Z. Naturforsch. 68a, 245 – 248 (2013)
A New Simple Model on the Volume and Pressure Dependence of Thermal Expansivity for Sodium Chloride
Guanglei Cui, Bai Fan, Zewen Zuo, and Ruilan Yu
Department of Physics, Anhui Normal University, Wuhu 241000, China
Received September 4, 2012 / published online February 20, 2013
Reprint requests to: G. C.; E-mail: glcui@mail.ahnu.edu.cn
Adopting the assumption that the second Grüneisen parameter q is volume-independent, we derived straightforward the volume dependence of the Anderson–Grüneisen parameter δT(V) according to the Anderson relationship and the Tait equation of state. On the basis of this revised δT(V), a simple empirical model on the volume and pressure dependence of the thermal expansivity in solids is developed. The calculated results are in good agreement with the experimental data for sodium chloride. A comparison of our model with the previous was discussed, which confirms that the developed model is slightly superior to Anderson's work [J. Geophys. Res. 72, 3661 (1967)] and Fang's work [High Temp. – High Press. 31, 507 (1999)].
Key words: Thermal Expansivity; Equation of State; Anderson–Grüneisen Parameter; Sodium Chloride.
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