Graphical Abstracts Vol. 67b (2012)
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To Professor Heribert Offermanns on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday
Stefan Buchholz and Harald Gröger
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Carbon Dioxide as a Carbon Resource – Recent Trends and Perspectives
Markus Hölscher, Christoph Gürtler, Wilhelm Keim, Thomas E. Müller, Martina Peters, and Walter Leitner
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Aptasensors for Small Molecule Detection
Johanna-Gabriela Walter, Alexandra Heilkenbrinker, Jonas Austerjost, Suna Timur, Frank Stahl, and Thomas Scheper
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Original Communications

Reversible Heterolytic Si–H Bond Activation by an Intramolecular Frustrated Lewis Pair
Wanli Nie, Hendrik F. T. Klare, Martin Oestreich, Roland Fröhlich, Gerald Kehr, and Gerhard Erker
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The Boundary Layer as Reaction Compartment for the Synthesis of Hydroxyalkyl-functionalized Siloxanes
Peter Fröhlich and Martin Bertau
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The Good Vibrations of Beer. The Use of Infrared and UV/Vis Spectroscopy and Chemometry for the Quantitative Analysis of Beverages
Oliver Klein, Andreas Roth, Fabian Dornuf, Otmar Schöller, and Werner Mäntele
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Low-frequency Vibrational Dynamics of Amorphous and Crystalline Silica
Peter W. Albers, Günther Michael, Hans Lansink Rotgerink, Martin Reisinger, and Stewart F. Parker
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Asymmetric Brønsted Acid-catalyzed Intramolecular aza-Michael Reaction – Enantioselective Synthesis of Dihydroquinolinones
Magnus Rueping, Stefan A. Moreth and Michael Bolte
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Synthesis and Characterization of Imidazolium Salts with the Weakly Coordinating [B(C6F5)4] Anion
Bo Zhang, Mathias Köberl, Alexander Pöthig, Mirza Cokoja, Wolfgang A. Herrmann, and Fritz E. Kühn
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Large-scale Enzymatic Synthesis of 12-Ketoursodeoxycholic Acid from Dehydrocholic Acid by Simultaneous Combination of 3α-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase from Pseudomonas testosteroni and 7β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase from Collinsella aerofaciens
Daniel Bakonyi, Astrid Wirtz and Werner Hummel
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2,5-Dihydro-1,3-thiazoles as Scaffolds in the Synthesis of O,N-Diacyl O,N-Acetals in a One-pot Reaction
Timo Stalling, Fabian Brockmeyer, Denis Kröger, Almuth Schwäblein, and Jürgen Martens
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Lipase-mediated Epoxidation of the Cyclic Monoterpene Limonene to Limonene Oxide and Limonene Dioxide
Lars O. Wiemann, Christina Faltl and Volker Sieber
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Operando Infrared Spectroscopic and Quantum-chemical Studies on Iridium-catalyzed Hydroformylation
Dieter Hess, Bernd Hannebauer, Matthias König, Matthias Reckers, Stefan Buchholz, and Robert Franke
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3,3′′-Bis(saccharin-6-ylmethyl)-1,1′:3′,1′′-terphenyl – Precursor of A New Tetradendate Bis-bridging Ligand
Stefan Buck and Gerhard Maas
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The Methylene-bridged Dialuminium Compound R2Al-CH2-AlR2 [R = CH(SiMe3)2] as an Effective Chelating Lewis Acid – Adducts with Halides, Perchlorate and Isopropylamide
Werner Uhl, Christian Rösener, Christina Stefaniak, Tim Choy, Beate Jasper-Peter, Jutta Kösters, Marcus Layh, and Alexander Hepp
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Synthesis, Separation and Structure Elucidation of a Missing C60 Chloride: C2v-C60Cl8
Karolin Ziegler, Konstantin Yu. Amsharov and Martin Jansen
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New Thiostannates Synthesized Under Solvothermal Conditions: Crystal Structures of (trenH)2Sn3S7 and {[Mn(tren)]2Sn2S6}
Nicole Pienack, Diana Schinkel, Angela Puls, Marie-Eve Ordolff, Henning Lühmann, Christian Näther, and Wolfgang Bensch
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Dimorphic EuCu5Cd
Frank Tappe, Christian Schwickert and Rainer Pöttgen
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18-Membered Heterometallacyclic Gold(I) Compounds: Structural Influences of Co-crystallized Solvent
Liliana Dobrzańska, Christoph E. Strasser, Hubert Schmidbaur, and Helgard G. Raubenheimer
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Efficient Enzymatic Amine Resolution at High Substrate Input Using Diethyl Malonate as an Acyl Donor of Low Hazard Potential
Sabine Simon, Steffen Oßwald, Jürgen Roos, and Harald Gröger
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