babincová, E. Machová, and Grigorij Kogan
1084  Full Text
The Anticancer Drug Chlorambucil Interacts with the Human Erythrocyte Membrane and Model Phospholipid Bilayers
Key words: Chlorambucil, Anticancer Drug, Erythrocyte Membrane, Phospholipid Bilayer
M. Suwalsky, P. Hernández, F. Villena, and C. P. Sotomayor
1089  Full Text
The Activity of Thymidine Phosphorylase Correlates with Tumor Size and Lymph Nodes Status in Breast Carcinoma
Key words: dThdPase/PD-ECGF, Microvessel Count, Breast Cancer
R. Kubiak, E. Miszczak-Zaborska, D. Jesionek-Kupnicka, J. Greger
1096  Full Text
Scaling of Some Metabolic Enzymes in Liver of a Freshwater Teleost: An Adaptive Mechanism
Key words: Teleost, Liver, Scaling, Lactate Dehydrogenase, Malate Dehydrogenase
G. Tripathi
1103  Full Text
Contribution of a Metal-Peroxide Adduct to Neurodegeneration Is Due to Its Oxidative Protease Activity
Key words: Metal-peroxide Adduct, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Oxidative Protease Function, Cleavage of Protein
Y. Nishida and S. Nishino
1107  Full Text
Pentacyclic Triterpenoid Alkanoates in Propolis
Key words: Propolis, High Temperature Gas Chromatography/MS, Triterpenyl Alkanoates, High Molecular Weight Esters, Bee Wax
A. d. S. Pereira, J. F. M. d. Silva, R. Kiltzke, J. N. Cardoso, and F. R. d. A. Neto
1115  Full Text
Androconial Hairbrushes of the Syntomis (Amata) phegea (L.) Group (Lepidoptera,Ctenuchinae): A Synapomorphic Character Supported by Sequence Data of the Mitochondrial 16S rRNA Gene
Key words: Taxonomyof Amata/Syntomis, Phylogeny of Syntominae, Arctiinae, Ctenuchini and Syntomini
D. Schneider, L. Legal, W. Dierl, and M. Wink
1119  Full Text
Flavonoids and Terpenoids from Luma gayana (Barn.) Burret
Key words: Luma gayana (Barn.) Burret, Myrtaceae, Flavonoids, Terpenoids, Alkyl p-Coumarates
G. A. Wächter, A. Wangmaneerat, K. M. Caple, G. Montenegro, and B. N. Timmermann
1140  Full Text
Chamaecyparin - a Rare Biflavone from Selaginella Species
Key words: Selaginellaceae, Misidentification, Isocryptomerin, Cryptomerin B, Robustaflavone
B. Meurer-Grimes, J. Yu, and I. A. Valdespino Q.
1143  Full Text
L-Ovothiol A:The Egg Release Pheromone of the Marine Polychaete Platynereis Dumerilii: Annelida: Polychaeta
Key words: Egg Release Pheromone, Coelomic Fluid, Platynereis dumerilii, L-Ovothiol A, L-Ovothiol A Disulfide
I. Röhl, B. Schneider, B. Schmidt, and E. Zeeck
1145  Full Text
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