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N u m b e r 1
Original Communications
Herrn Süßmann zum 70. Geburtstag
C. F. Weizsäcker
Quantum Theory and the Division of the World (In German)
R. Haag
2  Full Text
Remarks on Some Basic Issues in Quantum Mechanics
B.-G. Englert
11  Full Text
Manifestation of Quantum Interference in Lasing Without Inversion
H. Lee and M. O. Scully
33  Full Text
Phase Structures in the Micromaser Photon Statistics
J. A. Bergou and P. Bogár
39  Full Text
Maxwell Construction and Phase Transitions in Fermi Fluids
J. M. Pearson and W. Stocker
50  Full Text
Long-time Dynamics of Spontaneous Parametric Down-conversion and Quantum Limitations of Conversion Efficiency
M. Fleischhauer and O. Veits
57  Full Text
Dynamical Description of Coulomb Dissociation
S. Typel and H. H. Wolter
63  Full Text
Compatibility of Neutron Star Masses and Hyperon Coupling Constants
H. Huber, M. K. Weigel, and F. Weber
77  Full Text
Symmetric and Asymmetric Nuclear Matter in the Thomas-Fermi Model at Finite Temperatures
K. Strobel, F. Weber, and M. K. Weigel
83  Full Text
N u m b e r 2
Original Communications
Structure and Dynamic Properties of Molten Lanthanum Tribromide
Y. Okamoto and T. Ogawa
91  Full Text
Resistivity and Carrier Mobility of the SmBa2Cu3O6+x Superconductor with Different Oxygen Doping Levels
G. Spinolo, P. Ghigna, G. Chiodelli, M. Ferretti, and G. Flor
95  Full Text
A Simplified Approach to the Density Functional Theory of Molecules
Ch. Kollmar
101  Full Text
Study of Water and Dimethylformamide Interaction by Computer Simulation
J. M. M. Cordeiro and L. C. G. Freitas
110  Full Text
The Oxidation Kinetics of Thin Copper Films Studied by Resistivity Measurements
M. Rauh, H.-U. Finzel, and P. Wißmann
117  Full Text
A Generalized Debye Scattering Formula and the Hankel Transform
Th. Wieder
124  Full Text
Pure Rotational Spectra of CS
V. Ahrens and G. Winnewisser
131  Full Text
Rotational Spectra of Phosphorus Monosulfide up to 1 THz
H. Klein, E. Klisch, and G. Winnewisser
137  Full Text
Parasites and Pattern Formation
J. Ackermann and T. Kirner
146  Full Text
Influence of the rf Field Inhomogeneity on Nutation NQR Spectra of Spin 3/2 Nuclei in Powders
N. Sinyavsky, M. Ma\'ckowiak, and N. Velikite
153  Full Text
An EPR Study of Mo5+ Introduced into NaY Zeolites by Solid-State Reactions
F. Ucun, A. Sa\vglam, F. Köksal, and S. Bahçeli
159  Full Text
Structural and Dynamic Approaches of Molten Salts by High Temperature Spectroscopies
C. Bessada, V. Lacassagne, D. Massiot, P. Forian, J.-P. Coutures, E. Robert, and B. Gilbert
162  Full Text
N u m b e r 3/4
Original Communications
Quantum Reflection of Ultracold Atoms in Magnetic Traps
R.-H. Xie
167  Full Text
Coherent Control Theory of off Resonance Refractive Index of Medium with a Gaussian Pulse of Coherent Light
R.-H. Xie
171  Full Text
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Cu2+ in KHCO3 Single Crystals
F. Köksal, \.I. Kartal, and B. Karabulut
177  Full Text
A Refined Ionic Model for Clusters Relevant to Molten Chloroaluminates
Z. Akdeniz and M. P. Tosi
180  Full Text
CP's Triple-bond Strength Experienced in its THz Spectrum
H. Klein, E. Klisch, G. Winnewisser, A. Königshofen, and J. Hahn
187  Full Text
A Search for Isotope Effects in Chemiluminescent Reactions of Metastable Ca*(3PJ, 1D2) Atoms with CH3I and CD3I Molecules
B. Pranszke, P. Kierzkowski, and A. Kowalski
191  Full Text
Solitary Wave Solutions of High Order Scalar Fields and Coupled Scalar Fields
J.-s. Yang and S.-y. Lou
195  Full Text
Thermodynamic Properties of Bosons in Symmetric Double-well Potentials
J. Choy, K. L. Liu, C. F. Lo, and F. So
204  Full Text
On the Ambiguity of Molecular Complexes Formed by Two Molecules
S. Kassi and H. Dreizler
213  Full Text
Foreign Gas Broadening Studies of the J' <-- J = 1 <-- 0 Rotational Line of CO by Frequency and Time Domain Techniques
N. Nissen, J. Doose, A. Guarnieri, H. Mäder, V. N. Markov, G. Yu. Golubyatnikov, I. I. Leonov, V. N. Shanin, and A. F. Krupnov
218  Full Text
Phase Transitions in Crystalline [Me(H2O)6](BF4)2. Part I (Me = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and Zn)
E. Mikuli, A. Migda\l-Mikuli, and S. Wróbel
225  Full Text
Heat Capacity of K3LnCl6 Compounds with Ln = La, Ce, Pr, Nd
M. Gaune-Escard, L. Rycerz
229  Full Text
High Resolution FTIR Spectrum of Chlorofluoroethyne, FCCCl, below 1000 cm-1. Analysis of the n3, n4, n5, 2n4, n4 + n5 and 2n5 Bands, and ab initio Calculations
J. Breidung, H. Bürger, M. Senzlober, and W. Thiel
236  Full Text
Determination of Multiple Steady States in an Active Membrane Transport Model
H.-Y. Li
245  Full Text
MINDO Forces Study of the Uncatalysed and Acid-Catalysed Friedel-Crafts Reactions Between CH3F and CH4
A. G. Abed and S. M. Khalil
251  Full Text
EPR Studies of Cu2+ in dl-Aspartic Acid Single Crystals
B. Karabulut, R. Tapramaz, and A. Bulut
256  Full Text
35Cl NQR Spectra Substituted N-(Phenyl)-2,2,2-Trichloroacetamides
B. T. Gowda, D. K. Bhat, H. Fuess, and Al. Weiss +
261  Full Text
Kleiner-Attractor in a Piecewise-Linear C1-System
S. Fischer, A. Weiler, D. Fröhlich, and O. E. Rössler
268  Full Text
Ertel's Potential Vorticity and Irreversible Processes
W. Schröder and H.-J. Treder
270  Full Text
Exact Solitary-wave Solutions for the General Fifth-order Shallow Water-wave Models
W.-P. Hong and Y.-D. Jung
272  Full Text
N u m b e r 5
Original Communications
High Pressure Dielectric Studies of 8CB in the Isotropic, Nematic, and Smectic A Phases
P. Markwick, S. Urban, and A. Würflinger
275  Full Text
PVT and DTA Measurements on trans-4-n-Hexyl-(4'-Cyanophenyl)-Cyclohexane (6PCH) up to 300 MPa
M. Sandmann, F. Hamann, and A. Würflinger
281  Full Text
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) under High Pressure on 10-TPEB
S. Masberg, C. Ernst, G. M. Schneider, A. Würflinger, and R. D\cabrowski
287  Full Text
Dromion Interactions of a (2+1)-Dimensional sine-Gordon Equation
H.-y. Ruan and Y.-x. Chen
291  Full Text
Molecular Orientation in Uniaxial Liquid Crystal Phases as Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
H. Moryson, D. Bauman, W. Hilczer, and S. Hoffmann
299  Full Text
J-Modulation in 1D NMR 1H Spectrum of Taurine and Aspartate Using Spin-Echo Technique
H. Oturak, A. Sa\uglam, and S. Bahçeli
305  Full Text
Effective Pair Potentials and Structure of Water
J. M. M. Cordeiro
311  Full Text
Magnetic Susceptibility Calculated from Correlation-Lengths Derived by Mössbauer Relaxation Spectra
J. Pebler, C. Frommen, M. Mangold, and W. Treutmann
317  Full Text
Internal Mobilities in the Molten Ternary System (Li,K,Cs)NO3 of the Eutectic Composition
P.-H. Chou, R. Takagi, and I. Okada
329  Full Text
Second Harmonic Resonance on the Surface of a Magnetohydrodynamic Fluid Column
D.-S. Lee
335  Full Text
Stability of Two Superposed Viscoelastic (Walters B') Fluid-Particle Mixtures in Porous Medium
P. Kumar
343  Full Text
Large Nonlinear Optical Response in Carbon Nitride Nanotube
R. H. Xie
348  Full Text
N u m b e r 6/7
Original Communications
Lineshape Analysis of 2D NMR and NQR Nutation Spectra of Integer and Half-Integer Quadrupolar Nuclei
N. Velikite, N. Sinyavsky, and M. Ma\'ckowiak
351  Full Text
Monte Carlo Calculation of the Correlation Functions for Molecular Rotation - Application to NMR
R. Goc
358  Full Text
Dielectric Studies of 4-n-Hexyloxy-4'-Cyanobiphenyl (6OCB) at Elevated Pressure
S. Urban
365  Full Text
EPR Spectra of VO2+ Doped Ammonium Oxalate Monohydrate Single Crystals
B. Karabulut and R. Tapramaz
370  Full Text
New Non-traveling Solitary Wave Solutions for a Second-order Korteweg-de Vries Equation
W.-P. Hong and Y.-D. Jung
375  Full Text
Ground- and Excited-state Dipole Moments of 6-Propionyl-2-(dimethylamino)naphthalene Determined from Solvatochromatic Shifts
A. Kawski
379  Full Text
Dielectric Relaxation Study of Some Solutions Containing b-Cyclodextrin and Dimethylsulfoxide
H. Betting and M. Stockhausen
382  Full Text
New Mechanism for Facile Charge Transport in Polypeptides
L. Ya. Baranov and E. W. Schlag
387  Full Text
Heat Capacity of the Rb3LnCl6 Compounds with Ln = La, Ce, Pr, Nd
L. Rycerz and M. Gaune-Escard
397  Full Text
Local Correlation's Potential for Noise Reduction and Symbolic Partitions
A. Kern, W.-H. Steeb, and R. Stoop
404  Full Text
The Effects of Collisions with Neutral Particles on the Instability of Two Superposed Composite Plasmas Streaming Through Porous Medium
M. Fahmy El-Sayed
411  Full Text
Dynamic Solvent Effects in the Degenerate Isomerization of a Hexafluoroacetone Anil Studied by High-Pressure 19F NMR
Y. Ohga, T. Asano, N. Karger, Th. Gross, and H.-D. Lüdemann
417  Full Text
Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions in Cadmium Complexes: Semiempirical and ab initio Calculations
L. Hemmingsen, U. Ryde, and R. Bauer
422  Full Text
NMR Studies on Dynamics of Water Intercalated in Clay Minerals
S. Ishimaru and R. Ikeda
431  Full Text
Hydrgen Bonds in Crystalline Imidazoles Studied by 15N NMR and ab initio MO Calculations
T. Ueda, S. Nagatomo, H. Masui, N. Nakamura, and S. Hayashi
437  Full Text
Puls Power Compression by Cutting a Dense Z-Pinch with a Laser Beam
F. Winterberg
443  Full Text
The Physical and Molecular Properties of New Low Melting nematics with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
R. D\cabrowski, J. Jad\.zyn, J. Dziaduszek, Z. Stolarz, G. Czechowski, and M. Kasprzyk
448  Full Text
Darkness Intensified - Existence of a Nonlinear Threshold in Redshift-Induced Dimming
O. E. Rössler
453  Full Text
N u m b e r 8/9
Original Communications
High Pressure Dielectric Studies of a Substance with the Smectic A1 Pase
S. Urban and A. Würflinger
455  Full Text
Laser Ignition of an Isentropically Compressed Dense Z-Pinch
F. Winterberg
459  Full Text
Investigations on a Universal Relationship Between Optical Emission and Absorption of Complex Molecules in Liquid Solutions
Kawski, P. Bojarski, and B. Kukli\'nski
465  Full Text
Electrohydrodynymic Interfacial Stability Conditions in the Presence of Heat and Mass Trasfer and Oblique Electric Fields
M. F. El-Sayed
470  Full Text
Structure and Vibrational Spectra of the Vapour Molecules FeCl6 and AlFeCl6
Z. Akdeniz and M. P. Tosi
477  Full Text
Some Aspects of General Relativistic Vortex Dynamics and Ertel's Identity
W. Schröder and H.-J. Treder
482  Full Text
A Contrbution to the Study of Ternary Saturated Electrolyte Solutions
J. Eysseltová and M. Ebert
485  Full Text
Molecular Motion in the Tetraphenyltin Studied by NMR
A. Pajzderska, J. W\casicki, and S. Lewicki
488  Full Text
Steady-state and Time-resolved Spectroscopic Studies of Benzanilides
J. Heldt, J. R. Heldt, and J. Kami\'nski
495  Full Text
Conformational Stability and Structural Determinatio of Vinyldichlorosilane by ab initio Calculations
M. A. Qtaitat
503  Full Text
High Resolution Infrared Detection of O=PF in the Gas Phase
P. Paplewski, H. Bürger, and H. Beckers
507  Full Text
Mössbauer Spectroscopic Study of Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Dispersed over a Silica Matrix
C. Cannas, G. Concas, A. Musinu, G. Piccaluga, and G. Spano
513  Full Text
Ionic Dynamics in LiNO2 Studied by 7Li and 15N Solid NMR
H. Honda, S. Ishimaru, and R. Ikeda
519  Full Text
Trifluoroacetic Acid; r0-Structure, Partial Substitution Structure and Deuterium Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Studied by Molecular Beam Microwave Fourier Transform Spectroscopy and by ab initio Calculations
S. Antolinez, J. L. Alonso, H. Dreizler, E. Hentrop, and D. H. Sutter
524  Full Text
Local Structure of Europium Sites in Oxide Glasses by Nuclear Gamma Resonance
G. Concas, G. Spano, M. Carrada, M. Bettinelli, and A. Speghini
539  Full Text
Dielectric Studies of Inter- and Intramolecular Motions in the Nematic and Isotropic Phases of 7CP5BOC
S. Urban, B. Gestblom, and R. D\cabrowski
545  Full Text
Auto-Bäcklund Transformation and Solitary-wave Solutions to Non-integrable Generalized Fifth-order Nonlinear Evolution Equations
W.-P. Hong and Y.-D. Jung
549  Full Text
Localized Vibration-Formation by Driving Raman Active Molecular Vibrations
Q. Huang
554  Full Text
Temperature Independent Isotropic EPR Spectra of [(CH3)4N]2MnCl4 and [(CH3)4N]2FeCl4 Single Crystals
F. Köksal, \cS. Bahadir, E. Ba\csaran, and Y. Yerli
557  Full Text
N u m b e r 10/11
Original Communications
Pressure and Isotropic-Nematic Transition Temperature of Model Liquid Crystals
S. Hess and B. Su
559  Full Text
Ionic Interactions in Alkali - Aluminium Tetrafluoride Clusters
Z. Akdeniz, Z. Çiçek, A. Karaman, G. Pastore, and M. P. Tosi
570  Full Text
A Theoretical Study of the Stabilization of the (AlF5)2- Complex Anion by Alkali Counterions
Z. Akdeniz, Z. Çiçek, A. Karaman, G. Pastore, and M. P. Tosi
575  Full Text
Stoichiometry Effects on the Electrical Conductivity of Lithium-Manganese Spinels
C. B. Azzoni, M. C. Mozzati, A. Paleari, M. Bini, D. Capsoni, G. Chiodelli, and V. Massarotti
579  Full Text
Nonlinear Dielectric Relaxation in Solutions of 6CHBT in Nonpolar Medium
P. K\cedziora, J. Jad\.zyn, and L. Hellemans
585  Full Text
DSC Investigations of the Phase Transitions of [M(NH3)6](ClO4)2 and [M(NH3)6](BF4)2, where M = Co and Cd
A. Migda\/l-Mikuli, E. Mikuli, S. Wróbel, and \/L. Hetma\'nczyk
590  Full Text
DSC Investigations of the Phase Transitions of [M(H2O)6](NO3)2, where M = Mn, Co, Ni, Cu and Zn
E. Mikuli, A. Migda\/l-Mikuli, S. Wróbel, and B. Grad
595  Full Text
Structure and Thermodynamic Properties of Molten Rare Earth-Alkali Chloride Mixtures
Y. Okamoto and T. Ogawa
599  Full Text
Al3+ Coordination in Cryolitic Melts: A Computer Simulation Study
M. J. Castiglione, M. C. C. Ribeiro, M. Wilson, and P. A. Madden
605  Full Text
Estimation of Lattice Energies of Organic Molecular Crystals by Combination of Experimentally Determined and Quantum-Chemically Calculated Quantities: A New Value for the Lattice Energy of a-Glycine
G. Raabe
611  Full Text
Collective Bursting in Populations of Intrinsically Nonbursting Neurons
D. A. Blank and R. Stoop
617  Full Text
Isolated versus Condensed Anion Structure V: X-ray Structure Analysis and 81Br NQR of t-butylammonium tribromocadmate(II)-1/2 water, i-propylammonium tribromocadmate(II) and tris-trimethylammonium heptabromodicadmate(II)
H. Ishihara, K. Horiuchi, S.-q. Dou, Th. M. Gesing, J.-Ch. Buhl, H. Paulus, I. Svoboda, and H. Fuess
628  Full Text
On the Relativistic Invariance of Maxwell's Equation
O. D. Jefimenko
637  Full Text
Third-order Optical Nonlinearities of Higher Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube
R.-H. Xie and Q. Rao
645  Full Text
Mean Amplitudes of Vibration of the Novel SbF72-, BiF72- and Dianions
E. J. Baran
659  Full Text
Dielectric Relaxation of Hexadeutero Dimethysulfoxide
H. Betting and M. Stockhausen
661  Full Text
Z. Naturforsch. 54a, 167 (1999) and 171 (1999)
R.-H. Xie
662  Full Text
N u m b e r 12
Original Communications
Nonlinear Analysis of Individual Quantum Events in a Model with Bohm Trajectories
K. Bräuer
663  Full Text
High-pressure DTA Studies of the Phase Behaviors of the 4-n-butyl-thiocyanobiphenyl (4TCB) and 4-n-pentyl-4'-n-pentyl-cyanocyclohexane (5HCP)
M. Massalska-Arod\'z, A. Würflinger, and D. Büsing
675  Full Text
35Cl NQR Spoectra of Substituted N-(phenyl)-2-chloroacetamides
B. T. Gowda, D. K. Bhat, H. Fuess, and Al. Weiss (+)
679  Full Text
Mesophase and Glass Formation in Binary Systems of Caesium and Alkali-Earth Metal Butyrates
T. A. Mirnaya, V. S. Dradrah, and G. G. Yaremchuk
685  Full Text
Ammonium Ions Dynamics in NH4Br - Proton NMR T1 Measurements and Simulations
R. Goc, J. W\c asicki, and S. Lewicki
689  Full Text
Tunneling Magnetoresistance in a Two-Layered La2-2xCa1+2xMn2O7 Polycrystal
T.-J. Zhou, Z. Yu, and Y. W. Du
695  Full Text
Structure of Sputtered Amorphous Zr-Hf-Si Alloys
A. Pojtinger, P. Lamparter, and S. Steeb
699  Full Text
Medium Range Structure of Hydrogenated Amorphous Ti84Si16
A. Pojtinger, P. Lamparter, and S. Steeb
704  Full Text
Correlated Atomic Pair Functions by the e-r-Method. I. Ground State 11S and Lowest Excited States n1S (n > 1) and n3S of Helium
F. F. Seelig and G. A. Becker
711  Full Text
On a Direct Superconducting Pairing Mechanism
M. C. Böhm and Ch. Saal
718  Full Text
Electrochemical Behavior of Ba2+ at Liquid Metal Cathodes in Molten Chlorides
M. Matsumiya, M. Takano, R. Takagi, and R. Fujita
739  Full Text
Computer Simulation of Chiral Liquid Crystel Phases IX. Chiral Induction in Guest-host Systems - Calculation of the Helical Twisting Power
R. Memmer and F. Janssen
747  Full Text
Dynamics of Two-Dimensionally Arranged n-Octylammonium Ions Intercalated into Tetrasilicicfluormica
M. Yamauchi, S. Ishimaru, and R. Ikeda
755  Full Text
On the Variable-coefficient Burgers-Hlavaty Equation
Y.-T. Goa and B. Tian
761  Full Text
Further Measurements of the Zonar Distribution of 18O in Synthetic Quartz Crystals
A. Klemm, K. Röller, and S. Hoernes
763  Full Text
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