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N u m b e r  1
Original Communications
The Low-Temperature Polymorph of Tetramethyldiphosphine-bis(monoborane): Insight into the Stabilization of Different Rotational Isomers in the Solid State
Key words: Structure Determination, Polymorphy, Conformer, Thermoanalysis, Phosphine boranes
G. Müller and J. Brand
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Compounds with Pentelide Dumbbells M2: A11IM6 and A11IIM10 (A = Rb, Cs, Ba; M = Sb, Bi) (In German)
Key words: Bismuthides, Antimonides, Zintl Phases
F. Emmerling, N. Längin, F. Pickhard, M. Wendorff, and C. Röhr
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Polysulfonylamines, CLXVII~[1]. Hydrogen Bonding in Crystalline Onium Dimesylamides: A Robust Three-Point Pattern Integrated into a 2D, a Twofold Interwoven 2D, or a 3D Hydrogen-Bond Network (In German)
Key words: Di(methanesulfonyl)amide, Nitrogen Heterocycles, Supramolecular Synthon, Three-Point Hydrogen-Bond Pattern, Twofold Interwoven 2D Network
K. Wijaya, O. Moers, A. Blaschette, and P. G. Jones
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Molecular Structure and Reactivity of Tri(1-cyclohepta-2,4,6-trienyl)amine, N(C7H7)3
Key words: Cyclohepta-2,4,6-trienyl Amines, Tropylium Tetrafluoroborates, X-Ray
M. Herberhold, J. Liu, and W. Milius
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ScOH(CH3SO3)2, a Basic Methanesulfonate of Scandium with Chain Structure
Key words: Scandium, Methanesulfonate, Crystal Structure
M. S. Wickleder and I. Müller
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Calculated NMR Parameters (Chemical Shifts and Coupling Constants) of Cyclic C4H2 and C4H4 Molecules Containing Carbene Centers, and of Some of their Boron Analoga, Using Density Functional Theory (DFT)
Key words: Carbenes, Cyclic Hydrocarbons, Boranes, MO Calculations, NMR Parameters
B. Wrackmeyer
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Atomic Volume, Packing Density and Chemical Bonding in Solid Iodine under Pressure (In German)
Key words: Iodine, High Pressure, Atomic Volume, Packing Density, Chemical Bonding
M. Trömel, S. Hübner, and K. Taxer
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Secondary Interactions in Gold(I) Complexes with Thione Ligands. 1. Three Ionic Chlorides
Key words: Aurophilicity, Thiones, Gold, Hydrogen Bonds, Secondary Interactions
S. Friedrichs and P. G. Jones
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Chemical Composition and Antitumor Activities from Givotia madagascariensis
Key words: Givotia madagascariensis, Euphorbiaceae, Erythroxylane Diterpenoids, Givotin, Antitumor Activity
H. C. Krebs, H. Duddeck, S. Malik, W. Beil, P. Rasoanaivo, and M. Andrianarijaona
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A Study of Substituent Effect on the Oxidative Strengths of N-Chloroarenesulphonamides: Kinetics of Oxidation of Leucine and Isoleucine in Aqueous Acid Medium
Key words: Kinetics, Oxidation, Leucine, Isoleucine, N-Chloroarenesulphonamides
M. Shetty and B. T. Gowda
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Synthesis and Crystal Structure Analysis of a 2,4-Diaryl-2,3-dihydro-1H-1,5-benzodiazepine (In German)
Key words: Enones, Diazepines, Conformation
A. Hormaza, D. Schollmeyer, and H. Meier
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Synthesis of Highly Flexible Difluorinated Cyclopropanoid Nucleoside Analogues
Key words: Nucleoside Analogues, Cyclopropanes
R. Csuk and L. Eversmann
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A New Eudesmane Derivative from Leontodon tuberosus
Key words: Chemosystematics, Lactuceae, Sesquiterpenoids
R. Spitaler, E.-P. Ellmerer, C. Zidorn, and H. Stuppner
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Structure of trans-Isoshinanolone in the Crystal and in Solution
Key words: Natural Products, Crystal Structure, Quantum Chemical Calculations, NMR Methods
G. Bringmann, R.-M. Pfeifer, M. Breuning, M. Reichert, K. Messer, M. Schraut, and G. Tóth
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An Elegant Synthetic Route to 3-Cyano-5,6-dihydro-2-ethoxy-4-phenyl-pyrido[2,3-a]carbazoles
Key words: 1-Oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles, 2-Benzylidene-1-oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles, Aldol Condensation, Malononitrile, Sodium Hydride
I. A. Danish and K. J. R. Prasad
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Boron Trifluoride Mediated Addition of Nucleophiles to endo- and exo-Substituted Norbornene Derivatives
Key words: Remote Substituent Effects, endo/exo Selectivity, Regioselectivity, Nucleophilic Additions, p-Facial Selectivity
A. \.I\csleyen, T. Sayraç, and Özdemir Do\ugan
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Fascicularones C and D, Tricyclo[]undecane Sesquiterpenoids from the Liquid Culture of Naematoloma fasciculare
Key words: Naematoloma fasciculare, Fascicularones C and D
Y. Shiono, H. Wakamatsu, T. Murayama, and M. Ikeda
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A New Triterpenoid Saponin from Ononis spinosa and Two New Flavonoid Glycosides from Ononis vaginalis
Key words: Ononis spinosa, Ononis vaginalis, Triterpenoid Saponin, Flavonoid Glycosides
K. H. Shaker, K. Dockendorff, M. Bernhardt, and K. Seifert
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N u m b e r  2
Original Communications
On the Reaction of 2,3-Dihydro-1,3-diisopropyl-4,5-dimethylimidazol-2-ylidene with Bromine Derivatives of Meldrum's Acid
Key words: Heterocycles, Imidazoles, Dioxan, Ion Pairs, Crystal Structure
N. Kuhn, A. Al-Sheikh, S. Schwarz, and M. Steimann
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Polyol Metal Complexes, 45. D-Glucopyranosides as Ligands in Nickel Complexes
Key words: Carbohydrates, Glucosides, Sucrose, Trehalose, Nickel Complexes, Crystal Structures
S. Herdin, G. Kettenbach, and P. Klüfers
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Crystal Structures of the Supramolecular Aggregates of the Methyl and Chloro Substituted Gallanes MexGaCl3-x
Key words: Gallium, Crystal Structure, Supramolecular Chemistry, Aggregation
C. Lustig and N. W. Mitzel
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DFT and G2MP2 Calculations of the N-N Bond Dissociation Enthalpies and Enthalpies of Formation of Hydrazine, Monomethylhydrazine and Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine
Key words: Dimethylhydrazine, Hydrazine, MMH, Monomethylhydrazine, N-N Bond Dissociation Energies, UDMH
M. A. Bohn and T. M. Klapötke
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Trriethoxysilane, Tetraethoxysilane and Hexaethoxydisiloxane - Three Complementary Reagents for the Synthesis of Hydrogen-Rich Silylarenes
Key words: Arylsilanes, Silylarenes, Trialkoxysilane, Tetraethoxysilane, Hexaethoxydisiloxane
O. Minge, S. Nogai, and H. Schmidbaur
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Dimeric Methylzinc Bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amide - Synthesis, Molecular Structure and Reaction with Dimethylzinc
Key words: Metalation, Pyridyl Substituents, Vicinal Dianion, Zinc
M. Westerhausen, A. N. Kneifel, I. Lindner, J. Gr\vci\'c, and H. Nöth
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Synthesis and Structure of the Nitrido Complexes (Ph3Sb)2Cl3Os\tbond N-RhCl(COD), (Me2PhP)2(PhCN)Cl2Re≡N-RhCl2(C5Me5), [(Me2PhP)3(PhCN)ClRe≡N-OsCl2(CO)3][OsCl3(CO)3], and [(Me2PhP)3(PhCN)ClRe≡N-ReCl4-N≡ReCl(NCPh)(PMe2Ph)3][OsCl4(CO)2]
Key words: Rhenium, Osmium, Rhodium, Nitrido Complexes, Crystal Structure
S. Schwarz, M. G. Mestres, E. Niquet, C. F. B. d. Silva, and J. Strähle
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Ternary Rare Earth Metal Silicides RE2RE'3Si4 with Orthorhombic Sm5Ge4 or Tetragonal Zr5Si4 Type Structure
Key words: Silicide, Crystal Structure, Solid State Synthesis, Chemical Bonding
U. C. Rodewald, B. Heying, D. Johrendt, R.-D. Hoffmann, and R. Pöttgen
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Synthesis and Structural Relationship of the Ternary Indides Sc3Ni2.10(5)In3.60(5), Sc3Ni2.14(2)In3.76(2), ScPd0.981(2)In and Sc3Rh1.594(9)In4
Key words: Indium, Crystal Structure, Scandium
M. Lukachuk, V. I. Zaremba, R.-D. Hoffmann, and R. Pöttgen
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Tris(2-isocyanocarboxylic Acid Ester) - Halfsandwich Complexes [(arene)M(CNCHR1CO2R2)3]2+ (M = Ru, Rh, Ir)
Key words: 2-Isocyano Carboxylic Acid Ethyl Ester, Halfsandwich Complexes, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium
M. A. Lang, P. Mayer, and W. Beck
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Palladium(II) Complexes with Benzoxazol-2-ylidene Ligands: Crystal Structures of trans-Chloro(benzoxazol-2-ylidene)bis(triphenylphosphine)palladium(II) Chloride and cis-Diiodo(benzoxazol-2-ylidene)(triphenylphosphine)palladium(II)
Key words: Carbene Complexes, Palladium, Crystal Structures
F. E. Hahn, T. Lügger, and M. Beinhoff
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High-Pressure Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Properties of the New Orthorhombic Rare-Earth meta-Oxoborates RE(BO2)3 (RE = Dy - Lu)
Key words: High-Pressure, Oxoborates, Crystal Structure
H. Emme, T. Nikelski, T. Schleid, R. Pöttgen, M. Heinrich Möller, and H. Huppertz
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Four Isotypic Highly Coordinated Lanthanide Complexes of the Tripodal Ligand Bis[(2-pyridyl)methyl][(1-methylimidazol-2-yl)methyl]amine
Key words: Crystal Structures, Tripodal Tetradentate Ligands, Rare Earth Metals, Imidazole
M. Merkel, M. Pascaly, C. Köster, and B. Krebs
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Carbamoyl and Thiocarbamoyl Derivatives of 3-Aminopropyl-dimethyl-phosphine Oxide
Key words: 3-[N-Substituted Carbamoyl (or Thiocarbamoyl)]-aminopropyl-dimethyl-phosphine Oxides, Phosphorus-Containing Ureas and Thioureas, Tertiary Phosphine Oxide
V. Lachkova, H. Keck, R. Scopelliti, W. Kläui, S. Varbanov, and G. Hägele
221  Full Text
The Crystal Structures of [N,N'-Bis(3-methoxysalicylidene)-1,3-diaminopropane]nickel(II) and -copper(II)
Key words: Schiff Base Complexes, Nickel(II) Complex, Copper(II) Complex, Square-Planar Coordination, Octahedral Coordination
A. Elmali, C. T. Zeyrek, and Y. Elerman
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Dialkoxy-Substituted, C1-Symmetric Metallocenes: Synthesis and Catalytic Behavior in the Propylene Polymerization Reaction
Key words: Metallocene Catalysis, Dialkoxy Substitution, Propylene Polymerization
M. Schlögl and B. Rieger
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Isolation and Structure of a New Ceramide from the Basidiomycete Hygrophorus eburnesus
Key words: Hygrophorus eburnesus, Basidiomycete, (2S, 3S, 4R, 2'R)-2-(2'-Hydroxy-9'Z-ene-tetracosanoylamino)-octadecane-1,3,4-t riol, Hygrophamide
Y. Qu, H.-B. Zhang, and J.-K. Liu
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Pubesamides A, B, and C, Three New N-Benzoyltyramide Derivatives Isolated from Casimiroa pubescens
Key words: Casimiroa pubescens, N-Benzoyltyramides, Pubesamides A, B, and C
A. N. García-Argáez, N. M. González-Lugo, H. Parra-Delgado, and M. Martínez-Vázquez
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Retraction Notice
Retracted: Z. Naturforsch. 58b, 911 (2003)
T. M. Abu Elmaati, I. Elghamry, and F. M. A. El-Taweel
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N u m b e r  3
Original Communications
Synthesis and Structure of RhMg3 and Ir3Mg13
Key words: Magnesium, Crystal Structure, Solid State Synthesis
V. Hlukhyy, U. C. Rodewald, R.-D. Hoffmann, and R. Pöttgen
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Crystal Growth and Crystal Structure of the Metastable Bismuth Orthoborate BiBO3
Key words: Bismuth Borate, Crystal Structure, Polymorphism
P. Becker and R. Fröhlich
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A Conformational Analysis of the Spirocyclic Quaternary Ammonium Cation [(CH2)4N(CH2)4]+ in its Bromide and Picrate Salts
Key words: Conformational Analysis, Spirocyclic Ammonium Salts, 5-Azoniaspirononane Cation, Heterospirononanes
U. Monkowius, S. Nogai, and H. Schmidbaur
259  Full Text
A Speculative Discussion of the Structural Details of 1-Bromo-2-iodo-benzenes
Key words: Bromobenzenes, Iodobenzenes, Bromo-/Iodo-Benzenes, Steric Crowding, Closed-shell Interactions
H. Schmidbaur, O. Minge, and S. Nogai
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Synthesis and Structure of an Aluminium-Nitrogen Heteronorbornane with Bulky tButyl Substituents and the Crystal Structure of Tri(tbutyl)aluminium
Key words: Aluminium, Tri(tbutyl)aluminium, Heterocycles, Donor-Acceptor Bonds, Crystal Structure
M. Woski and N. W. Mitzel
269  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of Sodium Tetraoxo Nitrido Molybdate, Na5MoO4N
Key words: Sodium, Molybdenum, Oxynitrides, Structure Determination
N. Arumugam, E. M. Peters, and M. Jansen
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Supersilylated Tetrachlorodigermane (tBu3Si)Cl2GeGeCl2(SitBu3) and Trigermoxetane (tBu3Si)3Ge3Cl3O
Key words: Supersilyl, Germane, Germoxane, X-Ray Structure Analysis
H.-W. Lerner, F. Schödel, I. Sänger, M. Wagner, and M. Bolte
277  Full Text
Preparation and Crystal Structures of the Isotypic Compounds CdX}O4 · 2 HgO (X = S, Se)
Key words: Mercury, Cadmium, Sulfate, Selenate, Hydrothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure
M. Weil
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Indirect Nuclear Spin-Spin Coupling Constants 1J(17O,13C) in Derivatives of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide - Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations
Key words: Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, NMR, Coupling Signs, MO Calculations
B. Wrackmeyer
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Preparation, Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Characterization of [Ga(OH)(SO4)(terpy)(H2O)] · H2O (terpy=2,2':6',2-Terpyridine): The First Characterized Gallium(III) Sulfato Complex
Key words: Crystal Structure, Gallium(III) Sulfate Complex, Terminal Hydroxo Ligands, 2,2':6',2''-Terpyridine Complexes
A. Sofetis, G. S. Papaefstathiou, A. Terzis, C. P. Raptopoulou, and T. F. Zafiropoulos
291  Full Text
Preparation, Crystal Structure at 298 and 90 K and Phase Transition in (C2H5NH3)2[SbBr5] Studied by the Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Method
Key words: Bromoantimonates(III), Ethylammonium Cation, Phase Transition, Octahedral Distortion
M. Bujak, B. Zarychta, A. Kobel, and J. Zaleski
298  Full Text
Diastereoselectivity in the Synthesis of Unnatural a-Amino Acid Esters by Phase Transfer Catalysis
Key words: Phase Transfer Catalysis, Unnatural a-Amino Acid, Diastereoselectivity
F. F. T. Lins, L. P. d. Cunha, Y. B. M. Pouliquen, T. L. G. Lemos, and M. C. d. Mattos
305  Full Text
DNA-Binding Properties of Iron(II) Mixed-Ligand Complexes Containing 1,10-Phenanthroline and Dipyrido[3,2-a:2',3'-c]phenazine
Key words: Iron(II), Mixed Ligand Complex, Phenanthroline, Dppz, DNA Binding
Mudasir, K. Wijaya, D. H. Tjahjono, N. Yoshioka, and H. Inoue
310  Full Text
Microbial Transformation of Antifertility Agents, Norethisterone and 17a-Ethynylestradiol
Key words: Norethisterone, 17a-Ethynylestradiol, Microbial Transformation, Cephalosporium aphidicola, Cunninghamella elegans
M. I. Choudhary, S. G. Musharraf, R. A. Ali, M. Atif, and Atta-ur-Rahman
319  Full Text
Isolation of Bioactive Compounds from Aspergillus terreus
Key words: Aspergillus terreus, 6-(4'-Hydroxy-2'-methyl phenoxy)-(-)-(3R)-mellein, Antifungal Activity, Antioxidant
M. I. Choudhary, S. G. Musharraf, T. Mukhmoor, F. Shaheen, S. Ali, and Atta-ur-Rahman
324  Full Text
Two Ceramides from Tanacetum artemesioides
Key words: Tanacetum artemisioides, Compositae, Ceramides, Acetylcholinesterase
V. U. Ahmad, J. Hussain, H. Hussain, U. Farooq, E. Akber, S. A. Nawaz, and M. I. Choudhary
329  Full Text
A New Phenanthrene Alkaloid, Romucosine I, form Rollinia mucosa Baill.
Key words: Rollinia mucosa, Romucosine I, Tuduranine, Phenanthrene Alkaloid
R.-Y. Kuo, C.-Y. Chen, A.-S. Lin, F.-R. Chang, and Y.-C. Wu
334  Full Text
Regioselective Conversion of Anhydro Sugars into Halohydrins and X-Ray Study
Key words: Anhydro, Bromodeoxy, Chlorodeoxy and Iododeoxy Sugars, Titanium Tetrahalides
S. T. A. Shah, R. J. Abdel-Jalil, K. M. Khan, A. M. Heinrich, M. Richter, and W. Voelter
337  Full Text
Two New Cyclolignan Glycosides from Acanthus ilicifolius
Key words: Acanthus ilicifolius, Acanthaceae, Cyclolignan Glycoside
J. Wu, S. Zhang, Q. Li, J. Huang, Z. Xiao, and L. Long
341  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Tris-[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]arsine
Key words: Triphenyl Arsine, Grignard Reaction, Arsenic, Trifluoromethyl Groups
P. D. C. Dietzel and M. Jansen
345  Full Text
The Ti(IV) Complex of a Benzannulated N-Heterocyclic Carbene
Key words: Carbene Ligand, Titanium(IV), Crystal Structure
F. E. Hahn, T. v. Fehren, and R. Fröhlich
348  Full Text
The Reaction of Phenylpentazole with n-Butyl Lithium. Synthesis of 1,1-Di-n-butyl-2-phenylhydrazine (In German)
Key words: Phenylpentazole, 1,1-Di-n-butyl-2-phenyl-hydrazine
F. Biesemeier and U. Müller
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N u m b e r  4
Foreword: Chemistry of Iminium Salts and Related Compounds, ImSaT-6 (p. 355-497)
G. Maas
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Original Communications
Orthoamide, LX. N,N,N',N'-Tetraformylhydrazine - a Formylation Agent for Aromatic Compounds of Wide Scope (In German)
Key words: Aromatic Aldehydes, Formylation, N,N,N',N'-Tetraformylhydrazine, Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
W. Kantlehner, E. Haug, O. Scherr, E. V. Stoyanov, J. Mezger, and G. Ziegler
357  Full Text
The Synthesis of 2-Methyl-5-phenacyl-1,3,4-thiadiazoles (In German)
Key words: Acylation, Aromatic Carboxylic Acid Esters and Chlorides, Phenacyl-1,3,4-thiadiazoles
W. Kantlehner, E. Haug, W. Kinzy, O. Scherr, and I. C. Ivanov
366  Full Text
Absolute Configuration of Methyl (+)-1,2,3,4,6,7,8,8a-Octahydro-6-isoquinolone-8a-carboxylate and Stereochemistry of a Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Michael Reaction
Key words: Amino Acids, Catalysis, Copper, Heterocycles, Stereochemistry
J. Christoffers, W. Frey, H. Scharl, and A. Baro
375  Full Text
Synthesis, Thermal and X-Ray Investigations of the High-Temperature Phase of Copper(I) Cyanide
Key words: Copper, Cyanide, Structure Elucidation, Thermal Properties, Optical Spectroscopy
O. Reckeweg, C. Lind, A. Simon, and F. J. DiSalvo
380  Full Text
Fries Rearrangement of Aryl Formates Promoted by BCl3. Mechanistic Evidence from 11B NMR Spectra and DFT Calculations
Key words: Fries Rearrangement, Reaction Mechanisms, Electrophilic Reactions, DFT Calculations, 11B NMR
A. Bagno, W. Kantlehner, R. Kre\ss, and G. Saielli
386  Full Text
C-Branched Glycals as Monosaccharidic Push-Pull Butadienes
Key words: C-Nucleoside Analogues, Pyridines, 1,2-Dihydropyridin-2-ones, Nicotinic Acid Esters, Nicotinonitrile
I. Rudloff, A. Bari, H. Feist, M. Michalik, H. Reinke, and K. Peseke
398  Full Text
1,4,5,8-Tetraazafulvalenes - Synthesis of Sulfur-Containing Derivatives and Classification of the Chromophor (In German)
Key words: Tetraazafulvalenes, Cross-Coupling Reactions, Lipoic Acid, Chromophoric System
C. Kühn, R. Beckert, U.-W. Grummt, C. Käpplinger, and E. Birckner
406  Full Text
Synthesis of the Four Diastereoisomers of the N-Terminal Amino Acids of Nikkomycins via Aminoalkylation with Preformed Ternary Iminium Salts
Key words: Nikkomycins, Mannich Bases, Aminoalkylation, Lactones, 1,3-Amino Alcohols
J. Delbos-Krampe, N. Risch, and U. Flörke
414  Full Text
Reactions of 3-Chloropropeniminium Salts with Aminopyridines. Synthesis of N-Pyridylpyridinium and Pyrido[1,2-a]pyrimidinium Salts
Key words: 3-Chloropropeniminium Salts, Pyridinium Salts, Phenylpyrido[1,2-a]pyrimidinium Salts, Iminium Cyclization
U. Girreser, D. Heber, M. Rostaie-Gerylow, and M. Schütt
424  Full Text
A New Efficient Synthesis of Substituted Luminols Using Multicomponent Reactions
Key words: Luminol, Multicomponent Reactions
H. Neumann, S. Klaus, M. Klawonn, D. Strübing, S. Hübner, D. Gördes, A. J. v. Wangelin, M. Lalk, and M. Beller
431  Full Text
Preparation and Characterisation of N,N-Disubstituted 2-Amino-5H-selenophenes
Key words: 2-Aminoselenophenes, Heterocyclisation, Decarboxylation, Heterocyclic Azo Dyes, Methine Dyes
I. Zug and H. Hartmann
439  Full Text
The Coupling-Isomerization Approach to Enimines and the First Sequential Three-Component Access to 2-Ethoxy Pyridines
Key words: Alkynes, Catalysis, Cross-Couplings, Cyclocondensation, Pyridines
O. G. Dediu, N. A. M. Yehia, and T. J. J. Müller
443  Full Text
Isoxazolinium Salts in Asymmetric Synthesis. 1. Stereoselective Reduction Induced by a 3'-Alkoxy Stereocentre. A New Approach to Polyfunctionalized b-Amino Acids
Key words: Isoxazolinium Salts, Methylamino Alcohols, Diastereoselective Reduction, Homoserine, b-Amino Acids
M. Henneböhle, P.-Y. Le Roy, M. Hein, R. Ehrler, and V. Jäger
451  Full Text
Enantioselective Synthesis of Epi-Emetine Analogues: Control of the Facial Selectivity in a Three-Component Domino Knoevenagel-Hetero-Diels-Alder Reaction
Key words: Alkaloids, Bischler-Napieralski Reaction, Enantioselective Hydrogenation, Domino Reactions, Iminium Ions, Multicomponent Reactions
L. F. Tietze and N. Rackelmann
468  Full Text
Facile Synthesis of Novel N-Aryl-4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-benzosultams by Oxyfunctionalisation of Bicyclic Isothiazolium Salts
Key words: Sultams, Oxidation, Magnesium Monoperoxyphthalate (MMPP)
A. Siegemund, C. Hartung, A. Eilfeld, J. Sieler, and B. Schulze
478  Full Text
Reactivity of Tetracyclic Iminium Salts of the Benzo[f]pyrido[2,1-a]isoindole and Azepino[2,1-a]benzo[f]isoindole Type, with a Preliminary Analysis of their Interactions with Nucleic Acids
Key words: Azaheterocycles, Iminium Salts, Enamines, Isoindole Derivatives, DNA Binding
G. Maas, H.-G. Herz, E. Scheppach, B. Susanne Palm, and H.-J. Schneider
486  Full Text
N u m b e r  5
Original Communications
Tris-N-(N',N',N'',N''-tetramethylguanidyl)phosphine Oxide -- Synthesis and Reaction with Acids
Key words: Tetramethylguanidine, Basicity, Phosphine Oxides
M. Freytag, V. Plack, P. G. Jones, and R. Schmutzler
499  Full Text
New Barium Oxoantimonates(III): Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Ba3[SbO3]2 and Ba2[Sb2O5]\ns0 (In German)
Key words: Antimonates, Barium, Oxopentelates
F. Emmerling, S. Zimper, and C. Röhr
503  Full Text
Ternary Indides REMgIn (RE = Y, La - Nd, Sm, Gd - Tm, Lu). Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties
Key words: Rare Earth Compounds, Crystal Chemistry, Magnetochemistry
R. Kraft, M. Valldor, D. Kurowski, R.-D. Hoffmann, and R. Pöttgen
513  Full Text
Magnetic Films of Cobalt/Aluminum Electrodeposited from the Room Temperature Molten Salts AlCl3-BPC-CoCl2
Key words: Magnetic Film, Room Temperature Molten Salt, Electric Conductivity, Cyclic Voltammetry, Surface Morphology
C.-C. Yang, T.-H. Wu, and M.-F. Shu
519  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of Meldrum's Olefin (In German)
Key words: Heterocycles, Olefins, Dioxan, Crystal Structure
N. Kuhn, A. Al-Sheikh, H.-J. Kolb, and M. Richter
525  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of a Novel CuIINdIII Heterodinuclear Schiff Base Complex
Key words: Heterodinuclear Complex, Copper, Neodymium, Crystal Structure, Magnetic Properties
A. Elmali and Y. Elerman
530  Full Text
21: Magnetic Properties and Crystal Structure of a CuIIGdIII Heterodinuclear Schiff Base Complex
Key words: Heterodinuclear Complex, Copper, Gadolinium, Crystal Structure, Magnetic Properties
A. Elmali and Y. Elerman
535  Full Text
The Pd(II) Complex of a Bidentate Di(benzimidazol-2-ylidene) Ligand
Key words: Carbene Ligand, Palladium(II), Crystal Structure
F. E. Hahn, T. v. Fehren, L. Wittenbecher, and R. Fröhlich
541  Full Text
Cleavage of a Dibenzotetraazafulvalene to Yield a Rh(I) Carbene Complex
Key words: Carbene Ligand, Rhodium(I), Crystal Structure
F. E. Hahn, T. v. Fehren, L. Wittenbecher, and R. Fröhlich
544  Full Text
Chemistry of C6F5SeLi and C6F5SeCl: Precursors to New Pentafluorophenylselenium(II) Compounds
Key words: Pentafluorobenzeneselenenyl Pseudohalides, Pentafluorophenylselenolate, Selenium NMR Spectroscopy
T. M. Klapötke, B. Krumm, and P. Mayer
547  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterization of Diarylthiourea Derivatives of Tungsten Carbonyl
Key words: Tungsten Carbonyl, Diarylthiourea Ligands, C-O Force Constants
A. Srivastava, A. K. Shrimal, and A. Nath
554  Full Text
A New Modification of Lanthanummonogermanide - lT-LaGe (In German)
Key words: Lanthanum, Germanium, Ge chains, Crystal Structure
H. Mattausch and A. Simon
559  Full Text
Divalent Europium in 1\infty[Eu(Pz)2(Pz-H)2]: The First Unsubstituted Pyrazolate and Cp Analogous Pyrazole Complex of a Rare Earth Element in One
Key words: Lanthanides, Pyrazole, Crystal Structure, Europium
C. C. Quitmann and K. Müller-Buschbaum
562  Full Text
Crystal Growth and Crystal Structure Determination of K2[Pt(CN)4Cl2], K2[Pt(CN)4Br2], K2[Pt(CN)4I2] and K2[Pt(CN)4]Cl2] · 2H2O (In German)
Key words: Dipotassium Tetracyanoplatinate(IV) Dihalides, Platinum Cyanides, Crystal Structures, X-Ray Scattering, Vibrational Spectroscopy
C. Mühle, A. Karpov, J. Nuss, and M. Jansen
567  Full Text
Dinuclear Ruthenium(I) Triazenide Complexes as Catalysts for Carbenoid Cyclopropanation Reactions
Key words: Catalysis, Cyclopropanation, Diazo Compounds, Ruthenium Complexes, Triazenide Ligands
C.-D. Leger and G. Maas
573  Full Text
Enzyme Inhibiting Terpenoids from Amberboa ramosa
Key words: Amberboa ramose, Compositae, Cycloartanes, Enzyme Inhibition
S. B. Khan, A. Malik, N. Afza, N. Jahan, A. U. Haq, Z. Ahmed, S. A. Nawaz, and M. I. Choudhary
579  Full Text
A New Clerodane Diterpene and Other Constituents from Ajuga chamaepitys ssp. laevigata
Key words: Ajuga chamepitys ssp. laevigata, Terpenoids, Biological Activity
G. Topçu, G. Kökdil, Z. Türkmen, W. Voelter, E. Adou, and D. G. I. Kingston
584  Full Text
Convenient Route to Efavirenz Analogues as Potential non-Nucleoside HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors
Key words: Efavirenz Analogues, 3,1-Benzoxazin-2-ones, Urea Derivatives, Ketals, Isocyanates, Human Immunodeficiency Virus
A. A. Hamed
589  Full Text
Reaction of N1,N2-Diarylamidines with 2,3-Diphenylcyclopropenone
Key words: Amidine, Pyrrole, Diphenylcyclopropenone, 3-Formamidoylpropionic Acid
M. A.-M. Gomaa
597  Full Text
Interesting Behavior of Acetone under the Willgerodt-Kindler Reaction Conditions
Key words: Acetone, Willgerodt-Kindler Reaction, Thiomorpholides
H. R. Darabi, K. Aghapoor, and L. Nakhshab
601  Full Text
Solvent-Free Synthesis of 2,4,6-Triaryl Pyridines
Key words: Pyridine, Microwaves, Environmentally Benign
M. Kidwai, S. Rastogi, R. Thakur, and S. Saxena
606  Full Text
Iridoid and Phenylethanoid Glycosides from Phlomis nissolii and] P. capitata
Key words: Phlomis nissolii, Phlomis capitata, Lamiaceae, Iridoid Glucosides, Lamiidic Acid
H. K\irm\iz\ibekmez, S. Piacente, C. Pizza, A. A. Dönmez, and I. Çali\cs
609  Full Text
Unprecedented Coordination Environment in Poly-{m-bis(methylthienyltellane)(chlorido)(thienyl)platinum(II)
Key words: Poly{m-bis(methylthienyltellane)(chlorido)(thienyl)platinum(II)}, Crystal Structure, Quasi-Octahedral Coordination
R. Oilunkaniemi, R. S. Laitinen, and M. Ahlgrén
614  Full Text
Z. Naturforsch. 59b, 95 (2004)
R. Spitaler, E.-P. Ellmerer, C. Zidorn, and H. Stuppner
617  Full Text
N u m b e r  6
Original Communications
New Alkaline Earth Rich Binary Indides: Ca2In, Sr28In11 and Sr5In3 (In German)
Key words: Indides, Alkaline Earth, Crystal Structure, Band Structure Calculation
M. Wendorff and C. Röhr
619  Full Text
Syntheses and Crystal Structures of the Two New Polychalcogenides [Mn(C6H14N2)3]Se6 and [Mn(C6H14N2)3]2[C6H16N2](TeSe2)2Se
Key words: Solvothermal Synthesis, Polychalcogenides, Selenides, Telluroselenides, Thermal Decomposition
F. Wendland, C. Näther, and W. Bensch
629  Full Text
Dimethyl-, Disilyl- and Digermylsulfide: Different Intermolecular Contacts in the Solid State
Key words: Silicon, Germanium, Sulphur, Crystal Structure, Secondary Bonds
N. W. Mitzel and U. Losehand
635  Full Text
New 3-Imidazoline-1-oxyl Radicals with Pyridyl and Quinolyl Containing 4-(2-Aminovinyl) Substituents and Palladium, Platinum and Ruthenium Complexes of these 4-Amino-1-aza-diene Ligands (In German)
Key words: Nitroxide Radicals, Imidazoline, Transition Metal Complexes
C. Sommer, H. Nöth, W. Ponikwar, and W. Beck
639  Full Text
Square Planar Complexes of Cu(II) with an N2O Donor Set of a New Schiff Base Ligand: Synthesis and Structural Aspects
Key words: Cu(II) Acetate, Crystal Structure, Spectral and Cyclovoltammetric Studies
P. Talukder, A. Datta, S. Mitra, and G. Rosair
655  Full Text
Polysulfonylamines, CLXIX. Intermolecular Interactions in Crystalline Di(organosulfonyl)amines. Part 1. Di(4-bromobenzenesulfonyl)amine: Two Conformational Polymorphs and the Structural Relationship of one Polymorph to the Corresponding 2,4-Dimethylpyridinium Salt (In German)
Key words: Conformational Polymorphism, Hydrogen Bonding, Bromine-Oxygen Interactions, Sulfonamides, Nitrogen Heterocycles
V. Lozano, O. Moers, P. G. Jones, and A. Blaschette
661  Full Text
The (1-Cyclohepta-2,4,6-trienyl)thiolato-Bridged Dinuclear Complexes Mn2(CO)8(m2-SC7H7)2 and Mn2(CO)6(CºNtBu)2(m2-SC7H7)2 (In German)
Key words: Di(1-cyclohepta-2,4,6-trienyl) Sulfide, Thiolato Complexes, Manganese Complexes
M. Herberhold, W. Milius, and J. Liu
673  Full Text
Adducts of the Heavier Group 13 Element Halides with Aminoiminoboranes
Key words: ECl3 Adducts, Aminoiminoborane, NMR Spectra, X-Ray Diffraction
B. Böck, U. Braun, T. Habereder, P. Mayer, and H. Nöth
681  Full Text
Hexaethyl-2,4-dicarba-nido-hexaborane(8), Deprotonation and Complexation Studied by NMR Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations
Key words: Carboranes, Iron Complexes, NMR, MO Calculations
B. Wrackmeyer and H.-J. Schanz
685  Full Text
Some Novel Amino Acid-Schiff Bases and their Complexes Synthesis, Characterization, Solid State Conductivity Behaviors and Potentiometric Studies
Key words: Formation Constants, Schiff Bases, Metal Complexes, Potentiometry, Stability Constants
N. Sar\i and P. Gürkan
692  Full Text
Ultrasound-Promoted Reduction of Conjugated Enones, a-Diketones and Acyloins with NaBH4 under Aprotic Condition
Key words: Ultrasound, Borohydride Reduction, Conjugated Enones, a-Diketones, Acyloins
B. Zeynizadeh and S. Yahyaei
699  Full Text
Reduction of Carbonyl Compounds with NaBH4 under Ultrasound Irradiation and Aprotic Condition
Key words: Reduction, Sodium borohydride, Ultrasound, Carbonyl Compounds
B. Zeynizadeh and S. Yahyaei
704  Full Text
Synthesis of 5-Methyl-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydrocyclopenta[{g}]carbazole-1,7-diones and Crotonyl-2-isopropyl-1-oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles from 1-Oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles by Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Key words: 1-Oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles, Crotonic Acid, Polyphosphoric Acid, 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexahydrocyclopenta[g]carbazole-1,7-diones, Friedel-Crafts Reaction
I. A. Danish and K. J. R. Prasad
711  Full Text
1,4-Bis(p-pentazolylphenyl)butane, 1-p-Azidophenyl-4-p-pentazolylphenyl-butane and 1,4-Bis(p-azidophenyl)butane (In German)
Key words: 1,4-Bis(p-pentazolylphenyl)butane, 1-p-Azidophenyl-4-p-pentazolylphenyl-butane, 1,4-Bis(p-azidophenyl)butane, Crystal Structure
F. Biesemeier, K. Harms, and U. Müller
716  Full Text
Pyridopyridazines, Benzimidazolopyrimidines Triazolopyrimidines, 9-Oxo-2,3,6,7-tetraazabicyclo[3.3.1]nona-3,7-diene and Aroylcinnolines from 2-Arylhydrazono-3-oxopropanals
Key words: 2-Arylhydrazonopropanals, Pyridopyridazines, Aminotriazole, Azolopyrimidines, Aroylcinnoline
K. M. Al-Zaydi and M. H. Elnagdi
721  Full Text
N u m b e r  7
Original Communications
On the Pseudobinary Systems Bi2Ch3/BiX3 and the Ternary Phases in these Systems (Ch = S, Se, Te; X = Cl, Br, I). II: Bismutselenidhalides Bi2Se3/BiX3 and Bismuttelluridhalides Bi2Te3/BiX3 (In German)
Key words: Bismutselenidhalides, Bismuttelluridhalides, Phase Diagrams, Thermodynamic Data, Crystal Structures
H. Oppermann, U. Petasch, P. Schmidt, E. Keller, and V. Krämer
727  Full Text
Polysulfonylamines, CLXX. Hydrogen Bonding in Crystalline Onium Dimesylamides: Three Structures Involving NH2-Substituted 1,3,5-Triazinium Cations (Including Melaminium) (In German)
Key words: Di(methanesulfonyl)amide, Nitrogen Heterocycles, Hydrogen Bonding, Cation-Anion Strands, Supramolecular Chemistry
K. Wijaya, O. Moers, D. Henschel, A. Blaschette, and P. G. Jones
747  Full Text
Intermolecular Interactions in the Crystal of a New Nickel(II)-cobalt(II)-nickel(II) Trinuclear Complex Containing a Macrocyclic Complex Ligand
Key words: Nickel(II)-Cobalt(II)-Nickel(II) Complex, Crystal Structure, Non-Covalent Interaction, Macrocyclic Oxamido Ligand
X.-Z. Li, B.-L. Liu, J.-H. He, and D.-Z. Liao
757  Full Text
Effect of Temperature on the Purity of Product in the Preparation of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids
Key words: RTIL, Purity, Side Products, Electrospray Mass Spectrum
J. Kärkkäinen, J. Asikkala, R. S. Laitinen, and M. K. Lajunen
763  Full Text
A5[Fe3O6] (A = Rb, Cs), Cs[FeO2] and Cs8[Fe2O7]: New Oxoferrates of the Heavy Alkaline Metals (In German)
Key words: Ferrates, Oxoferrates
771  Full Text
1,3,5-Trihalogeno-1,3,5-triboracyclohexane Derivatives (In German)
Key words: 1,3,5-Trihalogeno-1,3,5-triboracyclohexane, Divinylchloroborane, Trimerization
M. J. Bayer, T. Müller, W. Lößlein, H. Pritzkow, and W. Siebert
782  Full Text
The Organogallium Subhalide R2Ga2I2 as Starting Compound for the Generation of a Transition Metal Gallium Complex - Synthesis of Fe2(CO)6(\mU-GaR)3 [R = C(SiMe3)3]
Key words: Gallium, Iron, Coordination Compound
W. Uhl, A. El-Hamdan, W. Petz, G. Geiseler, and K. Harms
789  Full Text
Secondary Interactions in Gold(I) Complexes with Thione Ligands. 2. Three Ionic Camphorsulfonates with Z' = 2
Key words: Aurophilicity, Thiones, Camphorsulfonate, Gold, Hydrogen Bonds
S. Friedrichs and P. G. Jones
793  Full Text
Synthesis of 6-O-Benzyl Guanine and its Conjugations with Linkers (In German)
Key words: O-Benzyl-guanine, O-Alkyl Guanine Transferase Inhibitors, Heterocycles, Nucleobases, Allyl Linker
C. Barth, O. Seitz, and H. Kunz
802  Full Text
peri-Interactions in Naphthalenes, 12. The Significance of Linear and T-Shaped Arrangements in peri-Substituted Naphthalenes
Key words: Octet Rule, Naphthalene peri-Interactions, 4c, 6e and 5c, 6e Bonds, S/S, Se/Se and Se/O Interactions
G. P. Schiemenz
807  Full Text
Synthesis of a New Cyclic Peptide, Pseudostellarin G
Key words: Cyclic Peptides, Pseudostellarin G, Antimicrobial Activity, Pharmacological Activity
B. Poojary, K. H. Kumar, and S. L. Belagali
817  Full Text
Triterpene Saponins from Knautia integrifolia var. {\1bidens}
Key words: Knautia integrifolia var. bidens, Dipsacaceae, Saponin, Oleanolic Acid, Pomolic Acid
Ö. Alanku\cs-Çal\i\cskan, S. Emirda\ug, E. Bedir, S. Avunduk, and H. An\il
821  Full Text
Chromenes and Prenylated Benzoic Acid Derivatives from the Liverwort Pedinophyllum interruptum
Key words: Pedinophyllum interruptum, Prenylated Benzoic Acid Derivatives, Chromenes
H. Feld, D. S. Rycroft, and J. Zapp
825  Full Text
Hydroxy-Methoxybenzoic Methyl Esters: Synthesis and Antifeedant Activity on the Pine Weevil, Hylobius abietis
Key words: Methyl Hydroxy-methoxybenzoates, Antifeedant Activity, Hylobius abietis
S. Legrand, G. Nordlander, H. Nordenhem, A.-K. Borg-Karlson, and C. R. Unelius
829  Full Text
Photochemical Reactions of Re(CO)5Br with Ph2P(S)(CH2)nP(S)Ph2 (n = 1, 2, 3)
Key words: Diphosphines, Metal Carbonyls
E. Subasi, O. S. Sentürk, and F. Ugur (Sarikahya)
836  Full Text
Synthesis of Some New Electron p-Donors Containing Methoxy Groups
p-Donors, Tetrathiafulvalenes, Cyclic Voltammetry
G. A. Mousdis, G. C. Papavassiliou, N. Psaroudakis, and G. C. Anyfantis
839  Full Text
N u m b e r  8
Original Communications
The Structure of the Ligand Tri(1-cyclohepta-2,4,6-trienyl)phosphane, P(C7H7)3, in the Hexafluoroacetylacetonato Copper(I) Complexes, (hfac)Cu[P(C7H7)3]n (n = 1, 2)
Key words: Copper(I), 1,3-Diketonate Complexes, Olefinic Phosphanes, Crystal Structure
M. Herberhold, W. Milius, and N. Akkus
843  Full Text
Homoleptic Nickel(0) Phenyl Isocyanide Complexes
Key words: Phenyl Isocyanide Complexes, Nickel(0), Crystal Structures
F. E. Hahn, M. Münder, and R. Fröhlich
850  Full Text
Formation of an Iron(III) Oxo Cubane Core Fe4(m4-O)4 from FeCl3 and the Unsymmetrical Tripodal Ligand N[(CH2CH2NH2)(CH2CH2OH)(CH2CH2CH2OH)]
Key words: Tripodal Ligand, Iron(III), Oxo Cubane, Crystal Structure
F. E. Hahn, C. Jocher, and T. Lügger
855  Full Text
A Second Modification of Mercury(I) Orthoarsenate(V): Preparation and Crystal Structure of b-(Hg2)3(AsO4)2
Key words: Mercury, Arsenate, Crystal Structure, Polymorphism
M. Weil
859  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CLV. Some Derivatives of 4-Ethynylphenylalanine
Key words: 4-Ethynylphenylalanine, Cobalt, Platinum, Ruthenium, Tetraphenylmethane
A. Enzmann and W. Beck
865  Full Text
Solvothermal Syntheses, Crystal Structures of Two New Thioantimonates(III) of the Mn2(L)Sb2S5 Family with L = Diethylenetriamine and N-Methyl-1,3-Diaminopropane and a Study of the Magnetic Properties of Four Compounds of the Series
Key words: Solvothermal Synthesis, Thioantimonates, Crystal Structures, Magnetic Properties, Thermal Decomposition
L. Engelke, R. Stähler, M. Schur, C. Näther, W. Bensch, R. Pöttgen, and M. H. Möller
869  Full Text
Development of A Novel Solid-State pH Sensor Based on Tin Oxide Thin Film
Key words: pH Sensor, Tin Oxide, Conductive Thin Film
T. M. El-Agez, M. R. Al-Saraj, and M. S. Abdel-Latif
877  Full Text
Oxotellurates(IV) of Lanthanides: I. The Isotopic Series M2Te4O11 (M = La - Nd, Sm - Yb) (In German)
Key words: Oxotellurates(IV), Lanthanides, Crystal Structures
S. Meier and T. Schleid
881  Full Text
Optically Active Transition Metal Compounds, 136. An Octahedral Molybdenum Complex (P-P')Mo(CO)4 with a Chiral Secondary Phosphorus Atom
Key words: Molybdenum, Chirality, Secondary Phosphorus, p-Stack, Triple-Decker
H. Brunner, I. Grau, and M. Zabel
889  Full Text
The Solid Solution TmNi1-x-yIn1+x
Key words: Solid Solution, Crystal Structure, Solid State Synthesis
M. Lukachuk, Y. M. Kalychak, and R. Pöttgen
893  Full Text
The Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Properties of a Dinuclear m-Pyrazolato-N,N'--Bridged Dinickel(II) Complex of 1,3-Bis(salicylideneamino)propan-2-ol
Key words: Crystal Structure, Dinuclear Complex, Ni(II) Ion, Schiff Base
C. T. Zeyrek, A. Elmali, and Y. Elerman
898  Full Text
On Dialkali Acetylenedicarboxylates Na2(C2(COO)2)(H2O)4 and K2(C2(COO)2)(H2O) (In German)
Key words: Carboxylate, Crystal Structure, Potassium, Sodium
H. Billetter, I. Pantenburg, and U. Ruschewitz
903  Full Text
Ethenetetracarbonitrile and Heterocyclization of Symmetrical Dithiobiurea as well as Thioureidoethylthiourea Derivatives
Key words: Ethenetetracarbonitrile, Dithiobiurea, Thioureidoethylthiourea Derivatives, Heterocyclization
A. A. Hassan, A.-F. E. Mourad, K. M. El-Shaieb, and A. H. Abou-Zied
910  Full Text
An Internally Coordinated Metalla[14]-crown-5 System with a Pentagonal-dipyramidal Coordination Geometry of the Central Titanium Atom
Key words: Titanium Complex, Chelate Ligand, Metalla-Crown Ether, Aryloxy-Ligand
G. Unger, G. Erker, G. Kehr, and R. Fröhlich
917  Full Text
Isolation, Characterization and Crystal Structure of Natural Eremophilenolide from Ligularia sagitta
Key words: Ligularia sagitta, Eremophilenolide, Single-Crystal, X-Ray Diffraction
L. Li, L.-W. Xu, Y.-F. Jiang, C.-J. Xi, H.-Q. Wang, and Y.-R. Suo
921  Full Text
Protoilludane-Type Sesquiterpenes, Echinocidins A and B, from a Mycelial Culture of Echinodontium tsugicola
Key words: Echinodontium tsugicola, Echinocidins A and B
Y. Shiono, T. Seto, M. Kamata, C. Takita, S. Suzuki, T. Murayama, and M. Ikeda
925  Full Text
Ring Size Influence on the Cyclocondensation Mode of GABA - Nitrile Imine Adducts
Key words: g-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Nitrile Imine-GABA Adducts, Cyclocondensation, Pyrrolidin-2-ones
B. A. A. Thaher, J. A. Zahra, M. M. El-Abadelah, and W. Voelter
930  Full Text
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a ''Natural'' Insect Repellent
Key words: Insect Repellent, Long Chain Alkenes
R. Csuk and A. Niesen
934  Full Text
The Hexagonal Laves Phase MgIr2
Key words: Magnesium, Iridium, Crystal Structure, Solid State Synthesis
V. Hlukhyy and R. Pöttgen
943  Full Text
N u m b e r  9
Original Communications
Antiferromagnetic Ordering in GdRhIn5
Key words: Indide, Solid State Synthesis, Mössbauer Spectroscopy
K. \L\catka, R. Kmie\'c, M. Rams, A. W. Pacyna, V. I. Zaremba, and R. Pöttgen
947  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Thermal Behaviour of Er2(SeO4)3 · 8H2O
Key words: Erbium, Selenate, Selenite, Crystal Structure, Thermal Analysis
I. Krügermann and M. S. Wickleder
958  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a New Oxysulfide Gd6+xTi4-xS10-yO6+y (where x ~ 0.04 and y ~ 0.27)
Key words: Oxysulfide, Gadolinium, Mixed-Valent Titanium, Crystal Structure
V. Meignen, A. Meerschaut, L. Cario, and A. Lafond
963  Full Text
On the Silicides EuIr2Si2 and Lu5Si3
Key words: Silicide, Crystal Structure, Solid State Synthesis, Chemical Bonding
U. C. Rodewald, B. Heying, D. Johrendt, and R. Pöttgen
969  Full Text
From Yellow to Black: New Semiconducting Ba Chalcogeno-Germanates
Key words: Electronic Structure, Semiconductor, Germanium, Selenium, Tellurium
A. Assoud, N. Soheilnia, and H. Kleinke
975  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of the Tetra-nickel Substituted [Ni4(H2O)2(AsW9O34)2]10- Polyoxoanion
Key words: Polyoxometalates, Nickel, Tungsten, Crystal Structure
D. Drewes, E. M. Limanski, and B. Krebs
980  Full Text
Quaternary Strontium Copper(I) Lanthanoid(III) Selenides with Cerium and Praseodymium: SrCuCeSe3 and SrCuPrSe3, Unequal Brother and Sister (In German)
Key words: Lanthanides, Copper, Strontium, Selenides, Crystal Structures
S. Strobel and T. Schleid
985  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Thermal Properties of Silver(I) Bromide Ethylenediamine Coordination Polymers
Key words: Silver(I) Bromide, Ethylenediamine, Coordination Polymers, Crystal Structures, Thermal Properties
C. Näther and A. Beck
992  Full Text
Pt3Ga: Thermodynamics and Nonstoichiometry
Key words: Pt3Ga: Thermodynamics, Pt3Ga: Nonstoichiometry, Thermodynamic Measurements, Statistical-Thermodynamic Model, Platinum-Gallium Alloys
A. Schweitzer, Y. Huang, W. Yuan, Z. Qiao, O. Semenova, F. Gehringer, and H. Ipser
999  Full Text
Low Dimensional Materials: Syntheses, Structures, and Optical Properties of Rb2CuTaS4, Rb2CuTaSe4, RbCu2TaSe4, K3Ag3Ta2Se8, and Rb3AgTa2Se12
Key words: Tantalum Compound, Quaternary Chalcogenides, Crystal Structures, Flux Reaction, Optical Properties
Y. Wu, C. Näther, and W. Bensch
1006  Full Text
Chiral Recognition among Tris(diimine)-metal Complexes, 10. Comparison of Intermolecular Interactions and Packing Patterns in the Series [Cr(bpy)3]n+(PF6)n (n = 0 - 3)
Key words: Chiral Recognition, Conglomerate Crystallisation, Molecular Recognition, Polymorphism
J. Breu and A. Zwicknagel
1015  Full Text
"Weak" OH···p Hydrogen Bonds in the Structures of Two Phenols
Key words: Phenol, Hydrogen Bond, Intermolecular Interaction, Crystal Structure, Supramolecular Chemistry
P. Ku\'s and P. G. Jones
1026  Full Text
Phase Transitions and Distortion of [BiCl6]3- Octahedra in (C3H5NH3)3[BiCl6] - DSC and Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Studies
Key words: Chlorobismuthates(III), Allylammonium Cation, Phase Transition, Disorder, Octahedral Distortion
B. Zarychta, M. Bujak, and J. Zaleski
1029  Full Text
Crystal and Molecular Structure of [(h5-C5H4SiMe3)2LuCl]2: A Precursor for the Production of Lu2O3 Films
Key words: Lutetium, Cyclopentadienyl Complex, X-Ray Structure
H. Schumann, I. L. Fedushkin, M. Hummert, G. Scarel, E. Bonera, and M. Fanciulli
1035  Full Text
Syntheses and Characterization of Two New Lead(II) Acetate Complexes, Pb(L)(CH3COO)2, L = 2,2':6',2''-Terpyridine (tpy) and 2,4,6-Tris(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-Triazine (trz), Crystal Structure of Pb(tpy)(CH3COO)2
Key words: 2,4,6-Tris(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine, 2,2':6',2''-Terpyridine, Lone Pair, Lead(II), p-p Stacking
A. Morsali
1039  Full Text
Carbazolylsilanes: Synthesis and Crystal Structures (In German)
Key words: Carbazolylsilanes, Heterocycles
V. Liebau, M. Noltemeyer, J. Magull, and U. Klingebiel
1045  Full Text
The Pd(II) Complex of a N,N'-Diallylbenzimidazol-2-ylidene Ligand
Key words: Benzimidazol-2-ylidene, Palladium(II), Crystal Structure, Allyl Groups
F. Ekkehardt Hahn, Christian Holtgrewe, and Tania Pape
1051  Full Text
Reduction of 1-Hydroxyimino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles by Metal and Baker's Yeast -- Syntheses of Aminocarbazole Derivatives
Key words: Aminocarbazoles, 1-Hydroxyimino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles, Metal Reduction, Baker's Yeast
I. A. Danish and K. J. R. Prasad
1054  Full Text
Direct Conversion of an ortho-Allylphenol into a Chlorosulfonyl-3-methyl-1,2-benzoxathiin 2,2-Dioxide
Key words: Methyl 3-Allylsalicylate, Chlorosulfonic Acid, 1,2-Benzoxathiin 2,2-Dioxide
A. M. Qaisi, M. M. El-Abadelah, and W. Voelter
G. Frisch and C. Röhr
1059  Full Text
A New Triterpenoid Saponin and Two Neolignans from Ligularia veitchiana
Key words: Ligularia veitchiana, Liguveitoside B, Neolignan, Saponin
H. Zhu and P. Tu
1063  Full Text
Two New Tirucallane Triterpenes with Six-Membered Hemiacetal from Amoora dasyclada
Key words: Amoora dasyclada, Tirucallane, Hemiacetal
S.-M. Yang, L. Ding, S.-H. Wu, Y.-B. Ma, X.-D. Luo, and D.-G. Wu
1067  Full Text
Crystal Structure of N-3-Pyridinyl-methanesulfonamide and trans-Diiodobis(N-3-pyridinyl-methanesulfonamide)platinum(II)
Key words: N-3-Pyridinyl-methanesulfonamide, Platinum(II), Crystal Structure
N. I. Dodoff, R. A. Varga, and D. Kovala-Demertzi
1070  Full Text
N u m b e r  10
Original Communications
Thia Crown Ether Metal Complexes: Complexes of Silver(I) and Mercury(II) with Tetrathia-12-crown-4, Silver(I), and Cadmium(II) with Hexathia-18-crown-6, and Silver(I) with 3,6,9,14-Tetrathiabicyclo[9.2.1]tetradeca-11-13-diene (In German)
Key words: Thia Crown Ether Complexes, Mercuric Iodide, Cadmium Iodide, Silver(I) Complexes
J. Pickardt, L. v. Chrzanowski, R. Steudel, and M. Borowski
1077  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Properties of Three New Tetrathiomolybdates with Organic Ammonium Cations
Key words: Thiomolybdates, Crystal Structures, Thermal Properties, Optical Properties
B. R. Srinivasan, S. N. Dhuri, M. Poisot, C. Näther, and W. Bensch
1083  Full Text
Diastereomeric Halfsandwich Rhenium Complexes Containing Thiolate and Thioaldehyde Ligands
Key words: Rhenium, Chiral Complexes, Chiral P Ligands, Thiolate Complexes, Thioaldehyde Complexes
S. Dilsky and W. A. Schenk
1093  Full Text
A New Ternary Arsenide LaNi5As3: Preparation and Crystal Structure
Key words: Ternary Arsenides, Crystal Structure, Rare-Earth Compound
V. Babizhetskyy, R. Guérin, and A. Simon
1103  Full Text
Syntheses and Characterization of New Mixed-Ligand Mercury(II) Complexes, Hg(bpy)n(SCN)X (X = CH3COO-, NO3- and ClO4-), Crystal Structure of [Hg(bpy)2(SCN)]NO3
Key words: Mercury(II) Complexes, Crystal Structure, Mixed-Anions Complexes, Thiocyanate Ligand
A. R. Mahjoub, A. Morsali, and R. E. Nejad
1109  Full Text
Crystal Engineering of a New Layered Polyiodide Using 1,9-Diammoniononane as a Flexible Template Cation
Key words: Structure Determination, Crystal Engineering, Polyiodide, Diammonioalkane, Hydrogen Bonding
G. J. Reiß and J. S. Engel
1114  Full Text
Cazolobine, a New Sesquiterpene from Isolona hexaloba (Annonaceae)
Key words: Isolona hexaloba, Sesquiterpene
H. Mathouet, I. Cazoulat, H. Oulyadi, E. Seguin, A. Da\"ich, and A. Elomri
1118  Full Text
Synthesis and Solid-State Structures of Alkyl-Substituted 3-Cyano-2-pyridones
Key words: Hydrogen Bonds, Dimerization, Solid State Structure, Aggregation, Alkylation
C. B. Fischer, K. Polborn, H. Steininger, and H. Zipse
1121  Full Text
Enamines in Heterocyclic Synthesis: A Route to 4-Substituted Pyrazoles and Condensed Pyrazoles
Key words: Enamines, Hydrazonoyl Halides, Pyrazoles, Dimethylformamide Dimethylacetal
H. M. E. Hassaneen, H. M. Hassaneen, and M. H. Elnagdi
1132  Full Text
Synthesis, Spectroscopic Studies and Crystal Structure of 5,5'-Dimethoxy-3,3'-methanediyl-bis-indole as the Inhibitor of Cell Proliferation of Human Tumors
Key words: 5,5'-Dimethoxy-3,3'-methanediyl-bis-indole, Anticancer Agent, Reductive Cyclisation, X-ray Diffraction, 13C CP/MAS NMR
D. Maciejewska, M. Niemyjska, I. Wolska, M. W\lostowski, and M. Rasztawicka
1137  Full Text
1,2-Deoxygenation of vic-Dihydroxyindenoimidazoles: Optimization of a Novel Deoxygenation Reagent
Key words: Indeno[1,2-d]imidazoles, Isochromeno[3,4-d]imidazoles, N,N,N',N'-Tetraalkylsulfurous Diamides, 1,2-Bis-deoxygenation, Crystal Structure
H.-J. Hemmerling, A. Merschenz-Quack, and H. Wunderlich
1143  Full Text
Experimental Gas Phase 1H NMR Spectra and Basis Set Dependence of ab initio GIAO MO Calculations of 1H and 13C NMR Absolute Shieldings and Chemical Shifts of Small Hydrocarbons
Key words: Experimental Gas Phase 1H NMR Measurements, GIAO MO Calculations, Basis Set Dependence, 1H and 13C Absolute Shieldings and Chemical Shifts, Extrapolations with Dunning Basis Sets
T. Zuschneid, H. Fischer, T. Handel, K. Albert, and G. Häfelinger
1153  Full Text
Synthesis, Structure, and Absolute Configuration of a New Cyclopropanic Compound Derived from the Sesquiterpene b-Himachalene
Key words: Himachalene, Ruthenium Oxidation, Cyclopropanation, Absolute Configuration
H. Ziyat, S. E. Houssame, M. A. Ali, M. Y. A. Itto, A. Karim, R. Wartchow, and H. Butenschön
1177  Full Text
N u m b e r  11 / 12
Preface to the 70th Birthday Celebration Issue for Hubert Schmidbaur (In German)
N. W. Mitzel
1181  Full Text
Original Communications
Synthesis and Reaction Behaviour of {[Hf](m-s,p-C≡CR)2}Ni(CO); the Solid-State Structure of [(h5-C5H4SiMe3)2Hf(C≡CtBu)]2O (In German)
Key words: Hafnocene, Nickel, Iron, Cobalt, Alkynyl
J. Kralik, K. Köhler, T. Rüffer, and H. Lang
1185  Full Text
Indirect Nuclear Spin-Spin Coupling Constants nJ(11B, 1H) and nJ(11B, 11B) in Some Boron Hydrides - Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations
Key words: Boranes, Hydroborate Anions, NMR, Coupling Signs, DFT Calculations
B. Wrackmeyer
1192  Full Text
High-Temperature Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Properties of the New Sodium Rare-Earth Oxide Borates Na2RE2(BO3)2O (RE = Dy, Ho)
Key words: Solid-State Synthesis, Oxide Borates, Crystal Structure
G. Heymann, K. Beyer, and H. Huppertz
1200  Full Text
Spectroscopic Investigation of the System TeCl4/[NEt4]PF6 in Solution and the Crystal Structure of [NEt4]2[Te2Cl10]
Key words: Tellurium, 19F NMR Spectroscopy, UV/vis Spectroscopy, Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction, ab initio Calculations
H. Fleischer and D. Schollmeyer
1209  Full Text
Hydroalumination of Nitriles and Isonitriles
Key words: Aluminum, Hydroalumination, Nitriles, Isonitriles
W. Uhl and M. Matar
1214  Full Text
Molybdenum(VI) cis-Dioxo Complexes with Chiral Schiff Base Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Applications
Key words: Catalysis, Chirality, Epoxidation, Molybdenum, Salen
X. Zhou, J. Zhao, A. M. Santos, and F. E. Kühn
1223  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Thermal Solid-State Reactivity of Ammonium Cyanoureate NH4[H2NC(=O)NCN]
Key words: Solid-State Reaction, Crystal Structure, Cyanourea, Thermal Reactivity
B. V. Lotsch and W. Schnick
1229  Full Text
Structural Chemistry of Titanium Alkoxides Substituted by the Chelating Bidentate Ligands Isoeugenolate or 2-Aminoethanolate
Key words: Titanium Alkoxide Derivatives, Chelating Ligands, Organically Modified Metal Alkoxides
H. Fric, F. R. Kogler, M. Puchberger, and U. Schubert
1241  Full Text
Formation and Structure of a Bis(cyclopentadienyl)(formamidinato)zirconium Cation Complex
Key words: Zirconium, Metallocene Cations, Formamidinato Ligands
C. Cornelißen, G. Erker, G. Kehr, and R. Fröhlich
1246  Full Text
Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution of 2-(3(5)-Pyrazolyl)pyridine: A Novel Access to Multidentate Chelate Ligands
Key words: Chelate Ligands, Ferrocene, Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution
K. Rößler, T. Kluge, A. Schubert, Y. Sun, E. Herdtweck, and W. R. Thiel
1253  Full Text
Syntheses, Structures and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Some Adducts of Copper(I) Cyanide with Pyridine Bases
Key words: Copper Cyanide, Pyridine, Structure, Infrared Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy
G. A. Bowmaker, K. C. Lim, B. W. Skelton, and A. H. White
1264  Full Text
Syntheses, Structures and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Some Adducts of Silver(I) Cyanide with (Oligo-)Pyridine Bases
Key words: Silver Cyanide, Pyridine, Structure, Infrared Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy
G. A. Bowmaker, Effendy, P. C. Junk, B. W. Skelton, and A. H. White
1277  Full Text
Syntheses, Structures and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Some Mixed Pyridine/Triphenylphosphine Adducts of Copper(I) Cyanide
Key words: Copper Cyanide, Pyridine, Triphenylphosphine, Structure, Infrared Spectroscopy
G. A. Bowmaker, R. D. Hart, B. W. Skelton, and A. H. White
1293  Full Text
Syntheses, Structures and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Some Adducts of Copper(I) Cyanide with Unidentate Organic Nitriles
Key words: Copper Cyanide, Nitrile, Structure, Infrared Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy
G. A. Bowmaker, K. C. Lim, N. Somers, B. W. Skelton, and A. H. White
1301  Full Text
Syntheses, Structures and Vibrational Spectroscopy Studies of Copper(I) Perchlorate : Benzonitrile Adducts (1 : n) of n = 2, 3, 4, 5 Stoichiometry
Key words: Copper Perchlorate, Benzonitrile, Structure, Infrared Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy
G. A. Bowmaker, D. S. Gill, B. W. Skelton, N. Somers, and A. H. White
1307  Full Text
Solvothermal Synthesis of [C6H17N3]Sb10S16: A New Thioantimonate(III) with an in-situ Formed Organic Amine Cation
Key words: Thioantimonate(III), Solvothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure
R. Kiebach, C. Näther, and W. Bensch
1314  Full Text
Self-Assembly of a Cd2+ Compound with 4-Pyridylthioacetic Acid: Structural and Luminescence Properties
Key words: Self-Assembly, Luminescence, Supramolecular, Coordination Polymers, Volatile Organic Compounds
B.-C. Tzeng and H.-T. Yeh
1320  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Thermal Decomposition Reaction of the New Copper(I) Cyanide Coordination Polymer Poly[tri-m2-cyano-C,N)-bis(m2-2,3-dimethyl-pyrazine-N,N)]tricopper(I)
Key words: Copper(I) Pseudohalide, Dimethylpyrazine, Coordination Polymers, Crystal Structure, Thermal Decomposition
J. Greve and C. Näther
1325  Full Text
Selective Substitution of Hex2SiFCl for the Preparation of Polymers with Two Different Alternate p-Electron Systems Linked by Hex2Si Units
Key words: Organosilicon Polymers, Chlorofluorosilanes, Selective Addition
J. Ohshita, K. Kawashima, A. Iwata, H. Tang, M. Higashi, and A. Kunai
1332  Full Text
Novel Five- and Six-Membered Diazasilacycloalkanes: Synthesis, Structure and Properties
Key words: Aminosilane, Disilane, Heterocycle, Diazasilacyclopentane, Diazadisilacyclohexane
C. Knopf, J. Wagler, E. Brendler, H. Borrmann, and G. Roewer
1337  Full Text
First X-Ray Structure of a Cationic Silicon Complex with Salen-Type Ligand: An Unusual Compound with Two Different Si-N Dative Bonds
Key words: Chelates, Hypercoordination, Pentacoordinate, Schiff Base, Silicon
J. Wagler, U. Böhme, E. Brendler, and G. Roewer
1348  Full Text
Synthesis and Derivatization of Homoleptic Dinuclear Lanthanide Siloxide Complexes
Key words: Lanthanides, Siloxide Ligands, Metallosiloxanes, Adduct Formation, Tetramethylaluminate
A. Fischbach, G. Eickerling, W. Scherer, E. Herdtweck, and R. Anwander
1353  Full Text
Silver(I) Complexes with the 1,1'-Bis(diethyldithiocarbamate)ferrocene Ligand. Polymeric Chain Species
Key words: Silver Complexes, Ferrocene, Dithiocarbamates, Polymeric Chain
M. C. Gimeno, P. G. Jones, A. Laguna, and C. Sarroca
1365  Full Text
Pyrrole Thioaldehyde Complexes of Nickel, Palladium and Platinum
Key words: Mixed-Donor Ligands, Thioaldehyde, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum
P. J. Pogorzelec, D. H. Reid, D. A. Tocher, and J. D. E. T. Wilton-Ely
1372  Full Text
Luminescent Gold(I)-Thallium(I) Arrays through N-Bidentate Building Blocks
Key words: Gold, Thallium, N-Donor Ligands, Luminescence
E. J. Fernández, P. G. Jones, A. Laguna, J. M. López-de-Luzuriaga, M. Monge, M. Montiel, M. E. Olmos, and J. Pérez
1379  Full Text
Pt-Dumbbells in Ba3Pt2: Interplay of Geometric and Relativistic Effects on Pt-Pt Bonding
Key words: Barium, Band Structure Calculation, Crystal Structure, Intermetallic Compound, Platinum
A. Karpov, U. Wedig, and M. Jansen
1387  Full Text
Random Interstitial Halide Accommodation in an a,w-Alkylidene-diammonium Template
Key words: N,N,N',N'-Tetramethylethylenediammonium Dihalides, Mixed Halides, Hydrogen Bonding, Template, Anion Trapping
D. Schneider and A. Schier
1395  Full Text
Multidentate Aminoalkoxides. Synthesis and Complexation Behavior to Lithium and Sodium
Key words: Aminoalcohols, Lithium Complexes, Sodium Complexes, Structure Determination
G. Müller and T. Schätzle
1400  Full Text
Crystal and Molecular Structure of P(C6H5)5 \cDot 0.5 THF
Key words: Phosphorus, Structural Chemistry, Pentacoordination, Structure Determination
G. Müller and U. J. Bildmann
1411  Full Text
N-Benzyl and N-Heptyl Substituted Tetraazacyclodecanes (In German)
Key words: Tetraazacyclododecane, Octaazacyclotetracosane, Copper Complex
H. Schumann, K. Kuse, and S. Dechert
1415  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CLVI. Metal Complexes of 4-Iodo-L-phenylalanine. Oxidative Addition of 4-Iodo-L-phenylalanine Ester to Palladium(0)
Key words: 4-Iodophenylalanine, C-Phenyl-Metallated Amino Acids, Palladium, Platinum, Iridium
B. Kayser and W. Beck
1423  Full Text
Secondary Interactions in Gold(I) Complexes with Thione Ligands, 3. Three Ionic Dimesylamides
Key words: Aurophilicity, Thiones, Dimesylamides, Gold, Hydrogen Bonds
S. Friedrichs and P. G. Jones
1429  Full Text
A Novel Crown-Ether Stabilized Oxonium Halogenochalcogenate(IV): [H7O3(Bis-dibromo-dibenzo-30-crown-10)][Se2Br9]·1.5CH2Cl2
Key words: Crystal Structure, Chalcogenates, Oxonium Ions, Crown Ether
A. Hammerschmidt, I. Beckmann, M. Läge, and B. Krebs
1438  Full Text
Intramolecular Carbene and Carbenoid Reactions of a-(Vinyloxy)silyl-a-diazoacetates
Key words: Carbenes, Diazoacetates, Dihydro-1,2-oxasiloles, Rhodium-Catalyzed Carbenoid Reactions, Silaheterocycles
B. Daucher, V. Gettwert, R. Striegler, and G. Maas
1444  Full Text
The Modulated Structure of SrAuSn2
Key words: Stannide, Crystal Structure, Modulated Structure
S. Esmailzadeh, R.-D. Hoffmann, and R. Pöttgen
1451  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of the Helicate (M)-(-)-[Pt2{(\1R,R})-tetraphos}2](CF3SO3)4 · 4.5 H2O
Key words: Platinum Complex, Tetraphosphine, Helicate
H. J. Kitto, A. D. Rae, A. C. Willis, J. Zank, and S. B. Wild
1458  Full Text
Synthesis and Reactivity of Novel Alkali Metal Stannides
Key words: Alkali Metal Stannides, Preparation, Reactivity, 119Sn and 29Si NMR Spectroscopy, Structure Elucidation
T. Schollmeier, U. Englich, R. Fischer, I. Prass, K. Ruhlandt, M. Schürmann, and F. Uhlig
1462  Full Text
N-Aryl Anions: Half Way between Amides and Carbanions
Key words: Alkali Metals, Amides, Ligand Effects, Lithium, Rubidium
R. v. Bülow, S. Deuerlein, T. Stey, R. Herbst-Irmer, H. Gornitzka, and D. Stalke
1471  Full Text
Oxidative Addition of Methyl Iodide to Dinuclear Gold(I) Amidinate Complex: Schmidbaur's Breakthrough Reaction Revisited with Amidinates
Key words: Oxidative-Addition, Gold, Amidinate Complexes, Methyl Iodide
H. E. Abdou, A. A. Mohamed, and J. P. Fackler (Jr.)
1480  Full Text
Polymorphism of Trimeric Perfluoro-ortho-phenylene Mercury, [Hg(o-C6F4)]3
Key words: Polymorphism, Mercury, Stacking, Metallophilic Interactions, van der Waals Interactions
M. R. Haneline and F. P. Gabba\"i
1483  Full Text
Macrocyclic Gold(I) Complexes with Bridging Diacetylide and Diphosphine Ligands
Key words: Gold, Macrocycle, Diacetylide, Diphosphine, Luminescence
W. J. Hunks, M. C. Jennings, and R. J. Puddephatt
1488  Full Text
Trioxorhenium(VII) Complexes with Imidazolin-2-iminato Ligands
Key words: Carbenes, Imidazolin-2-ylidenes, Imido Ligands, Imidazolin-2-iminato Complexes, Rhenium
M. Tamm, S. Beer, and E. Herdtweck
1497  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterization of Cl2HSi-O-NMe2
Key words: Silicon, Hydroxylamine, Donor Bonds, Electron Diffraction
K. Vojinovi\'c, N. W. Mitzel, T. Foerster, and D. W. H. Rankin
1505  Full Text
Structure and Reactivity of Al2Cp*+ in the Gas Phase. Experiments on the Problematic Nature of the Aluminum-Aluminum-Multiple Bond (In German)
Key words: Aluminum, Multiple Bonding, FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry, Ion-Molecule Reaction
K. Koch, R. Burgert und H. Schnöckel
1512  Full Text
Pd(II) Complexes of N-Allyl Substituted N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
Key words: Carbene Ligand, Allyl Substituents, Palladium(II), Crystal Structure
F. E. Hahn, B. Heidrich, T. Lügger, and T. Pape
1519  Full Text
Formamidinium Salts of Low Valent Metal Halide Anions MX3- (M = Ge, Sn) and M2X62- (M = Ga, In)
Key words: Formamidinium Salts, Germanite, Stannite, Digallate, Diindate
X. Tian, T. Pape, and N. W. Mitzel
1524  Full Text
Organoaluminium and -gallium Lewis-Acid Adducts of Tetramethylmethylenediamine
Key words: Aluminium, Gallium, Aminal Adduct, Crystal Structure, ab initio Calculations
N. W. Mitzel and C. Lustig
1532  Full Text
Synthesis and Reactivity of Ti(III) Tris(tert-butoxy)siloxy Complexes
Key words: Titanium(III), Siloxide, Molecular Precursors, Coordination Polymer
C. G. Lugmair and T. D. Tilley
1540  Full Text
(EtZn)4Zn2(PSitBu3)4 - a Homometallic Phosphanediide of Zinc with a Novel Zn6P4 Cage
Key words: Cage Compounds, Geminal Dianions, Metalation, Phosphanediides, Zinc
M. Westerhausen, G. Sapelza, M. Zabel, and A. Pfitzner
1548  Full Text
Order and Disorder of Anions in Tetragonal Boride Carbides of Rare Earth Metals (In German)
Key words: Rare Earth Metals, Tetragonal Boride Carbides, Lanthanoids
O. Oeckler, H. Mattausch, J. Bauer, and A. Simon
1551  Full Text
Binuclear Ten-Membered Ring Cyclometallated Complexes of Digold(I) and their Reactions with Iodine and Bromine
Key words: Gold(I), Cyclometallated Complexes, Phosphine Complexes
M. A. Bennett, S. K. Bhargava, D. C. R. Hockless, F. Mohr, K. Watts, L. L. Welling, and A. C. Willis
1563  Full Text
Bis-, Tris- and Tetrakis(lithiomethyl)germanes: New Building Blocks for Organogermanium Compounds
Key words: Polylithium Compounds, Metalation, 1-Germa-3-silacyclobutane, 1,3-Dilithium, (Stannylmethyl)germanes
C. Strohmann and E. Wack
1570  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure Analysis of C60 Fulleride Dianions in Solvates of [A([2.2.2]crypt)]2[C60] (A = K, Rb, Cs)
Key words: Fullerides, Crystal Structure, Dianion, Hexagonal Packing
S. D. Hoffmann and T. F. Fässler
1579  Full Text
Gold-Thiolate Clusters: A Relativistic Density Functional Study of the Model Species Au13(SR)i, R = H, CH3, n = 4, 6, 8
Key words: Gold Clusters, Gold-Thiolate Bonding, Relativistic Density Functional Calculations
A. Genest, S. Krüger, A. B. Gordienko, and N. Rösch
1585  Full Text
The Zinc Aqua Complex of a Tetrapodal Pentaamine Ligand and its Reactivity towards Carbon Dioxide
Key words: Tetrapodal Pentadentate Ligand, Zinc, Aqua Complex, Carbon Dioxide Fixation
J. P. López, F. W. Heinemann, and A. Grohmann
1600  Full Text
Mono- and Binuclear Gold(I) Amido Compounds of Purine Derivatives
Key words: Gold(I) Complexes, Aurophilic Interactions, Amido Ligands, 9H-Purine, DNA Base
U. E. I. Horvath, S. Cronje, J. M. McKenzie, L. J. Barbour, and H. G. Raubenheimer
1605  Full Text